Please only take one, I’m running out.


Conejo al Plato by the sweet-toothed Memo Vasquez.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Head almost as beeg as his/her body, sweet earses sticking straight out in back, B.E.F., floofy muzzlepowsche, all the ingredients needed for a sweet Bunday treat! Thanks, Meg!

  2. Paunchie says:

    bun bun bon bons! GULP!

  3. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    A bun-bon!

  4. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    It’s cotton[tail] candy flavor.

  5. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I hereby resign my charter membership with the Feline Fanatic Librariologists Foundation as I find it necessary to devote my attention, to membership on an alternate community organization.

    (ergo: Eeeeeeeeekkk!!! MiGawd thas’ adorable !!! BunnyFluff !!! In s cup!!)
    (To ed’s: could we add a tag for “Pets in a cup” & add the little doggie from Australia, etc.?)

  6. TracyFlick says:

    Oh yes how lovely yes I would love a candy.

  7. bunny flavor candy?

  8. The eyes, drawing me in… falling, falling… sweet floofy oblivion

  9. Paunchie says:

    The eyes draw me in
    falling, falling, sweet floofy

  10. Funny, I just ate a few Chinese “White Rabbit Candy” before checking in for my daily dose of cute. If you’ve never had these candies before, you should seek them at local Asian grocery stores, they are soooo good! (Contains no rabbits, just a chewy creamy taffy like candy)

  11. What flavor is it? Awesome flavor. 😉

  12. Holy BUNday Smack Down!

  13. Mmmm. Reminds me of the bowls of candy that my family always has out during Easter.

  14. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh My God why don’t you just kill me now, as opposed to slowly killing me with cuteness?! I don’t know how much more I can take (but I am willing to find out, as long as you keep the cute coming)!

  15. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh and Nicholas? You gave me an idea for this bun’s name: Peep. Of course, I bet this little guy tastes way better than those nasty marshmallow peeps any day of the week (not to offend anyone who loves them, but yuck already).

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Why are there only brown M&M’s in this dish?

  17. apotheosis says:

    Those aren’t candies, they’re fresh-made raisins. 😀

  18. Caramel bunbons

  19. Hello Peeps, I’m back! A cotton candy-cottontail!

    MMMMMMMMMMM & MMMMMMM’s are more like it!

    I like Peeps, but I know that not everyone does. DaytimeDeb, I’ll save you from having to eat the ones that used to be allotted to you, I’ll eat ’em! Thanks!

  20. Can I get a bag of those? I don’t think one is enough. At all.

  21. Happycat says:

    Oh, puuuuleeze, give us hovertext???????
    Such an anerable critter must have some….;-)

    [Um, it’s already there, nobody forgot… – Ed.]

  22. Oh, that is absolutely adorable! What a cutie! I can only limit myself to just ONE!?! 😉
    I don’t think I can do that, LOL!

  23. As is traditional with Easter Bunny candy, I shall bite the ears off first.

  24. Such an anerable bun bun! I really want a bun to hop around my house, but I just got a kitten and hubby says no more pets for now. I’ll have to wait and talk him into it!

  25. Ugh, hate it when they leave just the last one in the dish. Refill, people, refill!!

  26. I’m so glad I got here in time for the last one! Thank you very much, I’ll take it right now and stuff it in my mouf.

  27. Lerrinus says:

    Don’t mind if I do! 🙂

  28. Welcome Back Katrina.

  29. danielie says:

    Awww! What a little sweetheart! ❤ Does "anerable" count as a flavour??

  30. Eww, is that a licorice one? Ye gads… I bet it’s left over from Easter…
    [takes it just to be polite]
    [drops it behind the couch when you aren’t looking]

  31. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (just in support here)
    I put my lil’ cursor ALL OVER the bunny (not in a sexually immoral manner, mind you) & found no hovertext either. Woe is us. Or Woe is we. or sumpin’.

  32. Agent 99 says:

    Yes, floofy, that describes this bunneh perfectly! :

  33. !!! BUN !!!

  34. DaytimeDeb says:

    Thank you, Katrina, but I learned how to avoid them as a child… my mom always said I had to take one to be polite, but unlike Patito Gigante I did NOT drop it behind the couch. But when the offered #2 (not a comment on the flavor, but irony nonetheless), I always said, “Why don’t you let my Mom have this one. I think she really likes them.” This also worked when my uncle would offer me the marischino cherries from his Manhattan. Those are most vile. Anyway, I would spend the rest of the evening dodging the death glare from mom. But surprise, surprise, she soon gave me permission to say, “No Thank You” when offered something gross.

  35. bookmonstercats says:

    I haz no hovertext. Therefore, I must have two bun-bons to make up.

    [I swear, it’s right there… says “Hmmmm. Fur flavorrrrrr”, honest. 😐 Now, the Alt Tag was missing, and I’ve just replaced it, but that’s NOT what gives you the hovertext; that’s the Title Tag, and it’s been there the whole time. For reals. – Ed.]

  36. This is such a cute little bunny.

  37. I do like good manners, DaytiimeDeb. I like Maraschino cherries, too. I actually have a snacking jar of them in the fridge. They aren’t in booze, though, I don’t do booze-too much medication. In return for all of your cherries and Peeps, I’ll give you any or all of the following: lima beans, Brussel sprouts, onions, anything spicy, any raw fruits and vegetables. That seems fair to me. Somebody should be eating them.

    Thank you kittyadventures, it is good to be back.

  38. I really do think we should be allowed to take two. After all, they’re small.

  39. @260Oakley: I lol’d.

  40. DewiCasgwent says:

    I’m dissapointed no one hasn’t come up with BubBun in bonbonniere or even what a lovely bunbunniere

  41. YOU do eet! Sign me up, DewiCasgwent, sign me up!

  42. bookmonstercats says:

    I still haz no hovertext, but I haz the title tag AND I now know what the hovertext says, so I am happy now and will stop comfort-eating the bun-bons 😉

  43. DewiCasgwent says:

    Sorry BunBun in bonbonniere

  44. Happycat says:

    rats…there must be something greatly wrong with my link…my hovertext says bunny in candy dish..;-( Not your fault, I’m sure…but scrumptious bun-bon indeed!

    [Huh, that’s the alt tag, not the title tag. Which browser are you using? – Ed.]

  45. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Katrina

    (please prepare for quite an unexpected sidetrack from the Main Issue, which is the CUTENESS of the pic …which remains fully established)

    HOW can you place Lima Beans in the same dish as Brussels Sprouts? One is a yummy item while the other is CLEARLY an instrument of Satan Himself. You are welcome to mail the Lima Beans to me– esp if you send them prior to being cooked.
    I’ll take care of ’em.
    The Brussels Sprouts ….may go to Purgatory or………… further South.)
    Thank you.
    You may now resume snugglin’ & snorglin’.

  46. Rainbow*Star says:

    *picks up bun*
    *pets soft mini-ears*
    *puts in pocket for later*

  47. i like these better than those butter mints.

  48. Aww I want to kiss my computer screen, that’s how cute he is !!! 🙂

  49. What the frick kinda bun is that?! I’m trying to get a bunny and I’ve already got the okay from the parents, and this is the exact kinda bunny I want!!!! what’s it called n where can I find one?! haha