BackCat looooooooves to go backpackin‘!

He’s all crawlin’ up your shoulder and ready to go.

Check it!


Vargavinter, we have not posted this one before. You got lucky this time.



  1. lifecoach says:

    The pic must be so cute that it’s melting the intertubes that should be carrying it to the screen.

  2. Incredible. That cat is simply incredible.

  3. Omigosh! So sweet! STINKIN’ cute!!

  4. Aw, that’s great. I would carry dat bebeh to Timbuktu. I love the umbrelly the guy’s rigged for his pal.

  5. Oh… My… God… That was so adorable it hurts! Ouchies!

  6. what a superduper traveling companionishe!

  7. LOL I love how kitty is all LA lalala I am going to see the World! woo hoo. HEHeh and climbing up to his perch at the end .. too cute

  8. motionmind says:

    They let the cat take a nap on an ancient ruin?!? Yeah, that’s real friggin adorable.

  9. New to board says:

    Crackin up to the way uuue all talk. LOL Kitty is adorable.

  10. this is like a real-life version of the cutest anime travel sequence you could imagine

  11. That looks like an excellent adventure. I wonder how he was able to get the cat through customs?

  12. apotheosis says:

    Oh that’s just great, pal. It’s not enough for you to coddle and love the scheming little devils, you have to play RECON VEHICLE for their ADVANCE WORLD DOMINATION SCOUTS.

    When the cats take over, your treachery will be remembered by the survivors.

  13. victoreia says:

    @apotheosis: on the other hand, he’ll be well protected by the new overlords…;)

  14. apotheosis says:

    @victoreia: Oh sure, they’ll only bat him around now and then, and make him wear silly sweaters.

  15. When backpacking, one should always carry a first aid kitty.

  16. apotheosis says:

    And besides, it’s not a backpack, it’s a catknapsack. 😛

  17. aw, Best Friends Forever!

  18. Yesterday backpack pups, today backpack kitties – I can hardly wait to see what will be in tomorrow’s backpack!

  19. Awwwwww!!!!! so cute<3

  20. The little hammock…OMG, the little hammock!

  21. So cute!

  22. I wish one of my kitties would travel well!!! I can’t even get them into a car.

  23. I hope he gets his picture taken on the Sphinx. Yes, a catknapsack with shade attachment and did you see his hammock came with a human tent attatchment? That’s good livin’!

  24. yellowsneakers says:

    Oh, wow. I’m impressed!

  25. I’d be afraid my cat would spaz out and run off!

  26. OMG, I want that cat! I would love to cart my little babies around, rocking them gently to sleep in my backpack. What a fabulous travel companion!!

  27. wannadance says:

    little umbrella! sleeping cat. i feel a haiku coming on.

    but not quite…

    love catnapsack so much.

  28. LyhjeHylje says:

    Whaat ? 20+ comments and not one “eek kjute guy with kitteh, must hug”?
    But maybe he’s not cute, as another male I cannot tell.

  29. Dat’s becos we’s lookin at his kitteh. Cute dude, sure, I’d hug ’em. Specially a dude that carries his bud on his shouldah. (smooch face)

  30. For anyone who’s wondering, those ruins are Monte Albán in Oaxaca, Mexico.

    ¡Gato dichoso!

  31. DaytimeDeb says:

    @ 29 LyhjeHylje, I guess he’s a cute guy, but I have to admit I was making assumptions while watching the video. Such as, he must be single… sort of the straight guys version of the crazy cat lady. I know, it’s not fair to stereotype, but since I’m a CCL myself, I feel I can recognize kindred spirits.

    That being said, there is NO WAY I could carry any of my cats around the world — the smallest one is 13 pounds, and the one who travels best is 18 lbs. My back would be breakin’ by the end of the trip!

  32. ooh, an interspecies version of “the amazing race”!!! i am so watching that!

  33. Wow, amazing. I’d be terrified my cat would run off, but if I had a cool kitty like this I’d definitely pack him up and show him Yosemite.

  34. Must not let my cat Buddy see this. Heaven forbid I have to get anything out of the closet where their stroller is kept! If he doesn’t get to go for a walk, he causes absolute chaos around the house until I take him out – in the TEXAS heat!

  35. kibblenibble says:

    So sweet. Nice musical accompaniment. I agree, fft5305, my heart aches a bit watching this special friendship.

  36. Tamest. Kat. EVAR.

  37. This is the very best thing ever.

    T.U.M., I think you would be pleasantly surprised by how tame my cat is. She doesn’t much approve of being carried on my shoulders (though she does love to sleep on my back), but she does like to be put on a leash so she can romp around the yard. Mostly, she rolls in the grass, in the sun. But my neighbors never fail to be surprised by a cat on a leash (actually it’s 5 leashes tied together. No idea why we have so many. We only have 2 dogs.).

  38. Carolyn in New Orleans says:

    Awww, that was so sweet. He’s a very good Cat-Daddy for taking care of this furry baby instead of leaving it behind.

  39. What a wonderful video! Yep, if I tried to carry my tabby around in a catknapsack, my vertebrae would fully compress in about 15 minutes. 😀

    Cat got to take naps in the shade while human carried him. What a life!

  40. Does anyone know what the song is?

  41. Awesome. A cat and his best buddy see the world.

  42. That is so awesome! Made my day.

  43. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Holy crap!

    This is one of those viddies that is SO awesome I cry…and it’s totally inexplicable!!

    Does anybody else have that silly problem!? :,)

  44. KathleenB says:

    The little hammock is actually a pretty standard part of modern tents – tho it’s designed for stuff you might need at night, rather than kitty comfort.

    But, yeah, cute guy and cute kitty.

  45. Juniper Jupiter: I think it’s the music. It seemed to make an already-touching video unbelieveably poignant.

  46. sunnymum says:

    Wonderful, just, wonderful!

  47. I held it together until about 1:37 when the napping kitty turns all bobble-headed. Then I lost it…what a sweet relationship!

  48. Start ’em young–with patience, thoughtfulness, and care–that’s gotta be the secret.

    Thanks, Estlin, for identifying Monte Albán. Beautiful place, with ancient kitty condos.

    Cute guy, cute lady & a VERY CUTE cat!

  49. BonzoGal says:

    I could never do this with my three kittehs- they’d be all, “We want Dairy Queen! We want a fro-yo! Where’s my GameBoy? Mom, he’s touching me!”

  50. demonalcohol says:

    I had a cat that would climb up my side, rest her butt on my shoulder and stand off my forearm. She would just stand there as I walked around, I would go around the house or outside and she wouldn’t move until give her the signal.

    I bet I could have trained her to ride in a backpack.

  51. That gave me the warm fuzzies. What a great cat! Did anyone else catch the Keyboard-Cat in training kitten bit?
    Hee, “I could have been the next keyboard cat, but my real passion is archeology.”

  52. gatita bonita says:

    Where can I find a wonderful guy like that? Anymore like you at home? I have the cats already.

  53. Before he left on his journey, a wizard handed him the cat and said “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”

  54. What a fantastic video!

  55. emmjaneane says:

    awesome 🙂

  56. Does anyone know who the guy is and if he blogs? He just seems the blogger type, what with a video like this.

    [Yeah, but it’s in French… – Ed.]

  57. You can translate the blog into English–I found this entry:

    “Kitty, a cat found in Louisiana in the middle of the road since leaving more and Laetitia Guillaume. Kitty is now part of the shipment. It is a 4 ½ months. We have had in 1 month and a half. She barely saw.

    She is very intelligent, has no leaves on our backpack and jump bag bag while walking. It never falls, and as soon as it feels in danger, it goes back on the bag. It has never left. She walks often next to us in following and imitates the sound of the crow when it sees one!

    Kitty has her papers in legally so no problem later customs (passport, vaccinations, etc.). To bring in France at the end.

    This is certainly the first cat in the world to walk 15,000 km!”

  58. Yes, the English translation from Google is not so great, but you get the basic idea. 😉

  59. That pretty much melted me. I’m really envious, I wish I could bring my kitty everywhere with me!

  60. AWW 😀 I am glad that Kitty will have a loving forever home at the end of the trip with the kind couple who adopted it or rather Kitty adopted them 😀

  61. I shared that video on a blog that I’m active on … that is one cute and sweet kitty (a real people kitty) and the guy is absolutely lucky to have her.

    I wish I could bring either our Sunshine or our SnickerDoodles with me!!! (They might get bored in an archaeology lab, however!)

  62. adrienne says:

    this might be the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen. travel safely little kitty (and friends).

  63. About to say, he’s not traveling alone since you can see someone else holding the lead on kitteh’s leash.

    As far as those “ruins,” they look almost like The City by Michael Heizer. Almost looks like contemporary construction, not crumbling millenium old buildings.

    The whole story though is too precious for words. The sleeping kitty in the desk, the tent sling, the symbiotic relationship of climbing the hooman & all of it. I’m so envious since a vet’s visit requires a blood offering.

  64. Juniper Jupiter and Vlohma: Oh yea, I bawled. SO cute. The cat is various ages in the video — you can see where it was just a little kitten, and where it was a gangly adolescent, but what a sweet temperament. Best-behaved adolescent kitten OR human I’ve ever seen! And yes, the hammock, the umbrella, the whole rig — Letty and Bill are good people.

    I printed my dissertation today, everyone! It’s really done (even all the god-awful footnotes)… I’m allowed to be emotionally vulnerable to adorable kittens. Susan, the music is what pushes one over the top. 🙂

  65. kibblenibble says:

    Shaz: Bravo!

    Juniper: Me, too. I *think* it’s normal.

  66. Thats like his best little friend in the world…like literally. Sooo cute.

  67. They were in mexico BTW. It looked like the ruins north of Mexico City.
    I wish my cat would do that. He will only ride my shoulder until he hears a noise.

  68. Precious kitty! And what a great cat daddy! Also, Juniper, I get a little misty-eyed with the sweetness, too.

  69. This is like a peaceful, feline version of Lone Wolf and Cub.

  70. Sweet….

  71. MissJade says:

    sweet…and yes, im crying too. dude, please take good care of your kitteh-friend cuz
    he seems to love you alot.

  72. Dark Angel says:

    omggg, he is very lucky cat!!!!

  73. SHAZ!! Sit down, click on this and then select Porcupines and have at it! Tears, laughter, whatever! More cute than you know what to do with. HOOOORRAAAYY SHAZ!!!!!! We are all VERY proud of you!

    Happy, Happy, Happy! YAY!

  74. FanofCute says:

    Just watched a full story about the couple and Kitty in French. They’re a young couple that are doing a 2 year backpacking journey on only one Euro a day, to show the unimportance of money. Found the stray while on their journey in Louisiana. The girl wanted to keep him, the guy wasn’t so sure about the logistics so they carried him with them to hopefully find him a home on their way and became attached. They took him to the vet, got his shots and papers and Kitty is now an official member of the expedition. Absolutely adorable I think because it is so unplanned.

  75. Kibblenibble — thank you!

    And Katrina, thank you, and THANK YOU for the gift of baby animals!!! Oh My God — I had not known that porcupines are born fuzzy and soft and ORANGE! This is a gift. 🙂 I laughed out loud when I saw them.

    What a genius, whoever thought of the zooborn site! Just brilliant. I am lost in a universe of zoobabies. Katrina, I am indebted to you.

  76. Oh my God, that was so adorable. Awwww.

  77. SO CUTE. Cute guy, cute kitty, very sweet video.

    Also, is it weird that I want to know the name of the song playing in the video?

  78. Shaz- just remember who your friends are when you win the Powerball, I have a Youth Orchestra…..(snerk), but, really, I am very proud of you. What will you do with your degree?

  79. Powerball fantasies — but I guess if they’re ever to come true, I should buy a ticket!

    I’m going to be a professor! I have a teaching job in the fall, and I am moving today (but came online for my cute fix)… So I is all grown up (she says in loltalk)… Sigh, so hooked on the Qte.

  80. “…. so he made his master carry him around the globe” – who’s the master and who’s the servant here?

  81. wantruseelingkat says:

    One summer when I was in college, I found a stray kitten on campus and just couldn’t resist taking him in. As I was riding my bike home, somehow he got out of the shoebox he was in and climbed up on my shoulder. After that performance, of course I had to name him EZ Rider. =^..^-=

  82. That is the cutest littel thing I have ever seen!!! Awww!!! i wish I could get my cats to ride in a backpack!!