Orphan Eyes

Apparently, kitteh “Maxxie” was found as a “lone orphan” in a friend’s backyard. According to Sender-Inner-Adopterer Stephanie, that’s why he has such sad eyes.


Kitten frown turned upsidedown in 3….2…. posterized_kitten_face




  2. Awww. I love that shot of him in the baby blankie. I’d take you in little one but I just adopted a new baby last month so I can’t have another.

  3. Wait, Sad Eyes? That the Josh Rouse one only came out in 2005 on the Nashville cd.

  4. Would “Sad Eyes” really apply here b/c it’s about a guy breaking off his affair b/c his wife is back in town. Now I’M dating myself.

  5. Hey, don’t knock dating yourself. I’ve done it for years.

  6. Poor kiddo. I hope those eyes haven’t seen too much sadness. Hopefully, the new owners will erase all that soon with lots of kitty toys!

  7. katiedid says:

    I love it when kittens are all in that blue eye stage… It’s like a surprise a few months later to find out what color their eyes change to (or stay the same) 😀

  8. kibblenibble says:

    OMG He’s absolutely beautiful! After a while with much love from Stephanie, those eyes will be happy again.

  9. When I see sad eyes like that, my mind says, “Somebody, do something!” Because I am of course nowhere near the kitteh to help it. But, I am glad that the adopterer saw fit to help the kitteh and give the babeh a forever home. Ah, I feel much better now.
    So, how is the kitteh doing?

  10. I thought of a much appropriate song:
    Music by Elton John
    Lyrics by Gary Osborne

    Blue eyes
    Baby’s got blue eyes
    Like a deep blue sea
    On a blue blue day
    Blue eyes
    Baby’s got blue eyes
    When the morning comes
    Ill be far away
    And I say

    Blue eyes
    Holding back the tears
    Holding back the pain
    Baby’s got blue eyes
    And shes alone again

    Blue eyes
    Baby’s got blue eyes
    Like a clear blue sky
    Watching over me
    Blue eyes
    I love blue eyes
    When I’m by her side
    Where I long to be
    I will see

    Blue eyes laughing in the sun
    Laughing in the rain
    Baby’s got blue eyes
    And I am home, and I am home again

  11. bless you adopterer-person for giving this bebeh a furever home. 🙂

  12. Oh I LOVE the second picture! That is just so precious! All cuddled up in the bankie.

  13. That kitty has Gil Grissom bow legs.

  14. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) (Cue the ridiculous, sing-song nonsense voice)
    “Ohw, da widdle guy iz zSO KY-UUT! Yes, he / she izz!! Whooz momma’s widdle kewtie? Whooo izz???? YEW ARE!!! Yes, yew ARE !!!
    (I’m recovering. But it’s a SLOW, one-minute-at-a-time rehab process. Aren’t they all???)

    2) sugg possible “ResCute?” Tag???? mebbe …whatev’s

    Peace Out —

  15. Those eyes say “please nom me”. That’s what I see. For real.

  16. Baby!!! I just want to put him on my shoulder up against my neck and fall asleep…

  17. Christabel says:

    Whatever you want little baby kitten, you can have it!

  18. It’s all a ploy (but an oh-so effective one!) to get us to bend to his will. Little kitty has enslaved yet another family.

  19. GingerBean says:

    Oh sew cute! Widdle bow-legged bebeh wif da chocolate chip nosie and itty bitty earsies! I wiw nom you! Yes I wiw!
    Kittehs really do make me talk like that. My loved ones put up with it but it can be embarassing in public places. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery…right? Except…I don’t really WANT to recover. *sigh* CO you’re such an enabler.

  20. Or it could be “Bright Eyes” the theme song to the saddest bunny movie ever.
    (And yeah, I really am that old.)

    [Eurrghhhhh. Blecch. Retch. Gakk and PTUI. Worst mawkish shmaltz-crime ever to be cruelly perpetrated upon the ears of an innocent populace, and that bar’s pretty damn low. For this reason alone, Simon will never fully reconcile with Garfunkel, because some acts, once proven to be possible, truly are unforgiveable… oh, and I didn’t like it very much – Ed.]

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Awww! Cyoooot!

    (And sometimes dating yourself is the only way to get someone intelligent… 😛 )

  22. Evangeline's housemaid says:

    KISS HIM QUICK! Rub that soft place betwixt those little ears — give him a gentle, sweet cuddle — and then? BLESS YOU! Blessings rain down upon you for saving his wee self……

  23. Oh Noes! I will feed you bonito flakes and tickle your belleh. If that doesn’t make kitteh smile, I am at a loss.

  24. kibblenibble says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say:

    “Wookit teh round wittow tummeh! Wookit! Wookit!”

    That’s all.

  25. he owns my soooouuulll

  26. No fair – I don’t have a backyard in which to find sweet morsels such as this! I’m sure my current kitty would murder me in my sleep if I brought home a new baby, but there’s no way i could resist! Babies!!!!!!!

  27. @Chanpon, you know it. My Dante hooked me in the cat shelter by meowing insistently at me, then the lady asked me “Would you like to hold him?” I took him out of the cage, and he immediately snuggled against my neck and emitted overwhelming purr force. I walked around with him like that with glassy eyes for about five minutes, and said “Gimme the papers, I’ll sing!”

    Now, three years later, he just gets into my lap when he feels like giving very violent leg massages. :mrgreen: He also always looks at me with a smug, cheesy grin. We both know why.

  28. Um, I’ll SIGN. I’ll sing, too.

  29. Awwww! Poor baby sings “nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…” Thank goodness for the rescuer – yea, compassion! He’s waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too little to be all on his ownsome! Sunny was a stray when I adopted her and I remember those sad eyes. But nine years later she couldn’t be any more spoiled or sassy. 🙂 Now her eyes look more like “treats now! what are you waiting for, chop chop!” Or “chin scratches asap!”

  30. Kristabelle says:

    Oh my goodness! That is the cutest kitty EVER!!!!!!!! 😯

  31. @Susan, he has cabriole legs!!!

    BTW, that rates a “chug the bottle” in the Antiques Road Show Drinking game. 😀

    [All I got’s an iced mocha, but what the hey… *chugchugchug* – Ed.]

    [EEeeeeeeeeeeEee… brain freeze – Ed.]

  32. i love his sad eyes, of course! but i can’t get over his pointy ears and bowleggedness! OMG i want little Mr.Sad Eyes

  33. Theo, see if you had the sense to start serious drinking earlier in the day, that wouldn’t happen.

    What? It’s Friday, isn’t it? 😛

  34. I think I’m in love…….probably just hongray!

  35. @chanpon: I was just thinking that, for some inexplicable reason, kitty’s eyes in #2 remind me of Tom Riddle’s eyes when he was in the orphanage. 😮

    But something so cute could never use dark magic. *hug*

  36. Von Zeppelin says:

    What’s that on the table in the last pic, a potato chip? Does he get a nice frosty beer to go with it? That should brighten his day.

  37. Also, does this kitteh deserve a Cute or Sad tag?

  38. @Theresa- Years ago, I was looking for a kitten to adopt from the shelter. I looked around, and they were all sooo cute, I found it really hard to decide. I would walk back and forth and pass the cage of an adult orange cat, who kept on meowing at me and sticking his paw out from the cage. It was like he was saying- stop looking at the kittens and look at me!!! So I did stop, and I had the shelter lady take him out of the cage. She said he was on his last day…well, that had me, I adopted him right then and there, and had him till the day he died, 16 years later. I still miss my Ziggy boy.

  39. sending emerg snorgling *STAT* for this widdow kitteh bebeh. Dr. Doolittle prescribes lots of snorgling and petting and cuddling and hugging and kissing and treats. Yes, lots and lots of treats, and a super cozy spot to sleep – like tucked behind mamma’s knees or up next to her neck.

  40. Aww, he’s soo cute-y-full. Thanks for sharing him Stephanie!

  41. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    So sweet. I’m fostering two tiny three-week-old kittens whose mother was killed by a coyote. They almost didn’t make it last weekend and now they’re growing, growing, growing, acting like tiny little adult cats. KRM, mmm, mmm, good.

  42. why do cats like human necks? and chest? in general human snorgling axes? My sweet Gateau seems to be addicted to snorgle ME! (of course he loves to be snorgle by mummy too).

  43. skippymom says:

    I love your adoption stories, you all. I’ve never gotten a cat from a shelter–I’ve really never intentionally sought to acquire a cat. They just sort of keep moving in with me.
    Melinda, how could anybody not adopt a kitty if told it’s his last day! What a story, good for you and sorry Ziggy isn’t with you any more.
    Theresa, “give me the papers, I’ll sing!” hehehe

  44. oooo! what a pretty baby! such a sweetie. glad he’s got a home now.

  45. @Melinda, that is the sweetest and most loving rescute I have heard in a while. I think you made an excellent decision and I bet Ziggy loved you deeply for it.

  46. It appears Maxxie is living the life of luxury now! >^.^<

    His new owner Stephanie is quite artistically gifted(check out her blog/creations) so I'd bet Maxxie will be surrounded by some amazing folks!

  47. Wow it’s like a little gift from heaven to *find* such an adorable kitten! Those people are lucky!

  48. kibblenibble says:

    Okay, Melinda, now my eyes are swimming with tears from reading Ziggy’s story.
    Theresa, I love Dante’s story, too. How *do* we pick our kitties when we go to the shelter? One year ago yesterday, I brought George home from the shelter. There were over 100 cats there, and I was overwhelmed and couldn’t choose. My main concern was that I bring home someone who could ultimately be a good companion for my Isabella. The woman at the shelter had a strong feeling George might be the one, so I spent some time with him alone. He was very shy, and had very sad eyes, much like Maxxie. But he screwed up enough courage to rub his head against my knee, and let me pet him. Between the effort he made to be brave and those sad eyes, somehow I became certain that he was the right one. He is now absolutely devoted to Isabella, my teeny Persian. And even though he is three times her weight, he knows she’s the boss. My sweet Georgie. Happy Adoption Anniversary, Baby Boy.

  49. OK. Added a little somep’m.

  50. That is easily one of the cutest kittens I’ve ever seen.

  51. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Happy anniversary, kibblenibble! My shelter kitty picked me. She was the only one of 30 cats in a chain link fence enclosure to stick her little paw through and tap my ankle as I was waiting for the shelter volunteer to open the lock. Peanut and I have celebrated eight years together this past May. Wishing you and George many years of love and joy!

  52. Awwww, I”m glad poor lil Maxxie was found and is being taken care of now.

  53. I want!!!!!!!

  54. Noooooooo! Kittennnnnn! Go baaaaaaack! It’s shaaaaaark weeeeeeek!

  55. @Theresa: I was once in a pet store, looking at puppies (yes, I am a masochist), and here was a little mini-doxie who was crying like a toddler, even to the point of having the “snubs.” So naturally I asked to hold her. She immediately stopped crying, snuggled up against my neck, and started to sigh contentedly. When I accused the clerk of having taught her how to do that (as if), he said, “Yeah, and if you put your purse down, she will drag it over to the cash register, too!” Unfortunately, the hard realities of life intervened at that point, and so mini-dox had to return to her cage. (Hmmm. If there had been two of them, would it have been a paradox? Sorry, just couldn’t resist–I crack myself up sometimes!)

  56. I wish I had a theory that would explain why precious babies like this aren’t matched up in greater numbers with humans who’ll love them forever, especially since both parties appear to be in pretty sufficient supply, but I don’t. I’m just glad that Maxxie no longer has to be sad. Purrs for everyone!

  57. I love how jaded he looks in the second picture. His look says, “I’ve seen it all before….and it all SUCKED!”

  58. @Trixie it is cute. He looks tired.

    If I found hi I would keep him too. Maxxie is a good name for him. Enjoy!

  59. Annapolitan says:

    Every kitten goes through this vewy, vewy sewious stage. This little guy is 3 to 4 weeks old and the vision is kicking in! The world is a vewy scawy place.

  60. @Melinda – sorry you lost him but I liked your story. I kitties of all ages are great.

  61. eastiegirl says:

    That is a lethal dosage of cuteness right there.

    In the second pic, I think kitteh almost has a smug look that’s saying, “Yes, that’s right, human. Carry me at all times. You will do as I say.”

  62. Teho Thanks for the Ralty Casual Friday

  63. Oopps Reality (Sheesh when will I learn to look before I post )

  64. kibblenibble:

    Fur Peeples they call that “Gotcha Day.” 🙂

  65. I saw this today and was reminiscing about adoption day with Megumi and later Seimei.


    and then I came here and remembered even more.

  66. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @Von Zep: Actually, I think it’s a leaf. Note, if you will, a wee, blurry stemlet in the foreground.

    However, there’s no law against having a frosty beer all on its own. Or with leaves, for that matter. [raises pint glass to Von Zeppelin in happy-Friday-afternoon cheers]

  67. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, I heard Cindy Lauper’s voice singing in that baby voice she has,
    you with the sad eyes,
    don’t be discouraged,
    oh I realize
    it’s hard to take courage
    in a world full of people
    you can lose sight of it all
    and the darkness inside you
    can make you fell so small
    (Singing Very Loudly to little kitteh)
    shining through
    I see your true colors
    and that’s why I love you
    so don’t be afraid to let them show
    your true colors
    true colors are beautiful
    like a rainbow

  68. Von Zeppelin says:

    @ Argyle Donkeypants and other CO folk: Prost! (**clink** beer steins. . . slurrrrrrrrpp. . . BELCH!. . . ) Ahhhh. (wipes foam from mustache)

  69. So I guess you didn’t like my suggestion much, hm-hm. At least I didn’t leave the full text & youtube link. Maybe, and just maybe it’s a good thing Simon and Garfunkel will never reconcile. Some things are just meant to be over, like the Eurhythmics and Tears for Fears (and I have no idea why U2 are still working, actually), and some things are meant to be forever.

    [ 😉 I think, let’s see, hmmm… yeah, I probably agree with all of that. Which is a bit of a bummer, ’cause I was a HUUUGE fan of U2, growing up. Also the other acts you’ve named, them too, but U2 over & beyond. I very much enjoyed the “U2 3D” Imax show, but as far as their recent albums, “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” was only so-so, and “No Line on the Horizon” doesn’t hook me at all. – Ed.]

    […Paul Simon will always be good, solo. – Ed.]

  70. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ VonZep:
    1) do you actually *HAVE* a moustache???
    2) One time at my job, a co-worker
    (who was NOT raised in the south by a Magnolias ‘n Cream mother ……&)
    who had ENJOYED every bite of her lunch emphatically …..ended upwith a satisfied belch; after which, she said “Yum!! that tasted just as good coming out, as it did, going IN !!!” (Your drinking story mentioned a satisfied belch & I just couldn’t keep my fingers from doin’ the walikin’ on the keyboard…it was typed out before I could restrain it ….)
    @ Editors: Twelve hours later & a second read-through of all the comments on this little kyoot adopted feline guy, before I FINALLY got it : “Adopt-er-er”!!!!!!! Awwwwwww!!!!!!! You guyz/ galz R Klever! Thanks for the vocabularic workout AND The Kyoot!!

  71. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Leslie (NTA)–Why yes, I do possess a mustache. It is not, I am sorry to say as luxuriant as that of my screennamesake, Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin, (1838-1917), Generalleutenant of Cavalry and pioneer promoter of mighty airships. I like to think of my personal ‘stache as more David Niven-like.

  72. @Leslie, the proper response to that would be “Good heavens, is that a barge coming through?”

  73. One of the cutest kittens I have ever seen-and as a shelter worker I LOVE all these adoption stories! Beautiful, every one.

  74. Mary (the first) says:

    Well .. some of the adoption stories are giving me a lump in my throat! I did not get any of my kids from a shelter, but most were on their way if no home could be found. My fav was the one where I wanted, and thought I had, a 2-3 month old female, was actually a 6 month male, then I remembered I wanted short hair (his was 4 inches long) and .. do I even need to say . he became the furlove of my life. He’s been gone about 3 years and I still miss him. Snf. He did not have sad eyes though. He saw me and it was instantaneous love.

  75. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Von Zepp:
    Hooray for you! Celebrate the Personality of the ‘Stache !!! Thanks for responding to my queschun.

    Thank you. Your suggesh belongs in the Folder marked “Brilliant comebacks that come to us, YEARS later & feel SO perfect that we wish we could rewind the VCR & change the ending to the story” .
    AND your response began w/ such a polite & refined phrase “Good heavens” to neutralize the …. [insert noun here; I can’t think of the correct one just now ]…

    […odor? – Ed.]

  76. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Ed:

    “Yeah, that’s the ticket !!!”


  77. BabyOpossum says:

    Orphan eyes, they’re watching you. They see your every move.

    And heavens yes, U2 was done at Achtung Baby.

  78. @Leslie, that’s called “l’esprit de l’escalier.” :mrgreen: French for “Spirit of the staircase.” When you think of what you should have said, while you’re on the staircase, on the way out.

  79. Watch out…Mr. Sad Eyes will steal your heart…and then he will TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!

  80. Hmmmm……

    “In the twilight’s glow, i see her/ Blue eyes crying in the rain…”

    Go, Willy Nelson!

  81. BlacFyre says:

    Awww… poor bebe. He has the same eyes my calico did… and she was the lone survivor of her litter too.

  82. AWW 😦 I am so sorry to hear about your dear sweet kitty, Ziggy’s passing, Melinda 😦 I hope and pray you will find another sweet kitty to give a loving forever home to live in 🙂

  83. Oh the poor little kitty 😦 I am so glad that your friend was about to give little “Maxxie” a loving forever home, Stephanie 🙂

  84. GIGGLE 😀 Sounds like your Dante knew a loving human when he saw one and knew just HOW to get that human to take him home with them, Theresa 😀

  85. Katherine says:

    Ummm… check out the tummy to paw ration of that first picture! So cute!

  86. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theresa — OMG this site gets more crucial to my life, daily.

    Did you already know, that I was a French major in college???
    However my beloved & slightly mischevious fav Professeur du Francais, never graced us, w/ that phrase; nor Mr. Cloonan (izn’t that a *GREAT* French name?)
    in my high school years o’ French.

    So — ” Merci beaucoup for cette faite tres interessante et j’espere que tu aura un tres bon weekend”
    [Yes — acc to all my classwork — altho’ many yrs ago –they use the word weekend, a l’anglaise]

  87. Jess&Friends says:

    If there was ever a cat in need of a rack….

  88. O kitten with your giant head,
    You just slayed moi.

    […keeld me ded. – Ed.]

  89. victoreia says:

    OMG! Itty bitty kitty pawses! *ded*

  90. Forget Jamin, I want this one ❤

  91. Sacrilige, people! What is with all the U2 bashing?? I just returned home to Toronto, Canada from seeing 3 nights of U2 in Dublin and it was freakin’ awesome! Theo, you should know better that U2’s real forte is the live setting – the songs from the album really come alive there 🙂

    [Well they USED to be good both live AND in the studio. Ahem. And unfortunately, concerts aren’t really an option for me, these days. – Ed.]

    Back on topic: Witty kitty, I will take you home….

  92. Hello everyone!
    I’m Stephanie and I just discovered that my little kitty made it on to Cute Overload!
    He is super duper excited as you can imagine.
    I love all the comments.
    Just wanted to let you all know he is doing great!
    He’s so much bigger now and he loves to play and run from one end of the room to another. The vet said he is fat and healthy! I might name him “Ponyo” since it means “to be fat” (but in an endearing way) in Japanese.
    And his eyes are no longer sad, but they are still blue! Light blue now, and I think they are going to stay that way!
    He’s a great kitty and I love him to bits.
    Thanks for all the nice comments!

  93. emmberrann says:

    Although originally from a no-kill kitty shelter, Mr. Picky was practically dropped at my doorstep by his former roommate, just about a day before she was moving to Florida and felt she didn’t want take him to her new permanent home. That was sixteen years ago, now. He was then between two and three years old (says Picky’s vet). He is now an elderly curmudgeon cat, who motivates my unwitting participation in his nefarious schemes by jumping up in my lap and playing “Velcro Cat” to see how much of his excess flyaway floof he can shed on me…..and I fall for it every time!

  94. Theresa, do you read “Sandman”? It might be that you’re just better read than me, or you know French, but that’s the only other place I’ve ever seen that phrase, the one about the spirit of the staircase: in a Sandman/Death spinoff called “The High Cost of Living.”

    Stephanie, whatever you name him, he is made of Qte. I love lynx-point Siamese mix kittehs with their pretty stripes. You will have to submit new photos of him. I’m sure we all want to track his progress!

  95. P.S. I’m of mixed feelings about U2. Yes, they’ve become horribly commercial (almost Aerosmith-level) but on the other hand, they DID do an episode of “The Simpsons.”

    [How is that “on the other hand”?? – Ed.]

    [Also, re: Sandman comics, Neil Gaiman is The Man. – Ed.]

  96. I should say that being “commercial” by itself doesn’t bother me. But commercialism can be good or mediocre or downright crappy, just like anything else.

  97. IT seems to me after reading these stories of adopted kitties, and knowing my own… that, We do not really pick our kitties.
    They choose us .
    and win us over in one fell swoop.
    Either by a gentle touch of the paw, a winsome look, a purr, or a pounce.

  98. Leslie, I had a teacher in high school who called all his students “flâneurs” 😉 I’ve loved that word ever since.

  99. “I’ve seen it all before….and it all SUCKED!”

    Trixie – I think I just found my motto.

  100. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @Theresa– thanks for the assoc Frensh nostalgia.
    Since you mention still loving that word, I’ll make the assumption, that yer teacher used the term in affection, since —
    [acc. to my 1969 Concise Cassell’s Fr-Engl/ Engl -Fr …]. ….
    its Engl. translation would be “lounger” or “loafer”
    (Human/ behavioral “loafer”, not the shooz, I presume).

    Yours in French

  101. @Leslie, it was funny because it has the connotation of a kind of elegant, classy, smart idleness, when we were pretty much just slack-jawed slackers.

  102. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa–I thought flâneurs were the guys who made those fancy Spanish custard desserts.

  103. I see what you did there, Von Zeppole. :mrgreen:

  104. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (hi VZ)
    I *considered* makin’ the Flan joke ….but then decided to leave it where it wuz & let sumwun else (*YEW*) have the fun.

  105. I want to nibble that little kitteh’s soft ears and nuzzle his/her tiny neck and cuddle cuddle cuddle. Glad she’s in a happy home!

  106. Oh that is GREAT news, Stephanie 😀 I am so happy that your little kitty Ponyo is doing well 😀 I bet he is one very BADLY SPOILED kitty 😈 but what loved kitty is not 😈

  107. Have you ever known what it is to be an orphan?
    Yes, frequently!

  108. OooOHh, so CUTE!!!!

  109. ^_ _^
    > : < )
    / \ (
    ( )/


    I love cats. 🙂

  110. wantruseelingkat says:

    Wow, he’s sporting a monogram! How cool is that!