This Job Sucks, But in a Good Way

According to the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere, two red panda cubs were abandoned by their mother, so zookeepers at China’s Taiyuan Zoo found a replacement: A dog owned by a nearby farmer.  Thanks to the milk of this generous pup, two endangered cubs are growing up.





  1. Super cute!

  2. What a sweet little doggie! I hope she is getting lots of pats and belly rubs for being a foster mom!

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Awww! 🙂

  4. Look at her face! She’s all, I”m a good doggie aren’t I!! Yes I am!!

    What kind is she? She has skinny winnie legsies!

  5. Yay! I sent this in. Those pandas are going to be bigger than Ms. Doggie soon, though.

  6. Look at the bags under that poor bitch’s eyes. That’s what breastfeeding twins does to a gal.

  7. metsakins says:

    The happiness on that pupster’s face is making my brain asplode!

  8. That last pic….SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE!

  9. awww I didn’t realize red pandas look even MORE like raccoons when they’re behbehs! CUTE!

  10. kibblenibble says:

    My guess is that she’s some kind of chi-terrier mix. I love her expression, too. I just loves me a sweet, nondescript, muttsy sorta dog. They’re the best.

  11. Mom’s are AWESOME!

  12. such a heartwarming story!! little does she know (or does she??) she’s helping out two furbabies of an endangered species!

  13. That is so sweet. Animals are good little spirits.

  14. What a wonderful doggie! She looks like she could use a little milk, er some nourishment herself – a little on the skinny side.

    And of course, OMFG, baby red panda cubs!!!! They turn into just balls of fur when they’re suckling.

  15. So cute… what a sweet momma dog. Such a lovely, happy, smiley face.

  16. I’d read that she was indeed a chi-chi mix.

  17. HOLY COW talk about cute overload!

  18. The red pandas are cute, of course, but it’s Mama dog who is really melting my heart! I agree that she looks like she could use some extra treats to fatten up a little!

  19. I’ll take all three, please.

  20. Such a sweet dog. She looks so happy in the second pic.

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    I remember that same expression on the face of the Countess von Zeppelin when our twins (now 29 years old) were refueling from the mother ship–pretty tired looking, but still with a big grin, like the mama dog in the second picture. Our twins, as I recall, were less fuzzy.

  22. DaytimeDeb says:

    Now THAT is interspecies snorgling, unlike that fast one you tried to pull on us yesterday, NTMTOM! 🙂

    @Aelfwyn, LOL. Still, tired as she looks, she seems happy to take care of her new babies. You’re a good doggie, yes you are!!

  23. Katie Anne says:

    What a good pup-bassador!! Love the expression in the second picture – she couldn’t be more excited to promote interspecies relations! Perhaps SHE is the one to forge a kitteh-goggie alliance??

  24. Zizi Jarmaine says:

    This dog looks like she needs a square meal. I hope they’re feeding the valiant little pup some good food

  25. Well it does say that the dog came from a farm, so that must be why she’s rather grungy. Plus, she has to breastfeed two more little guys.

  26. This dog will go straight to heaven when the time comes (hopefully a long way off). And OMG!!!1111!!! the red pandas are (squeeeeeee)

  27. Jimbeaux says:

    Fostering mama! Yay!

    I just got back from my friends’ house, who have started fostering dogs. They have a goofy choco-lab puppy who’s just plain adorable at the moment. Problem is, he wants to play ALL THE TIME and their older dogs just don’t have the energy for it. Lots of walks for the puppy.

  28. She looks soooo happy! But I have to wonder, wasn’t anyone else/bigger available or was she it just her turn? ‘~)

  29. Kallisto says:

    She is alllllllllllll smiles in the second picture. That’s so great. And who would have thought that red panda cubs are actually not red at all?
    @Von Zep, I’ve always meant to say: I always read your comments and I always like them!

  30. kimbunny says:

    oh they like you all right…

    you are pre-cise-ly

    my cup of tea!

  31. Awww, gosh, what a sweet story! I have a soft spot for cross-species adoption 🙂

  32. Agent 99 says:

    What a kind little dog! I sure hope they feed her extra yummy food and treats to build up her little body while she feeds two hungry pandas. What a good “mommy” she is being to those two babies. Love and nuturing… that’s what moms are best at. :o)

  33. jennie de mello says:

    Red pandas drinking milk??????
    GAH! Dead from the cute.

  34. Kristabelle says:

    Oh my goodness, BABY red pandas!!!! 😯

    What a sweet mama dog to help them out. She looks like she’s enjoying herself.

  35. What? I see no red pandas! I only see leetle grey balls of fuzz!
    (Never knew red panda babies were grey. Ya learn something new everyday)

  36. haha she’s all “c:>”

  37. yayyy!!! we need all the cute red pandas we can get!!!

  38. holy cow

  39. This is great! Panda babies often die when they are young because the Panda’s diet of Bamboo has little to no nutrients. Hopefully the pup’s robust diet will help these babies grow big and strong in a hurry!

    Way to go!

  40. Keep in mind she’s feeding panda babies AND her babies, hence the tiredness

  41. That is so sweet and adorable!

  42. Why isn’t someone feeding the mother dog!? She clearly needs nourishment. I can’t enjoy the pictures becase I see this as abuse. The person with the camera probably has enough money to buy her some food. This is a shame.

  43. I agree with Lynda! It’s pathetic when so many people have seen these pictures and all they say is OMG SO CUTE, but hardly anyone seems to notice that the poor dog is just skin and bone. She should be feeding for three but it doesn’t seem that she’s fed at all. If you really cared, you’d at least notice the abuse. Surely the zoo has funds to feed her during the time she breastfeeds. No wonder there are so many neglected pets in the world. Bless that little dog for being so selfless.

  44. the dog look so skinny, feed her please…