So When Do We Ride The Tilt-A-Whirl?

C’mon, Dad!  This is a kiddie ride!  I wanna go on the Zipper, and the Cyclone, and that big swinging pirate ship! WHEEEEE!

That’s an E-coupon video, Lily B.


  1. earlybird1 says:

    Are dogs meant to sit like that?? She looks happy though! :)

  2. He’s having such a good time! I love it :)

  3. She really seems to be enjoying it! I wouldn’t have thought so, but then it doesn’t surprise me either. :)

  4. Does this dog like this? I’m not so sure.

  5. apotheosis says:

    I wouldn’t have expected it, but he really looks like he’s enjoying himself.

    Cats would never allow such an UNDIGNIFIED act to be perpetrated upon their precious selves. Which is why dogs are awesome.

  6. I did this nearly two years ago with my Bichon and Poodle! The video is up on youtube at

    I guess dogs really do love being on a swing set. It looks a little funnier with a BIG dog! hahaha!

  7. So sweet!

  8. apotheosis says:

    Well after all, we know dogs enjoy surfing and skateboarding and trampolines and merry-go-rounds, so this is probably just how their XTREME SPORTS addiction starts.

    I bet that many links gets me hosed by the spam filter. :(

  9. My cat loves being spun in the office chair. He takes turns with my two kids.

  10. John, nice video also.

  11. haha so cute! I don’t see how there can be any question about whether the dog enjoys this, just look at her face! So content! And she’s big enough to fend for herself if she doesn’t want to do it, I’m sure!

  12. The dog seems to be enjoying it. Cute video.

  13. I just feel bad for her tail being all squished up.
    And as for the face, that’s the same face my dog made when my 4 year old was pulling his tail. I think that’s the “Apparently this is making them happy, so I’ll just put up with it” face.

  14. Melvin, I disagree. The dog looks a little dubious at first, but she definitely relaxes. Once the mouth opens, and the tongue comes flapping out . . . she looks as happy as a dog on a car ride.

  15. This just goes to show what mellow dogs retrievers are. As long as no one’s trying to take their food away or messing with their family, they’re all, “Cool, whatever, man.”

  16. Courtney says:

    She looks very zen, swinging there.

  17. Robin of Portland says:

    I thought I was going to turn nuffer. Till I saw that doggie smile.

  18. MoonCatty says:

    The dangling, relaxed back leg, open mouth with tongue hanging, are signs of a contented canine. If the doggie were doing this only to please his/her human, then the dog would be making eye contact with the person to make sure of approval. Instead, this sweet dog is calmly looking around at the sights, not fidgeting at all, and enjoying the gentle rocking.

    Yes, sometimes folks make their pets do “human things”, or, *ahem*, make them wear human things, and it may not be especially fun for the critter. But a lot of times what is fun for us can be fun for an animal, after all we share the same emotions. Being in a swing wouldn’t happen to a dog in the wild, but that doesn’t mean a dog wouldn’t enjoy the experience. A swing set, one of the pluses of living in an advanced civilization… ;-)

    This doggie’s human appears to be careful and watchful, and the doggie looks so mellow and cute. This is such a sweet and whimsical vid!

  19. @MoonCatty- Yes, makes me think of how babies enjoy gentle swinging– it seems to soothe them– this doggy looks like it’s having a similar effect.

  20. earlybird1 says:

    @MoonCatty: Right on.

  21. apotheosis, I came to the exact opposite conclusion: “Cats would never allow such an UNDIGNIFIED act to be perpetrated upon their precious selves. Which is why CATS are awesome.”

  22. Jiggles says:

    I feel bad for the guy. Someone needs to procreate.

  23. apotheosis says:

    Juno: okay, the whole cattitude thing can be useful. It’s good to keep an animal around to remind me not to take myself too seriously, because she certainly won’t condescend to do so. It lends perspective.

    But really, they just need to lighten up now and then, y’know.

  24. I love bitway through the video when you hear the woman say, “How long will she let you do that?” and the man responds, “Oh, ’bout half an hour…”

  25. skippymom says:

    Oh, the look of pure, unadulterated, goofball doggie bliss. Dogs are sooo different from cats! Now that my life has been completely taken over by felines, it’s always a pleasure to be reminded how cool dogs can be.
    Although I must say, I am quite sure that my Eddy would love to swing in a swing. He thoroughly enjoys it when I pick him up and shake him (gently) up and down and around, swing him from side to side, spin in circles with him, etc. If I stop he looks at me with the “More, Mom, more!” expression.

  26. The dog definitely likes it. She looks unsure at first, but then she’s diggin’ it. If she wasn’t, there would have been some growling, maybe some barking, and probably a nip at the owner’s hand as he was pushing her on the swing. Besides, just look at her face by the end of the video. Pure puppy paradise!

  27. purple_phoenix says:

    I agree that she might be a little ‘wtf’ at first but she relaxes and goes with it in the end. If she wanted out, all she would have to do is jump out of the swing some how. I’ve worked with animals for 8 years now and believe me, they will find a way out of things that scare them no matter what.

  28. Jezebel says:

    I like it and that’s really all that matters.

  29. Amber_Dragon says:

    That is such a lovely video. So is yours John, sorry about your loss.

    Dogs are awesome, and for those who are worried about the dog, as others have said if the dog didn’t like it then the dog would fidget and try to escape and not look nearly as relaxed as that.

    *Waves* Hello everyone, I often read your page and have it sent to my LJ, but this is my first ever post on your boards. :-)

  30. 5^^now8ing says:

    apotheosis – those links are awesome!

    And I agree – the dog could totally jump/wriggle her way out if she hated it. Dogs are so great!

  31. littledogrescue says:

    “. . . . except for when she fell out backwards. . . . Well, she wasn’t REALLY hurt. . . . .”

    I believe she’s got it now, though. Definitely bliss.

  32. tristabelle says:

    I’ve figured out that animals doing people things is ALWAYS funny.

  33. tracylee says:

    Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. I wish I could fit my gangly grey into a swing, but the mile-long legs would get all tangled up :) Doggers looks like she’s having fun!

  34. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    @ Jiggles. Can’t you hear the grandbaby crying they want to swing too? Lol. Poor kid.

  35. I love the dog slowly realizing … ” … hey … this is actually kind of nice. Soothing. Seems comfortable. Ahhh.”

    Cats don’t allow themselves to be put in undignified situations because they’re so good at getting into them on their own. So for giving me at least one good hearty guffaw every day, CATS are AWESOME! :)

  36. My old dog preferred the slide. He liked it MUCH better than the merry-go-round thingy.

  37. heather says:

    when my daughter was an infant i had one of those wind up swings for her. as a joke one day i put bear, my cat into the swing to see how he would react. worst thing i ever did. if i tried to put my daughter into the swing he’d jump up and sit on the tray to share the ride or if she was busy elsewhere he’d jump in it and meow until someone wound it up for him. not to bad to deal with during the day but seriously, who wants to wake up at 3 am to wind up a swing for the cat? lol.

  38. Don’t know if this was the first time the dog had done this. He clearly relaxed and enjoyed it! But I would have let him down once he stopped smiling and followed him a bit to see if it made him “swing sick” (some dogs do get carsick). The test would really be if he asked to do it again the next time they were at the park.

  39. kibblenibble says:

    apotheosis: I agree that cats don’t usually put up with that sort of thing. However, my friend’s three-year-old daughter used to drag their marmie cat all around the house in the laundry basket, and he never jumped out. I think he loved spending time with her so much he actually enjoyed the interaction and attention.

  40. OH JOY!!!! My sumbishe/recommendy got PICKED!!!!

    I’m so excited, I”m going to try to wedge my 100# Labbie into a swing. ::pushing Yella dog into swing set::

    Oof. Urrrrrrrmph. Grunt. Snrrrrrrrrrk.

    ::push, wrangle, wedge::

    The heck with it. We’re going out for ice cream. They give him a scoop of vanilla for free. Cuz he’s kyoot.

    Glad you likee! I passed it along from my friend Carole, who founded eet.

  41. Heather Sherman says:

    Holy crap, that’s cute. I think that pup digs it!

  42. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh so many comments came to mind while watching doggy have fun!

    First, Meg — are you and I the only ones who get the “E-ticket” (or E-coupon) reference?

    Doggy was really digging the swing after it got going. His expressions were so clear from WTF (but I trust you, daddy) all the way to “This is heaven.”

    Then I though this is a great compromise for doggies that live with people who don’t have cars. Or, thoughtful people who leave their dogs home and don’t give them car rides, especially on hot days. This way the dog gets all the fun of sticking his head out and feeling the wind rush by, but it’s much safer! I think Doggy is pleased.

    Finally, I couldn’t help but laugh at the little girl in the swing next to doggy. I wonder if doggy thought, “Hey little girl, I can ride the swing, but can you fetch a stick?”

  43. Oh Definitely WTF – from my Grandson’s Dog – I do not see Baxter being put in a kiddie swing – a Springer Spaniel – he’s big beautiful blooming gorgeous and might just not fit he would be – “ME ?? in that – I quit”!!

  44. The dog jumped up to be lifted, so1# it was not the first time , 2# he likes it !

  45. That is really sweet! She loves it and is so happy just swinging! :D

    But why do people always have to *compare* cats with dogs? Because they´re our two most favourite domesticated animal companions of course. Apart from that…. THEY ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT SPECIES for pete´s sake! You can simply not compare them with each other. Each one has points we love (or don´t love), and it´s our own choice whether to like dogs or cats. Or both. I personally love both because of certain cattiness traits I like or dogginess traits that are cute etc.

    But *comparing* one with the other is just silly to me. Dogs are not cats. Cats are not dogs. Period. ;)

  46. Everyone seems to be missing the larger issue here – is this man/dog duo out on the open market or taken? I would be honoured to install a swing if necessary. . .

  47. Copperbat says:

    How sweet. I wish I had a nice feller to push me on the swing for “a half hour or so”. Watching her swinging is the next best thing. :D

  48. @ Lydia – What a delightful idea – I should think – most likely – taken for sure but it could be possible to go to your park and do some research – what am I sitting here for – where’s my coat and gloves – darn it – it’s cold out today.
    Love to All

  49. hon glad says:

    I think the momentum reproduces the feeling of being in the womb.

    “A womb with a veiw
    and you and no one to worry us
    no one to hurry us”…….

  50. Rachael says:

    I started this day – truly one of the worst days of the worst year of my life – crying and now I’m smiling. Thank you for reminding me that even in times of great emotional pain, we have these special moments that truly define us and make life worth living.

    I’m starting to feel like that joyful furbaby on a swing. *wheeee*

  51. katiedid says:

    Wow!! that was awesome! I’ve never seen a dog smile before.. It looked like he was actually smiling… lol.. My cat misha loves to hop on our computer chair and have me spin her (forever)… but I don’t know how she would ever feel about swinging.. or even being.. dare I say it.. OUTSIDE… *gasp*

  52. @Rachael
    So much pain in the world – but Dear, it passes – it does – the one good thing in life is that all things turn and turn again – pain and distress pass on and turn away, you have done the best thing, that in the midst of pain you look for something to help – and it was there when you needed it.
    I hope it always will be – the help you need should be there for you because you know how and where to look.
    Remember when something good happens – be there to enjoy it fully and take pleasure in the little things of life

  53. Rachael says:

    Patti, your kindness and compassion overwhelm me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  54. The part I liked was when the dog started to kinda lean forwards and backwards a bit depending on where the swing was…Did anyone else see that, or has sleepiness made me loopy?

  55. Merilee says:

    This was a charming family moment on vid, true, but when I saw that dogs were riding the swings, I had to stop using them for my children. The dogs may enjoy it, children definitely do, but you can’t tell a nine month old not to chew the swing!

  56. apotheosis says:

    Hey Barbarella…it’s not a matter of comparing, dear, it’s a matter of contrasting.

  57. Valerie says:

    Rachael: Glad your feeling better! :)

  58. Valerie says:

    My sister just lost her kitty last night. Feel so bad! For her pets are important parts of our families.

  59. Melinda (not that M, another M) says:

    What a fun video! And John’s too!

    @Heather, you had me almost rolling on the floor with that story! Hilarious!!!!!!

    @Rachel, I am so sorry you are having to go through such a day/year. Glad you know where to go for some reliable cute.

    My cat Calliope when she was a wee kitten who race around my cabin bouncing off walls and bookcases and launch herself into my hammock chair swing and stay swinging until it stopped or she slipped out of it. And we would laugh and laugh! Her nick name as a kitten was “Cat from H*ll” cause she never let up with whatever had caught her attention, be it the swing or your ankle.

    @everyone, I love reading the comments on CO, the vid/pic will always give me an aawwww or a lol, but you all are certain to give me LOLOLOLOLOLs!

    Thanks All,
    Melinda (who posts once every few years)

  60. Valerie, I’m sorry for your sister and her family. Pets are definitely family members if you do it right.

    I think E-tickets are one of those generation gap things. Heck I don’t think the younger generations even get tickets anyone when they have cards and online tickets.

    And you know what? I probably wouldn’t mind getting up in the middle of the night to wind up the electronic swing every now and then if it made my kitties happy. Hell, I’d probably put it on a generator.

  61. Melinda (not that M, another M) says:

    would, would, not who…. sheesh

  62. Melinda (not that M, another M) says:

    oh yeah, thanks for the reminder Kar, the E-ticket is definitely an age thing. you have to be old enough to remember when you had to purchase tickets to use for the rides inside Disneyland. The way you do at carnivals. Somewhere I still have an unused set of tickets.

  63. apotheosis says:

    I only know of “E-Ticket” because of Julie Brown’s “The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun.”

    So yes, mom & dad, Dr. Demento was educational and it was perfectly reasonable to stay up past midnight on Sunday listening to his show.

  64. Valerie says:

    Kar: Thanks I agree! My pets are so spoiled just like grandkids I am too young for!

  65. Noelle (the First) says:

    I love you guys!!! :)

    I was expecting to read a slew of nuffing (had my pudding and pasickies ready), instead I read nothing but love and joy! This is such a great site! *passes out pasickies and puddin’ cups*

    I think my dog would so go for this, if I could lift her into the swing! I really have to cut back on her treats! :(

  66. Jiggles, not everyone needs to pop out a kid or knock somebody up in order to feel accomplished.
    What a cute doggie!! She’s smiling and leaning back and forth with it.

  67. Kristabelle says:

    LOVE this!!! Doggeh is clearly enjoying the ride!!

  68. ashagato says:

    i agree with mia. jiggles thinks this guy “needs to procreate” because he’s having fun with his dog. so how do you judge all of us?

    awesome vid, i loved it :D

  69. Be Kind to Animals says:

    The problem with sites like these (and ‘funniest video’ tv shows) is that they encourage people to put animals into situations that make them uncomfortable, unhappy, or scared.

    To the individuals who think the dog is enjoying himself, you obviously don’t know anything about dogs. Look at his reaction to being picked up and then forced into the swing. Look at his face while he is in the swing. This is not a happy dog.

    Please stop encouraging people to mistreat animals just to get a ‘funny’ photo or video.


  70. apotheosis says:

    Well, so far you’ve told us you don’t know much about dogs. What else would you like to share?

  71. Amber_Dragon says:

    @Be Kind To Animals, it’s painfully obvious that you neither have a dog nor know anything about them. Care to share anymore of your ignorant statements so those of us who do have dogs and know about dogs can have a laugh at you?

    Jut an FYI for you, if that dog felt it was being “forced” to do something it didn’t want to do it would struggle. Added to which if you listen to the video you will find it isn’t the first time it has been on a swing, oh and it does ask to be picked up to be put in the swing. Observation isn’t your strong point either is it, just your own misguided agenda.

  72. L to the O and back once again to the proverbial L.
    Lord love the internets. :lol:

  73. Vana Koren says:

    Dogs were not meant to sit in a kiddie swing. Your dog is not a toy even though he/she may ‘seem’ like they are enjoying it. It’s not right and shouldn’t be done.

  74. apotheosis says:

    Shouldn’t you nuffers be out protesting the use of hamster wheels as a potential repetitive stress injury hazard, or something?

  75. apotheosis says:

    Not to mention flopping down in sunbeams as a dangerous UV source, can’t have the furbabies getting melanoma. And catching frisbees, are you kidding? Those plastics are probably just LOADED with carcinogenic substances.

  76. Amber_Dragon says:

    Seems to me apotheosis that the nuffers miss a vital point in their rush to be killjoys … Dogs will struggle and jump if they do not want to be picked up! A dog will struggle and jump out of such a swing if it doesn’t want to be there! So Vana Koren & Be Kind to Animals I suggest you go play elsewhere as neither of you seem to know anything about dogs at all.

  77. I thought it was pretty clear that the guy in the vid is at the park *with his kids*. And Sara the Dog has many viable means of resistance, protest, and escape. I think she truly digs it. AT :40 seconds or so, when they close up on her grinnin’ mug, I get all smoshy inside.

    I mean, the owner said she’d swing for half an hour (!!!!) if he’d allow it. :)

    Swing, pupperton, swing.

  78. Also? Check out the dainty MODESTY TAIL throughout the entire swing sesh.

  79. KatieZientek says:

    When the dog falls out again, then he’ll stop.. right?

  80. That’s so funny! The dog looks so pleased with herself!!

  81. I’m amazed at how much she seems to like it!

  82. I find this all kinds of unnatural! It’s like aeroplanes and mocolate…

  83. westward ho says:

    merilee: i thoroughly understand your reaction. when i had my first child, i boiled everything he came into contact with — except my nipples — for fear he’d ingest something dirty or contaminated. by the time my second was out of diapers, i was giving things a little once-over with an anti-bacterial wipe and not sweating it. honestly, a dog in a swing is no less sanitary than any of other things that sometimes go into them, and you can’t watch 24/7 to be sure that no one sneaks something muddy onto the surface. you wrap ‘em in bubble wrap or just hedge your bets with a little common sense. i guarantee you that no matter how hard you try to “protect” them from things like doggie germs, you’ll catch them one day trying to eat worms in the garden. so, if i were you, i wouldn’t begrudge a dog his (or her) day on the swing. it’s not such a bad act to follow.

  84. westward ho says:

    be kind to animals: seriously? next you’ll tell my my dog doesn’t like it when i blow raspberries on his belly.

  85. westward ho, I totally agree with you. They are now saying that anti-bacterial soap is bad for you….because you should be exposed to bacteria in daily life, or you’ll never get used to it and when a germ does hop on you’ll get more sick! Kids should be kids or they will turn sickly later in life. I had 5 dogs (and a lot more cats) growing up and I didn’t stay home sick from school once.

    Sorry Merilee, this cute puppy gets the swing any day!

  86. it’s funny and cute at the same time. i can’t stand it!

  87. Malvina Patraus-Giurgiu says:

    It’s so cute! I love dogs and this video is so cute and adorable,and funny, can’t forget funny! lol

  88. When I woke up this morning I was feeling really down. This video put the biggest smile on my face.

  89. This is just too adorable! Made my Monday!

  90. The dog’s expression the whole time is hilarious — she looks like she rides the swings every day.

  91. animal luvr says:

    thats so cute! the dog rely looks calm and happy. cute doggie!