Friday Haiku: Smooth Operator

Today’s haiku prompt:
Silly surgeon sans scalpel
Appealing? Then write




  1. Anothergirl says:

    LMAO!!!!! That’s toooo funny!

  2. Zee tasty morsel
    From your belly I shall pluck
    Dessert will be friends!

  3. My heart bleeds
    for the dead banana
    and the fear that has overtaken
    his survivors.

  4. Lula Mae says:

    yellow banana,
    green parakeet, red pecker,
    the viewers are shocked

  5. It’s so horrible!
    He was so sweet, but now he’s
    Just a birdie’s snack!

  6. temperance says:

    this shit’s bananas!
    killing an innocent fruit-
    seemingly, with glee.

  7. Hold me closer Frank
    The bird may come for us next
    keep your eyes peeled (dear)!

    Ouch…the pun!

  8. The person who made
    This redonk banana scene
    Has too much free time…

    Its kind of morbid
    Yet also hilarious
    The birdie loves guts!

  9. temperance says:

    we’re in a pickle!
    that creature shows no mercy!
    paul is dead. oh, noooeeesss!

  10. One of the bunch falls,
    Skinned and gutted by vegan,
    His appeal fruitless.

  11. wish i could, like bird,
    gut stupid ref’rences to
    underwood’s website

  12. great. now i feel bad for the bananas.

  13. “Murder!”, they yell-owed
    Luckily, there’s a cop-per
    Too bad he’s hammered.

  14. Emmerly says:

    Sharpies do wonders
    For personification.
    Meanwhile, om nom nom.

  15. I would like to buy a comma after “bad”.

  16. chrissy says:

    murderous parrot
    oblivious to carnage
    nibbles on fruit guts

  17. Banana parents
    worry about Chiquita.
    Doc looks like a quack.

  18. This is hilarious.

  19. brinnann says:

    Encountered complications
    Did not go as planned

  20. Don’t just stand there nurse!
    Help mmmpf me mmmpf remove his
    appendix, mmmpf mmmpf.

  21. metsakins says:

    green pretty parrot
    enjoys lucious bananas
    the fruit is worried

  22. ZOMB! BRINNANN Great Minds
    And all that jazz is so true!
    The power we hold!

  23. Not just a routine
    With bird brain surgeon

  24. All that hysterical imagery and an Operations joke? Only Mike.

  25. Patris rocks my world.
    That’s effing brilliant.

  26. cubbybutt says:

    ouch banana guts
    it is like a saw movie
    but cute and birdy

  27. brinnann says:

    Metz, lets haz puddingks!
    Time stamp is even the same!
    *High-five* *puddin-splort*

  28. tesstricks says:

    The horrors of Sam
    being drawn and quartered! Oh,
    the bananity!

  29. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (gasp) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (shedding tears) OMG, I laughed so hard, my haiku circuits are fried.

  30. brinnann says:

    Bananity and
    Someone call Webster’s!

  31. Bow we must Brinnann
    to Patris’ brill play on words
    So cleverly used

  32. tesstricks plays well with
    word tricks too, humbled am I
    whilst L-O-L-ing

  33. You, Metz, and Brinann
    Deserve inspriation credit
    For appendix thing

  34. brinnann says:

    A vegan’s nightmare:
    A banana with a face!
    Now what will they eat?!

  35. Sarah M says:

    This is just to say

    I have eaten
    your friend
    who was on
    the kitchen table

    and who
    you were probably
    planning to take
    to breakfast

    Forgive me
    He was delicious
    so sweet
    and so scared.

    [So much depends upon a dead peelbarrow… – Ed.]

  36. It Came From The Cage
    Now showing at a Regal
    Cinema near you!

  37. Sarah M ❤ ❤ ❤
    A great tribute to one of my favourite pomes.

  38. Sarah M,

    Marry me? (well not really, but that was excellent.)


  39. This movie is not
    at all what I had expected.
    It’s kinda mushy.

  40. brinnann says:

    Marriage proposals,
    Movie rights, medical terms…
    This haiku thread rocks!

  41. patris – do you have da wing?

  42. Sarah M says:

    Aw, thanks Patris, but I am already become betrothed to another.

    But whenever I see a mutilated banana, I shall think of you and sigh.

  43. brinnann says:

    Pressing F5 key
    Repeatedly, hoping for
    New haiku updates.

  44. I’ve got an earworm:
    Fifteen seconds of Sade’s
    “Smooth Operator”

    Smooth Operator
    Smoo-ooth Operato-or
    Smooth Operator…

  45. brinnann says:

    Ah, the Princess Bride –
    Quotes that survive the ages,
    And never get old.

  46. Matter of debate
    I’m a Princess Bride fan too

  47. brinnann says:

    Oh noes poor Teho!
    Who has exposed themselves to
    Frighten you away?!

  48. What is that platform
    Hammered from copper sheeting
    Fruity killing floor

  49. Lula Mae says:

    Pulp picking parrot
    on a bananarampage!
    Who would peelieve this?

  50. I don’t know, Theo.
    Me, I see linoleum
    in a reddish tone.

  51. brinnann says:

    A giant orange
    Basketball, or a teeny
    Bird and bananas?

  52. “No more rhyming now,
    I mean it!” “Anybody
    want a peanut?” “Dyargh!”

  53. I want to peelieve
    Dark and grotesque mysteries
    The truth is out there

  54. You should all be bananned for the terrible puns! Except for they’re also great.

    Parrot Communion:
    Take and eat, this is my flesh,
    And it’s delicious.

  55. All the donut cops
    Say: Walk like an Egyptian

  56. Dragonflye says:

    Evil ring-necked bird
    1500 p.s.i.
    Banana man down.

  57. Red linoleum?
    Bah! More like a banana
    Creme-atoreum. 😈

  58. brinnann says:

    Runs rampant among the peeps
    With no end in sight.

  59. (“…Meanwhile, om nom nom.”) 😆

  60. brinnann says:

    OMG Theo
    I think that’s the best pun yet!
    Teho FTW!

  61. Five, seven, and five.
    It’s my new mental rhythm.
    I think I’m broken.

    Perhaps this parrot
    can help. I wonder if he
    does lobotomies?

    My brain is mushy,
    not unlike a banana.
    Parrot will love it.

    [Here’s what you do now:
    [Call a department meeting.
    [Where to you work, Cath? 😀 – Ed.]

  62. Lula Mae says:

    Parrutopia is
    full of bananas ba-
    nanas bananas

  63. Miranda says:

    Under the weather?
    Doc McSquawkerson cares not,
    He’s out to lunch…next?

  64. What are you doing??
    ‘Oh trust me, I’m a doctor’
    He’s already dead!

  65. Birdcage says:

    What, no rating thumbs?
    They have gone; I am not sad.
    In their place: cute ‘keet!!!!!

  66. Lula Mae says:

    Orange plus parrot
    equals carrot. Then, you’re in
    bunderland. Hooray!

  67. Stephen King’s latest,
    Little Pet Shop of Horrors,
    disappointed me.

    I guess you could say
    it wasn’t quite what it was
    crack-ered up to be.

  68. stephanie says:

    i have made this my new computer wallpaper!

    […a list of umpty-zillion sloppy haikus? 😐 – Ed.]

  69. Ed., I’m a student.
    Dissertation in Haiku?
    Committee says “nyerrhe!”

  70. Tune in Next Time on
    Law & Order: Fruit Basket
    Detective noms clues

    Agent Dale Swooper
    Investigates in Twin Beaks
    Laura Peeler died

  71. Pyrit’s pun slays me.
    Snorted coffee from my nose.
    No sense posting mine.

  72. @Cath — hmm, that’s borderline… some would say “Nyerrhe” has only one syllable, while others can drag it out to n syllables. Especially if you roll the RRRR, much like an irritated housecat. 😉

    And now back to our
    Regularly scheduled
    Friday haiku thread

  73. This grim photograph
    Was simply far too orange
    For a banana

    Color correction
    Parrotchopped and Photoshopped
    Click for old version

  74. Technically, Theo
    we should be counting morae,
    and not syllables.

    A discussion of
    how many there are in “nyerrhe”
    could be my thesis.

    I chose to research syntax,
    not phonology.

    […Nor HTML. 😛
    [Don’t worry, I got yer back.
    [Wikipedia! – Ed.]

  75. The bird stalks its prey
    Eagerly, the feast begins
    The screams are ignored

  76. Parrot Surgeon sez
    To Theo I thank you sir
    you light up my life

  77. Lula Mae says:

    It’s just another
    manic punday… again, by

  78. Darn it, I forgot
    to close my hyperlink.
    Theo, can you help?

    This will teach me not
    to embed links in comments
    without diligence.

    (So sorries…)

  79. 260Oakley says:

    I hate bananas
    So get down with your bad self
    You fruit killing bird

  80. Theo you are quick
    you helped me even
    before I could ask.


  81. OK, I give up. Now I’m doing 5-5-5. Time to sit back and read (haikus).

  82. metsakins says:

    Puddin’ party planned?
    I shall crash said sweet party
    and bring the cool whip!

  83. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) No outraged banana advocates, yet?
    2) Let’s hope that Rich doesn’t show this photo of several available bananas, *NOT* for Winston’s enjoyment …to Le Winston.

  84. @Leslie — well, in that case, at least the bird should be safe.

  85. Leslie (NTA) says:

    yeah, true — espec. judging from the recent exhibit of his *predator skillzzzz*… 😉
    (Winston, if you’re listening somehow, this is ALL IN FUN!! We still lubbz yor goofiness)

  86. *nom nom nom nom*
    *nom nom nom nom*
    *nom nom nom nom*
    …oh, sorry… I was just eating the rest of the bananas. ^__^

  87. Oh THANK YOU for taking away the thumbs. They were extremely distracting. I’d find myself looking at the thumbs instead of the comments….


  88. fatal accident
    gore is made more horrible
    by scavenger noms

  89. maybe, if you want to keep them up, put them really small at the corner of each post, or slightly faded at the far right corner….

  90. Lula Mae says:

    Parrot peelgrimage
    – or ees dees a parakeet
    going bananas?

  91. SoCalSis says:

    So much witty fun, so much kind intelligence.
    I stand in awe of the Cute Community
    I will save this link, and return for affirmation
    when the world appears to be a hopeless heartless mess.

    *bowing in grateful appreciation, bereft of haiku*

  92. Lula Mae says:

    My colleagues think I’ve
    gone nuts, counting with fingers
    to five, seven, five

  93. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    No need to go to
    The mailbox to be frightened
    By the doctor’s bill.

  94. Mmmm. Now I’m in the mood for a banana daiquiri.

  95. brinnann says:

    Lula Mae, me too.
    So I try to wait until
    No one is looking.

  96. Cute parrot snacking
    Or cold-blooded murderer?
    Depends on your view

  97. Camille says:

    Reveals this fruit’s cause of death:
    Death by punicide

  98. Eviscerated!
    What shall become of us now?
    That thing craves more blood…

  99. Doc Chirperson, it’s
    Nanobyte technology,
    Not banana bite.

  100. Sharpie pen turns fruit
    Into sentient beings
    Now they can feel pain

  101. Evisceration!
    It’s my favorite way to
    Go with the gut. Squaaaaawk!

  102. You’re in med school now.
    Banana up, residents;
    Watch the autopsy.

  103. Elisha B. says:

    that is the question!

  104. Paunchie says:

    you get a thumbs up
    for taking away the thumbs
    now let’s have pudding!

    LOLOL at this picture. I love how the bird is giving the camera the one eye cock head stare. Like what?! You wanna piece of this?

  105. 5^^now8ing says:

    …gnitoobeR !?od I did lleh eht tahW !drawkcab gnipyt s’spotpl ym ,doG ym hO

  106. @Argyle Donkeypants #94

    That is hilarious!

  107. 5^^now8ing says:

    Gaaaaa! That was weird!

  108. 5^^now8ing says:

    I’m laughing so hard
    Almost failed to thank CO
    For no haiku thumbs

  109. @Jessy #103 – LMAO!! “Banana up…” genius.

  110. “What did I do wrong?”
    “We said HEALING, not PEELING”
    “Well, waste not want not”

  111. Bananarama,
    (Keep yer ’80s girl bands straight)
    Was not The Bangles.

  112. 5^^now8ing,
    I’ve wanted to ask before, but felt too doofy. I’m in a rather “Idon’tcareifIseemdoofy” mood, and seeing as how there are no thumbs to make me feel insecure i’ll go ahead and ask:

    What the heck does your name mean? How do you say it? Is it something like 5-*something*- No WAITING?
    It’s been a curiousity of mine for months. 😀 hopes ya don’t mind…
    I just want to be able to sleep again… 😉

  113. Parrot says, “Hi! Squawk!”
    Banana does not say, “Hi.”
    Pigeon says, “Hi! Coo!”

  114. Bananbul Lector ate
    liver with fava
    beans and a nice ChiANti!

  115. Edited for syllabic pentameter:

    Bananabul Lector ate
    liver with fava
    beans and a nice ChiANti!

  116. Do ‘nanners feel pain
    Being eaten from within
    This bird doesn’t care

  117. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Cath – omg, I didn’t know about the morae!! I even teach poetry (including haiku) & didn’t know! A thousand thanks!

    Also, I submit another thumbs-up to the end of the thumb ratings.

    PS – To a couple of peeps who referred to Sharpies, something I discovered in childhood is that if you use your fingernail to carve into a banana skin, as the banana ripens the incisions darken & go black, so that you can “write” or “draw” on bananas in abundance this way. I kind of assumed that’s what this pic was of – ?

  118. Anniebird says:

    Birdie torture time
    Cubes of nanner so tasty
    No clue of peril

  119. 5^^now8ing says:

    Come, Mr. Sharpie
    Man, please don’t peel banana
    Parrot come and me

    Wan’ go home. Day-O!
    Day-O! Parrot come and me
    Wan’ go home. Thank you.

  120. sweetpea says:

    It’s a cruel summer
    Love in the first degree mur-
    der, De Niro waits

    Dr. Feathered Fiend
    Tucks into the tummy tuck
    More sugary surgery

  121. katiedid says:

    My eclectus, Jack,
    likes to do this with fruit too.
    Kiwi scream the most

  122. Ben and Nan are shocked-
    a horrid hungry parrot
    thinks their friend tastes good.
    I regret to say
    the procedure failed your son,
    though he tastes quite fine.

  123. PS: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA All of you!!!! Best thread in a long time, I’m laughing too hard to make a really good contribution.

  124. @Tracatus — glad to hear my nerding out was not for naught 🙂 I haven’t ever tried to write moraic haiku yet. Seems like it would be hard. Might make a fun/cruel assignment/exercise/game to give your students.

  125. 5^^now8ing says:

    @Kelsey – My name
    May be too obscure. Up-marks
    Are kittycat ears.

    “Five cats, no waiting”
    Was daughter’s party come-on
    One summer. I loved it.

    Now, without thumbs, I
    too, risk to ask, Is my name
    obnoxious to peeps?

  126. 5 cats no waiting
    A delightful thought, indeed.
    I have no problem.

  127. O sliced banana
    You should be the one top
    Of the shredded tweet

  128. sigh – … *I’ll* fix it:

    O sliced banana
    You should be the one on top
    Of the shredded tweet

  129. skippymom says:

    Five cats no waiting,
    I think your name is quite cool.
    No worries, I say.

  130. The photo is pure genius!!!

    sorry, no time for haiku

  131. Lula Mae says:

    Good idea, Brinnan
    Plus: it’s an honor to be
    part of your haiku

    Bangles, Prince, so long ago
    Yep, I mixed that up

  132. Mary (the first) says:

    I won’t even dare
    Attempt a haiku. CO
    Peeps are much too good!

  133. Temperance Brennan
    is stumped. No bones! How will she
    ever solve this one?

    Special Agent Booth
    swoops in with a solution:
    Examine the stem.

  134. Mary (the first) says:

    5 cats no waiting,
    Not only is name fun, it
    Fits haiku, as well!

  135. Eyes full of horror,
    Banana turns to his wife,
    “This is bad. Let’s split!”

  136. Parrot has no clue
    why his humans always laugh
    when he eats ‘nanas.

  137. Banana’s lament:

    I should have known when
    I saw that the surgeon looked
    like Doctor Giggles.

    Reference for those not in the know..

  138. Five Cats- No Waiting
    Thanks for your explanation,
    That was very sweet

    I’m done haiku-ing
    I lack the patience you have…
    Five-Seven-Five’s HARD!

    Your name makes perfect sense now. I totally get the kitty earses NOW. My old username (dif. website) used to be 3Ferrets4Me, and I thought THAT was clever. Not even close to the cleverness behind your name! 😀

  139. serial killer
    parrot, revels in his murder
    yellow fruits cower

  140. whoops
    i always mess it up

    serial killer
    parrot, revels in murder
    yellow fruits cower

  141. 5^^no8ing – That’s the cool thing about screen names; creativity abounds and peeps are so accepting of them all.

  142. GingerBean says:

    Yay! No more thumbs!
    This is the funniest pic I’ve seen on here!

  143. At my house there is
    Also five cats, no waiting
    How sweet is that, eh?

    Nanners look on, scared
    What will become of their child
    Polly is a doc?

    But hey, no worries
    Bird makes enough of a mess
    Friday Pudding Time!

  144. Svenster says:

    Beaten copper plate
    Serves as surgeons op-table
    Nurse, NURSE! Cracker please.

  145. Svenster says:

    Parrot-assic park
    Beasts seek out and hunt down prey
    Innocent nanners

  146. Svenster says:

    Banana slaughtered
    Perpetrator described as
    Red-beaked green giant

  147. Svenster says:

    No kitteh this week
    Can’t haiku bout silly fruit
    Sven wants caturday

    Pension haikus:
    Save words in early lines
    And add them in the last one

  148. @Cath

    Both Booth and Brennan
    In the bird’s haiku, genius!
    So unexpected

    So many haiku
    (Or is it really haikus?)
    I look on in awe

  149. Hold me I’m afraid!
    Why didn’t they draw us legs?
    Escape we have none.

    Just one taste of flesh
    gave Parrot hunger for more
    Cannot eat just one.

    A slippery slope
    falling into haiku land
    cannot stop myself

  150. Kiragirl says:

    Does anyone else
    see that floor like an orange?
    I am hungry now.

  151. Svenster says:

    That pic made me think
    Fruits are people just like us
    Banana rights now!

  152. Kiragirl says:

    @Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus:

    banana artist
    thx for cool drawing idea
    quite informative

  153. @ Cindy:

    “Examine the stem”
    was a pretty weak finish.
    Stumped, I just gave up.

    What I really wanted
    was to make a House haiku,
    but that was too hard.

    Maybe if I watched
    less TV and read more books
    I’d have less trouble.

  154. Kiragirl says:

    Parakeet looks up,
    “Why youz not add my fav’rite
    ice cream and fudge sauce?”

  155. Kiragirl says:

    ‘House’ calls in the team:
    Do you think we can kill it
    with just one more test?

  156. Psittacinus rex:
    Banana sapiens’ most
    fearsome predator.

  157. Kiragirl: Bravo!
    Tho’ I suppose “brava” is
    more grammatical.

    (Excellent synopsis of that House episode. You know the one. With the tests. And the seizures. And Cuddy.)

  158. Let’s stop the vegans
    Bananas have feelings too!
    Our cry went unheard

  159. 5^^now8ing says:

    Thanks kind CO peeps!
    Insecurities surfaced;
    Thumbs made me nervous.

    @pyrit – I, too love le nom de screene. Yours is one o’ my favorites (tho I somehow thought you were a guy), as is GingerBean’s, and Noelegy’s, and kibblenibble, and and SoCalSis, and ArgyleDonkeypants, an’ Metz, an’ skippymom, an’ BerthaServant, an’ heck, I love ’em all! (Would love to know what T.U.M.’s name’s about; also chanpon’s.)

  160. 5^^now8ing says:

    cath & Kiragirl – House! 🙂

  161. Svenster says:

    Horror (and surprise)
    The friends hear the dreaded words
    ‘Squawk. Tastes like chicken!’

  162. Doctor House limps by
    Avoids banana patient
    His new hire — FAIL

  163. Svenster says:

    Who could have guessed that
    In banana hell, it seems
    Satan’s a parrot

  164. Parrot goes hunting
    Split from safety of the bunch
    The weakest fall prey

  165. Svenster says:

    Nightmare scenario
    While friends watch, banana gets
    Devoured by parrot

  166. Surgical intern
    Dr McTweety has lost
    patient (and job)

  167. Lula Mae says:

    Banana splits from
    safety of the bunch? That is
    two puns in one, Cin’!

  168. Svenster says:

    Horrible creature
    It just came out of nowhere

  169. Svenster says:

    It’s moving to see
    That the beautiful die young
    In ‘nana world too

  170. Svenster says:

    Was this a movie
    We would all think like this now:
    Will they have revenge?

  171. Svenster but what if
    It was self defense. Plot twist!
    Fruit had it coming!

  172. Svenster says:

    Banana bad guys?!
    Chiquita maffia, perhaps
    Guess we’ll never know

  173. santipryia says:

    there are no bad birds
    only person with sharpie
    who is way twisted

  174. Svenster says:

    Well, Santipryia
    If your assumption’s right, you
    Nullify this thread

  175. The definition
    Of glorious num-num food,
    This is happiness.

  176. Svenster says:

    Didn’t Hichcock show
    Birds are inehently bad
    Sans magic marker

  177. In my movie plot
    The banana was a cop
    But a cop gone bad

    You could say he split
    From truth and from justice
    A cereal con

    The other two were
    To be his next two victims
    Polly saves the day

    It just goes to show
    Bad guys get their just desserts
    Justice will prevail

  178. Svenster says:

    (missed a ‘t’ there)

  179. oops, missed a syllable….second stanza second line
    *from THE truth and from justice

  180. Svenster says:

    You are right, Cindy
    It sounds so logical now
    I stand corrected

  181. I couldn’t resist
    I have so much work to do
    But this is more fun!

  182. A banana, split,
    a feast for the eyes and beak,
    needs nuts and whipped cream.

  183. santipryia says:

    were Hitchcock’s birds bad,
    or did the people deserve
    what they got, Svenster?

  184. Kodalai says:

    One of my coworkers had this as their desktop picture… for ages I was too far away to see the markings on the bananas, so I was kind of puzzled. hee.

  185. Svenster says:

    Deserving that fate?!
    Nommed to death by birdies, but
    If it were kittehs…

    Imagine that, Sant’
    Lovely, deadly, pink cat-tounges
    Fuzzy, purring end

  186. Hahaha! Wonderful staging!

    Also, what a beautiful ringneck!!


  187. santipryia says:

    okay i agree
    much better fuzzy kitties
    but still no bad birds

  188. My haiku skills are sad in comparison to many of yours, but you can’t get better unless you practice so here goes:

    The ‘nanas are scared
    The parakeet is hungry
    Can’t we all be friends?

  189. Svenster says:

    For those who didn’t understand what Jamie just wrote, I’ll try a quick translation:

    Wonderful staging
    Also beautiful ringneck
    More parrots, I say


  190. Why, this bird saved us!
    From the evil alien
    Inside ‘nanner gut!

  191. Svenster says:

    I so wish you’re right
    But how they can be good with
    Freddy Krueger-feet?

  192. Ringneck knows the call
    Comes from somewhere in the house
    Bananaphone’s dead

  193. Surgeon takes Scalpel
    Poor Patient. is Devoured NOW
    Insides are yummy!

  194. He’s green. He’s mean. He’s…
    Got our friend Gene! We’re afraid
    It’s a real bad scene!

  195. kibblenibble says:

    Bwa ha OMG
    C O peeps are talented
    I love all of you


  196. Oh the bananaity!!!

  197. 5^^now8ing says:

    Almost 10 o’clock
    (Central Time). All’s quiet on
    Cute Overload front.

    OMG, CO
    Peeps have *social* lives!? What’s that?
    Ask the five kittehs.

    I can’t remember,
    she answers, expectantly
    refreshing the page.

    Thanks for a great day, CO! G’night! And have a great weekend!

  198. patients chest open
    dr birds technique stunning
    gallery, amazed

    scalpel, spreader, sponge
    dr polly in command
    patients terminal

    “er” its sure not
    its nielsen appeal
    is evident though

    surgical haiku
    has a bunch of bananas
    recoiling with shock

    not needing cracker
    polly substitutes fresh fruit
    insulin in check

    fine feathered vulture
    feeds on a yellow victim
    his friends shocked for sure

    such exacting lines
    the birds surgical technique
    amazing to all

    his life drained away
    the bananas sacrifice
    example to all

    banana attacked
    can we call it fruiticide?
    the bird is guilty

    caught him red-handed
    or should i say, in mid-peck
    he’s on nancy grace

    a banana, split
    a bunch of friends, horrified
    fruiticiide, they say

    a bird-eat-fruit world
    amateur vid went viral
    the new youtube star

  199. Need Analysis
    Afreud too Jung for Adler
    This a Killer Bird ?

    Send for Mack Taylor
    Murder is too much for me
    Case for C S I

    I wanted that fruit
    You have eaten my breakfast
    Naughty little bird

    This picture has endless possibilities

    Patti is the name
    Hoping that I bring a smile
    like to write Haiku

  200. brightgarlick says:

    Guts of banana spilled like guilt
    The avian terrorist masticated madly
    Bananas spooned in fear.

  201. Thanks. The thumbs are gone.
    I can be a little brave
    and try a haiku.

    But no, I missed it.
    May I still write poetry
    on a Caturday?

    Oh hurry parrot
    or your patient will suffer
    a brown and mushy fate!

    From the bottom of my cute-loving but slightly timid heart, thank you for the absense of the thumbs, even if its just for the Friday haiku.

  202. Gabriele says:

    Oh my God it’s true!
    I never believed he would..
    What are we to do?

  203. Banana peeled…
    Guttered for breakfast
    A silent scream

  204. Poor, sweet Bananas.
    Alas, the cruel parrot
    was pretty hungry.

  205. OMG this is the best haiku picture ever!

  206. Verdigris mimic
    Benevolent seeming gaze
    Hell hath no fury

  207. Please, Hercule Parrot
    Search clues which incriminate
    We appeal to you!

    “My condolences
    to you, my fellow yellows
    for your tragic loss

    But fear not, mon frére,
    Pet Detective yours truly
    has done it again!

    I have cracked the code
    I have solved the mystery
    with this evidence

    of brown monkey hair
    I found in the fruity flesh
    of your beloved!”

  208. P.S. That’s a beautiful ring-necked parakeet. I had one once and he plucked out all his feathers. P.P.S. Could this possibly be a record for the number of comments? What is the record?

  209. keep your friends,
    close but
    keep your enemies closer
    seemed like a nice guy

  210. So sorry for crappy HTML tag. First time, and all.

  211. I love how they are grasping each other in horror. heh.

  212. Thanks for the idea
    breakfast for frenimies
    weak heart?

  213. John Fairfields says:

    The hound of Zeus, the verdant parakeet,
    Shall violently fall upon thy flesh
    And rend it as ’twere rags; and every day
    And all day long shall thine unbidden guest
    Sit at thy table, feasting on thy liver
    (Apologies to Aeschylus – Prometheus Bound)

  214. Bird M.E. proclaims
    Accidental fruiticide
    In Cavendish case

    So he says, but still
    Plaintive plantain mom and dad
    Cry murder most fowl!

  215. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ John Fairfields – So the ‘nana on the left stole the secret recipe for Bananas Foster from the gods? (tee to the hee)

  216. Anubis's walker says:

    No way am I clever enough to come up with something funny. Funny as hell, but a little sick.

  217. Vanessa says:

    That is brilliant!

  218. OH MY GAWSH!!! That is awesome! It makes me want to do something like that with my dog, she loves carrots haha!!

  219. ashagato says:

    high hopes for healing
    but alas, the good Doctor
    Pollly’s a quack (er)!

  220. Chai – “murder most fowl” – applause, applause!

  221. Kiragirl says:

    Bravissimo to all peeps
    who no longer lurk.
    There are no bad birds,
    only the species you can’t
    say on radio.

    [TY GC]

  222. bananas frightened!
    birdie attacked no warning
    friend dis-imfowled

  223. Banana Brave Heart!
    Crude evisceration!
    add ice cream and blend!

    [SQUEEDOM!!! – Ed.]

  224. I bow to your comic genius

  225. haha funny