Wear Him Off, Keyboard Cat!

Now that Keyboard Cat is ready to play itself off to the Dusty Shelf of Internet Memes (say hello to Numa Numa Kid, won’t you?), relive its glorious fifteen minutes in the “Three Keyboard Cat Moon” t-shirt, a parody of the “Three Wolf Moon” t-shirt, thus cloaking your torso in an endless self-referential vortex of kitsch.




  1. apotheosis says:





  2. WTH? Now I just need to find a matching fanny pack.

    [Worn ’round front, naturally 😛 – Ed.]

  3. katiedid says:

    For some reason.. I feel the need to add this to my birthday wish list..

  4. Moochiecat says:

    Seriously, dude…where can a person order this?

  5. Moochiecat says:

    Duh, found it…lol Just got all excited and missed the link…

  6. WIN!

  7. hahahha i JUST put up a post about this on my blog like a week ago! Two things so near and dear to my heart. 3W1M and keyboard cat hahahhahah love love love it!

  8. Gotta find one of these with Maru on it…

  9. Its like you can almost hear him playing.

  10. Talk about “cool cats!”

  11. They missed out. The shirt should have been one gold, and two dark blue shirts. Or maybe, drop McCoy-cat and make the third cat wear a red shirt…..

    You’d probably need a red shirt for when the wolves retaliate.

    [ *nerdgasm* – Ed.]

  12. keyboard kittehs!!! >_<

  13. PS People, DO click the “Three Wolf Moon” link– it will take you to some of the funniest Amazon product reviews in existence.

  14. Pat Gallagher says:

    Good, but ot as good as Nora, who plays the piano by herself

  15. Wow…. now if only I were cool young young and cool enough to pull off the “I’m wearing this shirt ironically” attitude, there would be one of these in the mail to me right now.

  16. Saw this on WilWheaton’s blog last week and I’m still going WTF? Of course if they were dogs & not cats I could get that joke.

    Boy I’m old.

  17. apotheosis says:

    cath, you’re coming at it the wrong way.

    This is the value of self-deprecating humor: wear the shirt as an ironic statement about how a t-shirt that’s supposedly ironic on the young and cool suddenly ceases to be cool and ironic on someone who’s not young, thereby making the young, cool, and ironic question whether their ironic t-shirts are really that making them look cool after all, and from there they start thinking maybe their entire self-image is based on a lie.

    Sure, you take yourself down a peg or two in the process, but you can potentially take out THOUSANDS of jaded hipsters. Really, that’s a grenade all us old farts should be willing to throw ourselves on now and then.

  18. Cool shirt, Im gonna halfta get me one of those 🙂

  19. Nice to see that its made in the USA too!

  20. no, no — I’m waiting for the T’s of Nora the Piano-Playing Cat.

  21. apotheosis: I get where you’re coming from and I love the idea of taking down a few hipsters, but I am not entirely sure I agree with all your assumptions.

    Doesn’t it increase the Hipster Irony Power of these shirts when chubby middle-aged ladies (that would include me, as of this year) wear them? (Similarly, would mullets and airbrushed unicorn sweatshirts have retained their HIP if they had ceased to be worn by anyone?) I can’t help feeling I would actually increase its HIP, thereby elevating the smugness of my neighbourhood hipsters even further (clarification: No hipsters live in my neighbourhood, but sometimes they pass through).

    All this leads me to wonder… are YOU really a hipster trying to trick me into wearing this shirt to increase your own HIP? Well, punk? 😉

    [I do appreciate a good acronym. Point for Cath. 😉 – Ed.]

  22. …all that said, I would totally cut out the wolf panel, bedazzle it, sew it to a polyester sweater, and wear it to a Leslie and the Lys concert.

  23. This is one of those rare times where ironic tackiness + ironic tackiness = regular tackiness.

  24. apotheosis says:

    Great. I’m too busy trying to figure out how to rebut the hipster accusation to address the other questions.

    Well-played cath, well-played. 😛

  25. GingerBean says:

    The Amazon reviews for this shirt and the products linked on that site are all HILARIOUS!

  26. Cute shirt says:

    Whatever on the rest….

  27. I want one!

  28. ChloesMom says:


  29. I got so caught up in apotheosis and cath’s convo that I totally forgot what the heck this post was about! Some people on this site REALLY have a way with words! 😀

  30. Coolest thing ever! Too bad it isn’t painted on velvet!! Ordered!

  31. Ack! First there was Theadless + Cake Wrecks, now it’s Threadless + Cute Overload. Threadless is taking over the blogoshpere… and I kinda like it.

  32. BonzoGal says:

    One of those cats should be Keyboard Cat, one should be Winston, and one should be Maru.

    Although the many face of Keyboard Cat are entrancing…

  33. Noelegy says:


  34. That´s gorgeous!!! Except the t-shirts on the cats…. 😉

  35. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Will someone PLEASE tell me which Numa Numa link I should look at?
    SOOOO many on Youtube….


  36. Indiscreet says:

    I still have my “Oh Long Johnson” talking cat t-shirt from Cafe Press. It has faded a little, though…

  37. Lifecoach says:

    The definition of true love: My wife ordering me that shirt 0.3 milliseconds after she saw the ad. I can’t wait to watch milk squirting out the noses of like-minded nerds as I walk by wearing it.

  38. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Ohlongjohnson cat-guaranteed to make me laugh so hard I cry…:)

  39. snorglepup says:

    How is it I have never heard of Keyboard Cat or the legendary magic of the Three Wolf T-shirt before now??111!11 Yes, I am old and live under a rock…
    Now my world is a little bigger and my shirt is on order.
    The more ‘ya know…

  40. Rapwnzel says:

    I’m wearing a threadless shirt right now!

  41. Please airbrush Winston eating a banana on the hood of my El Camino.

  42. 5^^now8ing says:

    I would totally not have gotten this day-before-yesterday, but yesterday my son (home from college) introduced me to the Three Wolf Moon shirt. What timing!

    @ cath – Yeah, if I wore this, everyone would think I meant it seriously.

  43. 5^^now8ing says:

    Wait – no – apotheosis, that’s brilliant!

  44. 5^^now8ing says:

    Wait – no – cath, that’s brilliant! Youse guys are too moiche!

  45. I would like one 😀

  46. I saw someone wearing the wolf shirt today and thought of this!

  47. I ordered one. For some reason mine came with just one cat and 3 moons.

  48. As a frequenter of Threadless, I bought this shirt for my boyfriend within seconds of seeing it, then blogged about it, along with this Hall & Oates video spoof. The middle cat on the shirt looks pret-ty familiar…

    I don’t care how old I am, cat(s) on a shirt will always be a timeless classic.