THIS JUST IN: Bear ears

Those elusive, perfectly soft, snuggular triangles that happen to be attached to a bear head!

Found in their wild habitat. Here they come…




C.O.X.B.E.C.U. (Cute Overload Xtreme Bear Ear Close Up)


Liz S. captured these find aural specimens. More of her Kodiak, AK shoot here.



  1. OMG, the row of snuggly fuzzy wuzzy bear ears!!!

    Looks like they’re all wondering who the strange British guy in the snorkeling outfit behind them is.

  2. I’ve had far too many unhappy encounters with bears in the wild to find them cute in general BUT I’ll make an exception in this case. That is a great ear trio.

  3. I want to nom them.

  4. Triplets? I know that twins are common but triplets?

    BTW, Gund is currently stalking them in the hopes of signing them up for a modeling contact with the stuffed toy division.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Glad you’ve got your cub reporter on the beat.

  6. Oh, those eeeeeeeeeeeearsies! It is Prince Charles.

  7. Ears- Prince Charles? Right-tee-oh!

  8. brinnann says:

    Am I the only one who heard an Australian accent instead of British?

    (What’s that you say? Me, hearing voices? Nah, that’d just be [i]kerrrr-aaaazy[/i].)

  9. brinnann says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake! TEHOOOOO, clean up on isle 8 plzkthx! Did my italics not work because of the punctuation?

    [Remember, CO runs on WordPress, not phpBB. So use HTML, not BBcode. 😉 – Ed.]

  10. eeeeeeeeeeee!!!1 they’re so fuzz-eeeeeeeeeeeee!

  11. Kristabelle says:

    I’m happily singing the Teddy Bear Picnic song now! 🙂

  12. wow. they’re real.

  13. BTW, it’s spelled BEARS!

  14. Aahhnn, so cute! And I heard the Austrailian accent too.

  15. I’m almost afraid to nom those ears. Almost.

  16. Lol, I got a Boston accent, not so much English or Australian. I assumed English language, not English ACCENT.
    Much cuter now… although it was pretty funny to read with a “boston accent”.

  17. (Decorous voicover:)
    In honor of this solemn moment where Mama Bear takes her cublings fishing for the very first time I shall recite this poem.
    Fuzzeh Wuzzeh Wuzah beah.
    Fuzzeh Wuzzeh hadah fuzzeh eahz.
    Fuzzeh Wuzzeh…oh forgetit!!
    Bebbbeh beahz! INCOMING!!!
    (technician placard: Pardon Us, we seem to be experiencing Snorgling difficulties)

  18. brinnann, i also heard an australian voice. can’t for the life of me read it with a british one!

    i’ve watched more animal documentaries with steve irwin than david attenborough, so maybe that’s it.

  19. BeckyMonster says:

    Stephen Colbert would NOT approve of this post!

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    I agree with the learned linguists above that “beh” sounds more Aussie than Brit to my ear. I’m not sure about how one best transcribes a British documentary voice-over accent referring to these ursine creatures. “Beah” to me sounds sort of American-Old-Money-Ivy-League-Yacht-Ownerish. Sort of like FDR, Katharine Hepburn or Thurston Howell III. I have heard this accent called “Larchmont Lockjaw.”

  21. Bite size snacks!!!!

  22. David Attenborough’s pronunciation of “bears”. He says it 3 times in the first few secs.

  23. WendyPinNJ says:


  24. victoreia says:

    @brinann: it was the brackets you used. and (without the spaces) would have worked.

    @Von Zepplin: “Larchmont Lockjaw” *snerk*

  25. victoreia says:

    Drat. They didn’t show up; you want to use the pointy ones (the “greater than” and “less than” signs)

  26. Oh I love to play with and cuddle baby bearsies, especially in the wild with their mama looking on!

  27. Stephen Colbert’s pronunciation of “bears!”

    Steve Irwin pronounces it, “cowwallahs”.

    Prince Charles pronounces it, “Camilla”.

  28. @ victoreia: D’oh! I KNEW that! But after using brackets so much in the CuteTalk forum, I tend to forget that things are different over here on CO.

  29. Oh My Gooodness… I caught My breath as I scrolled down to the Money Shot.
    It literally took my breath away…. Liz S. My profound thanks for this extordinairy Overload of Cuteness.

    PS Hovertext Rocked too.
    LOL @ Teho!

  30. Okay I first commented and then went back and read all you peeps comments and I heard it automatically in David Attenburoughs Voice… becasue I have now watched God only knows how many documenttaries… I come preprogrammed I guess. Heheheh!

  31. Kristabelle says:

    @pyrit – HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Camilla!

  32. kibblenibble says:

    I wish to respectfully and politely disagree with our cute overlord, Meg. I think the earses most resemble semi-circles. Perhaps that is due to their furriness. Either shape is equally nommable. *nom nom nom*

  33. fearthebear says:

    @Kar, I live in Montana, near the Bob Marshall Wilderness and see grizzlies fairly regularly. Triplets are not uncommon.

    @Meg, I think their ears are more round than triangle shaped. Either way, I’ll nom them.

  34. Helena Montana says:

    Figure 2 – The Blair Witch Project

  35. fearthebear says:

    Darn it kibblenibble you nommed the round ears before I could get to them!

  36. For some reason the term “behs” has me sitting here chuckling helplessly… I think I’m overtired. 🙂

  37. I lived in proximity to an Australian accent for several years, and it’s all about the diphthongs, mates. Nobody has more diphthongs than the Aussies. They also add syllables and take them away.


  38. skippymom says:

    Could somebody distract the mother for a minute so I can sneak up behind the babies and hug them? A multi-bear-cub hug would be just the thing to cheer me up today.
    Behyootiful behbeh behs.

  39. so nubbular!! nom nom nom nom.

  40. I want to snuggle those ears before the babies rip my face off.

  41. Heee…I also want to nom on the ears but then mommeh bear would nom me!

  42. Their ears look so soft. They wait for momma to turn her back to sneak off and get in trouble. They are cute when the wrestle.

  43. Yoo hoo bear family. You want fishies? I went fishing yesterday! I got fishies!
    (picks up stinky fish head from cutting board in one hand – beer in the other – grins)

  44. Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads!
    Fish heads, fish heads, eat ’em up, yum!

  45. Poor mom is half-starved from nursing 3 cubbies. They look nice and healthy, obviously she is doing a great job. Mom, have some salmon sushi while the little ones wrestle with each other.

  46. Mary Jane says:

    TRRRIIIIIIIIIP-LETS! Do you guys know how uncommon that is? Three times the smooshy lovablesness!

    And, yeah, lovable from a distance 🙂

  47. Photo #2 – What a beautiful photo. The three little cubs so curious about what Mama Bear is doing. Such a sweet pic.

  48. So in English Voiceovah, it’s, “bayahs”? Are we in agreement?
    All in flavor say, Aye(has a flavor).

    (Next on the agenda, is it “Yooston”, or “Hugheston”? This might take awhile.)

  49. manekineko says:

    I believe it’s “Howston”, pyrit.

  50. @Manekineko, only in Manhattan.

  51. Londoner says:

    Omigod, are those kodiak bears? Who knew something that huge could be so cute? Those cubs are probably bigger than me!
    (Admittedly lots of things are. Kinda small person here. But still.)
    I shall be forced to snorgle by telepathy. It’s a nom-or-be-nommed world out there…

  52. Lula Mae says:

    Oh, how wonderful they are, aren’t they?
    I eez amyoozed

  53. Von Zeppelin says:

    pyrit, manekineko, Theresa–“Howston, we gotta prawblem.”

  54. CruiserTwelve says:

    Target Practice!!!

  55. I can beh-rly handle the pictures.
    I know for sure I couldn’t handle the sight of all those heads with those ears…

    My jaw would be lost, my drool would be immense. [shifty eyes]
    [and I would probably run, mama bear looks fierce]

  56. B (Baby) + EARS (those perfectly adorable prototypes in the photo) = BEARS. Just a coincidence? Hmmm.

  57. brinnann says:

    Pyrit, are you talking about the city in Texas or the street in NYC?

    Houston, TX is pronounced “hugh-stun.”
    I’ve been told that the street in NYC is to be pronounced “how-ston.”
    *Please note the difference in the second syllables: When it Texas, it is customary to butcher most – if not all – vowell sounds. I wish I had a way to phonetically describe to you the sound of a true southerner saying any word that ends with “ight.”

  58. brinnann says:

    When *IN* Texas…

  59. Wow, a mama bear with triplets. That’s really rare. I hope she can take care of them all and keep them alive. They are cute!

  60. RedAngell says:

    brinnann, that would be “awww-ite” hard ‘i’….lol…Texas born and raised…but fortunate enough to have had proper English teachers. -wink-

    oh yeah, very snorgable behs

  61. Nommalicious!…..from a distance…..

  62. “If you go into the woods today
    You sure of a big surprise….
    ….The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today.
    Watch them, catch them unawares,
    And see them picnic on their holiday…”

  63. Hey Collen in Cairns… sing it like Mt. Rushmore!

  64. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    The most irritating thing is that all British TV newsreaders pronounce the town’s name “Hoo-ston”, just like they mispronounce most American place names, even though they bend over backwards to pronounce place names from other parts of the world correctly (i.e., as the locals would).

    Meanwhile, [cough-whle-speaking-so-the-words-are-part-of-the-cough] go Yankees!! Why do only Mets fans seem to post on CO?

  65. Triplets! No wonder mama bear looks so bedraggled. I would, too!

  66. Theo – LOL!! Where the H*** did you find that clip?!? It’s hilarious. But even more hilarious is your ability to pull completely ridiculous-yet-strangely-appropriate clips like this (and baby baboon, and banana phone, and foggy mountain breakdown) out of thin air. Exactly how huge are the storage compartments in your amazing brain?

    [Really, thanks for the flattery; but with the amount of time I spend on the internet, stuff like this is unavoidable. – Ed.]

  67. Theo, that looks like something Stephen Colbert should know about.

  68. Awh it reminds me of the cartoon Little Bear.

  69. “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”? 😕

    [Don’t have to ask me twice. – Ed.]

  70. @Tractatus: 😥

  71. I mean really, this is hell. Absolute hell. I don’t remember anything this since the mid 90s or the 70s.

  72. This BAD I mean. See how it is? 😥

  73. Biscuit Tin says:

    The world is full of magnificent weirdness. Honestly, who says, “I believe I’d enjoy hearing Teddy Bears’ Picnic as sung by Mt Rushmore”? Props to them, anyway -it’s beautifully done.

  74. I like these brownies:-)


  75. Teho – you are amazing – singing Mount Rushmore and the Muppets (my all time favorite show) – this just made my day. Thanks!!

    [ 🙂 – Ed.]

  76. I believe the ‘stroiylin version would be “beeyahs.” very similar to the beverage “beeyuh” or is it “laggah”??

  77. Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

  78. Hee hee singing vegetables!!!

  79. Really cute bears! I love bears! Actually I have teddy bears and they are really cute as well! I wonder if the pictures posted here are copyright free or not? Can I take it?

  80. kimbunny says:

    @pyrit – Wanna go sledging?!

    (wid teh pohler behrs)

  81. I had a huge black bear on my porch a couple months ago. On one hand I was like “awwwwwww so cute!” and on the other I wanted to peepee my pants.

  82. Heya! They are my pics and they aren’t copyright free – if you just want to save on your hard drive or use on your personal blog or something, that’s totally cool. If you want to use one for commercial purposes, I guess contact me off site and we can talk about it?

  83. Also, yay! I’m so glad everyone liked the pics! I had a really hard time not running over to my certain death and getting a hug from them.

  84. There is a definite ‘real’ bear / teddy bear cross over in evidence

  85. manekineko, Theresa, brinnann, Von Zeppelin – Yep, I have noticed some Brits mispronounce Houston, the city in Texas.
    And, yee-ha for the southern twang in words ending with “ight”.
    TB-P – Americans annoy the heck outta the Brits in so many ways. Mispronouncing US place names may be typical repressed British frustration rising to the surface! Hee!
    Trixie – LOL
    kimbunny – Noooo! You said the ‘s’ word! Well, close enough.

  86. I have to agree with KibbleNibble that bears have very round-y ears – in fact, I think that makes them fairly unique. In my TGIF brain, I can picture lots of variations of pointy (rounded, flopped, etc.) but bears really have that semicircle fuzz ball thing happening. And to me the MOST nom-mable! (nipping with my teeth just thinking about it!)

    Maybe lemurs, too? how about it, folks?

    I’m glad that you brought up the British newsreader pronunciation, Tractatus, because their pronunciation of place names does irk me, too! But I have to disagree that they pronounce all other place names as locals do. French names, yes. but other ones?? Nica RAG ua (emphasis on “rag” like a bit of cloth) is one example I’ve heard the Beeb* announcers use. And how about Keen-ya for Kenya? Perhaps it’s some sort of former-colonial place name thing. 🙂

    No offense at all to our British friends! We Americans can be notoriously un-sophisticated. No one on CO, of course!!

    [ *farting noise* …sorry, what? – Ed.]

  87. lizerati, those are fun pic’s. I see that you follow the number one wilderness rule, don’t mess with baby because mama bear don’t play that. Those ears though are tempting.

  88. Yes. I would like to hear Sir Attenborough say:
    If you don’t mind awfully, do stay back a bit would you? Mumsy shant be pleased a ‘tall. Don’t chance the old girl pitching a spazzy. I simply wont have it.

  89. Von Zeppelin says:

    kzgz–I also like the careful BBC pronunciation of the name of the Prime Minister of Spain: “Zhosay Looeess Rodrigeth Thapatero.”

  90. The BBC Polar Bear link contains some truly glorious footage of polar cub schnozz, if you watch the whole thing.

  91. Yes, they are really kind of inconsistent! Exulting in all those Castillian THHHHHs but they can’t give us a nice AH in Nicar AH gua. Oh, and I forgot the YOU part, as in

    Nica RAG YOU Ah

    Hm. Who’s in charge over there?!

    On the other hand, I once heard an NPR announcer pronounce Ireland with three distinct syllables: I-RUH-Land, like Maryland. wtf. Don’t get me started!! [um…too late, I guess.]

    ps perhaps someone needs to activate the air freshener

  92. kzgz- so how do Americans pronounce Nicaragua? Is it meant to be KNICKER-ragua? [snort]. Or is it NicaRAHgua, as some Americans seem to say? I’m intrigued as I’m only an ignorant Brit! Come to that, how do Nicaraguans pronounce it?! Don’t worry, I’m not taking offence. Actually you’re right about Keen-ya being a post-colonial thing, which a lot of the older generation still use. Younger Brits do say Kenya these days.

    Meanwhile, Bears: nomnomnom….

  93. Well, I think we’d say NicaRAHgwa, which is closer to the Spanish pronunciation, not counting the I=ee and the rolled R. Um… so I guess not REAL close. But… moving swiftly on…

    How about stock/stalk? I come from the mid-Atlantic region of the US and I have trouble differentiating those two words. (I’m sure this isn’t a problem for a British person…) But in studying the intricacies of French vowels I’m getting closer. Pronunciation is a strange thing, isn’t it?? Another interesting set of words is: Mary, merry and marry

    This line of thought is the sort of thing that makes you walk around muttering to yourself under your breath the rest of the day, possibly Exciting Comment.

    BEARS! Their ears are the same inside and out!

  94. SQUEE!!! KODIAK BEARS! beyond adorable. i lived in kodiak for a couple years, so this is making me super nostalgic. i’ve always wanted to snuggle with a fuzzeh grizzleh

  95. I have bear ears 🙂

  96. Greatest Pictures I’ve seen in a long time!!!! Thank You!!!!

  97. Christine says:

    What cute and cuddly family! For respectful distance, of course, or momma get angry.

  98. negritasilva says:

    just like my little grizzlies, all huddled togetha! awww


    bunnys r cool so no DUH XD
    pickles r cool 2 but i never eat them :I

    bunnys r cool so no DUH XD
    pickles r cool 2 but i never eat them :I

  102. KatieZientek says:

    And then the mother bear charged and ate the photographer. nom nom nom