Sounds reasonable [shifty eyes]

Bunneh “Elle” likes to have her animal crackers delivered to her by hand…


to her “2nd floor” “window”.


Um, OK Josh K. [shiftiest of eyes]



  1. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Animal crackers, of course. Bunny approves!

  2. *beeps the bunny nose, at the risk of having her fingers nommed upon*

  3. Can someone please tell me what kind of animal that cracker is? And did she bite the head off first, as the animal cracker rules insist?

    PS Love the C.O.M.K.K.U.!

  4. My animal cracker identification abilities are a bit rusty, AmyJ, but I do believe it might be a rhino.

  5. Notice the animal cracker is hanging on for dear life to the outside of the “door”? No, no! Eeeiiiiiiahhhhhhhhh…..(scream fades into the distant environs of the “castle”)

    Aw, just kiddin’. Cute bun bun…. 😉

  6. Gosh, it’s a Bunny Speakeasy! What’s the password, before you can come in and get your carrotini? Oh no, it’s the cops! IT’S A RAID!!!!

  7. Aye, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog best be kept behind bars, lest he go on a killing rampage again. Feed him with your fingers at your own risk.
    (not sure why this is being read with pirate accent, as I type this)

  8. Hey, Mr. Hand! The cage is there for your protection. Feeding the wild animals is dangerous, illegal, and just plain dumb. Why, I could tell you stories that’d make your heart skip a beat. Believe you me, that there is one salty dude you oughtn’t be messin’ with if you covet your fingers.

  9. Paunchie says:

    Aw, poor agoraphobia bun bun! Maybe it’s angora-phobia….. boo, groan.

  10. zee fronch doors zey open just a whisker to receive zee cookie


    *door slams*

  11. apotheosis says:

    Rabunzel, Rabunzel, let down your ears.

  12. Very cute, but not a good bunny treat!

  13. Michelle says:

    Aren’t cottontail cottages great? My girls love theirs. My Bianca takes greens up to her second floor “bedroom” to snack on, and hangs out on the third floor “observation deck” at night.

  14. She’s eating a BUNNY cracker! Cannibal.

  15. A person says:

    Bunny nom all the animals 🙂

  16. So, if this bunny, is in fact a cannibal, then she too is a cracker and I shall nom said bunny.

  17. Aw, and I thought all bunnies were vegetarians.

  18. janet2buns says:

    Love the schnoz-hance!!

  19. Bunfucious sez: When crackah rises, think of crumbsequences.

  20. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Gizmo:
    Are you a child of Mr. Bill era/ SNL (early 1970s)?
    If not, I suggest that you would enjoy to check it out !!!

  21. Chanpon… I just want you to know I heard that in a pirate voice. IT was funny!

  22. IT looks like bunny Foo Foo took over the castle.

  23. That is 100% a Buffalo Animal Cracker…Buffalulu meet Mr. Bunny….Buffalulu has met his match!

  24. Wow, you guys are good! I still can’t make that cookie into any animal I recognize. But the bunny I recognize and will now kiss on the nose.

  25. Pyrit, you have been on a roll lately!
    @Michelle, my buns love their cottage–it has heart shaped windows and they love to peek out, then they go back in and chew the floors…

  26. So cute! love the nosie!

  27. kibblenibble says:

    Since I have never had a bunny companion, these cardboard bunny mansions are news to me. Are they strictly for buns, or do other animals enjoy them as well? Anybody have pictures showing more detail of these cardboard castles? Hmmm?

  28. @kibblenibble: here is some spiffy bunny real estate:

  29. kibblenibble says:

    ffleur: Fabulous link! Thanks!

  30. Cute! But animal crackers aren’t appropriate foods for bunnehs!

  31. Only bunneh I ever had gave me 14 stitches in my thumb. But this one looks like he likes the cracker more than hoomin flesh…

    So, what do you feed bunnehs? I remember giving mine lettuce and carrots and veggies…He still didn’t like me.

  32. snorglepup says:

    Yes, thanks for the link. I’d love to see Maru in a cardboard condo.
    Can’t say I’d pay for boxes and sticks though. Good inspiration…
    Now where’s my boxcutter…

  33. Anyone else reminded of Alice Through the Looking Glass? Or is it just me?

  34. A bunny eating animal crackers…………………….hmmmmmm.

  35. ffleur, those mansions are pretty awesome, but don’t the bunnies chew them up? Or is that only guinea pigs and hamsters?

  36. very cute…but bunnies should not be eating human cookies. 😦

  37. It strikes me that buying these cardboard mansions premade is to deny yourself a really fun craft project! All you need is a good boxcutter (small x-acto knives are the best), a metal ruler, and some decorative stamps/paint. I spent many happy hours of childhood making cardboard castles for My Little Pony (couldn’t afford the commercial ones) and frankly it was the most fun part of playing with them! Of course parents will want to supervise or help with the cutting and I recommend this for older kids and adults. 🙂

  38. Cool castle!

  39. Birdcage says:

    I looked up some common shapes of commercially available animal crackers (*pushes wire-rimmed glasses up her nose*) and I have to concur that it looks like it might be a buffylow. (*credit to the infinitely trustworthy wikipedia*)

  40. Birdcage (and others), thanks! I only know the Barnum animals, not the Stauffer’s. That definitely looks like a Stauffer’s buffalo. I learned something today! Yay! (And yay for Wikipedia!)

    Bunny nose is still cute!

  41. Aaawww! This picture makes me miss my bunny, that we had many years ago. We had a little house for him too. It wasn’t as deluxe as this bunny’s!

  42. OMG if you haven’t gone to the site with the bunny castles you should talk about cute overload of bunnies.. and the castles and toys are very reasonably priced for those who really are craft challenged.. and for those with out bunnies there are bunny greeting cards… that are way too cute and some cat toys too.

    Here is the link again if you missed ffluers posting of it..

    I myself am going to order the cards when i get home tonight! And maybe a cat toy for my kitties.

  43. LunaChickFringe says:

    Crackers are no good for bunnies if that’s all you give them but everyone is entitled to a little treat now and then. This bun bun is just living the life!

  44. Peeps, beware of the bunnybal Elle
    who lives in a castle of paper called well.
    A brave man once risked it
    and gave her her a biscuit
    to lure her out of her shell.

    She snatched it with her muzzlepowshe
    Our brave man screamed and whimpered, “Ow! Sh…!
    This bun likes her treat
    flavored with meat,
    her teeth are sharp like a gouge!”

  45. …showshe? 😐

  46. Yes… or simply gowsche… thanks… dang…

    [You know, I’d’ve accepted a simple “ouch”. 😉 – Ed.]

  47. TO THE TREAT NAZIS : Elle gets ONE animal cracker MAYBE once a month. Most of the time she’s the healthiest rabbit ever. She won’t eat bacon, I tried and she ran away from it.

    She asked me to add : Y’all need to stop hatin’ and jus’ lemme get my chizzomp on…Bunnehs gotta eat.

  48. Paunchie says:

    Animal crackers in my soup
    Monkeys and rabbits loop dee loop
    gosh oh gee how I have fun
    swallowing animals one by one

    In every bowl of soup I see
    Lions and tigers watching me
    I make em jump right through a hoop
    those animal crackers in my soup

    (that’s all I remember)

  49. Paunchie says:

    treat nazis! AIYEEE!

  50. Pat Trenner says:

    @Josh K:

    I’ll take that bacon, thank you very much.

    [hard kronsche]

  51. I have the exact same house for my bunnies, watch out they eat the floors soon to make room for their ears!

  52. Ed, this sh… is, of course, followed by …oot 😉

    Nevertheless, I guess I’ll have to wash my hands with soap for rhyming the wonderful ‘powshe with any kind of swear word 😦