New episode of Simon’s Cat

New episode! This one is called “Fly Guy.” Once again, Simon Tofield shows his ability to capture uncanny kitteh-like behavior:

Cat Man Do

TV Dinner

Let Me In

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  1. kibblenibble says:

    I love this guy. ROFLMAO.

  2. chanpon says:

    So cute and so true! I wish he’d make one with two cats and their dynamics so I can relate them to my current brood.

  3. Those cartoons are just amazing. Hilarious stuff. Thanks for posting the lot.

  4. These are all so accurate! This guy is brilliant.

  5. DaytimeDeb says:

    I often thought Cat Man Do (I always called it “Wake up and FEED ME!!) was the most brilliant cartoon. I think he might have surpassed that one. The part where the cat actually caught the fly was exactly like the time my Dino caught one and had to check under his paw to make sure it was there, thereby releasing the fly.

    This entire cartoon was dead-on. I have often said – yelled, “This is why I can’t have anything nice around here!!” when my cats have torn through the house chasing what I thought was an imaginary housefly. Perhaps they were just trying to be Simon’s muse.


  6. Kristen says:

    Wonderful new cartoon! The one claw stuck in the curtain part is so cute, just like my cat does! Hope the wait is not so long for the next one.

  7. Just watched some of the old ones again. Why does the cat butt crack me up so?

  8. I think every cat person watches these and says “that’s just like (insert name here)”. Brilliant.

  9. Glix said “butt crack” [snickersnort] 😆

  10. victoreia says:

    *snort* Every time I watch Simon’s Cat, I wonder how he got the cameras into my apartment! That’s exactly what happens to me every day! (Even the butt in the face!)

  11. Ohmigod, I was literally just thinking of Simon’s Cat today and wondering if a new one had come out.

    And Yea, the Gods of Cute Did Hear My Plea.

  12. Oh gee thanks! My Dante is now searching desperately around the computer for the fly! 😉

    I love the smug little look when he puts the fly on Simon’s chest. Dante has a cheesy little grin like that.

  13. ROFL…. I love the cute kitty cackling sound he included. So hilarious when my own does that.
    But yeah, that was like watching my own Stewie chase after flies. Except he doesn’t present it to us. After he’s caught it and played with it a little, he ends up eating it himself 😛

  14. Thank you for telling us this was out! I love these videos. My cat Sarah does the patting thing every night to get me to pet her. She only lets me pet her when I’m laying down in bed, but in an attempt to be a little less owned by her I try to ignore her and make her “work” for it. Ha. I’m so owned. Thanks again Cute Overload!

  15. LOL TThe fly one is Lilac.. Soo totally lilac… She thinks she is a mighty hunter but really she is a catch and release kitty

  16. I love these
    they are exaggerated and not exaggerated at all

  17. Simon’s Cat is hilarious. There’s no other word for it. But the funniest thing is, a fly just flew past my face while I was watching the video.

  18. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    That cat is so cute and so accurate. Our cats love to bring into the house whatever they’ve caught and present it like ‘look how clever I am, look what I caught for you’….they don’t generally get a good response. My cat once brought a snake into my room. Gee thanks cat, thanks alot.

  19. I’m sure my fellow Simon’s Cat fans would like to go his site
    With details of the forthcoming book, and a compitse involving a Simon’s Cat Cut out.

  20. my favourite filmaker EVER! i swear he knows my kitthen. =)

  21. How does this guy know my cat? ‘Cause he does. Intimately. I’m guessing they met online (all my critters sleep on or near my computer) – either that or my cat is two-timing me with some quirky guy in England (note to self – check credit card for overseas flights). Fabulous!!

  22. How lovely! I’m starting to think that this guy is having secret relationships with all our cats since he’s certainly having one with mine: He describes her perfectly! 🙂

    I hadn’t seen that he’s done some cartoons for the RSPCA called Simon’s Sister’s Dog… Quite fun, too:

    Simon’s Sister’s Dog

  23. My very fat cat Josephine does this with toy mice. Whenever she catches one, she has to announce it to us. We provide lots of verbal praise just in case we need her to catch a real one someday.

  24. Marianne says:

    these animations never cease to be absolutely perfect!!

  25. Charlie says:

    The sideways tippytoe scuttle (as someone described it on youtube) is perfect hehe

  26. These are SO awesome. Obviously a true cat owner. My boys display most of these behaviors. My favorite is the face slap to try to wake me up in the morning. 🙂

  27. I love these!

  28. Brilliant!!

  29. Simon’s Cat is “da bomb”. Absolutely dead-on cat behavoir, wonderfully executed in cartoon style. Love them. Oh, and…


  30. Well done! And it’s only slightly exaggerated from what goes on here nightly!

  31. hehe, so awesome, just like my cat.

    especialy the getting claw stuck and the chirping when she sees something interesting =]

    always did love these toons

  32. These toons are the best. Having been owned by cats for 45+ years, I can certainly relate.

  33. serorobele says:

    I don’t think these are quite as funny to people who don’t own cats…. I, however, find them hilarious.

  34. Shannon says:

    I love the “chittering” to the fly!! Perfect! Look’s like Simon’s Cat needs a nail trim…

    Oh and I have a limited edition Simon’s Cat t-shirt!

  35. I laughed so hard I bit my tongue.

  36. platedlizard says:

    Cat-man-do is the sole reason my kitty is no longer allowed to ‘sleep’ with me*. I rather like sleeping more than about three hours every night!

    *excluding the baseball bat, she hasn’t figured that one out yet

  37. Starlinguk says:

    *ponders holes in the net curtains*

    I don’t know what y’all are on about, that never happens here.

  38. Easily the best portrayal of a cat I’ve ever seen. So absolutely spot on in all ways. Love it.

  39. I can’t get “Fly Guy” to play. I just get a blank black screen. 😦

    I love how Simon’s cat is so clean and simplified, yet the detail of his little butt is there.

  40. 5^^now8ing says:

    Simon’s Cat!!! Squeee!!!

    Many years ago, when hubby was in graduate school, we lived in a somewhat dilapidated rental house with a screened-in porch on the back. The porch foundation had sunk and had big cracks most of the way around, so bugs could get in, in spite of the screens. We installed a cat door so the cats could enjoy the screened porch, and our Smudgie (RIP) used to love to catch moths out there at night, bring them into the house, let them go, and chase them all around the living room, awakening us with lamps crashing to the floor, etc. When she tired of chasing them, she ate them, and (naturally) threw them up later. We got so we would watch her coming in the cat door and not let her in if she had a moth. Eventually, she caught on that we couldn’t stop her if we weren’t within eyeshot, and she would furtively peer through the cat door, moth in mouth, checking whether she could see us. So hilarious!

  41. LMAO… This cat is seriously capable of hurting the poor guy. LoLz. but he’s cute

  42. Ha! I like the new one! Very funny *gag*!
    I liked the cat’s deep breath, all “job done!”, after the fly was downed. And then looking away. And then the hot-dogging around. And then, oh all of it!
    Thanks for posting all the episodes.

  43. Terrific! I’m feeling really thankful for one of my cat’s fly-catching prowess these days…the hot weather is luring the flies indoors in droves. Unlike in the cartoon, she eats them, which I should find gross, but actually derive satisfaction from. 🙂

  44. Paunchie says:

    These are so funny!! The TV dinner one mow. mow. MOW. MOW. Butt in face. MOW MOW. Don’t ignore me!

  45. Cilla Mitchell says:

    This has to be one of the best laughs I had in a long time. Funny stuff. This man knows his cats.

  46. Thank you. GASP WHEEZE Thank you. I have laughed so hard I had to scramble to find my inhaler. GASP WHEEZE.

    My kids will be thrilled to death when they see this one, and of course we will all have to watch them all again and again. 😀

  47. GIGGLE 😈 Dooley caught a mouse that was on top of the headboard of my bed 😈 He took the mouse upstairs and proceeded to pound the life out of it 😈 Unfortunately, I found the dead mouse a few days partly under a water jug that it must of tried to get under to hide from Dooley 😈 The dead mouse left in a plastic bag like the previous ones 😈

  48. Just happened upon these and ROTFLMAO … gotta love those krazy kats!!!


  50. interrupters says:

    Just saw a video love the work, I think everyone who has a cat can relate to what your talkin about. Keep it going

  51. hon glad says:

    I certainly recognise the shreded curtains from my two’s attempts at catching Flies.

  52. jackie31337 says:

    Brilliant! I always love the Simon’s Cat videos. I am so glad to see a new one.

  53. DaytimeDeb says:

    I’m amazed at how many of you with cats actually have curtains… I have never managed to figure out how to have both cats AND curtains. Horizontal and vertical blinds are bad enough. But curtains… no, I’m not brave (or rich) enough to risk that.

  54. Leslie (NTA) says:

    “And there was much rejoicing” [“YAY!!”]

    (For any uninitiated, that’s a M Python classic — from the Search/ Holy Grail film)

    Silliness- Loving Representative of the Simon’s Cat Fun Klub

  55. hon glad!!! (skippitythumpthumpwhee!)

  56. I only wish my cat were this active. Miss the fun. She has brought me 3 yard snakes, a few birds and I had just let her outside when seconds later I turned around and she sat proudly behind the little tiny bird she brought me. I tried to save the bird but the neck was broken. This all from a indoors only cat, declawed from the pound about 1-2 yrs old when I got he. She has anixity so bad. It took years for her to trust me. She’s a long haired beauty with the greenest eye’s you’ve ever seen. I had a tom cat for 13 yrs, it took him about 10 to start catching birds. And he had claws. My cat rarely sits in my lap, I should be so lucky. She’s very sweet and loveable but don’t pet her while she’s sleeping, she doesn’t like to be distrubed. If Simon would add cat hair flying in the air it would really be exact.

  57. How did you guy’s get the pictures added?

  58. donkeyinawhitecoat says:

    Oh man I’ve been waiting forever for a new simon’s cat video. I love that li’l guy and his wiggly butt pouncy move. Great stuff

  59. Squez Mommy says:

    My GOD! The chittering and the hyper running around after catching it…..SO ACCURATE!! 🙂 Adorable!

  60. Finally got it to play! Yay! I love how each one of the animations ends with the cat pointing to his mouth in a not-too-subtle food request.

    We were watching Philo play the other night, and he did the hunker-down butt-wiggle pre-pounce thing, and since Philo has been with us since he was two weeks old and had no mother to teach him how to hunt, we were discussing how in some cats those old instincts remain purely as a form of amusement to humans. 🙂

  61. DaytimeDeb says:
    I’m amazed at how many of you with cats actually have curtains… I have never managed to figure out how to have both cats AND curtains. Horizontal and vertical blinds are bad enough. But curtains… no, I’m not brave (or rich) enough to risk that.

    You must have some seriously rowdy cats!!! Since I’m little my family has always had cats and, apart from when they were kittens and very tiny, all our cats have lived in perfect harmony with our curtains. My own cats now are also okay with my curtains.

    And for the US/Canada people on here, declawing is illegal where I am in Europe, so my kitties have all their claws and *still* don’t destroy any of my curtains. 🙂

  62. brinnann says:

    😆 This new video made me LMAO at work, and it was soooo worth getting the weird looks from cow-orkers!

  63. brinnann says:

    Also, I’ve had cats since I was wee, and our curtains have never suffered for it. The horizontal blinds, however, if not left up a few inches, tend to get badly damaged from kitties climbing through them to get to the windows.

  64. whoever is making these, WOW, I thank you….

  65. Ah yes, it’s summertime and flies keep getting into the house. My very cat-like dog has had lots of fun (though little success) hunting lately.

  66. Let me preface my comment by 1st saying that I adore my cat. He is as youthful and rambunctious today has he was the day I got him as a kitten 14 years ago. He has, over our years together, given me great joy. In fact, not 10 minutes ago, I awoke him from a deep slumber by belching so loudly that he fell off the couch in sheer terror. I had a much needed laugh until tears were streaming down my face.

    However, these past few weeks, I have been under a great amount of (temporary) stress – the kind experienced when purchasing a home, dealing with an unexpected burst of activity at work, and general family drama. When it rains, it pours, but happily, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Sleep, however, is incredibly tough to come by these days.

    When my brain finally shuts off, the alarm is only a few hours away. Meanwhile, back at the ranch – THESE are the antics that I’m dealing with EVERY NIGHT. Because this is behavior is not new to me, and because I cannot possibly scold him for being sweet, I groan, drag the pillow over my head and just try to “sleep” through the precious few hours of furry torture – this is ABSOLUTELY worse than waterboarding. There are no baseball bats or ear snaps involved in his technique, but the face taps by HUGE furry paws, constant full body biscut-making, the prancing up and down my body hour after hour and the loud announcements of his presence in the form of meows and shrieky purrs is going to be the end of me this time.

    One year, about 7 years ago, this nocturnal performance almost did me in again, and I made the mistake of locking him out of my room. The shrieks of lonliness and rejection almost peeled my skin off, and I wisely never made that mistake again. Anne Frank, he is not.

    I just had to vent. In a couple of weeks, these videos will be screamingly funny, but right now, some of them are so incredibly representative of my life, that I just shake my head in disbelief…

  67. Katie Kat says:

    These are simply the funniest cartoons ever! Simon honestly KNOWS cats and I always end up laughing out loud. WANT MORE MORE MORE!!!

  68. Dawn Wells says:

    I love this guy … He knows his cats … and the (chatter) the cat does before the pounce…. my cat does the same thing … great stuff!!!!!!

  69. Subhangi says:

    Effin’ brilliant!!! Simon Tofield is all kinds of awesome.

  70. These cartoons are great!! My friend introduced me to this site this morning, and I;m really enjoying it. Can’t wait to show my hubby these…looks like our house! We’re sportin’ 8 of them right now.

  71. Talk about coincidence – am watching this in my local public library (in London, England) at the computers and just when it finished, a fly came in the door and zoomed past our faces.

    This man is brilliant – he should be made an honorary king of cats.

    Thanks for sharing yet again, the amazing personality and deviousness of catdom.

  72. Have any of you dudes seen “Simon’s Sister Dog??” It’s hilarious, and just like a dog. This person is a genius.
    Kate Wetherall

  73. Dulcimom says:

    These are fall down, laugh out loud, hysterically BRILLIANT! It’s almost as if he has a hidden camera documenting authentic cat-isms. Whatever you do, don’t stop making these wonderful videos.

  74. WendyPinNJ says:

    Every single one of these things is better than the last, if that is at all possible. So much to love. So unbelievably SPOT ON with so many of the little, quirky kitty behaviors. I particularly LOVE the chattering at the fly, and the excited sideways hop on all fours!

  75. Simon’s Cat had me laughing out loud! He’s just like my two owners.

  76. LittlestDrummer says:

    In “Fly Guy”, I loved the sound that the cat makes when he is looking at the fly ont eh lamp shade. My fat cat O’Malley (yes, he is orange) makes that same noise when he is stalking flys. Though he is declawed, so there is no damage. Also, he loves to hide under paper and in boxes, making lots of noise. Espesially in the morning when I am getting ready for school.

    [I call that noise “bird chatter”. With our cats, it’s usually not about flies. – Ed.]

  77. These are fantastic!! I saw both my cats in these! They are Universally Cute!! Thanks Simon – I hope to see your work on the big screen too!!!

  78. These are so funny. and so true to life. Great job!

  79. this is really funny

  80. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ joolie —
    extending hopes that things ‘r smoothin’ out in your neighborhood. Feline quad’s are generally quite useful as humor therapy– even when they prefer we not find them humorous 😉

  81. A new Garfield perhaps? Very nicely done, clever!

  82. LMAO!! The kids and i have come up with a new term. Stalking Mice, of course, is Mousing. Stalking flies is “Flousing”! Our Lucy loves to ”Flouse”!

  83. Melodye Davis says:

    OMG! He’s living my life! He captured my cats perfectly! ROFLMAO

  84. OMG! These shorts are fantastic! They remind me of why I don’t want another cat! 🙂