I’ll See Your Little OMGPON1ES!1!!

… and raise you a little OMGPONY with an OMG EVEN LITTLER PONIEEZ!!!1!!!11!!


Awwww!  Give us a little smile!


How about a little drink?


And let’s give sender-inner DB a great big little hand!



  1. This is the cutest thing ever!

  2. For the OMGPONYLULZ1!1 – such a (little) cute overload! I just wannah squeeze em’ and cuddle em’ so mush!

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Little tailio whipping around as he trots in the first pic melts my heart.

  4. Adore the picture of him head to head with the boy… gives a sense of scale… but, if I know foals, the kid is in for a head butt… and it’s going to hurt!

  5. laureling says:

    OMGPONIES!!!!11!!!!1* A teeny tiny pony with socks! And a teeny mane, and, and, and….*brain melt* It’s too cute, I can’t handle it.

  6. I bet I could fit that whole pony in my mouf! NOM NOM NOM!

  7. All these littler and littler ponies make me think of Russian dolls. Plllleeease tell me that tiny foal has an even tinier foal up her sleeve.

  8. ‘Scuse me. The thimble-sized bump on his belly leads me to believe that this is a he and not a she :D.

  9. Looks like da poneh is all growed up!

  10. one cute my-littler-pony pic and then another! you are killing me!
    and LOL @trixie on the russian dolls. man, you could carry that thing on a NY subway. we have rats bigger than that!

  11. Tewtally redonk. Get me a pa-sickie mounting that teeny weeny pony. STAT.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am appalled by this. I LOVE Cute Overload and will continue reading this blog, but animal dwarfism is a serious matter. These genetic disorders are not adorable, they are detrimental to the animals in question. A change in size is not simply a cute overload, rather it affects many other health issues with the genetic change as well. Animal dwarfism may happen spontaneously, but breeding animals with this genetic characteristic is irresponsible.

  13. And the “OMGAAWWWWWD animal cruelty!” wank starts…As if that horsie wasn’t a pampered, very expensive, and obviously cared for pet that will almost certainly be given a good life, rather ending up in a slaughterhouse.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I happen to not at all be a vegetarian and have a special dislike of peta. What I do appreciate is responsible human behavior regarding genetic manipulations that very significantly affect the animal or human individuals that we alter.

    Also, that animal may be pampered to death (literally, think heart issues and other health risks), but that pampering will happen far earlier.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Edit: That death will happen far earlier*

  16. doomchild says:

    My bwain just went “boom”, but in a weeevy wevy cutesy way. Ponies!

  17. There is nothing inherently wrong with miniature horses. They generally live as long or even longer than regular size breeds. Dwarfism causes health problems, but this guy doesn’t look like a dwarf, he just looks like a regular baby miniature. Breeders don’t breed for dwarfism, it’s just a disorder that happens sometimes.

  18. Why has no one yet commented on his little fuzzy mohawk? That stand-up tuft on his head looks so nomable.

  19. Phew. Ickle ponies helping to lower my heart-rate after that fox shocker.

  20. srsly omgpony! i want one!

  21. I’m so glad that there is enough good vibbage coming of this wedsite to negate the negativity of nuffers. That is all.

  22. janet2buns says:

    Want. Nothing else, just Want.

  23. Now thats a REAL my little pony. How adorable. Lucky kid, I always wanted a pony when I was younger. 🙂

  24. blueheron says:

    So cute! So precious! Who knew miniature ponies could have dwarf (even MORE miniature) ponies? Good luck little pony! Blessings and more…

  25. blueheron says:

    Hey hey, just wandered over to the glossary to verify the meaing of the “Nuffers” (yep, got it!) when I saw that OMGPonies!!!1111!!!!!!111111!!!!! didnt come from CO but was originally from Slashdot… 🙂 So funny, always check the glossary class! 🙂

  26. awww, i love that second pic with the boy! BFF!

  27. Hmm…that pony is small enough to live in my apartment and use the cats’ litter box.
    But pony looks pretty darn happy where he is so I’ll do the noble thing and let him be. *sigh*

  28. Kid’s cute, too. Looks like Prince Harry as a nipper.

  29. NOMTOM, that “exclamation point abuse” bit made me LOL!

    As for “anonymous”, you managed to surprise me, I didn’t think this post would inspire nuffing! Nuffers say the darndest things…:)

  30. I really wish Cute Overload would stop glorifying the horrible and painful genetic mistakes that are miniature horse dwarfs. Those horses often live short and agonizingly crippled lives, if they even make it past their first day. They’re not “OMG SO CYOOOT,” they’re a terrible, terrible result of careless breeding and ‘form over function’ selection. It really upsets me people coo over these poor little things, which so often have organs too large for their bodies, brains too large for their heads, legs so deformed they can’t stand or walk, noses so small they can’t breathe, and on and on and on.

    Yesterday’s foal is not yet a year old and has already had HOW many surgeries? How is that an acceptable life for an animal that was born to run and play?

    There are so many adorable equines out there; just because these ones are deformed, it doesn’t make them any cuter. It’s the equivalent of having someone start ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ over those horribly deformed “twisted kittens” from a few years back. Responsible mini horse breeders do everything they can to prevent dwarfs, and stop breeding the horses responsible for a dwarf foal IMMEDIATELY; it’s that bad, and that damaging.

    – A horse breeder who is also a HUGE Cute Overload fan, but had to say something here.

  31. I find it amazing that among people who love so many different species of animals, there’s so much intolerance of the so-called “nuffers”.
    Most of the posters here are North Americans, right? You guys live in a democracy, don’t you? Does the word “Jeffersonian” mean anything to you nuffer-snuffers? Learn to live with dissidence even on CO, people, not just on the univ campus. Vive la difference. Celebrate diversity. And all that.

  32. I wish people would stop blaming breeding for the existence of dwarf animals. Dwarfism is a disorder that happens in all mammals, and often in families without any history of it. It’s just something that nature throws into the cards on a fairly regular basis. If someone is actually breeding dwarf (which is not the same as miniature!) horses, then that’s terrible. But you’re going to get dwarfs born no matter what, and if people can pamper them and make their lives better when it happens, I’m happy about it.

    On a less serious note: OMGTEENYPONIES!!!

  33. By the way, _is_ this one a dwarf, or just a baby?

  34. Eep!

  35. @JayJay,

    Being able to “snuff the nuff” so to say, is also a right we hold dear. Not only do the nuffers have the right to say what they want in their freedom of speech, but those of us who disagree also hold that same right. Personally, I find it pointless most of the time to get into disagreements with people I don’t know over topics like this. If it were a close friend that would be different. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom FROM speech. Just a little bite to chew on there.

    Oh and one more thing, this is, in the end, Meg’s blog, so she has every right to put up what she wants, delete comments she doesn’t like and she has been kind enough to give us this forum. Let’s try to respect it.

  36. I absolutely agree with you, Karen. It’s Meg’s blog and she’s allowed to post what she likes! I know some people don’t quite understand the problems that dwarfism can bring to horses, though, so I am also allowed to wish for more education on the subject. I’d never tell anyone what to post or not post, but since I work with horses every day, it just makes me sad that people think the dwarfs are cute without acknowledging that it’s also terrible thing and that the dwarfs often live short, incredibly painful lives.

    As for dwarfism being a normal thing, that’s also absolutely true. But the Miniature Horse foal mortality rate is THIRTY SIX PERCENT (that’s from the Miniature Horse Organization’s own website). That’s far, far beyond anything ‘normal’ in nature and is a direct result of irresponsible breeding.

  37. My biggest need this fine Sunday morning is to find that teeny tiny velvety nose and pet it.

  38. Miniature horses are small. This little guy is a BABY miniature horse. Please, just dwell in the moment and enjoy the delight that these pictures bring with them. Happy horses, happy kid. Happy Katrina.

  39. Anonymous 12,

    This looks like a baby version of a miniature horse, not a dwarf. They are meant to be that size.

  40. Starlinguk says:

    I’m glad NOMTOM got the “eleventy-one” in there. Squeeing just isn’t the same without a good ole eleventy-one thrown in.

  41. Okay, I’m going to get on my HIGH HORSE here for a minute (taking second to laaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at my own pun before getting on w/the nuffing!!!! HAHA)

    I think Kate is dead on – yes, of course this is a blog for cute things, and everyone here loves animals I’m sure… I don’t doubt that there are a bazillion loving caring mini horse breeders, and they are a pretty well established type of “minis” and I am admittedly obsessed with miniature guide-ponies, so whatever. But there’s no reason that a love of “TEH CUTEZZZZZIESS!!!111!!!” should be contrary to a basic respect for animals, and a desire to propogate information. Can’t you appreciate these pictures and still allow for peoples hesitations about miniturizing animals?

    I don’t consider it that different from the people who following the explosion of SLOW-LORI GETTING TICKLED excitement (one of my all time favorites on here) took a second to remind everyone that as CUTE as slow loris are, they aren’t meant to be pets, and it’s a disservice to the breed if people who like their aesthetic ignore their nature.

    Along the same vein, I’d say – sure, these ponies are cute as could be. I’m sure they have great and loving owners, and that’s good. But mini-horse.org has a whole “Horsey Heaven” page dedicated to dwarf ponies that died young. We can enjoy the results, yeah, but we shouldn’t forget that there IS a cost.

    Unless of course Meg specifically tells us too, and then we totally should, because this is her blog after all.

    Last thing – I think that there is a Marie who posts on CO a lot and never nuffs, so I just want to be clear that I am not her, so as not to tarnish her reputation amongst you all.

  42. Ah, now I know who buys those baby carrots at the grocery store.

    (which are really dwarf carrots. Nooooo, no need to double-check Snopes. Reeeeeeeally. Would I kid you?!)

  43. Have you seen the matching miniature cows? Srsly! They’re like cute livestock for the city-dweller. (Of course, they’re so adorable that I MAY have seen them here first…..)

  44. Yes, Cute Overload should start pretending animals with dwarfism are hideous to behold, and that will stop animal cruelty.

    Then, we should pretend children with congenital diseases are as ugly as sin. That will make people with defective recessive genes stop breeding, and no more kids will ever have to suffer for it.

    [YeeeOWCH. I bow before your snark-fu. 😯 – Ed.]

  45. Claudia C. says:

    Ponies of any size and shape are cute and wonderful.

    I seem to recall reading that our currently large-size cattle, oxen, horses and other domesticated animals were “bred” to be bigger, stronger and longer-lived from very small beginnings. The puny ones were “culled” from the herd. Humankind has been messin’ with the gene pool for a loooooong time.

  46. ‘Tis ok, NTMTOM it will aways be something. My puppy was posted here and was immediately judged as poorly bred, despite the poster having no personal knowledge of the pup or his “lines”. Just as cute happens, so does, well, un-cute stuff.

  47. To people who don’t know; Miniature horses are an actual breed, that doesn’t mean they’re dwarfs. Saying that breeding miniature horses is bad is also like saying breeding large horses, like Draft Horses, is bad.

    It’s okay to stick up for your feelings about a topic as long as you know all of your facts and are polite to others. c=

    This is just a baby horse, and I think it’s kyoot and positively adorable. This horse is clearly well treated and loved to bits.

  48. sres., espero que este niño no deje abandonado ese caballito, en inglaterram, le compran de regalo a los niños estos caballos y despues cuando se aburren los mandan al matadero.. es muy cruel que hagan eso.. espero este niño sepa que es una vida. y no un juguete! gracias

  49. kibblenibble says:

    Derby, I think I know the cows you speak of; aren’t they about the size of schnauzers? 🙂

  50. geonarcissa says:

    There are naturally occurring “dwarf” or “miniature” horses in many places around the world.

  51. Ahem… Here is my corrected post in case anyone cares: “I’m so glad that there is enough good vibbage coming off this website to negate the negativity of nuffers. That is all.”

  52. GAAAAAH!!! *dies*

  53. @Karen,

    You’re right, of course.

  54. People can be up in arms about miniature horses and whine about the cruelty of it all, but I wonder why people don’t get upset about breeders of teacup puppies and such? That type of breeding is much more prevalent and takes the weakest individuals of a litters and guarantees their survival. People think there’s such a thing as a teacup Boston Terrier and it makes me cringe. I have had people ask me if my Boston Terrier is a teacup version – and they don’t exist until someone makes it possible. People toy with genetics of animals constantly. Sometimes with wonderful results and sometimes with cruel results.
    I use Boston Terriers as an example because I own 2 and because they are a dog that has the potential to be a genetically engineered masterpiece or a complete disaster. They are a man-made dog breed just as the English Bulldog is and you never see people going ape about it. There’s cruelty everywhere, in all animals. Personally, I think we should enjoy this little pony for what he is – cute. After all, he’s already on this earth and there’s NOTHING that can be done about it. It also appears that he is being looked after sufficiently and that he is loved. I am grateful to anyone who can care for any kind of animal and love it, for there is still far too much of the opposite in this world.

  55. snorglepup says:

    Amen, Heather.
    Let’s all breed responsibly. Or not…

  56. @snorglepup
    “Let’s all breed responsibly”
    Let’s indeed. I heard on the radio today that we humans’ll number nine billion in a few decades.

    And by the way, an honest query for the so-called “nuffers”: Is there anything wrong with the following?

  57. Starlinguk says:

    “but I wonder why people don’t get upset about breeders of teacup puppies and such?”

    I do! And of cats with squashy noses.

  58. Starlinguk:
    My current soapbox speech involves “designer breeds”. They are not breeds, they are mutts. Don’t get me started.
    I’m glad you care. Sometimes it is very lonely having such opinions. 🙂

  59. &Heather
    Dx agreed. I have a shelter mutt and I love him to bits. When I ask other what breed there dog is they’ll say “Oh, it’s a labradoodle,”
    “Oh, so it’s a mutt?”
    “>c GARDABGATOBRAH eez a designa dog!” It’s so much better than you mutt~”

    I think my dog is fantastic, we should bring in more shelter dog rather than spend thousands on fancy designer puppies

  60. had no idea this blog encourages nasty breeding o.O

    Just kidding.

    Horses and beautiful. Babies are adorable. Most (remembering pa-sickie here) humans adore little babies of any kind so little horse’s who are born even teenier make most of us brain dead. Absolutely no apologies from me for finding these little guys cute!

  61. Kristabelle says:

    I generally shy away from jumping on a bandwagon, but… there are people who breed animals (dogs, cows, chickens, horses) because they love the breeds they are involved with and truly care about making healthy animals with good temperaments who can be both good show animals AND good pets…and then there are the people who breed animals to make money. Generally speaking, the first group of individuals ends up SPENDING lots of money on testing and training and showing, and in the end, does not make much/any money. The second group just focuses on producing and selling and making money.

    The dog and horse world (and I’m sure the cat world too, though I am not familiar with it) are full of people of both groups. It is a shame that these designer dogs (mutts!!!!!!) and these minis/teacups are so popular, and that these tiny, often unhealthy creatures fetch (no pun intended) such high dollars.

    I’m for reputable breeding and rescuing animals when possible…but in a capitalistic society, people will always try to sell the new and better item – whether it’s a dog, horse or any other animal… it’s up to us to say No Thanks and make these forays into bad breeding UNprofitable. As long as people buy, buy, buy, other people will sell, sell, sell. I try to make my informed buying decisions as concientously as possible, though what with the way chickens are raised, cows are raised…a million other things, it’s hard to do sometimes.

    Shoot, I never intended to be a Nuffer, but I guess I had something to say there…

    This is not to say that the tiny little horsies in these two posts are not cute! And I understand that CO is not directing my buying decisions. I ain’t mad atcha.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  62. Kristabelle if that is a nuff I wish they all were worded like that .. Informative and even keeled.

    Rather than an attack on people and posts. and usually angry toned… even if it isn’t intended to be angry toned… sometimes words just come out that way in cyber space.

  63. Long time reader, first time poster – just had to say

    Well done, Kristabelle, very very well done.

  64. Kristabelle, I don’t think you are a nuffer. You’re awesome! You just told us (nuffers and all) what’s what. For reals.

  65. This goes on my list of cutest things I have ever seen 🙂

  66. PygmyCorydoras says:

    If this trend keeps going, in a few generations, they’ll all be rooks.

  67. PygmyCorydoras says:

    I meant chess knights.