You will do this puppy’s bidding and you will like it

“Pepper” the pup is part Australian Shepherd, part Boston Terrier—and all powerful.


When her eyes say “Bring me another treat, peon.”

You say: “Right away!”


Those blue eyes mean business.


By the way, that bed looks like it needs fluffing, Angela P. GET ON IT!



  1. the bug man says:

    Yes, sir! Immediately, sir!!

  2. heeepnotizing…
    the eyes even match his bedding!

  3. Allison H. says:

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    [pinky next to mouth]
    One MILLION treats!
    I hope Her Majesty doesn’t mind a little soft kronshing on her ears…

  5. Wait, wait. Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier? PLEASE tell me that wasn’t a planned pregnancy.

    The pup is cute now, but man… I don’t think I want to see it as an adult :/ Curse my veterinary experience for showing me what terrible things mismatched cross-breeding has wrought.

  6. I hope she grows into her head — it looks like three times the size of her body.

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Wow, those are the iciest blue eyes. She is a stunning pup!!

  9. All glory to hypno-puppy!


  10. *no one knows what it’s like to be a bad dog~ to be a sad dog~ behind blue eyes…* Cute pup 🙂 Thanks for all the cuteness!

  11. OmiGOSH!! Boston + Aussie = PUPPY PERFECTION!!! Who knew?

  12. The matchink of the bed lining with those eyes just emphasized that you are powerless.

  13. I relish at the thought of serving our puppy masters.

  14. It’s like the nose-stamping machine at the puppy factory went wonky when it was her turn. omg, I haz melted.

  15. Too cute. My eyeballs just bursted.

  16. DaytimeDeb says:

    Da**m that’s a cute pup!

    Although, unfortunate beauty mark on her nose. Let’s just say she looks like chaplin and leave it at that.

    Can’t…..resist…. looking….at…pix…again… Da**m, she sure is cute!

  17. i like dogs

  18. Ah, a furry Svengali!

  19. bookmonstercats says:

    Is there a pup version of “Kitler”?

  20. Jimbeaux says:

    You got a little thing on your nosey… Right there…

    *Beeps da nosey!*

  21. Beauty_Without_Cruelty says:

    I have an Aussie and he has the same bright blue eyes…i cannot help it but to miss the days when my Fritzy was that tiny size, with those big paws, and the mesmerizing eyes. The bugger is all grown now, but to me he will forever be a puppy.

    Pepper, you have made me reminisce of my doggie’s younger days, thank you!

  22. At great personal risk, might I suggest a certain “Führer” resemblance with that little black moustac…. errr… spot?

  23. StormCat says:

    Carrie – I had the same thought when I first saw the picture… Then I looked into the eyes and thought “ppffssshhh who cares?! Look at this cute little puppeh!!” LOL

    A friend of mine has two Aussies and they are the sweetest most active Dawgs I’ve ever met!!! One of them loves to put her head in my lap and stare at me with those big blue eyes…Of course I’ll do whatever they tell me to, right?! What else CAN I do???

  24. “Ah, a furry Svengali!”
    Michael….remember, it is pronounced sven-jolly. 😀

    Oh that folded front paw in the last photo has caused death by cute. I want to eet the paw!!

  25. OH MY GOD!. This is such an BEAUTIFUL DOG!!!!! Is there will be breeding like this? How is the behavior in this situation?.. WOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! And how much if I adopt one?

  26. Wow, what a gorgeous puppy! I would totally see myself trying to wipe his nose off, thinking he got into something. What a great place for a black spot!

  27. metsakins says:

    *Leaves for work early to stop at feed barn where they make gourmet dog cookies*

    *buys a bag of milk bones as back up*

    Dog, no sir, I don’t have a dog, I just felt compelled to do this.

  28. zee eybrows! nobody has men-shoned zee eyebrows!

  29. Ahhh, the bed brings out the color of his eyes.

  30. Lerrinus says:

    Such a beautiful puppymuffin! 🙂

  31. apotheosis says:

    What’s with all the freaky-eyed aminals lately?


    I want.

  33. Andi from NC says:

    De eyes – dey burnz me and yet I cannot look away….

  34. I love his floppy ears. They look so bouncy!

  35. i love the nose smudge…oh so cute…i have died!!

  36. Wow – how beautiful!!!

  37. Littledogrescue says:

    OMG !!! It’s almost STAINS, Jr !!

  38. Hrm… she is an adorable concoction of two doggles who should not have been lovers, but were. 🙂 What a cutie.

    And I’m in love with her nose smudge!

    Does anybody know exactly how much congealed turkey grease a 65lb female Weimaraner needs to ingest before it either A) Kills Her, or B) Gets Barfed All Over Our Upstairs Carpeting?
    She was able to get about a quart down her neck before my dad caught her and our vet isn’t open TODAY for some STUPID reason! So far she’s just feeling “not well” and is a little lethargic… I assume it may have something to do with the fact that she has a pound or so of FAT coursing through her arteries…
    She’s quite the bad dog… We would have assumed this to be an ’emergency’ situation with any other dog, but this particular naughty pooch has consumed enough ‘bad’ food over the course of her lifetime that it ultimately just makes her stronger. You cannot kill that which has no soul (TOTALLY kidding).
    And yet- we love her without question.
    Any signs of distress we should look for? Anybody else had their “under-intelligent and over-greedy” dog get into turkey fat?

  39. Must……..nibble……..ears………ouch (bangs head on computer screen)

    To Kelsey – I would call another vet just to be on the safe side or your emergency pet clinic. Better safe than sorry. I have a smaller gobbler (no pun intended). Grabs everything the second it hits the floor and has stolen a few things as well. I have found out that swallowing 1 adult multi vitamin with iron will not harm your dog, among other things. (Now, more than 1 could be a problem, but my vet assured me that just 1 wasn’t going to hurt.)

  40. That puppy just pwned my soul.

    I must do it’s bidding…

  41. Cute haunch alert.

  42. kibblenibble says:

    If this pup is like my friend’s Aussie, the black nose spot will grow bigger as she grows, and eventually her nosie will be solid black. What a sweet heart. BRB, going to fetch treaties for Pepper…

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    Kelsey–I am intrigued. How many buckets of congealed turkey grease do you have in your house? What is it for? Do you, perhaps, fix Thanksgiving dinner in August for 10,000 people? Do you save it to lubricate your pickup truck’s universal joints? Can you make soap or candles out of it?

    As to the pictured pup, he may have the Fuehrer’s mustache and mesmerizing blue eyes, but the foldy-over ears and pink paw pads kind of spoil the effect. I’ll give him a Milkbone, but I don’t think I’ll follow him to world domination.

  44. Jenn in IL says:

    So, it’s a “Bossie” dog? Hee. Sounds about right…if I were that adorable, I’d be pretty bossy, too!

    I will reserve my comments about buying from a breeder and just assume she was a rescue pup! She’s too cute.

    Also, to Kelsey, I would definitely call another vet. I would rather be completely sure than just assume it will be fine because my normal vet isn’t open. Good luck!! 🙂

  45. I would just like to take the time to tell all pet owners the need to know basic CPR for your pets. My three year old pit bull mix passed away this weekend from heart failure while we were jogging. After speaking to my vet, he informed me how knowing basic CPR *might* have saved his life. Argus was a truly a one-of-a-kind dog, and my heart is broken. Please take the time to learn these techniques–you may save your best friend’s life. I’ve found a good guide though I am sure there are more out there. Thanks for reading.

  46. Anyone else think of “Stains” the sheepdog who is hypnotized by cupcakes? (Search Youtube, there’s lots of versions out there).

    @Kelsey: yes, a vet is a good idea. But try taking her for a moderate walk first, if she’s up to it. My weim once ate 24 individually-wrapped brownies (a whole flat from Costco; at least she unwrapped them first). She did not look so hot the next morning. My dad was going to take her to the vet, but first he took her for a short walk, which prompted her to “do her business” and she felt much better afterwards. Weims do have a way of finding anything that is remotely edible in the house, don’t they?

  47. His eyes are indeed sucking out my soul.

  48. Oh my, what a beautiful puppy!

  49. SooOOOoooOOOoooOOoo cute!

    I think it’s the eyebrows.

  50. she’s still cute. check her out on daily puppy. 19985

    [Wups, found this comment caught in the spam filter; here’s your link – Ed.]

  51. RevWaldo says:

    – Where did you get that box of dog biscuits? Let me see your tags.
    – You don’t need to see my tags.
    – I don’t need to see your tags.
    – These aren’t the dog biscuits you’re looking for.
    – These aren’t the dog biscuits I’m looking for.
    – I can have the good comforter from the hall closet
    – Don’t push it, dog.

  52. He does look like Stains with those blue, blue eyes.

  53. That pup can not get any cuter! Seriously, steals my heart! 🙂

  54. zeldapie says:

    I’m mesmerized by those eyes.

    *offers Pepper never-ending servitude and devotion

  55. @ Von Zep.: Actually, my mother is certifiably insane (actually she’s just English, but there’s minimal difference… :D) and we did have a turkey feast for about 10 people yesterday. It was a combination of turkey grease and vegetable oil that was in the roasting pan from said feast. The pan was cooling on the counter waiting to be disposed of. My dad accidently forgot to hide it in the microwave for the night when he went to bed.

    @ Jane and Jenn: My dad took Bad Dog for a walk where she ate a ton of grass and promptly barfed. This was an hour ago. He’s got a tentative apointment for 1 at another vet clinic if she doesn’t perk up.
    We have a bar on our pantry, a child lock on our bread drawer, and a strap on our fridge. NOTHING stops this dog. 🙂 She misbehaves often, but she’s SO sweet.

  56. That Pepper is such a brown noser.

  57. Sooo cute! I would love to see what this little puppeh looks like a grown up! Nosey reminds me of someone who couldn’t decide what color…”Hmmm, pink, no maybe black…ok, compromise!” So cute! I want to beep that nose! And kiss it! And snorgle puppy!!!

  58. Von Zeppelin says:

    Kelsey, I have a friend who refers to her Weimaraner as a “counter cruiser,” that is, the dog will grab anything off of a kitchen counter or table that is in reach of a long dog standing on hind feet.

    We have the same problem with our semi-greyhound Max. We discovered this when he first got tall enough to investigate countertops, and a newly-purchased loaf of bread appeared scattered around the back yard.

  59. Kelsey I suspect Pup will feel better soon but a vet visit is deff clled for, Just in Case.

    Expect a messy stool for tomorrow.

    Arf Arf… Hugs and condolences.. So sorry you have lost your sweet Baby!

  60. Is it me, or does this dog look like Hitler?

  61. Check out the link to Pepper’s slide show in angela’s post #52! Just gets cuter and cuter!

  62. Von Z:
    Counter Cruiser is a perfect title! Even after all of the precautions we have taken to both save her from poisoning herself and to save us money on devoured food, she STILL manages to get into stuff. She doesn’t even look like she regrets it one bit. You try to scold her and she looks at you like you’re stupid and not worth her time. 😀 But NORMALLY she’s the sweetest thing on four legs.
    Ah, yes- the demo’d bread bag. It’s hard to hide that particular piece of evidence. We’re just lucky she hasn’t eaten a whole bag yet. 🙂

  63. Von Zeppelin says:

    Kelsey–I assume you know not to put cocktail snacks on the coffee table. We learned that one the hard way–amazing how many bruschetta a medium-sized dog can get down when you turn your back for a couple of milliseconds.

  64. Kelsey, I have a bad kitty. Came home one day from work to find said kitty (see pic to right) ate a half of a family-size bag of Hershey’s Kisses, foil, paper strips, and all. I panicked because chocolate + pets = NONO!! But, after calling the vet, watching him for a week, and noticing foil and kiss-papers in the litterbox, all was well.

    Horus is my personal garbage disposal. I also have child locks on the cupboards, and bungee cord on the fridge (darn cat learned to open it!), and all leftovers have to cool in microwave or oven before going into fridge. Can’t tell you how many times I was left with a few bites of pizza sans cheese, pineapple, ham, and sauce!

    Dear me, but pets can be a challenge!

    Good luck with your Garbage Disposal!

  65. DCH: So right!! I “spotted” right away: If this little pup were a cat, he might be found on the “Kitler” website.
    Cute, but such an unfortunate spot placement!

  66. Is there a cute hall-O-fame? This pup sucked me right in and I’m partial to the bunns.

  67. Mary Kathryn says:

    Although I care not to imagine the machinations that produced the offspring….

    That dog is freakin’ adorable! I’ll just nom the ears a little…..


  68. More treats? Yes, master! Yes, master!

  69. ahmahgahd. I want to clean its nose!!!!! its distracting. So are the eyes. but the spot! ahmahgahd

  70. i love that look…what a cute puppy….you guys are luckyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. That’s a boopable nose if I ever saw one.

  72. We keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide around for the unfortunate incidents when one of the cats or our greyhound gets into something they’re not supposed to. The 60lb greyhound gets 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to make her barf. The cats get a teaspoon. Works like a charm every time. We once had a tiny kitten manage to find a prenatal vitamin from *somewhere* and ate half of it before I figured out what he was up to.

    Depending on what they got into, we follow up with a vet visit. Dakota (the dog) once raided the garbage to eat the leftover vegetables from making stock, including 2 whole onions, a head of garlic, and some leeks. Holy toxicity, batman! Fortunately, they were able to pump her stomach after we made her barf, and gave her copious IV fluids all night. Most expensive batch of vegetable stock EVAR.

    Anyways, back to the actual picture….OMGWTFBBQ!!!111! Puppy!

  73. That puppy is so pretty i wanna see how he looks when he is bigger

  74. KatieZientek says:

    I can see this type of mutt becoming a “designer dog” like a Puggle or Labradoodle.

  75. @ saffron…

    “Michael….remember, it is pronounced sven-jolly.”

    But only if she has a happy hold over her owner!

  76. If I may, I’d like to suggest everyone look at photos 12 – 20 on Pepper’s Dailypuppy page. Pepper frolicks with a puggle friend. OMGOMG SO CUTE! They run together, they roll in dirt together, and they drink out of the same waterbowl.

  77. Okay, one more – photo 22, Pepper hovers.

  78. cheweys mom says:

    just want to lick that nose!

    (also have much experience with bad dog behavion, once had a super bowl party and left chese and cracker platter on coffie table, apparently every time i left the room chewy would lick all the cheese.. in front of my half dozen guests… none of whom yelled at him to stop, nor did any tell me what was going on untill much later when i asked why no one was eating the cheese.)

  79. OMG! That is the cutest puppy ~ EVER! I want one!

  80. darkshines says:

    Kelsey, keep us updated on your bad dog, I’m hoping that being sick has made her feel better!

    This puppy is beautiful, I am an exotics person (retiles, fish, unusual mammals) but this dog is lovely 🙂

  81. Extreeeeemely cute… however, one wonders how it is possible for an Australian Shepherd and a Boston Terrier to produce offspring…. isn’t there quite a size difference between those breeds?! I thought Bostons were teeny and Aus Shepherds were large… but I may be mistaken, as I’m an Australian and we don’t actually have Australian Shepherd dogs over here, funnily enough. I’d never even heard of them until I lived in California for a while (I was constantly spotting ‘lost’ notices posted everywhere for them; apparently they like to escape and run off). Anyway, breeds and breeding logistics aside, that is a very very gorgeous puppy!

  82. I’m guessing that the mom would have to be the Aussie and the dad the Boston.

    Not really related, but came up in my googling of Aussie sizes… Apparently people are breeding MINIATURE and TOY Australian Shepherds now. I’m pretty opposed to purebred fixations in general – but people who claim to love a particular breed, and then go out of their way to morph it into something else really kind of blow my mind!

  83. Oh how sweet and loving……melts your heart….I have a boston terrier and she is the love of my life…..thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures….

  84. Awww…she looks just like Charlie Chaplin ( as the Tramp ) ! So cute!

  85. Oh my goodness! I love the nosie! She is just gorgeous and those eyes are amazing. Pepper is a beautiful girl.