Ladies and Gentlemen, “Pinto Bean, Esquire

“Wow” you say. “Pinto Bean looks like a pretty small pup.”

“But, how small could he be?”




Lydia F. (i that is your real name) Thank you for the Rule #2 definish.



  1. “Ooooh, jacuzzi!”

  2. kibblenibble says:

    “Like my golden pedicure?” *plink plink*

  3. That heart on his collar is almost as big as he is! So sweet.

  4. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    My head, eet ees so tiny, that my eyes, they steek out!

  5. victoreia says:

    *snicker* Teho, that’s exactly what I thought!

  6. He’s so small, he scares me.

  7. First thing that came out of my mouth when I saw the 2nd photo
    “Oh my holy crap.”
    That is just beyond adorable. Can’t show this to my husband or his head will ‘splode. He loves chihuahuas

  8. Invite some friends and we got a pool party happen’

    when your paw is smaller than a human’s thumbnail, you are small.

  9. Hehas to have the purple-heart cat tag, because if he had the red-heart dog one, it would be BIGGER THAN HIS ENTIRE BODY.

  10. AWWWW love those eyes. Pinto will eventually grow into those cute ears too. My daughters chihuahua, Tyson, looked like that once, He is a macho man now lol….

  11. temperance says:

    but the link says it’s rule #14….i’m so confused.

  12. Oh, Mr McTinyson, how I love you.

  13. doomchild says:

    Aaw, I so hope he has a long and healthy life, despite being so small and evidently fragile little thing. Best of luck to you, little one *ever so small snorgle*

  14. That’s an espershelly cute size, but I like it when they get a little bit growed up from that size, so you know da babeh is healthy and gunna survive. When I saw my puppeh at 7oz. it got me extremely nervous until he could walk around without falling on his bum.
    This is a cutie cheewawa, (chihuahua, I know…)

  15. Dawh. I remember when my Dinky was this tiny. Now he’s HUGE, for a chihuahua, that is.

  16. The feets!!! Oh my!

    This little guy is adorable!

  17. Holy crap! You know you are small when you make a water bowl look like the Grand Canyon! And, oh yeah, so CUTE!

  18. Pinto bean size poopies too I bet!

  19. Now this little booger is adorable! Tho I think my cat would eat him for lunch!!

  20. I rescued both my chi’s as adults so I never got to see their teensy tiny insanely adorable puppynesses. I die when I look at pictures like this… but in a good way. *toofy grin*

  21. Just adorable. Be careful where you sit, walk, sleep…I bet he’s verrrry cute when he runs-can you imagine? Oh, I can…… How about his sister, “Ceci Pea”?

  22. I’m sorry…so not cute. More like a dwarf albino gremlin. Sorry 🙂

  23. Im not a fan of chihuahuas but the first pic is so cute that sweet little noseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Oh good, you’re climbing into a bowl. It will be much easier to nom you all up!

  25. Tygress22 says:

    Aww…so cute! 🙂 This pup needs a little collar with a bell on it so they will know where he is and when he is underfoot.

    I had a teeny tiny Chihuahua. My little Sweetie girl was around 3 lbs her whole life. I loved her dearly but never again would i want another dog that tiny. She was just too little. She couldn’t jump on and off the couch and i was afraid to let her sleep with us because she fell off the bed once (luckily she didn’t get hurt though). I was also always afraid the other dogs would step on her by accident. Children loved her but they had to be very careful. She was a tough little thing though…once i was holding her and a mastiff came in for a sniff and she bit his nose…lol

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    That steely squint looks mighty dangerous to me. Like Dirty Harry looking down the barrel of that .44 Magnum: “You feeling lucky, punk?” (Menacing Clint Eastwood voice) Of course, Peento Been might have trouble pulling that off, since he’s about 1/5 the size of a .44 Magnum. But he does have the look.

  27. AWWWWWW SO CUTE…………….

  28. They’re not as fragile as they look…my little baby was smaller than that when I got her (she’s 5 lbs, 6-1/2 years old now) and she grew up with three big brothers – a shepherd/greyhound, boxer, and pit/foxhound – and she has never suffered an injury. She’s quick at getting out from under foot (and under body in bed) and she holds her own in a play wrestle. They are such sweeties as long as they are socialized!

  29. Andi from NC says:

    Pinto Bean… great name…

  30. He’s very cute, in that ‘visiting intergalactic traveler’ way. 😉

  31. El perriot mas pequeno es muy guapo!

  32. D’oh. *perrito*

  33. jubileeblot says:

    Nothing sweeter than a tiny, wee one! I just lost my tiny 4lb baby after 10 of the sweetest years. Wee ones are more fragile, and that somehow makes them even more loveable. Why would one feel the need to write any negative comments (collenincairns)? IF you do not like something, do not be mean, just move along. Lets keep CO sweet, and funny and kind. Just sayin’. LOVE this little one. It makes my heart ache for want of another wee one.

  34. Chanpon Se, y es muey bonito.

  35. She is the sweetest lil pup. She is a snorgler! She just wants to find a nice spot on your lap and sleep. It is almost too much to look down at my lap and see her curled up there napping. It takes all I have got not to squeee and wake her.

  36. skippymom says:

    I really want to bite those ‘tocks.
    Oh, and isn’t there a rule about having a “fivehead” being cute? This might be more like a sixhead, actually.

  37. Oh my! o=
    First teh ponies and now this?!
    You trying to kill me?!

  38. Awww, I must snorgle this puppy NOW! We lost our chihuahua Tiny (2.4 pounds) yesterday at the age of 6 to Addison’s. She looked just like Pinto Bean. They truly are sturdier than they look and have attitudes to make up for their small size. *gently snorgles the teeny Chi belly* I hope this baby has a long healthy life.

  39. eeee, bebeh hua hua tocks, must snorgle STAT

  40. Justine Selk says:

    OMG! Pinto is on cute overload!! this is amazing! i have to send this link to all my friends! haha aaaw imma steal Pinto from auntii she just so cute! shes the cutest when shes mad haha

  41. Does that dog have its nails done??
    I’m not normally a chihuahua fan, but this one is really cute. I also saw a chihuahua puppy in PetCo today and it was so tiny- like the size of a squirrel- and SO CUTE. I totally wanted to steal it. Maybe it’s the extra-tininess of puppyhood that gets me.

  42. this cute pic is too cute for my eyes I’ve gone blind.

  43. Tiggerhop: Win.

  44. tocks up, tailio akimbo for balainces, leeks barely leeking the water


  45. I bet all my pets are jealous except my bunny who cant decide
    Pinto Bean: 1
    Pepper (bunny) : poorly confused

  46. Are you serious? I’d be afraid of even breathing on that thing out of fear of breaking it.

    It’s too cute. I mean….ow.

  47. Chihuahas creep me out. No matter how old.

    Tiny Nosferatus?

  48. People who dislike Chi’s based on looks confuse me. They obviously have never had the joy of snuggling with a tiny, warm, friendly one. They’re travel size snorgle machines.

    Little Pinto Bean, you remind me of my poor sweet Axel. He’s been gone almost two months and every time I see a Chihuahua I have to hold them. *sneef* Cute baby, may they have you for many more years than I got to have mine.

  49. wantruseelingkat says:

    Not to mention Rule #15……. and Rule #21……. =^..^=

  50. Pinto Bean is a lawyer??

  51. marie-laurette says:

    its verry verry verry……………………..cute dog