“Bambam” the behbeh Chinchilla decided to wreck your Sunday with his non-existent ears.

Bambam auf Hand



Ladybird JB, the beady eyes aren’t bad either. Nice work.



  1. oh very cute. It’s like a camouflaged ear 😉

  2. Beth (in NC) says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ I would like one please. Special ordered.

  3. Jezebel says:

    If I find that ear, I’m so gonna nom it.

  4. kibblenibble says:

    It’s a leetle velvety soft round flap! I see it! I looks like, when nommed upon, it would melt in your mouf. Awww! 🙂

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Ack! “It” looks like, not “I.” Fooey. 😦

  6. Kibblenibble– we understand; it’s very difficult to talk with a non-existent chinchilla ear melting all over your toungue.

    I can’t even imagine how soft a bebeh chinchilla would be! Ahhhh. drowning in visions of angel-soft mounds of whipped topping… and that would be abrasive in comparison.

  7. Those are nearly dainty paws!

  8. I’ve never seen a bebeh before. Want want want want want . . .

  9. Chin-chilleree, chin-chilleree, chin-chin-cheree,
    A chinchilla’s lucky as lucky can be,
    Chin-chilleree, chin-chilleree, chin-chin-cheroo,
    His ears don’t show up even on a COXCU.
    So blow him a kiss, but he won’t hear you!

  10. Oh I’ve never seen a bebeh chinchilla before! ADORABLE!!!!

  11. Geez, another cute critter we dont get here in Aus – no hammies, no gerbils, no chipmunks, no squirrels, no chinchillas has we! Pet-wise we are a third world country.

  12. aww-how adorable 🙂


  13. darkshines says:

    Aw Micheal, but you get those cute spide… wait, how about the adorable poisonous snak…..ack, um, how about a teeny weeny widdle box jellyfi…..No I see your point. You do have koala bears though.

  14. aww-how adorable:)

  15. Almost goes unnotice, however I must say the lady in the picture has very pretty hands!

  16. DaytimeDeb says:

    Are you sure it’s not an Easter Chinchilla? The ears always get eaten first around my house.

  17. It looks like a baby seal…!

  18. And he’s named “Bambam.” And doesn’t look anything like a Bambam. Ahn.

  19. 260Oakley says:

    Friends, Romans, Chincillas, lend me your ears. Whoops, too late.

  20. Kristabelle says:

    @ darkshines – HA!! 😆

    What a little softie!

  21. Why his ears clearly exist. I can see them. Wait, no maybe that means I’m having ear delusions.

  22. @thepetmuseum: Bambam’s a fine name. One moment, he’s sitting in his human’s hands, and BAM(bam?), the next minute he’s gone because I went and stuffed him in my mouf because he’s so mrrphhpfpmhh.

    (Btw, what is it with nomming on cute things? It’s like some sort of instinct or something)

  23. Jimbeaux says:

    He’s very adorable. My friend has several chinchillas and says they’re very soft, but also rather disapproving, unless she brings them raisins.

  24. Squee!! Bebe chinchilla! As the proud mother of four chinchildren, I’m glad to see them represented on the site again. ❤ And yes, baby chinchillas are VERY soft.

    Jimbeaux: Tell your friend to treat with crushed rosehips, pieces of bite-sized shredded wheat, or a small pinch of old-fashioned oats. Super nummy to a chinny, and much healthier than raisins! 😀 Boiled and baked apple twigs are also a huge hit around here. 😉

  25. Looks like rat. Cats n rats comes to mind.

  26. @T.U.M. – cute song!

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    I see an ear.. a very tasty looking ear.. yummmmmmmm

  28. Oh My Goodness! Bambam looks like a stuffed toy! It’s the new Christmas favorite-Tickle-Me-Chinny! Where can I get one?

  29. chanpon says:

    Chinchillas are always redonkulously floofy looking. Must..reach..out..and..touch.

  30. Little ears! The cuteness!

  31. tracylee says:

    not by the whiskers of my chinny-chin-chilla?

  32. My rack-sense is tingling.

  33. Bender, for me, that’d be, like, my eyes.

  34. Mare – FUNNY. Yeah, what IS it with the “must stick teh cute in mouf”? Like kitten huffing.

  35. 5^^now8ing says:

    Michael Claymore — so sad! But Australia does have lotsa great animals found nowhere else, so there’s that! Plus those animals are *awesome*! (Visited Aus in 2000 for three weeks & fell completely in love w/your country!)

  36. 5^^now8ing says:

    Theo! As Captain Renault, I am shocked — shocked…. 😉

  37. kibblenibble says:

    Teho…HA! 🙄

  38. Ladybird_JB says:

    Hi everybody!
    I am so surprised that they put my Bambam online! I submitted the foto 4 month ago and just wanted to say that Bambam is fine – His ears are now very large – larger than those of his mom *lol*
    And he loves dried apple!

  39. MaggieBee says:

    YAY! Baby chinnie!!! Chinnie ears poof out a few weeks after birth… ❤ And they are dangerously mouf-sized….

    I call for more chinnie pics! ;D

  40. mz. twinkletoez says:

    awww! how cute!

  41. aww-how adorable:)