Kittens in sweateuws!
Sweateuws on Kittens!


Feelin’ comfy!


Meanwhile, check the curly ‘tocks!
‘Tocks, curlin’ check it meanwhile


I hate my sweatuew!
I hate my sweatuew!


Self-described Sender Inner “Mandi C.” is a “knitter” and says “I just finished knitting this sweater for a co-worker’s baby. I decided to try it on my cats. Westley-the orange cat purred the whole time he had it on. I had to fight the black cat Horus to wear it.” Ahnnn.



  1. poor things look uncomforturbles :/ cute nontheless ^-^

  2. I have a cat who looks just like Westley only his name is Dusty. When my daughter was younger she and her friend dressed Dusty up in a baby sweatshirt. They then put a small, green plastic top hat on him, took pictures and called him “Mr. Popular.” Dusty is really the best cat. He purrs a lot and is very sociable. He also has the curly fur on his underside. So cute.

  3. Holy Orange Toe-Floof, Batman!!!

  4. No, Westley does not look uncomfortable. He looks like he’s just chillin’ in his new threads. It suits him.

  5. Westley is all, “you want me to wear this? AS YOU WISH!”

    brilliant cat names!

  6. Pic #2:
    “I look better than any stupid baby will EVER look in this sweater!”

  7. and Sue, i have read research somewhere saying that babies/kids exposed to pets early have lower incidence of pet and other allergies.

  8. katiedid says:

    Someone is getting a midnight scratching!!! *singsong*

  9. It looks like they mugged Peter Rabbit.

    I love that black one in it but apparently they didn’t since they only got one snapshot.

  10. LOL, Kar! 😆

  11. My cat is lucky I didn’t do this to her with the baby sweaters I just finished knitting for friends!

  12. Kar, it does look like they stole it from Peter Rabbit.

    I think they look adorable and now I’m off to find a sweater worthy of harassing my cats.

  13. Am laughing my ‘tocks off (LMTO). : )

    If I tried to get a sweater on Flora, I would wind up in the emergency room. Mandi C. is one brave (or very foolish) woman. (Btw, nice sweaters!)

  14. Nancy (orig) says:

    I’m gonna paste the link into the Yarn Harlots blog comments, ok? Kitteh sweaters…I love them Mandi C!

  15. seriously, how is that sweater not shredded yet? i never thought i’d see the day when someone would manage to dress up cats :p

  16. Knit another sweater for the baby–this one is clearly meant for Westley!

  17. zeldapie says:

    Lookin’ good there, Westley! You too, Horus!

  18. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I was reading comment 16 on a smaller screen a moment ago, and I thought it referred to “Yam Harlots.” And I was intrigued.

  19. Trabb's Boy says:

    The sweater is gorgeous and I would have been honored to get it as a gift, particularly if it came with pictures of it on the models! And Mandi must, indeed MUST make one for Westley since it makes him purr and looks so hawt!

    But what I really want to know is how she got her cats to sit in that position long enough to take a picture. I mean, really! Crazy glue?

  20. But Horus’ fur looks so elegant against that great blue color.

  21. Hilarious! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh. I love the way the cats are all propped up. My cats would never have allowed this; believe me, we’ve tried with my daughters Build-a-Bear clothing and it does NOT go over well.

  22. apotheosis says:

    People who put clothing on their cats will be bleen against the wall when the feline overlords finally gather their forces and assert themselves.

    [ 😉 – Ed.]

  23. OMG, that orange cat looks like my Buddy (before he got old and lost half his body weight…)! Right down to the pissed off look for having been put in clothing. Cats should never be put in any cothing. That’s just wrong.

  24. And to that, I can only say this knitted hat would be the perfect accessory.

    [What, no earholes? – Ed.]

  25. Poor kitten, she doesnt look too happy about it.

  26. Cute on kitty but I wouldnt put on baby after. Dont care what researchers say.

  27. varekai97X says:

    It would take me so long to knit a little sweater like that that I would never let my kitty anywhere near it. I admire Mandi’s bravery and faith in the non-destructiveness of her kitties!

    And NOMTOM, I would also be very intrigued by Yam Harlots. *imagining “what would you do for a Klondike Bar” commercials with yam substitutes*

  28. Black one is freakin cute. Looks like a doll (an annoyed one) like he wont sit still in church 🙂

  29. Orange one is probably sweating but looks like a cuddle bug.

  30. Ever hear of the story “3 little kittens” they need one more 🙂

  31. katiedid says:

    People there is this little device called a washing machine..
    Don’t get your panties in a bunch.. geez…

  32. LOL at the hovertext. But Meg, don’t you mean “Kitten one, Purr two?” And NTMTOM, your comment cracked me up. Plus the ridiculous hairy toebeans. A most excellent way to start a Toesday.

  33. Poor Horus! The indignity! 😉

  34. This is TOO cute!
    The cats are just adorable & the sweater is a beauty.
    “mugged Peter Rabbit” hee hee

  35. Heck, kitties literally slept in the cradle with me when I was a babe, and in retrospect that seems way more questionable than residue on a sweater (which appears to be a cardigan and will likely be worn over another garment). Of course the real result of my cradle kitties was a lifelong affection and attachment to felines, they’ve been my constant companions for the 35 years since. I wonder if there are any outrageously cute vintage photos of that… (struggles not to get Cat Stevens stuck in head)

  36. martha in mobile says:

    Every mom (with access to a washing machine) knows to wash new clothes before they come in contact with baby, so that’s cool. It’s just that some new moms are not quite rational regarding clothes for their baby that have previously been worn by animals famous for licking their butts. Besides, Westley PWNS that sweateuw.

  37. Paunchie says:

    Horus is a cool name for an all black kittaye. Like the dogs who guard the gates of HAYELL?!

    And Westley? Could care less. He’s all purr purr, touch my floofy tum y’all.

  38. Kristabelle says:

    Too funny!! Somewhere Peter Rabbit is wondering who stole his sweatuew!!

  39. What a sweet color on Wesley. I love how he’s sitting…

    People need to unclench about the baby.

  40. Poor Horus is thinking, “If I could evolve to the point where I had thumbs, I could unbutton this thing and reclaim my dignity.”

  41. Westley: “Why can’t I move? Why am I up against this wall?”


  43. Westley’s got it going on! That second photo would fit right into GQ. Cute kitties, great sweater!

  44. Beatrix H. Potter!* What gorgeous kitties in such skillfully knit sweaters. If this isn’t a call for anthropomorphic Cute Overload fanfic, I don’t know what is.

    *As in, “Jesus H. Christ”. I don’t know what her middle initial was.

    [No, you’re exactly right, it’s “H” for “Hasenpfeffer”. Not many people know. 😉 – Ed.]

  45. Also: Those are boys? Look at the modesty floof!

  46. diddleymaz says:

    Horus is the Egyptian Hawk headed god, not to be confused with Cerebrus the 3 headed gaurdian of Hades.
    And my big Ginge, Morgan Goch ( Morgan the Red in Welsh) also had short’n’curlies,he was also a real wussie pussie we miss him 😦

  47. apotheosis says:

    omg I got bleen’t O_O

  48. Squizzer says:

    They look great! Cats and babies are actually a lot alike, so the baby probably wouldn’t mind a kitty or two trying on his sweater.

  49. kibblenibble says:

    These pics and comments have made my mornin’. Westley looks like he was scratching and got some hair caught in his back toenail. My dear departed Witchie used to do this, and then get really irritated when I would try to help her by removing it. My Isabella (see right) has curly tummy har. Considering that Horus didn’t like playing dress-up, he cooperated pretty well. I tried to put a Santa hat-n-beard combo on my George last December for a photo op, and he proceeded to run around the house about 40 MPH. By the time I caught him to remove it, the hat was under his chin, and the beard was on top of his head. Poor Georgie. I am not a good enough photographer to take pictures of something moving that quickly.

  50. There’s something immensely cute about kittehs in sweaters.

  51. Speaking of Peter Rabbit, these guys look a lot like Tom Kitten:

  52. “Tom Kitten was very fat, and he had grown; several buttons burst off. His mother sewed them on again.”

  53. metsakins says:

    cabbage patch kids clothes fit small cats well. just sayin’

  54. Ha ha! I have that exact same couch! I do NOT, however put sweatouws on my kitties. They would most definitely claw my eyes out.

  55. You might have a viable business there in cat sweaters. How fast can you knit? 😉

  56. He either mugged Peter Rabbit, or they just walked right out of Richard Scarry’s world.

  57. Sure am glad no one did that to any of my baby gifts. My kids might not be allergic to cats, but I most definitely am. An allergic reaction while 9 months pregnant? NOT FUN.

  58. chanpon – Aww, Richard Scarry books. Wonderful, wonderful. All the details!

  59. @Ed. “H” for “Hasenpfeffer”?
    Hasenpfeffer Incorporated?

  60. I used to wonder about that, Serfer. That assembly line churned out bottles of weak beer, not cans of rabbit stew. [waves back at the glove]

  61. Paunchie says:

    Cook! Cook! Where’s my hasenpfeffer?!??

    Oh yeah Horus was the hawk.

    Cereburus I guess would be good for a big ole rottie or somethin.

  62. @Jamie – I feel certain that the submitter knows the mom-to-be well enough to know if she is allergic, if she is knitting things for her children. I mean, really.
    To those who asked about the cat’s posishes on the sofa: I don’t know about anyone else, but putting MY cats in clothes acts like kryptonite and they can’t/won’t move. It was probably easy to get them to sit like that 🙂
    And finally: I think the cats are ADORABLE in their sweateuws. We have a whole selection of costumes for ours and you can bet I’ll be looking for a hand-knitted sweater to go with! Cardigan, no less!

  63. Owned by two cats says:

    @ Nikki: Purl is actually a type of knitting stitch. You often see Knit 1, Purl 2, so “purrl” is perfect in this sense!

    I’m also dying at the toe-floof.

  64. @Chanpon, where’s Gold Bug? The Pickle Car?

  65. Oh my heavens, the bug car! How about the driving ostrich?

    BTW, since we can’t have a sweater/knitt category, can we have a tag? Pretty please?

  66. My car’s name is the Pickle Car.

  67. if I tried that.... says:

    My kitty would start with a low mmmrrrrr and then sppfffkttthh. I would have to wait til his temper was in control to remove. (While I am laughing.)

    Then It would be awhile before I was allowed near him again 😛

    But it would be worth it to see him so darn cute. Ready for school. Humans are sick 🙂

  68. @Owned – Thanks, I’m a knitter too, but when I posted the hovertext was not yet fixed to reflect its new kittayn sensibility…it has since been changed and now my post is soooo 7 hours ago. (Things sure move fast in this CO parallel universe!!) 🙂

  69. Like the “why I eyes ya” cat??

    It would be funny to see Westley wit a lil backpack of his own to go with the sweatoi!

  70. Leslie (NTA) says:

    …I’m only showing up very late to this game but ….

    No “Disapproval” or “Sad or Cute” Tag???????? WT……..

  71. Kristabelle says:

    @kibblenibble – I had a mouthfull of lemonade whilst reading your post. I had to hold my hand over my mouth to swallow…hahahahahaha! 40 mph is pretty good for a cat – you should call someone to record that! I can TOTALLY picture that Santa hat/beard. 😀

  72. Kristabelle says:

    @kibblenibble – I had a mouthfull of lemonade whilst reading your post. I had to hold my hand over my mouth to swallow…hahahahahaha! 40 mph is pretty good for a cat – you should call someone to record that! I can TOTALLY picture that Santa hat/beard. 😆

  73. @ serfer and Theo – I think you are referring to Haffenreffer, no?

    [Hmm, maybe I’ll look for one of those, come Friday night… – Ed.]

  74. People who lose their minds over animal/baby contact just crack me up. I baby-sat for a co-worker that HATED dogs. She knew I had an older dachshund (Charlie), but she felt confident that I was hygenic enough to be entrusted with her precious baby, plus she knew I’d do ANYTHING to keep Charlie away from him.

    Except…not so much. I had the baby propped up in his Boppy while I was making dinner. I glanced over at the baby, and saw Charlie ALL up in the baby’s grill, giving him ecstatic puppy kisses, while his little tail went crazy. Of course, I never told Mom, but I’m convinced the baby is better for the experience.

  75. cat no. 1 is thinking ” Do we have to go thru this every time one of your friends reproduces???”
    Kitty no. 2 is thinking “Pass me the remote. Bones is about the come on! And get me some coco while your at it!”

  76. Great Disney cartoon featuring Minnie, Pluto, Figaro, and a sweater!

  77. I e-mailed my Mother with a kitten sweater request. Too cute.

  78. Uhm, not that it matters, but my name is Mandy with a “Y,” I knitted baby blankets for all three of my cats, and my black cat – see right – is named Horus (and I always add “the Horrible”) to the end of it.

    Anyway, adorable sweater and love the flooferness!

  79. kibblenibble says:

    @ Kristabelle, glad I could make you laugh. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve guffawed in front of my computer at Cute Overload. Laughter IS the best medicine. That’s prolly why we all love our anipals so much. Never a dull moment.

  80. @Brenda–Funny.

    Imagine the many different looks they could try.

  81. Oh, I want Nestor!! I want to dress heem in frocks, skirts, jumpers and more sweaters! Oh, and straw hats!

  82. Um, I see I have mistyped in my excitement. I meant Horus.

  83. At first, I thought it was keyboard cat. LOL!

  84. Paunchie says:

    pitu sounds like you’re a Brit . . . you live in the land of frocks and jumpers….

  85. LisaHoneychan says:

    While I agree the cats look beyond adorable (in a Tom Kitten sort of way) I’s be fearful of them pooping in my slippers as a supreme act of vengance.

  86. @JDUB – brilliant! My name is Inigo Montoya. You make me wear this sweater. Prepare to die.

  87. Does the co-worker know that her baby gift was worn by the cat!? eew.

    Cute outfits, all they need are pom pom tie ups….for batting fun.

  88. OMG Ant, I did, too!
    Someone teach Westley to play the keyboard STAT!

  89. Wait, this is a pun on “sweater kittens,” right?

    *hides in the corner for fear of not getting the joke*

  90. for those intruiged by the Yarn Harlot reference, the Yarn Harlot (there is only one!) is a Canadian knitter/blogger/writer and she’s wonderful!

    And I lurve these kittehs! I’d never get my own into sweaters I knit for babies though. 😦 (and yes, I’d do it if I could.)

  91. Westley was quite comfortable and happy to be my sweater model!

  92. And to answer a few questions: My co-worker is just fine with a cat wearing the sweater. And I DID soak and wash the sweater TWICE after the photo session. I always wash EVERYTHING I knit. I would never think of exposing a baby to anything that would harm them. But- remember the yarn is wool = sheep hair!!! Horus does in fact have thumbs, being a polydactyl. But he still was not able to take the sweater off. Westley is named after the Princess Bride main character. And no cats were harmed or made upset. They both got a large helping of treats for being such good sports. They are calm and very good natured!!!

  93. GIGGLE 😀 AWW 😀 I am glad the kitties were given a large helping of treats after wearing that sweater, Mandi C 😀 You did a great job 😀

  94. I don’t care if I offered a 200 lb bluefin tuna, my babies wouldn’t sit still for this. Mandi, you obviously have ‘the touch’ with your furry babies.

  95. catloveschanel says:

    Westley is the spitting image of my dearly departed Dudley… except Dudley had white socks and a white fur tux, no sweater though, I never thought of that. He was so good natured, that he would just sit around like that (exactly how you put him) with the utmost of patience.
    Nice poem. Love this post.

  96. Mandi, I wish I could click your love button.

  97. Everyone else, my previous comment is not as dirty as it might seem.

  98. Mary Jane says:

    @Gillian – LOL. I was all “uh, what?” I mean, I know it’s not a G rated site, but it seems a little much!

  99. Horus looks like he still has a problem with the sweater.

  100. Paunchie, I am not Brit. I am from India, where thanks to Brit occupation from 1858 to 1947, we talk (and also spell) like Brits.

  101. wow. those were very unique photos

  102. That is so cute!Maybe we can get my cat and your cat together and we can go shopping!

  103. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    YOU GUYS!!! I can’t believe no one said “IT’S KEYBOARD CAT!!!”

    it is!

  104. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit:

    (NOTE: I’m peering at you, from over the top of my Librariologist eyeglasses, YES, with lenses the thickness of TWO Coke Bottle Bottoms):

    IF you INSIST on calling your car a Pickle, I HOPE that at LEAST it’s because it’s a green car & no more ….shall we say, “Risque” reasons???????????Hmmmmmmmmmm??)
    Winky-winky !!!!

  105. CatViccer says:

    Kinda reminds me of Chris Farley on SNL… “Faaat guy ina little coat!”

  106. I wouldn’t bother washing it…straight from kitten to kid! I mean really…! Let me tell ya, that is the of of mother’s worries about what their kid gets into. Hmmm…fur or drugs and alcohol? Pick one…

  107. Make that “the least of a mother’s worries”…

  108. snorglepup says:

    My girls used to dress up Oreo, our black & white tuxie, in Cabbage Patch clothes.
    I have a picture somewhere of her in a matching dress and bonnet. Very Beatrix Potterish!

  109. Gillian, I get the reference, don’t worry. I spend waaaaay too much of my time on that site 🙂

    And I love the kitties in sweaters–adorable! If I ever make a baby sweater I’ll be sure to find a suitable cat to test it out first 😉

  110. Pyrit- please tell me you drive a green, new-style VW Bug- (The aaaarch).

  111. Westley looks so cool, he knows it’s all about the colour. Being a redhead an’ all.
    Horus, is understandably miffed. He was hoping for red, white, maybe yellow. but BLUE! So glad I don’t have to face up to that feisty little thing. He needs something silky, like his coat.

  112. Marjorie Berkowitz says:

    Well, all I can say is Mr. Picky would have a hissy if I tried to put anything–I said, ANYTHING–on him. Preferred materials for Pickywear include only his self-manufactured flyaway floof, in shades of medium gray only. (He’s Picky, after all!)

  113. what if the baby’s allergic to cats?!?!

  114. Please could you email me the pattern? I have a friend who is expecting soon and this looks good. I might even try it out on my 3 feline friends first as a test run.

    professor c g j [at] yahoo [dot] com

    [Email reformatted to (hopefully) foil the automatic spambots… remove spaces and use actual punctuation – Ed.]

  115. granns home

  116. LOL that just made my day 😀

  117. My Wilbur LOVES his pom pom sweater!! 🙂 x

  118. Mango at the Ugly Sweater Party last winter.