In Soviet Russia, kittehs snorgle YOU

Sender-Inner Kimberly writes; “My cat, Gus, sets out to prove his theory that humans also have an axis of snorgling. Unfortunately for me he enjoys proving his point when I’m attempting to sleep and I’m at my most vulnerable.”




  1. homer mariner says:

    Ok, the camera is on. Time to snorgle!

  2. *in a small voice* I want to be snorgled….

  3. oooooohhhhhhh, I love when my Gateau snorgles me!

  4. Awwwwww how adorable! 😀

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Lucky you. My cat waits ’til I’m asleep to hork up hairballs. Not on my axis of snorling, though, I’m happy to report.

  6. that 2nd pic made me go “awwwwwwww!!!” very loudly, lol!

  7. I MISS CATS! Truffles and my axis of snorgling was our left face cheeks. Every time I came home or into a room where one of us was waiting…..remembrances of snorgles past……

  8. kibblenibble says:

    What a sweet baby boy. Pretty soft grey with leetle white mittens, and a perfect white nosie stripe. All this and a snorgler, too. Lucky Kimberly! *sigh*

  9. Soviet Russia? I was hoping to find an explanation in the hovertext, but alas…

  10. In Soviet Russia, Meg? On CO? Really??

  11. Melissa H. says:

    You can almost hear the purring. I just hope he’s not drooling too.

  12. (that said… my GOD but that’s adorable)

  13. Now that is looove.

  14. My cat used to do that (he has been gone for 7 years) – I think it was because he was too young when I got him and he needed to snuggle with another warm being (which was me!). Sometimes I really couldn’t breathe – but I do miss it. My other cat who was a stray on the streets and developed a rather independent streak (more than usual for a cat) just frowned on that activity and seemed thoroughly disgusted when my other cat did it.

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    America! Cute Overload! What a country! blog!

  16. kibblenibble says:

    Awww! Sweet hovertext.

    [All I could come up with. Couldn’t help it. – Ed. (ded) ]

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Theo: Ya big sentimental galoot! *soft shoulder punch*

    [The Mod is IN-DES-TRUCTIBLE – Ed.]

  18. AWW 😀 You are so lucky to have sweet kitty like Gus, Kimberly 😀 I wish you many many years of kitty snorgling 😀

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    Recalling the 200-plus lust-maddened comments about Baby Baboon Guy, I might, were I not a perfect gentleman, remark that the snoozing lady appears to be quite attractive. But being a perfect gentleman, I will refrain from making that observation.

    A handsome cat, indeed.

  20. Humans DO have the axis of snorgling. I snorgle my boyfriend daily.
    But a kitteh who snorgles humans! It’s tooo good to be true!

  21. ROFL… Awwwwww… I wish my kitty cat snorgled us. No, he just sits at the edge of the bed and meows lol

  22. Kathleen in Canada says:

    My cat does this too. Unfortunately her choice of snuggling place happens to be my armpit… at 3am… and I’m ticklish…

  23. So adorable.

  24. cat’s worth his weight in lives

  25. Starlinguk says:

    Be glad, Kimberly, mine likes putting his head there too, but he turns so the rest of his body is right in my face. At 1.30am.

  26. How cute. A cat snorgling his pet human.

  27. More proof (as if I needed it) that cats are the most wonderful anipals ever.

  28. Leslie (NTA) says:

    VonZ: ’tis evident that you *ARE* indeed one of the few remaining GENTILHOMMES sur la planete. C’est bien rafraishant. (There actually IS a cognate about “refreshing”, used in Fr. I might have the spelling/ ending a bit off, but I think it would actually travel.

    @ Theo: MIGAWD that were the FUNNIEST Muppets link I’ve seen in approx 20 years. One loves the goofy Swedish chef & who couldn’t love his attempt to annihilate a Cockroach (except perhaps the Fransh Cockroach character from Ho’s Heroes; or perhaps some bug-ologists out there) …with a REFRIGERATOR?????? AND the c/r still came back out, *just fine,thank you*.
    I’m considering establishing an Old Folks Home for Characters who Just Can’t Get any Luck; Sw. Chef, Mr. Bill and …….Wile E Coyote.
    Related: have you already seen the Court case transcript, for when Wile E Coyote filed suit against the Acme Mfg Co. for their deficient products???
    HY-sterically hoomorous.
    That is all. Back to the Cute Cats & their appreciating public. Thank you.

  29. didleymaz says:

    My darling grey cat with white stripe and paws, used to (cough) “have fun” with my arm or leg,even though he had been fixed.

  30. Theo: Good grief!

    Axis-snorgling cat is indeed adorable. I don’t trust cats, though… I just can’t help thinking a “Simon’s Cat” moment is about to break out.

    My family’s cat, Snicklefritz, went from asocial to unbelievably needy in his dotage (he lived to be 20). During said dotage, he became obsessed with me and would demand to sleep every night in my bed, then wake me up at 5am so I could come to the kitchen pet him while he ate. I don’t recall him giving me snorgles, though. Just fleas. And, once, a poop on my pillow 😡

  31. my cat snorgles me at bedtime. she comes when i get into bed, and burrows her face into my face or neck, and we snorgle for a few minutes. then she goes on to her pillow to sleep. she has also been known to give hugs – she puts her little cat arms around my neck.

    it’s a good arrangement.

  32. That looks just like my Bootsie. He was the biggest loverboy, and I miss him terribly.

  33. Kimberly is lucky to have such a loving cat. AND such magnificent eyelashes.

  34. lucky Cliff says:

    this cat looks very like the famous @sockington 🙂

  35. My old cat Kiki who still lives at my parents’ house does this. She would sleep on my chest every night with her forehead buried in the crook of my neck. Unfortunately she also drools while doing this, so I had to pull the blanket up to my chin for protection! She’s now 17 years old, and when my husband and I stay over at my parents’ house over the holidays, he has to put up with sharing the bed with elderly drooly snorgle neck kitteh!

  36. (melt) My sweet Stinky boy used to come to me and herd me to bed when it got to be around eleven. Damn, I miss that cat. 😥

  37. PS I LOVE the name Gus. Short for Augustus?

  38. D’oh, axis of snorgle not so easy to get to on humans…

  39. Theresa – Niet. Eet eez short for Boris!

  40. Sweet kitty! Of course, when else would a self-respecting cat do such a thing but when his mommy was trying to fall asleep?? My kitty does this also, he is a love bug, very snorgly!

  41. theo and NTMTOM

    – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    – Republic of Russia

    They are different entities that you really can’t mix together word-wise, Not a comment worthy of your snappy, snied remarks, was it?

  42. Come on peeps. Doesn’t anyone else recognize a Yakov Smirnoff “in Soviet Russia” joke? I thought it was perfect.

    And the cute kitteh too.

  43. Not quite sure where Meg came up with the Soviet comment. I am Kimberly’s mom, and I know for a fact she all American, and so is Gus.

  44. It’s a joke where you turn things backwards. Look it up on Wikipedia. Yakov Smirnoff is the comedian who started it.

    Ok, so I’m old enough to remember this guy.

    Still a very cute kitteh!

  45. Von Zeppelin says:

    As Fluffy point out, it’s a common joke catchphrase, folks. Sometimes called the “Russian Reversal, it’s been part of Yakov Smirnoff’s routine for decades:

    Kzootie, dear lady, I am sure it is no one’s intention to impugn Kimberly’s all-Americanness. Or Gus’s either.
    (Boston Pops play “Star Spangled Banner,” with “Stars and Stripes Forever” as encore)

  46. Which only goes to show that Kimberlehhh has an axis of CUTE too.

  47. In Soviet Russia, CO nuffs you!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  48. On topic though, anyone else find it amusing that the kitteh is a Russian Blue?
    My kitteh Henry is a Russian Blue as well, and he likes to cuddle at 3 AM too! Must be in the blue genes. (rimshot) But seriously though, I call him my Teddy-cat because I always wake up to find him curled up next to me.

  49. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Your Gus is da bomb. I wish MY kitty wanted to snuggle with me *cries*. Oh well, at least the dog wants my love 🙂

  50. Sorry, I didn’t get the joke. No Gus, is just Gus I’m not sure if he has any Russian Blue in him. He was born in a horse barn, and his father is unknown (Shhhh…his daddy could be one of dozen’s). Kimberly also has Gus’ sister, and her name is Gracie. I have yet to see her get enough love and attention.

  51. Fluffy and VonZ are correct re: the “Russian Reversal” ISR joke, a la Yakov Smirnoff, by way of Slashdot. For those of you who didn’t get it, and I’m not being sarcastic here: Good For You. (It’s a very old, very tired joke, y’see.)

  52. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theo: In Soviet Russia, YOU are funnier than old tired jokes.

    [Truthfully, I don’t know how to take this. 😕 – Ed.]

  53. Awwwww, yes, this is too good to be true! Where has this kitteh been all my life??

    I do wonder at the fact that she mentions he does this when she’s sleeping. Don’t we do this to our cats when they’re sleeping? Seems a bit of a double standard! Tho the axis does seem to present itself more readily when the target is sacked out. 🙂

  54. Awesome ………… so so much cute

  55. Hulihulich says:

    I was thinking of the Russian Blue from the move Cats & Dogs…..the stealth poop….
    puppy: ” I’m on to you. You’re in trouble.”
    Russian Blue: “I think not, baby puppy. You are in trouble.” deploys stealth poop….

  56. Hulihulich says:

    and then “From Russia with Love.”

  57. “Snorgling was inwented in Russia.”

    [Hehehe. Though, I’m more of a Next Generation guy, myself. 😉 – Ed.]

  58. fish eye no miko says:

    It’s a tutorial for other cats (cat-orial?) “This is where you snorgle, see? Humans find it cute, and will give you treats and loves if you do it.”

  59. Dawww, that am tho cute! So sweet.

  60. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I can just see the news report now:

    “Controversy is swirling tonight over some pictures on the very popular website ‘Cute’. The reason seems to be that a collective asplosion of heads upon the sight of said photos labeled, ‘In Soviet Russia, kittehs snorgle YOU’. Now we want to warn our viewers right now, these pictures are graphic, disturbing and most definitely will cause a bloody mess in front of your television screen! The website moderators and designers have not been reached for comment.”

    Way to go, MEG! 😛

    [Wait, who hasn’t been reached?? – Ed.]

    […oh, right, my comment: *THPPPPPPPPPPPP* 😛 – Ed. again]

  61. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Cath:

    Nice. very nice. I thought my sister had done pretty well with her cats’ names Frieda Farkle & Ferd Birfle (from the old sitcom w/ Billy Crystal as a transexual or homosexual or something shocking the neighborhood). Your family outdid her BY FAR!!!!.

    […transvestite, maybe? Like Dr. Franken Furter? – Ed.]

  62. Is kitteh snorgling or trying to wipe the white stripe off him nose?

    Also, DEAR GOD, have I really lived so long that there are people too young to recognize the Russian Reversal, yet old enough to use a computer? Someone run out and buy Gramma some Geritol, willyas?

    [Actually there are quite a lot of those, I gather. I’m sticking with Centrum Silver, though. – Ed.]

  63. Kimberly says:

    This totally just made my day! My Gus is very shy with others but showers me with endless love and attention, his love knows no bounds. I do feel very lucky because I have two cats and both of them are the biggest cuddly lovers in the world!

  64. Kimberly says:

    Von Zeppelin and nyota, thank you!

    Theresa he is just Gus, I had called my friend to tell her that I brought home two kittens and she immediately said “You should name one of them Gus.” It seemed to fit him so I did! Sometimes I do call him Gustavo though. 😉

  65. @Kimberly
    sounds just like my cat, who gets very edgy with other people but loves me endlessly. people never believe me when I tell them he’s so affectionate!

  66. also @Leslie
    Snicklefritz iz from ‘The Big Comfy’ couch, right? I loved that show as a kid.

  67. Hmmm. Just got ready for bed and can’t seem to find a kitty to snorgle my neck! How will I ever sleep?!

  68. Kimberly says:

    Caleb, that is exactly the way with Gus! My family always say “You have two cats?” I don’t understand it because my other cat, Gracie, is his sister and she will throw herself at anyone who comes through the door. Shameless hussie.

  69. Kimberly and Caleb, we have the same situation. One of our cats is very social, the other is very shy but super affectionate (a “love sponge” as my sister would say). He’s a big time snuggler but only with me, not even my husband.

  70. Caleb & Leslie 🙂

    Our cat actually predated “The Big Comfy Couch.” I was pretty astonished to discover that show and its Snicklefritz a few years ago. Ours was born in 1971, a handful of months before I was.

    Apparently it’s German for “troublesome child” or something like that. Family legend has it that my Dad chose the name because it was what his mother called him when he was a kid. Not sure if that’s true, though, since no one on my Dad’s side of the family actually ever spoke German. *shrug*

    I did always love the name, though (and still, do). We called him “Snickle” for short, which kinda sounds snorgly.

  71. @ Caleb and Leslie, again:

    Just found this: Apparently, it’s a Pennsylvania Dutch — not “real” (i.e. European) German or Dutch — term of endearment for a troublesome child and was popularized by a 1930s radio comedy show.

    Between the pictures of snorgly Gus and this conversation, I’m starting to pine 😦 Gus really seems a sweetie. Congrats to Kimberley!

  72. Wait wait… does anyone else see the extra set of menacing glowing eyeballs in the 2nd photo in the background?
    Intruder Alert!! O_O

    [Oooh, jealous cat #2! 😯 – Ed.]

  73. Ohhhh! He looks and acts just like my cat Smokey. Smokey will lay on my pillow and groom me at night!

  74. Seriously, T.U.M.! I can’t believe that so many people were completely baffled by the post title. Pass the Ensure (to me, I mean, not through…well, never mind)!

  75. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1 @ ed: oh — trans- “something” (they’re all the same, anyway, aren’t they???????) (Politically incorrect aka suicidal comment of the day- wink)
    but I do appreciate your accurately identifying that detail — I was too distracted by boring things like errands & breathing in & out — to be thorough. So sorry !

    Also re the assist w/ Snicklefritz:
    1) Thanks for the resoich, peeps !! I feel edjucamated, now !!
    2) Re. The Penns. Dutch Connection (In voice of Agent Smart from Get Smart ): “Wouldja believe” …..(hope so, ‘cuz this is ACTUAL FACT; I haz dokumentz tah pruv it & everythin’)
    My mother’s side of the family are deeply (concretely, even) Pennsylvania Dutch…last name Hutt (can’t sound MUCH more CHOI-man than that for a last name, can ya?) and……yes, me Nana actually *WAS* second-generation immigrant family; we’ve attended an ENORM Hutt Family Reunion (hundreds of participants, three-day weekend) not too far from Hershey Penn & one of the Amish areas….But I never heard of that wonderful vocab term !!
    so all the comment threads have now come full-circle.

    Now. Who’s gonna mail me a Feline Quadruped (I’ve about narrowed it down to the choice of a Ragdoll due to cooperative Floppiness & luxuriant fur) for Mutual Snorgling, for my next apt when I move to a new apt WHERE I CAN HAZ KATS (in the next few months)????

    I’m done. Turn the stove off now.
    Peace & fluffiness to all
    (with the permanent exception of Osama Bin Laden. My flaming liberalism just won’t extend THAT far. I can feel sympathy for his FAMILY members, but …)

  76. Fran in L.A. says:

    (Coming out of her lurking spot to share)

    I had a sweet, sweet grey cat who rescued me at the Vons supermarket. There I was with both hands full of groceries and my knapsack sliding down my shoulder when I heard a tiny, “meeoooo.” OF course my radar started teacking the little cries but I couldn’t see where they were coming froom. Suddenly, something lands on my chest and I’m looking down into eyes of a tiny, grey cat. I did my duty and asked around for an owner, but he was said to be one of many kittens bred by strays living behind the market on the edge of the freeway. I put the little guy in my bag (for the rest of his life he liked climbing into it) gave him an official name, “Greyling von Chaney,” (he looked a little like a werewolf to me,) and immediately started nicknaming him, “Che,” “Le Che,” “Lechuga,” “Che-che-chaboogie…

    and we lived happily for five years

  77. Fran in L.A. says:

    Hey! I wasn’t done but every time I tried to edit, I got sent to the top of the page. I was just going to tell you how Chany saved my older cat, Kelly, who had been attacked by a neighbor’s Akita (despite fines and threats of litigation, his owner was lax and the dog was often on the loose roaming the neighborhood.) The vet said Kelly wouldn’t last the night, so I brought her home and propped her up between two pillows on the bed right next to me. The next morning, she was still on the planet but very growly with pain. I tried keeping Chaney away from her but he had a captive audience and proceeded to annoy Kelly back to health. The vet couldn’t believe his eyes when I brought Kelly in and she was her susual shark-attack self. She lived another two years to the grand age of almost 14.

    I’m done (phew, TMI?)

    Anyway, Chaney was the snorgliest cat I’ve ever had (there have been many over the past 30 years.) I will never stop missing him.

  78. Good catch LisaL! That must have been Gracie sneaking in there!

    Fran Chaney sounds like a great boy!

  79. Hee… My boyfriend is from Russia, his best friend is from Ukraine. There are “In Soviet Russia…” jokes around our house ALL THE TIME, although we’re all a bit too young to remember Yakov Smirnoff when he was actually popular.

  80. ShelleyTambo – How about Archibald Leach, in A Fish Called Wanda, eh? The scene where he undresses while reciting Molitva in Russian?
    (Or, LOLitva.)
    There is a YouTube clip.

  81. Ha, the look on his face is so very “Mom, wake up and LOVE ME”.

    My cat does something similiar. It’s almost always a ploy to get under the blankets to curl up next to me (he’s 18 and despises cold, even 70 degree cold), but it’s still damn cute.

  82. Pyrit, I’ll have to check if they’ve seen A Fish Called Wanda. I’m constantly amazed by how many seminal movies they haven’t seen (Rock Horror Picture Show??)!

  83. uh… RockY.

  84. wannadance says:

    that is one gorgeous woman sleepink there. those eyelashes, those brows, that lovely skin, that wonderful floopy hair. i vould snorgle her too had i a chance…

    there. i said it and i am glad.

  85. My kitteh Patience does this to me when I’m awake. She climbs up onto my lap, stuffs her face into my neck, and proceeds to make biscuits, purr, and drool. It’s pathetic, I know, but I’ll take what I can get.

  86. wannadance says:

    how’ja do. i see you’ve met.
    my favorite HANDYCAT…

    da da da BOOM.

    okay, okay: cute overload adaptation.
    one of my fave movies but although i am undoubtedly the eldest here, i neveh hoid of ‘soviet russia’ or the ‘revoisal’ much to my loss. will resoich and be sure always to call it resoich…

  87. Like Kathleen in Canada, my problem is that my cat believes my axis of snorgling to be in my armpit.

  88. ysubassoon says:

    I completely concur, Wannadance. She’s quite a hottie, and I’m half-tempted to do some snorgling of my own.

  89. Cath, my Gabby girl (15 y.o. calico) has gotten increasingly more clingy as she’s gotten older. She must sleep close to me or my husband every night, and by “close” I mean right next to our pillows. She’s a dedicated groomer and likes to come sniff our breath and then lick our faces. But her funniest quirk is a trick that we did not teach her and we don’t know how she came about it.

    Usually when we’re in another room, but sometimes when we’re right there, she will start meowing in a strange, imperative voice. Usually muffled. We will go check on her and find that she has gone and retrieved some small item, carried it a short distance in her mouth, and then deposited it. The muffling comes from the fact that she will meow while she’s carrying said object. These objects are usually smallish, such as a tube of lip balm, a pen or highlighter, or one of a set of novelty glowing dice with “naughty” words on them.

    And then last night she outdid herself and brought us a screwdriver. Of course, when she brings us these gifts, we must go to where she is and praise her profusely. She is so proud of herself. It is hilarious and sweet and bizarre all at once.

  90. P.S. The tool, not the drink. The day my kitties start making us mixed drinks will be a day for the books, indeed.

  91. @Noelegy, Dante likes to move things around, too, and bring me stuff. The two things that made me laugh the hardest were:
    1) A random business card that he found lying around. He comes up to me with this thing in his mouth, and drops it in my lap. “My card, Madame.” 😉

    2) A FIVE DOLLAR BILL!! Yes, he’s a keeper. 😀

  92. Kristabelle says:

    Any animal that brings you money is a keeper, Theresa!! 😆

    Love all these kitty stories.

  93. My Sidney does this..all night. Sometimes on my face, though, and I can’t breath! Love love love that kitten! It is now to the point that if I take a nap, I call out his name, he comes running, hops on, snorgles and naps with me. Can’t nap without that little guy anymore!

    Yes, he ahs completely stolen my heart!

  94. Ye who are owned by cats know that, as much as this seems like a cuddle session of love and affection, it’s most likely a ” ‘There’s no food in my bowl, mama!!!’ sit on your back / face rub and general harassment at 5am” moment. Not saying that I don’t enjoy the harassment because attention from kitties is always appreciated but also asserting there’s usually another, more primal, reason for the love 🙂

  95. Noelegy, my late great Otis did the same thing, only it was always the same object – his prized yellow sparkle ball. But always with an urgent muffled meow, so different from his other vocalizations. He would then watch as I tried to get him to play with it. I think he was bringing it to me to make me play with it !!! “Here, you’ve been sitting on the couch long enough, play with this.”

    Also please elaborate on what you might do with the naughty dice?

  96. LadyDarya says:

    My boy Buddy (who looks exactly like this) snorgles like this to only…it’s usually accompanied with a whispered *mommy I wants to sleep* meow which means I wake up, pull up the covers and then pull him close to my tummy and then pull the covers up to his chin, ensuring his head is on a pillow (cause he can’t sleep without a pillow of course) and then put my arm over his belly and then he can go to sleep – he has me soooo trained!

  97. @LadyDarya: So cute! My late Stinky used to micromanage my sleeping positions, too, the better to cuddle.

  98. @JediJen – As Dr. House would say, that’s unconditional need.

  99. My cat loves to rub her face on my boyfriend’s facial hair.

  100. “shameless hussie” hehehe. we use terminology like that around here to describe my labrador! he attempts this…but you’ll never sleep through it. his head is the size of a cantaloupe!

    i’ve always wanted a cat. when i was a little girl…somehow i was always “best friends” with other little girls that had cats….what a coincidence ;). i’m obsessed…and excessively allergic. *sigh*

  101. toffiffeezz says:

    Noelegy, ding, and Theresa – I thought I was the only person who has a cat like that! It’s the oddest little frantic muffled meow. She only does it when we are in the basement and it is always one of 2 things– a neon green or purple fuzzy thing with little string loops coming out of it. Kind of looks like a hair scrunchy. She looks at me like I’m crazy if I try to get her to play with it. She won’t touch them otherwise. My other kitty has never done it.

    Interesting.. LOL

  102. Toffiffeezz, Noelegy, ding and Theresa, with Gus it is his string. He drags it all around the house like Linus with his blanket. I will hear that crazy meow like you describe and I know that he is bringing it to me. He likes to wrap himself in it and spin, drape it on my while I’m sleeping, stuff it under the rug in the bathroom and I often find the end dangling in his food bowl.

    Also, thanks to everyone for all the nice comments!

  103. Aw, yous’ns with your shnoogums kitterz.
    I have an ornery guy. ‘course they all have hearts of gold so I know he wubs meh, in his own way, pffft!
    He tries his best. He never hisses! Funniest thing, he huffs instead. Big ol’ heavy sigh through his nose, and then he goes back to grumbling. Sorta, “grrr-purrr-grrrr-purrrr”, and I’m nuzzling and rolling the Spanish Rs, “puhdrdrdrdrdrdr”, and he’s, wiggle-wiggle put me down! Big ol’ rabbit kicks.
    Maybe he needs to watch, From Russia With Love.

    Meanwhile, my dog, Miss Lickalot, (not her real name) is a fool for love.
    And, I went blueberry picking out back yesterday, and she discovered she can eat the blueberries right off the bush! Smaht gurl! Nom, nom, nom! Look ma! Blue tongue! I’m a Chow! Rawr!

  104. ding, the dice glow in the dark (they absorb light from my reading lamp and sometimes will startle me when I’m trying to go to sleep). They were a gag gift. One of the cubes has verbs (kiss, nibble, lick, etc.) and the other has body parts (toes, lips, boobs, etc.).

  105. Oh, I guess I didn’t really answer the question! You asked me what you do with them, and I described them instead. Well, you roll them. And then you do to your partner what they tell you to do. 🙂

  106. GIGGLE 😀 I would just LOVE to have your kitty, Gracie, “throw herself” at me, Kimberly 😀 Then I would just SNORGLE SNORGLE SNORGLE the kitty 😈

  107. SO. CUTE.

  108. I believe that in the U.S., it’s the allies of snorgling.

  109. P.S. Gus is adorahbuls!

  110. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Jen B — very nice point & here none of us made that connection earlier. Perhaps the cuteness did us in & rather kept us distracted, ya think??

    However, very astute point !!

  111. emmberrann says:

    On the other hand, I have an alarm cat. He goes off at precisely (well, nearly almost precisely) at 5 AM, tap, tap tapping on my shoulder, whichever one is poking out fo the blankets. I used to get up at that hour to get ready to go to work at 7:30 AM….. I am sure that he believes that every day is a weekday, and that “return to regular Eastern time” is a myth. He does snorgle me, and demands snorgling be accomplished during daily floofbrushing, usually in the evening. Happy Mondays, everyone!

  112. Aw now that’s adorable that’s love alright it’s so cute the cat aw it’s just so adorable!!!!! I can look at it all day long.

  113. I can look at it all day long. I love it cuz it’s just so much love.

  114. I miss my Merlin snorgles 😦

  115. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Hi Julie — Hugs to you !!!

  116. jthewonderllama says:

    I think the glowing “eyes” in the background is actually the camera (flash?) reflected in the mirror.

    [In the first photo, yes. Look closely at the second one, though… – Ed.]

  117. Has anybody seen Hon Glad lately?

  118. I want him to snorgle me toooooo!