Welcome to Baskin-Slobberins

May I offer you a sampling spoon?  Our featured flavors today are Kibble Ripple, Nea-paw-litan, French Poodle Vanilla, and Rocky Ruh-Road.




Your “Qanuk” has such a cute face, “crazyface.”



  1. I’ll have a double scoop of malted milk bone pleeze !

  2. brinnann says:

    Do you have Kittehs ‘n’ Kream?

  3. Ah, yeah, I’ll take two scoops of nea-paw-litan stuff and a quart of what ever that white doggy with the spoon is having. Thanks. Yeah, to go. Oh, and the two scoops in a woofle cone.

  4. I am ofishally Westified. Cute puppeh with cute bwack schnozze.

  5. Dat puppeh looks so happeh with his spoon. I hate to take it away from him but… ice cream!!!!!

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Wookit the tongue! And the triangle earses! And the scruffly muzzlepowsche! And the teeny tiny teefies! Squeeee!

  7. So…many…puns! But they make me love it all the more!

  8. Everybody’s a ‘spoonin’ today – what’s going on?

  9. zeldapie says:

    OOOOH man, I got a thing for TRIANGLE EARS!!!!
    (plus a scoop of Basset Brickle – thanks!)

  10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Doberman for me, please. 😀

  11. temperance says:

    i’ll just take a pup-cicle to go (grabs pup and runs away!)

  12. I’ll have one scoop of Spumoni Italiano and one scoop of Chocolate Lab please? In a cup? With extra sprinkles?

    [Let’s try to keep the sprinkles confined to the back yard, thankyouverymuch – Ed.]

  13. this looks to me like a rough coated jrt!

  14. I like Rocky Ruh-road, but perhaps also Rocky Rhodesian Ridgeback, or Tin Woof, or ChowChowcolate Chip from BASEN and JIry’s . . .

  15. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    At this place, they give you your money back if there ISN’T fur in your food.

  16. Snowflake schnauzer…squeee!

  17. I nead Mocha chiuahua in a bowl with hot fudge sauce and whipped cream kitty and a cherry on top.

  18. Stephanie says:

    What kind of dog is this? So cute!

  19. One pooper-scoop of rainbow shepherd, please?

  20. And a root beagle float.

  21. Is he a Westie? He looks like a Westie to me. Westies are my favorite doggies ever!

  22. Tisha, he could just as well be an Eastie, dontcha think?

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    I’d like a butterscotch terrier sundae, please. Hold the sprinkles.

  24. As always, the hovertext SLAYS me. SLAYS me.

  25. okay snickerdoodle pup dough!

  26. Once scoop of pooches and cream, please.

  27. I’d like a Tin Woof Sundae with a puppymint stick, to go.

  28. Kristabelle says:

    I can’t think of any more puppy ice cream puns… 😦



    I’ll have a scoop of Pupper Brickle!!!

  29. Oh my goodness! It’s my in-laws’ dog!

  30. English Setter Toffee Crunch with Miniature Marshmalamutes, in a bow-wowl.

  31. Kristabelle says:

    Pyrit, you’re killing me!

  32. Goodness, it looks like a baby version of my dog, Houston! He’s a rescued mini schnauzer/Westie mix.

  33. Kristabelle – The Sugar Pun Fairy, strikes again.

  34. I’ll take a scoop of Blue Mooooon ice cream.
    (if you’re from Michigan/Indiana and remember Meijer’s Purple Cow Ice Cream shops this’ll make sense).

  35. Nothing like a refreshing pupsicle to cool one off during the people days of summer.

  36. danielie says:

    I’d fancy some Barooberry, myself.

  37. 260Oakley says:

    I’d stay away from the lemon sorbet. I’m just sayin’.

    [Yell-O Sno-Cone™ 😛 – Ed.]

  38. Lerrinus says:

    OMG you people are really *on* today! Yay! 😀

    @zeldapie: triangle ears, triangle ears, everyone loves triangle ears, what’s he like? It’s not important: triangle ears! 😉

  39. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit:

    1) Ye’re havin’ sum fun w/ this one, wha’??????
    2)But ….in a POOPER SCOOP??? Did you intellectualize that one, before yer hands hit the keyboard???? If so, then I have serious doubts about your culinary preferences………
    (as “they say”, “jus’ sayin’ ……)
    w/ affection (& eternal reeeeespek fer thu wit yew demonstrate daily ……)

  40. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Nikki —

    Niiiiiiiiiiice punography, there !!!
    (winky, winky !!!)

  41. It’s tewtelly a West Highland White Terrier! Looks like our “Toby” we had when I was a kid. It’s so cute when their ears are floppy. The Westie my hubby and I adopted in 1994 already had upright ears, but he was still very leetle. Some ears go from flop to straight earlier than others.
    Miss our “Darwin” every day. Whatta character! He went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 7th, ’04 😦

  42. Hello, all, I’m actually the submitter of the photo, and I just wanted to clear up that Qanuk is actually a white mini schnauzer!

  43. OMG, I’ve never heard of a White Mini Schnauzer!! How cool. The puppehs are indistinguishable from Westies (to this untrained eye 🙂 Thanks for the info!

  44. Double scoop Vanilla Bark and Cherry-er Terrier, please, topped with Zesty Westy Bubblegum Tongue Delish Lick-rish, ‘kay? YAY!

    [Careful what flavors you invent; they might just get Tweeted 😉 – Ed.]

  45. O.K., add sprinkles of tiny white Mini-Schnauzer Nippy-Chips, please. Heck, I myself wants a dog-gone dog-cone right now, in this very moment!

  46. Tweeted, Woofed, or Purred? Hmmm…still hungry for ice cream doggy…a very sweet Tweet!

  47. Thats so cute, love the pics he looks like he is having fun

  48. Nancy (orig) says:

    ..you must try the Jack Russel Tracks!!!

  49. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    Metz-I had totally forgotten about the Purple Cow! Awesome! I have three kids but only one of them is a Blue Moon eater like myself. And it’s a flavor you just can’t describe. It must be tasted to be believed.

    oh, and, cutesey wootsey puppers!!!!!!

  50. Yay for white mini-schnauzers, Amelia! We have two of them, and they are the cutest dogs in the world. People always think they’re westies, incidentally.

  51. that is so cute !!!

  52. peekyweeky says:

    He kind of looks like my new puppy.