Ready for his Xtreme Close-Up

Pup “Brody” is ready for his close-up.

He powdered his schnozzle and everything. Check it: [roll music]


Brian V. has many, many more glorious shots over at Flickr-oonie-poonie



  1. Whenever I see an animal with part of its tounge sticking out I have the urge to touch it.. I’m so weird… *Hides in shame*

  2. I LOVE that he’s hanging out with a sippy cup!!! What rule is that?

    ps – you’re not the only one, katiedid, i always touch my dog’s tongues when they yawn

  3. Tranny tranny hot tranny mess tranny.. I’m kind of a big deal…

  4. *ded* n *ded* n *ded* from the qte. Did you know if you press F11, it toggles it to full screen and back! More CO!! Yeah!@!!

  5. Killin’ me softly with his whiskers, kilin’ me softly…

  6. @marthava OMG, that makes it just like Dr. Tongue’s 3-D House of Puppies!

  7. What a sweet puppy!! 😀 I love him so much!!

  8. BEEP it!

  9. T.U.M. lolol I’m def going to check that out.

  10. kibblenibble says:

    Look at his ear in pic 2. Isn’t that the softest, floofiest looking thing you’ve ever seen?

    Who’s a wet messy doggie been playin’ inna sprinklers? Brody! That’s right! You’re the bestest, wettest, messiest doggie! Yes you are!!

  11. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  12. OMG Pic One just Killed me Ded in my tracks… and Brody LOLOL what a name for a dog.

  13. Every baby needs a sippy cup. One of my Great Danes enjoyed a pacifier when he was a baby.

  14. I was really hoping for an extreme close-up of the little bitty tongue sticking out of the 1st picture. This little guy has the sweetest face! I want to snuggle and kiss his fuzzy head!

  15. Chanpon, agreed! That teenie weenie tongue is adorable. The rest of him is just as cute!

  16. Holy crapazolli!!! Are you *trying* to kill me??? The fuzzy head! The leetle peenk tonguelet! The floofy ears! The big liquid eyes that cut right through to my soul! *swoon*

  17. victoreia says:

    (camera clicking away) Work it, work it….

  18. Holy cats-a-moly! Brian’s one lucky, lucky dood to have such an utterly anerable, fluffy, Lady-Di-eyed baby dog! And Brody couldn’t be a cuter name (kinda). Always reminds me of some kinda soup or sumpin’

  19. I just love the sippy cup! Now Killer will want one-oh, well she deserves it.

  20. Katiedid – don’t feel too bad about the tongue thing. When I was a wee-tot-let I used to very gently hold the end of my mother’s standard Dachshund when he let it hang out too much. I didn’t hurt him or pinch his tongue, but I just wanted to see how long it would take before Gustave-von-Two-Shoes would figure out he had lost control of his slurper.

  21. Oops – I meant I held the end of the dog’s tongue – not the end of the dog – that would be gross!

  22. Kristabelle says:


  23. Ooooh, I’m having an out of Brody experience!

  24. what kind of dog is this??

  25. @ alyssa- Golden retriever I believe…

  26. I didn’t know puppehs could sippy cups! 🙂

  27. Nothing cuter than a puppy, how sweet 🙂

  28. le sigh.

    the pup – too cute. the first hovertext – NOT cute. sweartagawd I’m not being a ’nuffer – I’m just saying that as a member of the LGBT community, it’s really offensive and hurtful when straight folks say “tranny mess.” It’s. just. not. cool. Please – Meg, I love ya, but ouch. It’s the first time my heard ever sank instead of lifted when visiting this site.

  29. He looks a bit like Dug from “Up”… Doesn’t he? 🙂

  30. ~Sue-Leigh says:


  31. Erin, just curious – how do you know Meg is straight?

    [Well I’m loathe to assume, but if you’re already on friendly terms with Meg or her husband, you might try just asking them. You know, if it comes up in conversation. – Ed.]

  32. @ Erin!
    Totally agree with you, I thought the same thing.

    And @ pookie, you don’t have to be straight to use harmful terms against the LGBT community, just look at Perez Hilton.

  33. Pookie, you’re right. I don’t know for sure. Although I’d bet what little money is in my account that she is, because statistically, most folks in the world are. And she’s certainly not a trans person.

    So similar to how white folk can’t and should use the n-word in a casual way, non-transfolk shouldn’t use the t-word in a casual way. Just cuz that guy from Project Runway did it doesn’t make it okay. And do we really want to look to HIM for social cues?

    Obviously, it’s her blog and she can say what she wants. I’m just saying it’s offensive and personally kinda heartbreaking to me to see it happening here on my beloved CO.

  34. @alyssa – Brody is a 9 week old golden retriever. More info and pics of the little guy can be found at my wife’s vet blog.

  35. @pookie, I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen several mentions of Meg having a husband.

    About the hover texts:
    Adding my own hover text complaint to the others. I can’t believe I’m the first person to comment on the grammatical error of the hover text on picture 3. It should say “Whose birthday” not “Who’s birthday.” Who’s means who is. Whose is the possessive form.

  36. Time for kisses on top of the puppy’s head !

  37. More questions – so “tranny” stands for transgender? I thought it meant “transvestite.” And I didn’t know it was considered a bad word. Now I do. The things one learns on CO! (For example, Meg is straight.)

  38. Thank you!

    We now return to our regularly scheduled cuteness. Also possibly some snorgling.

  39. @pookie – it’s sort of a catch-all derogatory term frequently leveled at anyone whose gender may be considered nonconforming. like many derogatory terms, it’s been reclaimed by some transfolk, but it’s still deragatory nonetheless.

  40. janet2buns says:

    Well, pookie and Erin, I thought the “t” reference was in the comments and not in the hovertext….maybe I’ve learned something too…..

  41. @janet2buns
    the first image hover text used to say “Tranny Mess.” My [and Erin’s] main concern was that such demeaning language was being used on the site. The hover text has since been changed.

    Guess the “nuffers” win this time!

  42. PUPPY! I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George!


  43. Theadosia says:

    The little patch of longer fluff at the top, back corner of a golden retriever puppy’s ear, is one of the softest things on Earth.

  44. 5^^now8ing says:

    Is that a puppy sippy cup?! (a pippy cup?)

  45. 5^^now8ing says:

    Y’know, if you’d never said anything about it, I would have continued to think “tranny” meant an auto transmission, as in Marisa Tomei’s testimony that she had rebuilt a couple of them in one of my favorite movies. (and would’ve had no idea anybody was dissing anybody.) Are you telling me now I can’t say “tranny” any more?!!!?? I say *nuff* to the language police!


  47. @erin and anna, I didn’t think you were nuffing–I thought you were gently pointing out that the phrase has some loaded connotations. Thanks to Theo for replacing the hovertext. And I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but are we saying that any feedback that doesn’t express approval is nuffing? I hope not. Yes, it’s Meg’s blog. No, it doesn’t matter what her orientation is, or anyone else’s. Potentially hurtful language about people–whether it’s about weight, orientation, ethnicity, or whatever–is different from our loving affection for Japanese cuteness, for example. I wasn’t even sure what “tranny mess” meant, but I was pretty sure that most people don’t use it as a compliment, even if it was said in fun here.

    [Wasn’t me this time, and I still don’t get the “tranny mess” reference 😕 – Ed.]

  48. Wow, so the hover text on pic #1 was fixed, but the grammar mistake that I pointed out on pic #3 is still there. I’m surprised they left that one. Sorry to keep harping on it, but it takes away from the cuteness of the puppy.

  49. I don’t care about any commentoversary (hovertroversary?) – I just want to say what a beautiful puppeh!!! Whoisagooddoggiewhoiswhoisyouareyouareagooddoggie!

    And also, T.U.M., yay for SCTV Monster Chiller Horror Theater! “Want some….SYRUP?!!!!!!”

  50. @5^^now8ing – there’s a big difference between automotive transmissions and people. now you know. when talking about cars, feel free to reference the tranny. if you’re talking about people, not so much.

    and to get back on topic, those pics make me want a golden again! so. cute.

  51. summerfuzzehpants says:

    Hila, I was thinking the very same thing!

    “I was under your porch, because I love you!”

  52. I don’t like when feelings get hurt. Hope it’s all OK now.

  53. Melissa H. says:

    He wears the Cone of Shame!!!

  54. Zoom's Mom says:

    I wants to hugs him and loves hims and never let hims go!

  55. oh my, oh my, oh my… too kuhyoooot!!!

  56. Thats so cute love the first picture

  57. Now, Brody, I KNOW you ripped up the toilet paper! Now don’t you use those Puppy Dawg Eyes™ on m-


  58. @pyrit- lolol at the Out of Brody pun. 😀
    He’s as cute as he looks in pictures, even when he’s peeing in the house (working on it) or trying to eat shoes (working on it).

  59. @SB: I feel your pain, but potentially offensive is a big deal, grammatical error not noticed by most people – not so much. XD

    Plus I don’t see how anything can detract from the cuteness of that puppy.

  60. Aw, I want to rub noses with this puppy !

  61. @Dr V: Sounds like you have your hands full! How do you discipline something so adorable? They just give you those puppy dog eyes and you can’t be angry with them.

  62. Dr. V – My what a blog you have my dear! Beautiful in every way. I “worked” at an animal hosp. for 10 yrs. Loved it.
    Have fun.

  63. “Tranny mess” is from the lovable and talented Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame. Who is gay (BTW) and brought the term into popular culture (not saying he invented the term, but he certainly made it a popular phrase on PR).

    I laughed when I read it — mostly b/c I pictured him saying it, not from being a meany. I totally understand why it’s down now though.

  64. Jenn in IL says:

    The 5th pic is TOTALLY “Puss-n-Boots”…wonderful sweetness!!

  65. Oh, and Brody was a ‘prize-surprise’ to his lady, too! What a great way for Brody to enter that family’s life (the Mom is a Vet). Sweet story! I just met a 4 year old Golden, soooo foooofy and soft. He was mellow and just wanted to sniff, and poof-we were friends. So very sweet tempered. He was putty in my hands with a throat-neck skritchies. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. That was very fun! Best wishes, Brody and to your animal companions.

  66. Hope I didn’t offend anybody with the follow up comment to the text hover, it really was all out of Project Runway love

  67. OMG! cuuuuute!

  68. I am totally on the cat side of the cats vs dogs debate.

    And yet I squeed like a little girl at that little tongue action.

    What an adorable puppy!

  69. Aww…he’s the spitting image of Dug in UP – so cute!

  70. O.M.G!!!! Adorable! Does anyone know what type of dog that is??? I really want one!

  71. Goldens are always adorable but the top picture of this series is just breathtakingly cute! OMG! I love it! The tongue is sticking out, big eyes, looking so sweet and innocent which means he probably just left a puddle on the living room carpet! 🙂

  72. This puppy needs a callender all to himself. I will buy it. For me and all my friends.

  73. @Blondie- Discipline is not one of my strong suits. I definitely need some improvement in that area- this guy is going to walk all over me otherwise!

    Sounds like I need to see Up!

  74. Ah, this one goes to UCONN! HI, Killer’s Bigger Bigger brother! Jeg Elsker Deg!

  75. wantruseelingkat says:

    “Gee, honey, I have no idea how that nose print got on your camera lens…”


  77. he is so cute