That’s 112 in dog years

16-year-old ‘Tyke’ was surrendered to a rescue for a second (and hopefully last!) time. Adopter Susan G. snagged his hiney right quick saying: “I am so lucky to have gotten him. You would never know he is such an old man.”


BONUS: TriTongueHance!

three_big_tonguesOle Man photos by Megan G.


Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Yep, juuuuust gonna take a nap in this hole here…

But something’s not working.

Oh well [Yaaaawn]

Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Stuart’s Moment of Brilliance was captured at the Minnesota Zoo by Carolina A.

I love, I love my calendar squirrel

You must have eet!!!

I love, I love my calendar squirrel
Yeah, sweet calendar squirrel
I love, I love, I love my calendar squirrel
Each and every day of the year.

It's no rocket pop but it will do.

Cute Overload Page-a-Day and Wall calendars NOW AVAILBUHLS. Licking Squirrelio Iglesias sent in by Zarina M. Lyrics are a blatant rip-off of ‘Calendar Girl’ by Mr. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeil Sedaka!

I don’t think this occurs in nature

At least, prolly not that often.

“Fennec fox gets a good scrubbin’ then leaves in a huff” was sent in by Alice W.

Bunday Nightcap

It’s 11PM on a Bunday. Will you come up for a… Bunday nightcap?

Come on… [beckoning motion]


Stay for one more, won’t you?

[Turns on iPod to Smoove Moves Mix]


Seductress Katrina L. says Pipi, Poopie, and Socky like their Johnny Walker Blue neat.

Toe-hawk nommed into submission

Dang hind-foot-toe-hawk!

Must… use… all… nommular powers to… nom nom nom NOM IT INTO SUBMISSION!


[wipes brows with paw] Ah. Moshe betters.


Vanessa D. says kitteh “Fleur” matches the carpet.

That’s right. Baby hammie with strawbeshie.

Have I told you all the one rule we have for accepting submissions onto the site? It’s simple really. If a photo (or video) elicits a squealing sound from our team of reviewers, it’s IN!

I give you exhibit A:


And B:


Sender-Inner Leila J. says: “Our office hamster, Peaches, is a bit of a trollop, and somehow managed to become impregnated and birth a litter of 11 without us noticing she was “in the family way.” It’s a happy-ending story, though, as she didn’t eat any of them and instead instructed them all in the worldly delights of noshing on fresh pattypan squash and strawberries. (related story: anyone want a hamster?)”

Save me Mr. Gershwin!

And they’re comin’ to get me
Pups are jumpin’
At my cam’ra held high

Oh your teeth are fine
Keep ’em clear of my Canon
This candid CutePortering
Dumps me on my behiiiiiind

Ehhh, who am I kidding; I’d do this all day.  Thanks to Lucy, Ricky, and my lovely neighbors across the street.

More Snow Leopards on Caturday

The Snow Leopard footage just keeps coming, Folks. I wonder why?

First we have:
Snow Leopard Weigh-In and Chirping

Next up:

A Day in the Life of the Enclosure + Pop song that mentions snow

Thirdleh, some beautiful snow leopard shots (over at National Geograhic, natch) shot by Steve Winter over a 10-month period. Here’s how he did it.

Picture 11

All footage sent in by Marilyn T. over at National Geographic. Deanna R. and Pat O. are the zookeepers over at Woodland Park Zoo and was produced by Ryan P.

Not ready to upgrade? Instead, consider adopt a Snow Leopard today!

What Is This, a G.I. Joke?

Hey, kid–do l look like a toy?  You see “Made in Taiwan” stamped on me, like I’m some kinda toy here to frickin’ amuse you?  Get a kung-fu grip, pal.  I’m not a taxi service for your little action figures, so tell Paratrooper Paul here to say “Geronimo”!