(Virtual) Pat the Bunny

This is like a virtual bunny petting here. If you don’t have a a bunny at home, you can pretend with this video.

Check out the chub neck action:

This video submitted by and heavily petted by Tracey and Ross.



  1. GreyhoundMommy says:

    Rippling handfuls of cookies and cream colored Bunneh!!

  2. I like the sensitive bun eyeliner action, but it was borderline GEE ROSS

  3. This makes me want to run down stairs and pet my two buns but its a quarter to one in the morning (UK time) plus I’m a bit tipsy…

    [Oh my, on a SATURDAY? *affected gasp* 😉 – Ed.]

  4. At the beginning, little bunny foo foo looked like a cuttle fish. Imagine that.

  5. That quadruple chin on some bunnies is called a “dewlap.” Why it is called this, I have no idea, but that is probably among the most dewlappiest dewlaps I have ever laid eyes on! Are we sure that’s a bunny and not a pelican?!?

  6. very cute, but doesn’t he look a little overweight? don’t get me wrong, i always think chubby animals are cute, but then i worry cos my bunny almost died from GI problems when he was overweight.

  7. Do bunnies really gobble like turkeys?

  8. Massive ripples of disapproval.

  9. I disapprove of neck chub. And country music. And gobbling. Now where’s my cookie?

  10. Wonky McValtrex says:

    IMHO that bun doesn’t look like he’s enjoying herself – trying to get away, eyes wide open, nose wiggling fast. It looked a bit rough for the poor bun.

  11. The ending of that video could use some work…

  12. Pademelon says:

    I have an overwhelming craving for neck chub now…So cute! I wish I had a bun to snuggle and snorgle (so much snorgling would be done).

  13. Sara-Bell says:

    I was just noticing the waves of fur floating down to the carpet. Made me want to
    vacuum. Weird.

  14. Charlene says:

    Why do people feel the need to “enhance” their videos with crappy, crappy, crappy music? Here’s an idea: don’t use music at all!

    [Well aren’t you the charmer? Here’s an idea: don’t use the comments at all! 😛 – Ed.]

  15. Redbone says:

    Good gravy, it’s like a little fuzzy marshmallow. I hope they gave Foo Foo a treat for putting up with all that.

  16. would someone please call the clean-up crew. i just barfed a rainbow and exploded all over the place. gah!

    [Sorry, they don’t work on weekends… – Ed.]

  17. Copperbat says:

    lolling@the idiotic wtf music

  18. haha the very end is the best

    i had a bunneh with neck chub like that when i was a kid! the way i explain it to people is that it had a double chin…that wrapped all the way around its neck!

  19. Nancy (orig) says:

    @Nikki – yes! I remember dewlap, now I know who’s supposed to have it. The bun, not my elderly aunt. My dad always said she had a dewlap!

    hahahahha, old memories.

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    What is UP with that music, LOL!

    And a man patting the bun? Instant sex appeal! We need to see his face, not just his manly, hairy arms! 😀

    And right at the end…BUN TUNG!!!! 😛

  21. kibblenibble says:

    Having Simpsons flashback: “hump and dewlap, hump and dewlap.” Seems like Lisa was the one saying it, but I don’t recall what it was about…memory not what it used to be.

  22. Only female rabbits get dewlaps like that, and only if they’ve reached sexual maturity. So this means she was spayed very late, or not at all. If you don’t get a female pet bunny spayed she will almost certainly get cancer 😦

  23. Melissa H. says:

    Strange choice of music. But that’s some heavy pettin’ right there.

  24. Jezebel says:

    Is it weird that I wish I had a dewlap?

    [Is this a trick question? – Ed.]

  25. When I was a kid, we called the technique at 0:35 “stroking the bones out of the rabbit.”

    With that music, it’s funny and creepy. Downright freepy.

  26. Beth (in NC) says:

    @Marie I didn’t know that about the dewlaps (or, @Nikki, that they were called dewlaps!)!! Unfortunately I did know that about reproductive organs… I adopted a one year old bunny for my first rabbit experience. I got her spayed but she already had a bacterial infection in there. Poor baby crossed over the rainbow bridge not long after. I have been much more fortunate with my male bun, who I got fixed right at 4 months. Boy, was he pleased. 😀

  27. DaytimeDeb says:

    .58-.59 was the best! I recommend turning the sound OFF before watching. Someone called this “country” music. I know country music, country music is a friend of mine, and ma’am, that was NOT country music!

    [ *raises a glass to Jack Kennedy* – Ed.]

  28. You said “chub”.

    [Believe it, bub. – Ed.]

  29. Sigh//// it must be some kind of nuffy evening pulls out pudding cups and hands them out!

  30. @Nancy, nothing like family! LOL at your dad–holidays must have been interesting at your house! 🙂

  31. chanpon says:

    And in 3 days this guy will be wondering why his bunny is now hairless.

  32. Watching that was so satisfying.

  33. janet2buns says:

    Foo Foo disapproves of this video. And of patting/petting. And of hoomins, and everything they stand for!! Now, get her some treats!!!

  34. My husband had never heard of Little Bunny Foo-Foo until I mentioned it a few years ago. He thought I made it up. Now I have proof that it’s not a figment of a Vicodin-induced stupor.

  35. Look at those ears pointed backwards. That rabbit’s not enjoying the attention.

  36. Foo Foo’s dewlap (or as we called it on my bunny, The Front Flap) is mighty and rotund. My bunny would never have stood for such interference with the dewlap. However, long strokes from nose to tail were acceptable. 🙂

  37. doomchild says:

    Why, it works – I feel better already, having patted that wabbit 🙂

  38. tracylee says:

    aw, bun doesn’t like being a movie star? she should totally approve of it, but it kiiiinndaa doesn’t look like she does. as usual.

    p.s. greyhound mommy, I’m one too! ain’t they just the berries?

  39. The guy is way too rough for a bunny! My rabbits would never tolerate such harshness. My rabbits do not like their dew laps touched. Also look at the rabbits stance, he is not happy. This is not a cute video. This is called rabbit stressed.

  40. 5^^now8ing says:

    I didn’t know bunnies had double chins — interestin’ dewlap-explainage, there, peeps. Always learnin somethin new on CO!

    I can’t attest to whether or not bunnies like heavy petting, but some kitties sure do! Our little Siamese Juliana will absolutely roll around and pull herself along the carpet with her claws in ecstasy when petted like this!

    Easy solution: once in a while I don’t like the music for a video, and I just turn the sound down! Then everybunny’s hoppy! (sorry – I couldn’t help it. I have a pun compulsion today.)

  41. Super adorable, but the music was not appropriate for the occasion. It made it cheap. lol.

  42. Hard to tell which one the bun hates more, the musica or the man-handling.

    CO goddess, I like how you went nuts with comment editorials! Snap!

    [“Goddess?” – Ed.]

  43. JuliaPequlia says:

    Some buns like to be really squished — I know ours does! And the dewlap is not chub. Our bun used to have one until she was fixed. Here’s a similar video of JoJo *enjoying* a good face squish, though the lighting is pretty bad …

  44. JuliaPequlia says:

    Ooooo, I didn’t think that link would actually insert the video. Oops!

  45. Crumb-bums!

  46. Both my house-buns LOVE being petted like this. They hunker down and squish themselves all flat to the floor, and get a full rubdown massage from nose to haunches, and they even kinda lean into it. They put their ears down against their backs because they LOVE ear-rubs. Finnegan likes me to work my fingers into his fur and gently tug out all the extra fuzz, especially when it’s shedding season; he stretches full out and gets way into it. My other rabbit liked the face squish too- in rabbit society, only the dominant bunnies get their heads groomed so it’s a big rabbity ego boost. And they definitely let you know when they’re not happy or not in the mood. I’m pretty sure the bun in the video would have bailed if he didn’t trust his owners or didn’t enjoy what they were doing.

    And Wonky, rabbits’ noses always twitch that fast. People who first meet my rabbits think it means they’re nervous or scared, but that’s just how they normally breathe. Always going going going a mile a minute!

  47. My bun’s ears don’t always work right (with the directions showing mood), he is a purebred lop but had a head tilt and his ears are quite un-lopped now. (His head is still a bit tilty, too, but he’s been treated for the underlying cause.) He is very interactive with the petting though. He squirms around all over the place alternately licking me and shoving his head under my hand to demand face-scritches. No nicely sitting still for the camera.

  48. snorglepup says:

    Yes, the music was umm, inappropriate.
    But I must know. What happened to Santa??!!11!

  49. hahahhaha
    very nice rabbit

  50. I…um… that bunny has a look on his face like he’s saying Why Does God Hate Me?

  51. i loved this video it was so cute it made me want to do the same with my puppy by the way leave a message in my inbox so i kow who you r bye the way im kirsty
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    [Kirsty, this isn’t a dating service. No more solicitations like this, please. – Ed.]

  52. haha! My male rabbit likes being rubbed like that too! It’s so cute. When I’m done, he gives me lots of kisses to return the favor!

    I have a female rabbit too, but we got her fixed early enough that she didnt really develop a dewlap. My house bunny doctor says that only female rabbits get dewlaps, and that they’re used by momma rabbit to cover the baby bunlets in the nest. Apparently, the longer a female rabbit goes un-fixed, the bigger the dewlap will get!

  53. I hate to ask this … but what twisted song was that?

  54. trumanrabbit says:

    I also need to know the name of that song. Must…have…eet!

  55. If only my bunny liked that much petting!