Use this for the next comment battle

The next time you’re waging battle in a comments thread about why Microsoft sux or why your app got rejected by the app store or how labradoodles are cuter than chi-poms, you can use this yawning Guinea pig to express distaste of your opponents stupid opinion. Just link to it!

Bridget S., I’m adding this to my arsenal immediately!

// UPDATE — click here for animated .GIF version, for avatars & stuff. //



  1. Why the sudden outburst of non-stop Slashdot memes?

    I knew C.O. and Slashdot were dating for a while, but missed the announcement of their engagement!

    [LOL! Try this. 😆 – Ed.]

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Bwa ha ha! 😀

  3. what a teensy little mouth! love the leetle peeg tongue.

  4. I’d love to see that in slow motion.

  5. the teef just STICK OUT LIKE A CAMEL!!!!!!ZOMG!!1!!!

  6. The mighty tiger is roaring…

  7. There is something about the guinea pig snout that his just hilarious. Then to break out with a yawn–well that’s just beyond adorable. Maybe he needs a fancy hat to break his ennui…

  8. aw, I love how it smacks his lips after yawning. He looks very satisfied after the yawn.

  9. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Yeah, the widdle protruding teefies, pretty much produced a lack of existence in me. Have his/ her parents already placed a down-payment into a dental account, to pre-pay for his/her braces?? And — more importantly — will they be cool, invisible vinyl braces in order to prevent psychic trauma him/her when he/she reaches Junior High School aka HELL ITSELF????

    My death certificate will be arriving soon. At the risk of repeating a term used by many others before me: THUNK !!!

  10. Which is cuter: the yawn or the name Bobo? I do not know.

    I’m very happy about seeing more GP posts here lately 🙂

  11. He also serves a soupçon of pink-nosed, wiggly-whiskered, chisel-toothed DISAPPROVAL with his ennui.

  12. loltennis says:

    It would be more effective as a gif. 😦 *waits for one*

  13. Jess&Friends says:

    Will someone PLEASE entertain that peeg!?!?11!

  14. He makes me sleepy. So cute.

  15. Mr. Peeg is in dire need of some of those hair cleeps for his out-of-control do.

  16. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    sooooo sweepy! I wanted to submit this video but figured you people should see this kitteh NOW!!

  17. Crazyweinerdoglady, that is stinkin’ cute.

  18. Yuh wha ?
    Oh!!! Yes, NOMTOM, absolutely fascinating. Riveting stuff. Please do go on with what you were saying there, …about the, …the thing you were talking about.

    Look, a guinea piggle, reciting Shakespeare. “AAAALLL theworld’sastage.”

    (jez kiddin’. Good call NOMTOM.)

  19. oh man, i wish i had hair like that guinea pig. Nice bedhead faux-hawk, Bobo!

  20. Come here little Bobo, I will entertain you! I will kiss you and scritch you and feed you lovely timothy hay!

  21. omgih! Hilariously adorable!

  22. Yep. Love the hair!
    And, if you turn the sound wayyyy up, you can hear it’s really Tina Turner singing, “WHAAAAT’S lovegottodowithit”

  23. Awww, I didn’t know they can do that! 🙂 I mean, I kinda thought they could, but this is like, uber cute. 🙂

  24. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    This must be a 3rd-generation peeg. Its 1st-generation immigrant grandma slaved away in her crocheted bonnet to make a new life in America. Her children grew up as Americans (but eating bialys), went to college, & became doctors & lawyers. The 3rd-generation peegs (like this one) are lazy & spoiled; all they do is play xBox & ask for money. Tee-hee! (No offence to nuffers, my parents are immigrants. [Yet I did not become a doctor or lawyer.])

    Grateful thanks to Teho for fixing my poor HTML recently! My HTML kung fu is weak.

    [N/P. Just remember, close those tags. – Ed.]

  25. @crazywienerdoglady, that is one seriously anerable kitteh. My dog (who was lying beside me when I started watching the video) got up and moved to the opposite end of the couch and flopped down with a huge sigh of disgust. (“Mom is consorting wth the enemy again”, you could just hear him thinking).

  26. Claudia C. says:

    Toooo Kute!
    But does that hair remind you of Kramer (from Seinfeld)?

  27. You have bored my guinea pig. Your argument is invalid!

    [PRECISELY. – Ed.]


    [I know you’re poking fun at the folks who would say this in earnest, and I know that you know that plenty of folks will blithely take this at face value anyway; so my question to you is, what did you draw today? 😉 – Ed.]

  29. gifified!

  30. OH MY WORD, I love the faux-hawk!! Emo pig disapproves of life.

  31. aw da cute lil furry! i need a nap now

  32. That looks like my hair in the morning…

  33. Leslie (NTA) says:


    It seems as though there is some depth to that story you were telling. Tell me about your childhood. How was your rela. w/ YOUR (first-generation immigrant) mother? Was there *tension* in the household?? Yes, that’s it; lie down on the sofa there & tell us all about it . We’re here for ya!!!
    Yours in Psychotherapy

    (PS: this is all said warmly & with supportive karma, not as a snark, I PROMISE!!)

  34. It’s all in the lips.

  35. Hmm..I have to admit he looks a little like me in the morning…especially the hair !!!

  36. the Blade rodin Thank ye very kindly!

  37. I’m speechless…don’t know what to really say to that, think I’ll take a nap now.

  38. bobo made med yawn too! curse the cuteness and the compulsion to yawn!

  39. the more peegie posts the better!!

  40. doomchild says:

    Someone please tell me why do humans make that “EEEEEHHH!” sound and distort their faces is strange way, whenever they see something cute? I watched this video three times, and I couldn’t stop grinning and going “EEEEH!”. Is it a reflex or what?

    I better repeat the test a few times, just in case.. ->

  41. Rofnar Frougelson says:

    Personally, my sound is more like vacuum cleaner sound done through clenched teeth and squinty eyes, usually followed by a hearty “dur-du-dur-du-duru” and occasionally topped off with a “You cute bastard!” (but only when it’s really OTT).

    My theory is that we are witnessing a literal overload of cute and that our cogs and gears are pipes and whatnots are straining to keep it together in the face of a full-on cute assault. I believe that some kind of doomsday device exists out there in the form of a particularly scruffy bunny.

  42. Thanks so much for the slow motion, The Blade Roden, -I opened my mouth when the Peeg did, I was so enraptured! So much more satisfying-this way he gets to roar like the big peegs!

  43. The lip smacking after the yawn! *thud*

  44. OK, I took TheBladeRoden’s version & optimized it a bit (because it was almost 3MB). Post updated.

  45. SO CUTE
    i love how rodents have that kind of teeth
    my robo hamsters name is bobo (:

  46. this is too cute – and it got me watching every other animal on youtube yawning

  47. earlybird1 says:

    Ha ha! Can’t decide if that mouth is cute or freaky-looking though. I’ll go with cute.

  48. not so fun actually ¬_¬

  49. .
    Soooooo, ….
    Who’s up for a little Monday mongoose moocher monitor mollification?!

  50. Not unlike my bunneh yawn video.
    Here’s my bunneh Jasper, showing off those herbivore death spears!

  51. OMG!!That is the CUTEST little guiny pig ever.And hes even more cute yawning.Whoever is the owner of the cute little guiny pig is SOOO LUCKY!!!!

  52. Adorable! I just wonder who has the time to sit there video recording their guinea pig, waiting(hoping) that it will do something interesting..

  53. Lip smackin gerd peeg

  54. 1stboybandfan says:

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    Since they hate their fans, and just want people to at like psychos and lie to them all the time. I have never lied to them, so I don’t know what their thinking their so shallow, they ignore the fact that most fans make as much as I do a year or less, and that also most fans fit their definition of psychical “uglyiness” not looking so super nice or whatever that Sandra does.

    But more importantly they ignore laws, safetly, and they even told my bosses not to talk to me about the issue with them. Did they not think I wouldn’t hear about it through the people they lied to at work, including at one point my own boss and manager. I didn’t lie to them, I don’t even hate the managers there. Just check out my posts for the truth, nice videos. 😦

  55. Von Zeppelin says:


  56. Von Zepp: I’m with you there!
    WTH 1stboyband fan? Maybe you should call The Strong Arm…?
    Oh I don’t know!

  57. smokeyJoe says:

    new cute, please

  58. Just in case anyone’s morbidly curious, and to redirect the conjecture – I googled “Sandra McNanny” and… um… yeah. I think the first link sums it up pretty well.


  59. FriendOfPets says:

    yes. agree with smokeyJoe. you guys are being stingy with teh cute today.

  60. “Q: What do you say to the pop star in a three piece suit?
    A: “Will the defendant please rise.”

  61. See, this is exactly the sort of wacko stuff that happens when we miss our dose of cute…

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    I love the peeegeee but I”m ready for more cute. BAROOOOOOOO (p.s. I “second” von Zep’s “whaaaa?” )

  63. Whoa, I just noticed, this is a Meg post. All along I thought it was NOMTOM, y’no, because it’s kinda wordy.
    Huh. Weird.
    Not that it means anything.
    Just babbling here. Filling in. Shootin’ the breeze. Whistlin’ Dixie.
    Ramblin’. Gamblin’. Amblin’ on.

  64. @1stboybandfan:

  65. 1stboybandfan – “The heckya mean?”

  66. LOL! Touché Patito! Pwnage.

  67. That totally made me yawn!

  68. LOL Pyrit. Nice Fargo reference.

  69. OMG Patito! That was hilarious!!!! AHAHAHA!!!!!!!! 😀

    And @ Summer,
    Thanks for that handy tidbit of advice- the clouds are beginning to clear. 😉

    And WHERE is the new cute, eh?

  70. victoreia says:

    Uh-oh….we’re going through cute-withdrawal!

    “Houston, we have a problem.”

  71. cute CUTE KTOOOOOT~
    I need more of it, or else I’ll have to resort to more expensive hobbies.

  72. Patito – perfect!

  73. Yeah, I’m just back from dinner, and I was going to unpublish a few things, y’know, in the name of topical cleanup… but it looks like y’all have taken care of things handily. 😉

  74. How was dinner, Theo? Hope you had something great…We, on the other hand, have been dining on fruitcake, as you can see…

  75. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Theo–“unpublish?” That sounds like the old joke about what Beethoven is doing now in his tomb–decomposing.

    [OK, “unapprove” then. Unwieldy word either way, thppp – Ed.]

  76. Nice one VonZ! 🙂

  77. kibblenibble says:

    Halp! Please, suh, can I have s’more Qte? 😦

  78. Von Zeppelin says:

    Yeah, Theo. You guys better put us some more guinea pigs or cats or pygmy hippopotamuses or fruit bats or SOMETHING, or we’re ALL going to start writing long screeds about the Backstreet Boys and how we’re being persecuted or something.

  79. We are such a bunch of baby birds, waiting for Theo to chew up some worms for us, huh?! Poor Theo.

    [Seriously, ewww. 😛 – Ed.]

  80. More peegs, please! Thank you.

  81. A little empathy goes a long way, Peeps. I’m pretty sure that we all hear the anguish. Now, as this is a station of Cute, let’s just amble away slowly….

  82. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit —

    Yeh, I was moderately cornfoozled when yer thing said NTMTOM; I often tangle my crossed hairs (hares?) but YOU are generally one of our Traffic Lights of Clever Accuracy !!! (sorry, it’s the closest analogy within my reach, I know it’s a little quirky but oh well things here on CO are sometimes MORE THAN a LITTLE quirky…) Ennyway. Guess you’re a hooman with occ hiccups, huh?
    Sent w/ affection & support (YAY TEAM)

  83. This thread has become tiresome.


  84. Leslie (NTA) says:

    ummmm. ,… wuz it sumpin’ Ah say-ud????? (worries, chews lower lip & begins to worry about EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!!!!; runs to hide in the farthest corner)

  85. No, it is the hour, not the company, Leslie (NTA)

    And we’re walking!……………..

  86. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (phew): “Moving right along!!”

  87. I love this. I love how clearing you can see his pink little tongue!