Groucho Barx

This pup’s got the Groucho eyebrows, and that stick it’s chewing at 1:08 makes a passable cigar.  Throw in a big black mustache and Margaret Dumont, and you’ll have comedy gold; you bet your life you will!



  1. Japan makes me so happy.

  2. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Hee, reminds me of the Mr. Spock ‘one eyebrow raised in disbelief’ look!

  3. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) Ya used Woody Allen dialogue for the Hovertext !!! Nice updating on the Gr. Marx tradition!
    2) The star also *smiles* at us, in the closing frames!! Nice also !!!

  4. This is great! I only wish we knew what they were saying!

  5. 5^^now8ing says:


    Love you! Love you! Love you! I’ve noticed your penchant for Groucho, and wondered if you, like my husband (esp. when he was younger & skinnier ;-), resemble him and get teased about it.

    Once when we were just out of college, he left the room and one of his friends passed out the Groucho-nose-and-glasses to everyone in the room and we just sat there like nothing was wrong when he came back in. (Ah, great old friends!) For years we’ve intended to go to a costume party as Groucho-and-Margaret (I’m taller than he is — and the straight man of the pair — so it’s perfect), and finally last year we did it!

    Love you!

  6. fansmom says:

    Groucho Marx

  7. Hahahaha! I love the little computer animation of how the “eyebrows” shifted upward as the dog grew.

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    As the great Groucho himself once said, “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

    (BTW–Thank you, CO proprietors, for relieving us of the thumbs. Thumbs up for that decision! Wait, that can’t be right. . . “

  9. Von Zeppelin says:

    Please read that final quotation mark as a “close parenthesis.” I seem to be all thumbs today. Not those BAD kind of thumbs, though.

  10. 5^^now8ing says:

    A Leslie (NTA) – I think that’s actually a Groucho line.

    Somebody needs to tell us what the voices in the video are saying.

    So, Leslie, exactly *which* author is it that you’re not, anyway? 😉

  11. They texts say something like “The dog has eyebrows! They are not painted on! When the dog was a pup, he looked like a panda! (old lady singing: You look like a panda, panda, yes you do)”.

  12. Beth (in NC) says:

    The animation sound effects sound like Super Mario!!! Weeeee!

  13. 5^^now8ing says:

    See? It’s twue! Groucho & Margaret!

    [Oops, we can’t see that page, most likely because it’s restricted to members of your friends list. — Mike]

  14. earlybird1 says:

    Yayyy! No thumbs! Way to go, CO!

  15. “Panda, panda, panda desu yo!”
    Such a cutie!

  16. Ok, but has he ever shot an elephant in his pajamas?

  17. @earlybird1 : Hear, hear! I agree absolutely–wasn’t it awful to see a perfectly innocent little *squeee* comment get 5 thumbs down?

  18. I love the footage of ‘bigggggg streeeeeetch’

  19. @Metz, how he got in his pajamas, we’ll never know! yuk yuk yuk.

    As to this cute puppy, “Now that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever hoid” (or in this case, seen.) Thanks for the Groucho reference.

  20. LOL Nikkie and Metz.

  21. Leslie (NTA) says:

    ….OOPS!!! I Didn’ do mah REEsearch?? Shocking, yet true. Mea culpa, mea MAXIMA culpa !!…Turns out, that W. Allen DID make that statement, BUT that he was “quoting Groucho” who said it in one of the M. Bros. Films…then G. Marx repeated the line, in his autobiography.

    Librarians are humans & make mistakes; I only had part of my reference correct.
    So sorry !!

    @ 5now8: that part is actually part of an earlier discourse with one of the frequently witty Cuteoverloaders (most likely Pyrit; but I’ve forgotten *THAT* detail, too, at the moment — today’s just NOT my day for accurate & thorough background-checking, huh??)….ennyway, she had slayed us all that day with her Klever Kontributions to that day’s comment streams & I had encouraged her to go into a writing occupation & told here that as a career Librariologist…she has CHOPS!!

    So she responded, by asking about my own writing ….short answer (now): Nope, I’ve never been published in print ….
    “And that’s the way it was”.
    NOT Walter Cronkite

  22. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Cara, good job for translating! Many thx!

  23. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    “Librarians are humans & make mistakes” – ? I think not! Librarians rule!!

  24. Now if we could just get the dog to baroo… it would be perfect!

  25. Move over, CatsthatlooklikeHitler.

  26. 5^^now8ing says:

    Dang! I’m totally HTML-impaired, and can’t even remember how I previously posted a link! (tries something different)

    [Yep, that worked. Nice job on the costumes! — Mike]

  27. @5^^now8ing, I am one of about twenty grandchildren who used to visit our Grandma and Grandpa in huge mobs, when we were all little, and Grandpa was fantastically entertaining. One day, he brought home a huge number of plastic Groucho glasses-and-noses, and distributed them to us, and enjoyed the spectacle of hoards of rug-rat Grouchos running around the house and yard. I remember there were pictures, but I have no idea who has them, now.

  28. Last night we were sitting around telling “What do you call …” jokes. So funny. Really. If Groucho was listening, I hope he was pleased.

    Leslie NTA – Yep, I remember that. You’ve got quite the style there yourself you know.

  29. dog is all “whaaaaa? Whatcha all starin’ at?”

    He/she is a total cutie.

  30. So my Japanese is horrid, but here’s my best dig at a translation:

    (First commentary….couldn’t catch…sorry!)

    [outrageous laughter, with many chortles of, “oh, amazing! So amazing!”]

    Reporter: Ohhh, it’s not painted on, is it?
    Old Man: No, it’s not painted on.
    [rubs doggy eyebrows]
    Old Man: It’s real hair

    Reporter: So…how long has this doggy-chan been like this?
    Old Man: He’s already been this way for maybe 10 years
    Reporter: ooooh, really?
    Old Man: Ever since he was about this size (old man cups his hands) Hahaha [laughs with gusto]
    Reporter: And the dog has been like this ever since??
    Old Man: he used to be exactly like a panda!

    (explanation ensues about how the black marks used to be over his eyes, and as the dog grew, they turned into eyebrows)

    Reporter: What is it that you say?
    [old lady claps hands and sings ecstatically]
    Old lady signs: Panda, panda, he’s a panda! Panda…yes!
    Reporter: He’s a true panda?
    Old lady: Yes. A panda

  31. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ Leslie – you could totally change your name to Leslie (TA) – ah thinks u rite good!

    So, pyrit & Patito are gurls? (hurriedly covers up sexist name stereotyping)

  32. katiedid says:

    So the dog “grew into” his eyebrows?????

  33. handygrl says:

    @5^^now8ing: he looks like my dentist

  34. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @5^^now 8

    (aw, *SHUCKS!!* — why thankye, liddle lady, thankye kindly!! 😉

  35. And I thought my husband was the only groucho around

  36. There needs to be a ‘japan’ tag! 0.0

  37. Actually the singing panda part is when they’re asking the dog’s name. So the dog is named Panda.

    Super cute~ I love variety shows that do this kind of segment.

  38. Von Zeppelin says:

    handygirl–Groucho Marx is your dentist?

  39. For the New Yorkers out there – This dog is SO George Whipple, no???

  40. handygrl says:

    von zeppelin: well… his hair is graying but he could easily pull it off

  41. reaves71 says:

    Nice photos, continue like this, I love your blog 😉

  42. 5^^now8ing says:

    @handygrl – my husband or the dog? 😉

    BTW, love your name! One of my alter egos is “HandyMom,” on account a I’m the household fixer-upper person. (Hubby cooks dinner every night – totally worth learnin my way around power tools!)

  43. handygrl says:

    5^^now8ing: hahaha

    Oh, well, I chose mine because it’s my last name… i’m actually very inept with my hands

  44. Oh Captain Spaulding!

    Rufus T. Firefly!

  45. 5^^now8ing says:

    handygrl: your last name… (shifty-eyes)

  46. handygrl says:

    5^^now8ing: well the grl isn’t part of it. I’m a girl 😛

  47. 5^^now8ing says:

    Well, d’oh! 😉

  48. Von Zeppelin says:

    handygrl–I’m hoping your graying dentist is named Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush.

  49. handygrl says:

    Von Zeppelin: hahahah I hope not

  50. (Washing hands) Down by the ooooooooooooold miiiiiiiiilllllllll streeeeeeeeeeeeam!

  51. 5^^now8ing says:

    BTW, Theresa, I’m loving the visual of 20 kids running around in nose-and-glasses! Sounds like you had a wonderful grandpa.

  52. Katrina says:

    Theresa- “watching the spectacle?” The spectacle? You are toooooo funny.

    By the way, vacation starts soon, I’ll be in Washington DC, and SOMEBODY was going to meet me at the Washington Zoo. I’m very sorry that I didn’t remember to set this up better. We’ll have to go at different times and then reminisce on CO. I’ll take notes. Meet-cha back here next weekend, all, (you all, y’all, everybody, everyone, to whom it may concern, et alia).

  53. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Post #11 Cara – THANK YOU for helping translate! I was sitting here thinking, man, if I only knew what the farg they were saying.

  54. Allen uses the club line in Annie Hall, something like….

    “There’s a line that’s often attributed to Groucho Marx, but i think it appears originally in Freud’s “Wit and it’s Relation to the Subconscious”….” and then the club line.

  55. “Raaooroww, i must be going!”

  56. “Make that three hard-boiled eggs” anyone?

  57. CatButler says:

    Surely I’m not the only one who thinks the adorable old couple is just as cute as the doggy?!!! Teh Qte times 3, multiplied by the wonder of Japanese TV equals — what Cute Overload is all about.

    “Beyond the Alps lie more Alps, and the Lord Alps them who Alps themselves. . .”

  58. So cute!!! The old lady are cute, too!!

  59. tierramor says:

    Love the laugh track and the olympic-style, grandiose music. We All Must Feel Strong Emotions In Unison About The Dog With Eyebrows!

  60. That is soooooo funny I’ve never seen a dog with eyebrows! LOL!!!

  61. Jezebel says:

    I love the Japanese a little more every day.


  63. And more literally she’s just singing, “Panda, panda, you’re a panda!”

  64. That is funny lol!!!! 🙂