Wait, why am I posting this again?

OMG He’s SO CUTE (the monkeh, People, the monkeh!)


Jamin C. says: “This is me with my baby baboon Majoca at our exploration camp in eastern Angola (west Africa). Her mom was killed so I adopted her!” Very sweet, Jamin. 😉



  1. How incredibly sweet! You’re right, he IS really cute! (the monkeh, of course…;)

  2. Charlotte says:

    I’m not sure who I’m more jealous of…

  3. Uh, the monkey is just fine, but that man is FINE! 🙂

  4. wow, hot AND he loves animals?! *sigh* Of course, he has to be on another continent.

  5. pistache268 says:

    Double bleen.

  6. Mary Jane says:

    The monkeh is too cute, and so is the boy. Will monkeh be okay when boy is gone?

  7. I think the guy is cuter. 🙂

    BTW, it’s spelled MONKEY.

    [No kiddey. – Ed.]

  8. Oh to be a money upon those pants 🙂 Super Cute pic…. the monkeh, of course

  9. And the award for Best Online Dating Profile Pic goes to…. 🙂

  10. chloebean says:

    Um, Ed, I think you mean ‘kidding’.
    Just kiddey. ;- )

  11. You can ape the ape. I know about that.

    Does this qualify as Rescute?

  12. skippymom says:

    Yeah, and by the way it’s spelled “kitty”, not “kitteh”! And “puppy”, not “puppeh”! For cryin’ out loud! Let’s correct these ignorant mistakes, and make it SNAPPEH!!!

  13. 😯 Holy hotness, Batman!

    Monkeh? What monkeh?

  14. Audacious says:

    OMG suuper cute!!! and the moneky too.

  15. How much does it cost to fly to Angola?

  16. If I wasn’t already married…. 😀

  17. One of each, please, STAT!

  18. Andi from NC says:

    The sweet way the monkey is hugging him is just too precious – we need a close up of the monkey!!

  19. Can I adopt the oh so cute Jamin 🙂 ?

  20. You can ogle the beardie. I’ll take the mini-Monchichi.

  21. skyweaver says:

    This guy also looks, well, just like a nice guy. I am sensing another website, Meg – adorable guys and their adorable pets. DoodsnPets.com or something. Here’s another candidate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKlh2JXMSj4

  22. Monkeh is cute, but boy is FOIN!!

  23. Oh my.
    bow chicka bow!

    Jezebel, I’ll go with you!

  24. There’s a monkeh in the picture? *scratch*

  25. I want the guy more than the monkey, but I’ll take them both if they’re a package deal. 🙂

  26. Why are all the cute ones in Africa?

  27. temperance says:

    oh, yes- this man is quite adorable indeed. but the way that little monkeh is hugging him….so heart-breakingly beautiful.

  28. Pam Rabbitt says:

    the grammar police are in the building. Cute monkey, cuter dude.

  29. How cute, both of them!!!!!!

  30. Birdcage says:

    My, what dreadfully HOT weather they are having in Angola. Quick, Jamin, get out the fan cuz we have to blow the hotness out of that tent. Maybe you’d be more comfortable without that long-sleeved shirt on …. here, let me help you take it off……just hand me the monkeh for a sec ……..

  31. Skyweaver — I signed on to suggest a OC category: “Cute men with baby animals.”
    But a dedicated website would work. I’d do it for free….

  32. MON-KEH!!!!11

  33. LOL… You totally know that guy sent in the photo for an ego boost from all the drooling posters professing how hot or cute or whatever he is rofl.
    It is a cute photo though. Any guy that’s an animal lover= A-OK in my book.

  34. Hmm, I don’t know. We haven’t had any cats’n’racks in a while… Please?

  35. Hey Jamin, power down the Hotness will ya?! I’m trying to work here and I can’t focus with all or your “stone-cold-foxy-rugged-guy-snuggling-a-baby-baboon” distraction action. (And I don’t even want to know what an exploration camp is, but I happily volunteer to go over to find out and will report back…)

  36. There’s a monkeh in that photo? Where?

  37. I love it! And he’s totally got the Dieter from Sprockets mock turtleneck thing goin’ on and he’s all “Vud you like to touch my monkeh?”


  38. marthava says:

    Jamin IS pretty jammin’ actually.

  39. I do! I do! I do! I do!

    I will marry you and move to Angola so we can raise that Monkeh together!!!!!

    and then…. I woke up! 😦

  40. FriendOfPets says:

    @DKN “Now is da time on de show when we dance. Touch my monkey. Touch him!”

  41. hehe. Jamin and his monkey…. What kind of website is this?!

  42. That is the proof….REAL MEN ARE KIND TO ANIMALS!

  43. Bathe him, and bring him to me. ;o)

    I’ll let you decide which one.

  44. There should be a new category tag created for this: Hunks ‘n’ Monks.

    [groan/LOL – Ed.]

  45. I second all endorsements of cute man and cute monkeh and desires to go to Angola. However, all y’all who are trying to “touch” the “monkeh” need a cold shower.

  46. Oh, what a nice pickey-ture. Good looking guy, cute animal- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’ll just be sitting here for a while contemplating the Multiverse. AND the CCCYOrchestra just got a new home for 12 months a year! Eleventy-one!!!!!!! YAY! Preetty please may I have a “YAY”? I’m very “YAY” right now! Come YAY with us! (Assuming somebody else gives me a YAY).

  47. Poor baby monkey’s mama! But very lucky baby monkey to have found a kind (and flippin’ gorgeous) human to care for her. ❤ these primates!!

    I hope my boys grow up to be the kind of man that Jamin seems to be.

  48. Holy….

    I’d like to pet… er… the monkey. Right. The monkey.

  49. Wow… I think I’m in love! Gives new meaning to the term “Cuddle Monkey” *sigh*

  50. JoJoFunBun says:

    Can I adopt Jamin C? I promise I’ll take extra good care of him!!!

  51. TOO cute. Uhhh huh.

  52. A really cute monkey indeed! And the baby baboon’s cute too! 😉

  53. Lucky monkey!

  54. girliegurl says:

    i’d like to trade places with the hunky, er i mean monkeh!! and such a nice guy, to take care of the babeh – GO JAMIN!!!

  55. They both are very nice…yes, very nice…

  56. Paunchie says:

    One hawt monkeh! Dang.

  57. wow! i logged in to say i’d adopt jamin, but it looks like i’ll have to wait in line :)!

  58. Guacamole says:

    1. Cute monkey. 2. Cute man. 3. What’s in that bucket back there?

    [Guacamole, natch – Ed.]

  59. Uhhhhhh. (searching for ability to speak) Uhhhhhh. Uhhhh.

    Sweet Jeezus, I’m in love!

    Ticket to Eastern Angola, please. One way. Open ended. Jamin, I don’t mind sharing you with the monkey either.

  60. omg that little monkey is so cute!I’ll trade you a guinea ig for it!No seriously.

  61. Theadosia says:

    YAAAAAYYYYY!!!! for Katrina and the Orchestra!

  62. Oh dear god in heaven. He’s definitely teh QTstud-bunny-turtle-neck-wearin’ monkeh-lovin’ king of the jungle in my book. Holy Tarzan in a Turtle Neck! (Though I think he’s channeling Timothy Hutton)

  63. In the bucket? Why it’s guacamole, guacamole! What else?

    (That would be my choice. I can easily eat buckets of it!)

    [um… jinx? – Ed.]

  64. skippymom says:

    Katrina: YAY!!! YAY!11! Ponies!!! Etc.!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!1!

  65. skippymom says:

    I think the bucket has a whole bunch of mussel shells in it. Also, if you squint a little, a meerkat on fire.

  66. @Rice
    (maybe with chipMUNKS, too??)

    Meg, pretty please?!

  67. cute picture… I wish I could switch places with the baby monkey. Couldn’t ask for more: handsome and loves animals 😀 get this exploration camp right here in Brazil, I would LOVE that

  68. Ok so the munkie’s been adopted, by has Jamin? If not, I call dibs!

  69. kibblenibble says:

    I agree with all that both are cute, but why does looking at Jamin and skyweaver’s beagle-howling man make me more than depressed? Could it be because I’ve been looking for a decent fun-lovin’ animal lovin’ guy for the LAST TEN YEARS with zero luck????? He wouldn’t even have to be as cute as the aforementioned fine examples. Just a good man. Does that even exist? If I was basing the answer on the experiences I’ve been having, I’d say no. Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. Back to the Qte.

    [Maybe you just need to move someplace where they have lotsa monkeys and beagles? – Ed.]

  70. *ahem*
    typo alert: by = but, in my previous post

    the mispelling of monkey stays, however.

  71. Paunchie says:

    Mussell shells in Eastern Angola? Can they be fresh? You try em first, skippymom.

    A tiger? In Africa??

    [At least it wasn’t Muscle Shoals in Eastern Angola. That would be silly. – Ed.]

  72. Simon Nolan says:

    Indeed, if there’s Cats’n’Racks, there needs to be Hunkehs’n’Monkehs. Jammin’ Jamin and his babeh baboon can start the category. Just sayin’

  73. The expression on that little monkey’s face is so sweet. 🙂

  74. Paunchie says:

    Baby baboons are very sweet, but the adults scare me a bit! They are very strong and gots giant teef!

  75. The monkey’s actually a girl. So when you say, ‘He’s so cute’ you’re CLEARLY looking at someone else…

  76. You’ve started posting pics of people on CO now too?! Oh, sorry…..didn’t see the monkey at first….too busy staring….

  77. We were not promised a hawt CO heroes calendar?!? Firemen and badgers? Cops and kittehs? I believe we WERE.
    Dramatic back-of-hand-to-forehead, I will make the ultimate sacrifice and volunteer to screen pix, and blow ’em up to poster size to, uh, ensure the resolution is adequate. Yeah, that’s it. Ray-zo-loo-shuns.

  78. @skippymom – you made me laugh until I cried – I had forgotten all about the Ashes of Meerkat controversy…

    Oh, and Jamin is a cutie.

  79. La-La-Lee! Hunkehs & monkeehs! Make me want to swing from twees! Sure puts a “giddy-up” in a girl’s step. Sorry for geographical/linguistic mashup. I’m feeling a little giddy indeedy-do.

  80. yeah…..this is a potent combo.

  81. skippymom says:

    Paunchie, I googled “are there mussels in Angola?” and apparently there are, several species in fact (freshwater). Anyway, the bucket in this picture holds only the shells, as I already ATE all the mussels.

    I have eaten
    the mussels
    that were in
    the bucket

    and which
    you were probably
    for the monkey’s lunch

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so fishy
    and so rubbery

    [Hehehe 😀 – Ed.]

  82. Ok so apparently Australia has just won the title of Land of the Worst Husbands…so be fair…let me outa here…and get me to Eastern Angola PLEEASE !!!!

  83. It does look “hot” there in Africa. Sweet pic.

  84. @Rice

    I am totally 3rd-ing a “Hunks and Munks” category! We have “Cats & Racks” so why not? 🙂

    In other news, this made my week. The little monkey looks so sleepy!

  85. Jamin, you are a true hero. And yes! Hunks and Munks!!

  86. lollysmom says:

    Ummm, there’s a monkey in the pic? I only see a realllllllllllllllllllllly handsome guy…

  87. I want to pet his monkey.

  88. Waaiiiiit a sec…! What happened to, “ooh I love you NOMTOM” and “Marry me NOMTOM” ?
    Ya’ll ‘re funneeee!

    [Yeah, and before THAT… 😉 – Ed.]

  89. The guy is FINE, when he’s done with his stint in Angola, let him know he is more than welcome to give me a call!

  90. Cacauate says:

    Oh my, hunky & sensitive…saving monkee-kee!

  91. The Koala says:

    Damn. I’d spank his monkeh ; ) lol…

    Nothing like cute guys and teh aminals…I’ve got nothing but fiancé/kitteh pics on my computer, they’re the best! I think one of my favs from my personal collection is my hub with my kitty Sai watching some homemade, awesome pizza cooking away:

  92. Cute monkey.
    Cute boy.
    What other cute overloading could be in this picture?!

  93. Yeah I’d be wrapped around that guy with the same blissed out look as that cute little monk if I had the chance!!

  94. ‘Nuff ugly monkeys. -_-

  95. Sandra S. says:

    Skippymom, Best CO poem EVAR.

  96. Can I adopt them both please????

  97. B (comment #42) – LOL!

    Theresa – Love the Peter Gabriel referrence. Love Peter Gabriel!

  98. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @pyrit: That’s OK, I think the ladies’ enthusiasm is fully justified here. Even *I* think the guy’s cute.

  99. @Pyrit, it;s one of my little jobs around here. When there’s a monkeh, I sing about the monkeh. And when there’s a koala, I do my lame-o Aussie tour guide impression. 😉

    I once rose to heights of brilliance with a “Solsbury Hill” parody about a monkeh in a sink, but I think I busted my parody-maker with that one.

  100. @Colleenincairns, what’s an Australian homosexual? A bloke who likes sheilas more than beer. 😛

  101. @Katrina: YAY!

  102. Just in case Jamin isn’t sure yet: I’m putting in my vote for oh-dear-goodness. Hot, adopting baby animals in need…. wait, was there something else on my list?

  103. What’s the “Ashes of Meerkat” controversy? Perhaps I don’t even want to know….

    [Seriously, you missed nothing. 😛 – Ed.]

    But I do know that I loves me some Jamin.

  104. @Skippymom and Paunchie, also, the mussel shells rate a “Squeeze” reference. Do you feel like WIlliam Tell?

  105. 😀

  106. skippymom says:

    Theresa, I’ll admit that I had to look up the Squeeze reference, and I’m still not sure I remember it. Think I may be mixing it up with another song. (Is that possible?)
    But, all of that notwithstanding, yes, I do pretty much always feel like William Tell.

  107. Wow. I hope there are guys who look like him in Africa when I get there. (I will be a vet for wild animals one of these days.) Feel free to look me up, Jamin.

  108. moistenedbink says:

    Holy Hot! Look at the fan on the desk. It must be so hot there. Jamin is a very beautiful human, inside and out, and baby baboon is being nurtured well.

  109. SkippyMom:

  110. Did somebody just say BABY BABOON??????

  111. Theo, watch where you point that BABY BABOON!! 😆

  112. Lunar baboon, on the moon, with a bassoon…

  113. However, if one rearranged the letters in meercat, one could spell cremate.

  114. I’m in LOF! Oh Jamin, marry me!

    Can we get another pic of Jamin sans shirt maybe?

  115. @Theo, that is an earworm almost as evil as Bananaphone.

  116. Well I gotta do SOMETHING to keep myself occupied, while everybody’s flat mesmerized by Monkeh Boy. 😉

  117. Dang, this more than makes up for all those cats-‘n-racks! That sweet little monkey looks so comfortabuhls…and who wouldn’t be??

  118. I confess, it actually took me a good few seconds to notice there was a monkeh in the pic.

    I’m so ashamed. 😦 Please don’t revoke my CO license.

  119. Monkey …. what monkey? 😉

  120. *dreamy sigh*

  121. So cute, both lol

  122. *babbles incoherently*


    Um, Jamin… hi… 😉 I’m kinda, sorta, completely single, between jobs (meaning open to relocation), and willing to wear a ring on the fourth finger of my left hand… *blush*

    *bats eyes coyly*

  123. Leslie (NTA) says:

    …..umm…..(Slight nuffing Alert): Now, you guys & gals KNOW that I’m a sucker for Tha Cute….but….
    perhaps in any considered/ resumed “vote up” / “vote down” CO system ….we ought to include an “I’ve had sex recently” & “I’m dry & will hump my laptop” (pun intentional) if any human who is currently breathing …is visible, somewhat near a relatively cute animal “…???.
    Wow. These are some ….PASSIONATE COvers !!!!
    (& yeah, the whole rescute aspect got to me; but jiminy….I can’t quite see him as George Clooney or Denzel ????)

    (PLEEEEZ don’ keel meeeee tho’ …)

  124. Leslie (NTA) says:

    now, (as a “recovering ex-Catholic” girl) I can TO-tally relate to (comment # 124)Niki’s manner of response.
    I guess I’m just from the Pleistocene era, rather than the era when some standard cable TV programming shows parents discussing the partic. manner in which they would provide sensual encouragement to that body part blah blah blah….sorry; I’m sounding like my great-great-great-great grandparents now ….really, I’m less than 50 yrs old….
    Ok, I’m down off my soapbox now. Sorry. Please return to ogling Tha Kute. Thank you for your indulgence.

  125. kibblenibble, i hear ya. you’re not alone, i’m completely in the SAME BOAT :(. keep your head up and i’ll do the same, maybe there’s a “jamin” out there for BOTH of us :)!

  126. I think this guy is very cute and love the monkey huggin’ on him but more, I was intrigued with his name. Never heard of Jamin b4. So if anyone like me finds etymology fascinating, here ya goes….

    Jamin – Origin and Meaning of the name
    [ syll. ja-min, jam-in ] The boy name Jamin is pronounced as JHahMahN KEY. Jamin is largely used in English and its origin is Hebrew. Jamin is a pet form of the name Benjamin (English, French, and German).

    Jamin is unusual as a baby name for boys. Its usage peaked modestly in 1979 and has since experienced a loss in popularity, and is now of infrequent use. Among the group of boy names directly related to Jamin, Benjamin (English, French, and German) was the most popular in 2008

  127. once again, i suggest the CO Dating Service once mentioned here aeons ago. I think there’s a real need for such a thing. Or else why would this Jamin be sitting all alone in a tent in ANGOLA, clutching a monkey for company?

    or maybe it’s just me and all the others here who have been drooling over the cute-doods-with-anipals that show up far too infrequently.

    i’m telling you: a CO dating service would make a bloody fortune for someone. and bring together animal nerds around the world in happy love.

  128. temperance says:


    [Of course this exists. OF COURSE. *facepalm* – Ed.]

  129. Theo and NTMTOM, don’t worry. Beauty fades but humor has staying power! (But in truth, if Jamin is even remotely funny, well then you just might have yourselves some competishe…)

    [To be fair, y’know, I’ve been off the market for quite a few years now, so I’m not actually complaining. – Ed.]

  130. What monkey?

  131. kibblenibble says:

    @Theo: “someplace where they have lotsa monkeys and beagles” made me LOL. Thanks! The closest I can find to that is right here on CO. At least I can get a few chuckles, if not a great guy.

    Laurie: Thanks. I won’t give up if you won’t! 🙂

    And temperance: Hey, you found something that might be right up my alley and maybe a few other’s around here! Thanks!

  132. @FFleur, not to be a know-it-all, but the study of names is not etymology, but onomastics. I only know that because I had a prof in college who was the president of the American Name Society.

  133. Thanks Theresa (little Miss Know-it-all) put the knife down love, just kidding. I guess more than the study of names, I was trying to say the study of words. I believe etymology has something to do with linguistics and how a word moves from one language to another and its origins and all that good stuff.

  134. So, what is the onomasticsology of, “Monkeh Boy”?

  135. OK, Mr. Jamin McSwoony Boon Daddeh Explorersons?

  136. well well…. cute overload indeed! 🙂

  137. Lisachaos says:

    I’ll bet Jamin is reading this right now with the biggest grin on his face..

  138. I’ll take the guy over the monkey any day. Hotness!

  139. Both adorable. 🙂
    Glad to see that baby has a new “mom” to care for her.

  140. My son’s name is Jamin

  141. Katrina, a big YAY for you!! What does CCCY stand for (Something Something Community Youth?)? And where is your new home? I do live close by…

  142. Laugh while you can Monkey Boy.

    [Banzai! – Ed.]

  143. Wow! A little something to cheer me up! You mean to tell me a nice man actually exists? Refreshing!

  144. Well, the monkey is a female so when you say “he’s SOO CUTE”, I’m a bit confuzzled 😛

  145. WOW! One way ticket to Angola pleeze….
    baby baboon is cute the guy HOTTIE.

    To CO Staff
    more pics like this tired of Racks!

  146. i’m calling dibs… now, who wants the monkey?

  147. awww. i didn’t even see the monkey.

  148. Curse you Theo, I had just about gotten the llama llama song out of my head and now I’m going to have to deal with baby baboon on the moon with a spoon.

    [Ba ba ba baby baby boo bow! – Ed.]

  149. I think we need a new catergory of cuteness involving critters with cute human males. We have Cats and Racks, now how about Hotties and Scotties?

  150. How ’bout Studs with Buds

    [I’m afraid folks would think it meant frat boys with watery beer. – Ed.]

  151. I’ll be in my bunk.

  152. Give up girls, if he’s adopted a monkey, clearly he must be… gay? *gasp*

  153. @Jay. oh yes I love that title (Studs with Buds)

  154. DaytimeDeb says:

    I can’t believe nobody has said it yet…I thought surely in 155 comments it would have shown up already. OK, here goes:

    “Is that a monkey in your lap, or are you just happy to see me?”

  155. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh, and baboon hug = Sweet!

  156. So sorry, Editor! I owe you a coke. ;D

    I’m a hop, skip & scanner kind of reader.

    So where the hay is Jamin, anyway? He can’t just start a fire and walk away. Nuh-uh. His fans are ready to riot and he needs to make another appearance – or a formal statement. Either one will suffice. I guess.

  157. @skippymom = EPIC WIN

    <3, An English Teacher

    I love the behbeh monkey and his cuddle.

  158. I agree with the ones above. If we have a Cats’n’Racks section, then we MUST bring in Studs’n’Buds or whatever.
    I’m all for a good rack, but the Studs are achingly cute eye candy.
    Then we can bring back the guy on his bike with min pug as pillion, the guy with the wombat toy down his jumper…and so on.

  159. Star-eyed says:

    Wowzer… Jamin is smoking hot!!! Can we have a whole section on him? Cute Overload’s popularity will go through the roof, just due to me checking in day and night… With or without monkeys

  160. We need to do a “Men of Cute Overlad” calendar. He can be on the cover. He can also fly to Miami immediately and come find me.

  161. i didn’t even see the monkey the first time,

    had to look twice, lol

  162. katiedid says:

    LOL me too coco… me too…

  163. Elisha B. says:

    Wow mama…….. warm fuzzies everywhere on this one. If cats’n’racks is acceptable, I say Hunks’n’……..small, cute, fuzzy critters is even better!!!

    Thanks for the smile today 🙂

  164. I’ll be one of the lone voices in the wilderness that asks, “what will happen when Jamin leaves?”

    There can’t be a great deal of wild animal rehab centres in Angola…

  165. Kristabelle says:

    Comment 66 just made my day. Laugh. Out. Loud. Thank you, Skippymom!!!! 😆

    Seriously cute guy. Very cute monkeh bebeh. Very lucky monkeh!

  166. I think I just found my soulmate….sigh:)

  167. *points* What Lil #160 said.
    StudsN’Buds totally gets me vote for a new category!!! 😀

  168. I love to see a man holding his monkey. I wonder if he ever has to spank it…? That would be sad.

  169. There’s a monkey? Is it hot in here?

  170. brinnann says:

    Jaebird, I doubt it. I’m thinking he prob’ly has plenty of volunteers to spank it for him when it’s been bad. 😉

  171. Is Jamin single? Does anybody know? We need more recon, ladies.

    OMG Cute little monkeh!! Majoca, will you hook me up with daddy? XD

  172. Dragonflye says:

    Jamin is probably in Angola to do some totally selfless volunteer work with the UN, which makes him even more dreamy….

    As for the monkey, well, give it two years and it will be humping everything like the Friends episide where Ross had to ship Marcel off to the zoo. Jamin, I’ll take over at that point…

  173. Bluebell says:

    what i’m wondering is–what the frak is he wearing???? how is that appropriate for african weather?

  174. If anyone’s asking my opinion, and I know they’re not cuz we still don’t have a knitted tag, then can the cute men of CO be resqute related? It’s like those guys on Animal Cops. Burly Neyawker cops who rescue kittens and puppies, Texas cowboys who stay up all night with badly treated horses, etc *swoon*

  175. Megan L. says:

    Adorable. Both he and the monkey. Who doesn’t love an animal-loving Anthro-oriented cutie?

  176. WOWZERS! Ok ok the monkey is adorable, but man he’s a hottie! AND loves baby animals oh my word I was just swept off my feet….We need a hunks and baby animals section for the ladies (boys have cats’n’racks right?)

  177. Mary Jane says:

    The boy is still cute, but right about now, I could really go for a cute monkeh baby on my stomach. Plus, it could fling poo at the people who walk into my office to bother me!

  178. Jamin is a GREAT candidate for the hot-guys-who–love-animals CALENDAR! Yes, I will buy one. Oh yummy Jamin….

  179. More pictures, please (monkey optional).

  180. I have to agree with Stacie – us ladies need a section!

    On a side note I would make a great monkey mom, Jamin! 😉

  181. Holy mackerel.

  182. holy hell!! i love you?

  183. brinnann says:

    Mary Jane, thank you for that mental picture! I 😆 ‘d.

  184. Really? There’s a monkey in this picture?!?! And a bucket?!?! Where are you people seeing these things?!?!

  185. katiewhitecoat says:


  186. Von Zeppelin says:

    Those of us who are straight males, but unfortunately lack either terrific blue eyes, a manly three-day stubble, powerful shoulders, or a baby baboon will sit quietly out here in CO space until the furor muliebris from this post subsides. (sits in comfy chair, reads sports pages)

  187. New category please!!!! “Naps in Laps”. rrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowrrrr.

  188. i think it’s time to start up that CuteOverload dating site… for real 😀

  189. Von Zep – LOL! I can see you in your comfy chair!
    Oh not to worry, you do have a huge di-rigible.

    FWIW, not all of us have Jamin fever. (sips gin & tonic, reads magazine)

  190. muttluver says:

    Bluebell: I’ve been to Africa. In the winter, you *need* a sweatshirt. It gets cold in the morning and nighttime.

    I’m interested to hear more from the guys…. how do y’all feel about all this swooning?

    And Jamin–/please/ comment. I wanna know what *you* think of all this!

  191. SHOOT – I’ll adopt BOTH of them! MEOW +

  192. “Sweet Tarzan in a Turtleneck!!!!!” is my newest non-swearing exclamation!

    Thanks for your YAY’s, Peeps, it (they) felt very nice! I even got a “Ponies” wow, I didn’t see that one comin’! Thanks!

    This young man and his younger friend are just adorable- HOW ABOUT A WEBCAM? Too invasive? Weekly picture postcards?

  193. Kristabelle says:

    Oh Katrina – I neglected to YAY you! \o/ YAY!

  194. How incredibly sweet…babeh monkeh is very lucky to have found such a kind hooman to adopt her.

  195. Nancy (orig) says:

    ok, so where are all the nuffers pissing and moaning about how baby baboons shouldn’t be pets of humans? Just who’s cold enough to tell the hot b’y having wild animals is a no-no??? hmmm?

    Thought so, all on vacation.

  196. Reading the comments from all these ladies…

    Anyone see the Family Guy ep. where Peter ends up at the bar for fat, lonely women? 😀

  197. @Nancy – just what I was thinking – 197 comments and no nuffin about ‘encouraging people to buy them illegally as pets’ an’ all that?! Wowzers! – what a lil’ eye candy can do for a nuffer eh?!

    Ed – you hoped we’d like Jamin too, right?!

    [I had nothing to do with this post, but, well… lemme put it this way: My head says “Yeah, no surprises here”, but my gut says “YIKES HOLY CRAP RUN AWAY” – Ed.]

  198. Woot! This post has raised quite the kerfluffle! Please miss Meg, we surely need a Hunks & Monks or Studs with category/calendar/whatever! Plus, I’m already jonesing for next year’s COL calenda, it’s helped keep me sane this year, not a simple feats!
    And maybe some companion calendars (or what’s known in marketing as brand extensions – cats&racks for the guys & lesbians and Men of COL for gals & gay fellas.) Just a thought.

    I just want COL to be around forever and ever and ever….

  199. giggling at thought of Theo working on all these calendars…

    [Hell, as long as my time’s billable… – Ed.]

  200. Kristabelle says:

    New category potential:

    Pups and Pecs
    Pets and Pecs
    Pandas and Man(das) ?
    Whales and Males
    Pullets and Mullets
    Chicks and di…. oh, skip that…
    Fawns and Brawn
    Fawns and Johns
    Deers and beers
    Hens and Men

    Gee, I’m bored at work, can you tell??

  201. I’ll adopt Jamin if noone else wants him…?

  202. Teughcats says:

    This might be the first time ever that a pic has generated over 200 comments without it being some type of commentroversy!

  203. craigellachie says:


  204. I agree that we need more hunks in the calendar! Joe ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/blakethedog/2208879238/in/set-72157606672644137/ )was supposed to be in the last calendar, but was sad when he was photoshopped out!

  205. Jamin C. must view laurarispoli.com and contact me please, because I love kind men holding fuzzy babies. You will haunt my dreams. 🙂
    Best wishes.

  206. Ayiiiiieesh! Ladeez, steady please. This may be why he’s in Angola! In a tent! Wearing a turtleneck.

    Jamin, let me know if you need a body guard.

    Haaaa! Just kiddink. I crack myself up.

  207. catloveschanel says:

    I prefer this to “cats and racks” category. Saying the inverse thing about a guy seems rather, um, precarious….indelicate ummm. What about “baboons and their boys?” or “Loins and Lions” umm, see what I mean?

  208. Mary (the first) says:

    I also endorse a “hunks n monks” category. We can allow some leeway on the “monks” oortion .. anything will do .. firefighter giving water to koala, etc. And @ Von Zep and others, please do not take this personally. I know there’s been swooning over other CO men.. “nomTom”, etc. etc. and marriage proposals.. so we are equal opportunity swooners over talented/hot/kind men who love animals. Aren’t we, ladies?!? (and any men so inclinded.) ??!

  209. Mary (the first) says:

    (“oortion” = “portion” )

  210. westward ho says:

    oh, to HELL with the MONKEH. MORE JAMIN.

  211. OMG! what a cute furry creature! The monkey is not bad either…

  212. catloveschanel says:

    He don’t look like no monk, Mary the first.
    {grammar intentionally bad}

  213. @Brammi (post #153) —

    “She’s in congress?!”

    Firefly fans are everywhere. Good to meet ya 🙂

  214. He is so adorable…..uh…OH, and the monkey too….haha.

  215. I so call beeeee-esssss on your “the monkeh” – the MONKEH is a girl and your pronoun is MALE in gender.

    YOU my dear are PAWNED.

    [“Help help, I’m in hock!” 😉 – Ed.]

  216. LMAO I loved reading all of these. awesome all around. APPLAUSE!!

  217. Definitely cute – and probably blushing reading these : )

  218. Lula Mae says:

    😯 Ladies, behave! 😯

    (As for new tag, I’d suggest “Chests as Nests”)

  219. Ewwww a pri…… OK, the human is pretty cute, but I note he keeps his left hand strategically hidden.

  220. I am kabbobled. Who is cuter, monkey or hunkey man?

    Thank Goodness CO has not made me choose. Both in same glam pic. I am in CO bliss.

  221. @Kristabelle –
    good job on the calendar names!

    Let’s make this Pups ‘n Pecs calendar happen! The proceeds can go to charity. I’m sure Jamin (and others) will be happy to take part.

  222. Hmm, Jamin, you’re not so bad yourself!

  223. @Ladre
    Love “Pups ‘n Pecs” for the category name
    it rhymes, keeps with the “Cats ‘n Racks” theme, and isn’t too, uh, graphic
    equal opportunity ogling for all
    please, please, please?

  224. So jealous of the monkey… so very jealous.

  225. Pups ‘n Pecs
    ok, sorry, alliteration, not rhyming
    still the best category name

  226. HAHA – so funny! I couldn’t believe when i checked cuteoverload this morning that Jamin was on the front page! That’s my good friend’s brother!!! And yeh, he is super cute 🙂 oh, and taken btw.

  227. kibblenibble says:

    Val, you just broke a million hearts, give or take a few.

  228. Sheesh, Val. We were having so much fun….

  229. Mary (the first) says:

    @Val, who asked ya??!? Ok, back to our regularly scheduled drooling …..

  230. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Bored now… [in Evil Willow voice]

    (I mean by the 230 previous repetitive comments about the guy)

  231. don’t shoot the messenger :S

    [Hehe. I Tweeted the news too, because I am very slightly evil. 😈 – Ed.]

  232. Howbout just “Animals and Manimals”? I informed my husband just the other night that he is a Manimal.

    [Sung to the tune of Van Halen’s “Panama” of course – Ed.]

  233. AuntieMame says:

    Jamin is wearing what some would call a sh*t-eating grin. 😀

    And who wouldn’t with a baby baboon holding on to you for dear life?

  234. The man is getting more attention then the monkey. That is hilarious. LMAO

  235. MEow.

    I mean – wow.

  236. muttluver says:

    I love how the ladies are all, “OMG PONIES HAWTHAWTHAWT!!!!” And Val just comes along and goes, “Btw, he’s taken.”

  237. Well, let me just say thats one SPUNKEH MUNKEH! and a cute little monkey too.
    you girlies should come to NZ – i know 3 guys that look like this one! although – not really the monkey lovin kinda guys though . . .

  238. laureleo says:

    Awww… @PJ But it’s the munkeh lovin that maketh the spunkeh man *sage nod*

    [You don’t want me to share a relevant URL for this. Really. – Ed.]

  239. I must say, your comments are hilarious! Visiting cute overload always makes my day… Love the posts, love the comments, love everything about it 🙂

  240. I’d be happy to volunteer my time – VOLUNTEER it, free of charge – to help Teho & eds compile the Hunks of CO or whatever you want to call it. CO’s Stable o’ Studs? Cute guys hugging baby pandas or snuggling kittens or any small, adorable animal (or big adorable animal – baby elephants! baby giraffes! baby whales!) are right up my alley.
    so yeah, Eds., you can just let me know when work begins on that calendar.

  241. Now-famous Jammin’ Jamin is taken?!

    Oh well. A girl can dream.

  242. o, meg, you’ve exposed yourself; so bad the monkeh is a she =)

    oh, count me in the drooling crowd, ladiz! i bet jamin’s taking one is supa fine too! hey, jamin, u have any good-looking animal-loving single guy friends available? (ok, ok, ladiz, i’m being sneakeh here. what can a girl do? he IS taken!!!)

    oh, a category of “Cute Or Hot” may I suggest? not very original, but hey, pardon the foreigner!

  243. PS:
    usually, i have a sub-folder in Pictures called Cute to store pictures from this website. but, man, this one is going right on my desktop with other pictures of the smoldering hunk prince of abu dubai or something.

  244. I agree that the baboon and guy are very very cute, but I just have to wonder what’s going to happen to the baby baboon when it grows up, reaches maturity, and becomes extremely aggressive the way that baboons do. I know that people have a soft spot for baby wild animals but the best thing to do for them is leave them in the wild, or, in this case where the mother was killed, take it to a professional animal caretaker–like a wildlife rehabber, park game warden, veterinarian, or someone who can care for the animals dietary and health care needs…not to mention plan for the day when it’s not so cute and cuddly.

  245. eternalcanadian says:

    Lolz, this is so funny! I couldn’t believe when surfing CO I see a picture of my cousin’s boyfriend Jamin! Yups, he’s not single. The monkey is cute, hope they find a better place for it as it shouldn’t be around humans too much if there’s any hope to have it in the wild again.

    And that ends your PSA illustrating how easy it is for anyone to say anything on the Internet which is why I wouldn’t take what Val #228 said without concrete evidence. 😉

  246. Andi from NC says:

    Who cares if he’s taken or not. I’m taken, too – but I’m not dead and my eyes still function so I’ll just keep lookin’ – that’s the fun! Back to the fun…

    In my best Dieter voice – “Touch my monkey!! Love heeem!!!

  247. Friskitty says:

    Wow….he’s a super cutie. I do luv the monkeh too.

  248. Wow. Gorgeous AND he has a monkey! How do I lure him to Massachusetts?

  249. 250 posts in 2 days? 😮 A CO record?!

    Sex(y man) sells. News to me 😉

  250. I ask the same qwuestionay – WHAT MONKEY??

  251. AmyJ- Central Connecticut Civic Youth Orchestra, and we are in the steppes of central Connecticut-I am in Meriden, the very Venice of the steppes. You’re always invited to come watch a rehearsal. The Open House (no rehearsal) is August 27th at the Center Congregational Church on Broad Street, in our most cosmopolitan of metropoli. Come on down, (up), (over), (across), (through).

    Thank you everyone for our YAY’s, I’m still feeling YAY myself.

    To the Peeps who are decrying the lack of accessible/acceptable Peep Cadets- you have us – it may be a small comfort, but I hope a real one.

  252. *faint* ~thud!~ Oh my.

  253. Ok, laydees, Git yersevs to work and make dis Jamin’ (and he is) an INTERWEBS sensation! Linkies to all your friends and self-referential memes (LOLJamin anyone?) etc. We can do this!

  254. Star-eyed says:

    I agree with Andi (248) Who cares if he is taken?? As I am sure plenty of us are, but we can be on a diet but still look at the menu, right? And BOY does that piece of meat look gooood

  255. He’s way cuter than the monkey..

  256. wow…gorgeous. the monkey’s alright too 🙂

  257. Adorable! And the monkey is totally cute as well.

  258. Does Jamin C need to be adopted?

  259. From now on let’s stop comments at 227, how about that?

    Total buzzkills!

  260. Wow. Cute man and cute monkey. Le sigh.

  261. is this man available? also, is cute overload dating still on?

  262. Excuse me while I pick up my jaw…it seems to have fallen to the floor…

    That is THE CUTEST monkeh foster daddeh I have ever beheld!

  263. vampirella09 says:

    vampire ba s’ya, like Edward in Twilight! :I

  264. Me jammin!

  265. Can Jamin have his own day too?

    Cuz if you haven’t noticed, we like the Jamin.

    We like the Jamin a lot.


  266. ohhhhh…Jamin…. Would you like to be my future babies dad? :p

  267. biggest cute fan says:

    soooooooooo adorable! 🙂

  268. OMG Look at the pecs on that g- um the monkey’s cute, I guess.

  269. damnnnnnnnn
    he be hellaa fineee :]

  270. Oh my gosh!!!! The cuteness is too much!!! And I AM talking about the monkey. 😉 But yeah………..the guy is pretty darn cute!!!!

  271. OK, two things must be said. First, the gorgeous Jamin isn’t taken. He has a girlfriend. Big woops. How many girlfriends does the average guy have before he meets the woman he wants to marry? Ladies, this guy is still available! Second, yes, Jamin is gorgeous, but NTMTOM has such a wonderful, if somewhat evil, sense of humor. I’d take the humor over the gorgeous any time! And one more thing, the baby baboon is cute too, but she doesn’t make the heart (or whatever) race the way Jamin does.

  272. I have to say, I laughed out loud in real life from a lot the comments made to this post. 🙂 Cuteoverload always delivers.

  273. courtneyism says:

    cutest dude ever

  274. I’m all about a man and his monkeh. 🙂

  275. in my opinion this picture would be much better if i was sitting on his lap 😉

  276. OH. MY. WORD!!!!! I think I need to lie down!
    Logged on to see cute animals, instead discovered:
    A. fit bloke and B.that ‘yes, I can snort sandwich out of my nose’. V funny comments people.
    Don’t think I can concentrate on the afternoons work now….Mmmmm, can I download this pic as wallpaper I wonder….

  277. Is it tacky to tell this guy to email me? It is? Oh well….I’m SICK with tacky! Great picture of them both, in all seriousness. 🙂

  278. Evan The Girl says:

    Oh my gosh! Look at that Fox!!!! And a babeh monkeh!

  279. The expression on the little monkey’s face is just too adorable. That guy’s pretty adorable too… wow!! Can I get a hug from Jamin too please?

  280. Hawt! I wouldn’t mind a weekly update on how Jamin, er, the monkey is doing. This totally made my week! We need more posts like this one.

  281. Wish I was der…
    Snuggling Monkehs.
    Snuggling hawt guys.

  282. If I dress up like a little monkey, can I sit there too?

  283. Screw the monkie where can I go find one of him!!!!!!!!!!

  284. What monkey??

  285. sad though.

  286. BruipimmupE says:

    This look interesting,so far.
    If there’s anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


  287. this guy sent in this picture for one reason and one reason only:
    because the monkey is oh-so-cute!
    but it may take a minute to find the monkey in the picture. lol
    i’d like to find a jamin somewhere. and a baby monkey.

  288. Mmm, primate and prime mate!

  289. haa…he is cute too =D

  290. oh wow the monkey is cute but He is way cuter!!! 🙂

  291. slappysquirrel says:

    What monkey?

  292. i see a fansite coming along…lol….

  293. the monkey is cute…but the ape sure is yummy 🙂

  294. I need to say something about all of the primate posts. The primate pet trade is devastating to species’ survival in the wild and to individual’s personal well-being, because primates make terrible pets. They have very special social and nutritional needs that cannot be met by human owners. At the very least, they need to be surrounded by their cohorts, not people. Yes, they are the most interesting animals and cute beyond belief, but they are not pets. Please spread the word. Meg, I love this site and have been there since the early days; you’re awesome!

  295. OMG ~~~~~~~HE’S SO HOT~~~~~~~~
    The monkey is cute too !

  296. I would love to taste him on a steamy Saturday night…

  297. He’s almsot as good looking as my Sanf fran hubby!

  298. Man he looks good enough for me to take back to the Castro district and lick all over with whip cream! Yum!

  299. OMG, I thought that was Hugh Dancy! I would have DIED of squee if that’d been a pic of Hugh Dancy snuggling with a little monkey, but as it is I’m still dying of squee 🙂

  300. OK guys, let’s maybe take it a little easy on the hot jungle boy, k?

  301. WOW. That guy must be so embarrassed hahahahahaa. Sorry jungle boy. : )
    But the monkey is cute and the guy is REALLY cute to.

  302. With all due respect, Theo, I humbly suggest you chill on this one. Please let us have our fun. After all, we’ve been putting up with cats n’ racks for a long, long time. When was the last time CO gave us a really hot guy to appreciate?

  303. He’s cute too. Probably cuter than the monkey.

  304. tonne cloud difficult movit stabilization

  305. very cute, the baboon is cute too

  306. hot DAMN that guy is handsome. Gimmee a call sometime, big fellah. LOL JK but really he is gorgeous. And that animal thing is ok too 😉

  307. KellBellNC says:

    Do you need a wife to go with that monkey? I mean, that’s gotta be a lot of work caring for him all by yourself. (bats eyelashes)