A shocking new bunny emotion

We all know there is immense and ample evidence of bunny disapproval. And now, there is the look of bunnular shock that can be added to their repertoire:



ruh roh

By the way, Sener-Inner Connie L. says bun “Louie” likes to wear “carrot lipstick.”



  1. Laura S. says:

    It looks like he is carrying around a froot loop.

  2. katiedid says:

    If you disapprove of disapproving you are disapproving!!!! Its a slippery slope all rabbits fall down at one point in their lives.. like boxes for cats.. it just happens..

  3. Now I totally want carrot leepsteeck.

    And this is like shock AND disapproval all rolled into one. Love it.

  4. 5^^now8ing says:

    Is that really his lip? Can they do that? (I’m not intimately acquainted with any bun-buns, sadly.)

  5. My guinea pig Elvis is also a fan of the carrot lipstick.

  6. Just look at his leeps! So adorable.

  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    Meg, I’m not sure you are interpreting this picture correctly. I think this rabbit is actually whistling the “Colonel Bogie March.” The World War II era lyrics disapproved of the . . . erm. . . personal anatomy of certain leaders of Nazi Germany. Thus, this is, in fact, musical bunny disapproval.


    *Ugh!* My coworkers are getting sick of me spraying windex in here…

  9. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Did this bring on a “Mr. Bill” (SNL, 1970s) flashback for anyone else ????

  10. haha the bunny must have seen the monkey on cat action in the previous post

    i like how the carrot is there – i imagine it falling out of his mouth as his jaw drops

  11. He’s all, “You wore THAT to the interview?”

  12. 260Oakley says:

    There is a cosmetics line called “Yes to Carrots”. I wonder if the bun would be interested.

  13. biscuithead says:

    Von Zeppelin is right: it’s bunny whistling!
    Alana is also right: guinea peeg leeps are like this too!

  14. chanpon says:

    Bunny leeeps!! Oooooooooooo

  15. chickadee022 says:

    Loreal or Revlon needs to recreate cute carrot shock color ASAP!

  16. Yes, those are his leeps. Bunny leeps look like that. My two bun-buns sport this look a lot.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    er, Kat? I think that was a “monkey” on DOG action .. in the previous post..

  18. Now, biscuithead, Von Zeppelin, I fear you may have gotten close, but no cigar.
    Indeed this may be whistling bun, but I see a different use/mission for said whistling. This does not look to be a martial bun. No, no, this seems more of a bun-of-alarm, whistlng, as it may, perhaps from alarm over the Solar Eclipse which it could not witness first hand and so, won’t get to see another for some 124 years, or more understandably, the current state of world affairs. I see this as a more global-nay, universal-bunnular signalling or, perhaps, comment, from the bun-on-the-spot reporting.

  19. Bunbun just found out that Bruce Willis was actually dead in the Sixth Sense! *bunneh gasp!*

    *joke.. welcome to 10yrs ago!*

  20. Bunny is shocked .. Shocked I tell you… and appauled at the state of the carrots in his dish!

  21. Aylin Celik says:

  22. Aylin Celik says:

    pls watch this Love Story cover if you like

  23. Oh my. I must smooch those tiny little leeps post-haste.

  24. Connie, I can’t tell you how much this looks like my no-longer-with-me Netherlands Dwarf. This reminds me of how hilariously, pathetically little his mouth would open no matter how hard he stretched/yawned. Awww.

  25. skippymom says:

    Mary, I believe Kat was referring to the video of the monkey making out with the cat, not the post about the orangutan and the tick hound.

  26. I have some more Bunnular Shock (kind of):

  27. Kallisto says:

    The Horror, the horror.
    Yep, that’s shock and horror if ever I saw one.

  28. I never realized bunnies had such full lips! Who’da guessed?!

  29. Paunchie says:

    Steek zee carrotte here (mouf) <—-

    Maybe it's Maybelline!

  30. *TEH GASP* 😯

  31. Wow, its amazing you caught the moment! I have the hardest time catching my bunny’s funny faces and many funny faces has he!

  32. skippymom says:

    Heh-heh, I just read my comment 25 again, and was struck by a point others have occasionally made. This site sure does lead us to say some things raaaather unlike normal everyday things you tend to hear on the street.

  33. That’s Miss Crumplebottom’s bunny from teh Sims!!
    “I am shocked and dismay-no Appalled! Appalled by your behaviour!!!”
    Be careful or bun-bun is gonna whip out teh brick filled handbag and let you have eet!

  34. @skippymom – thank you! i was so confused there for a minute – i was like, have i gone crazy?? that was a cat wasn’t it??!? haha i had totally forgotten about the orang on blue tick coon action earlier

  35. Karebear says:

    This is no doubt his reaction to this news story!

  36. Rapwnzel says:

    I feel slightly uncomfortabuhls with this rating system for our comments. I don’t want to be judged. x_x

    [Well, that’s understandable. But it’s also unavoidable, regardless of little votey blog widgets. People are people. – Ed.]

  37. DKN is right. It’s not pure shock. It’s shock with an underpinning of…naturally…disapproval. Bun is all, “Oh, no, he didn’t! OMG! And what did you say?”

  38. fearthebear says:

    @Karebear What is this world coming to? Stealing a bunny! Lops are the best. IMO

  39. Karebear says:

    Lops are awesome! (I’d say the best but when I went looking for a lop, I came home from the humane society with a Dutch mix instead, and I’m rather fond of her, pointy ears and all 🙂
    My favoritest book as a kid was Leo the Lop!

  40. SoCalSis says:

    Mr. Buns is obvy letting out a wolf whistle at the earlier chimp/cat/orang/goggie action. Who wouldn’t??

  41. catloveschanel says:

    bunny does bunny jig and sings Elvis likeWell, I never!
    You said you was high class, well that was just a lie
    You said you was high class, well that was just a lie
    You ain’t never chased a rabbit and you ain’t no friend of mine.

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaa whhaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    bunnies everywhere disapprove and express shock over the thumbs up thumbs down boxes.

  42. Wait… exactly how DOES a bunny execute a “wolf whistle”?

  43. I think that is the closest real life representation of the D-: emoticon that I have ever seen.

  44. Awwww

  45. DaytimeDeb says:

    Hey, I just tried to leave a comment on the monkey make-out video, but it said comments were closed. Weird. I was just going to say that the monkey butt-scratch at 1:01 proves (some) men really are descended from apes.

    Oh, and shocked face here is great! I love the carrot as if it fell out of his mouf… but the lip-hance is too much! I swear I saw the nose move.

  46. … gotta tell ya… I waited, all, day, to get home and wartch tha’ dernd cat/monkey vid (all the while thinking, “NOMTOM wouldn’t! Would he? Naaaahhhh) and I finally saw it, a quite benign little video. Jeepahs.

  47. Whoa, this reminds me of “Eric Registers an Emotion”

  48. berthaservant says:

    Bunny baroo?

    (Yes, everyone, Bertha and I are doing fine, finally in Phoenix w/ reliable internets, have six days of posts to catch up on. Love to all!)

  49. Theo – good question. We should ask Roger Rabbit, if we can get his eyes off Jessica long enough.
    *joke – welcome to 20 yrs. ago*

  50. skippymom says:

    the night Louie wore his wolf suit and made whistles of one kind and another…

  51. skippymom – that sounds like a line from Where the Wild Things Are.

  52. doxnsox says:

    That’s an “Oops! I farted!” face.

  53. skippymom says:

    Yes, pyrit, it’s the first line. One of the most perfect books ever.

  54. skippymom – Sooo, I tot da kid’s name vas Max? Wha’s dis? My Cousin Louie?

  55. skippymom says:

    pyrit, scroll back up. This bun’s name is Louie. (or did you know that and you’re just messing with me?)

  56. ~*skippymom*~ – Oh, sowwy. vewy sowwy. I forgot. Sendak me away.

  57. skippymom says:

    I Sendak you into the wilderness, where you will be fiercely whistled at by hordes of shocked and disapproving buns in wolves’ clothing!

  58. Katrina says:

    Theo-“you put your lips together and blow” (said in my best Lauren Bacall.)

    [ 😆 OK, well played! – Ed.]

  59. Mary (the first) says:

    LOL Skippy yes, I had totally overlooked the monkey and cat because I don’t open video ones here at work. But I loved the Orangutan and Hound.. so that was in my mind. And then I get 9 (so far) thumbs down on my “correction” to Kat.. OMG this is getting complicated. Back to basics.. TEH QTE !!

  60. He just saw the Dramatic Woodchuck for the first time.

  61. Oh know that is definitly different. So much for Max and Ruby(Childrens Cartoon)!

  62. bookmonstercats says:

    What a gorgeous coat the bun has. Guinea peegs have the same leeps, but you can only see them when they stretch their necks up – like when begging for carrots. I always thought they wanted to eat the carrots; now I know better.

  63. bookmonstercats says:

    PS what is this rating system and how does it operate? I don’t get to drop by as often as I’d like to, so I must have missed something.

  64. Why do we have to have a rating system at all? Hate it!

  65. Lula Mae says:

    Louie the bun one day shouted “Hey, hear y’all!
    I’m tired of bein’ full of disapproval,
    tired of bein’ mocked!
    From now on, I’m shocked.
    At once I will start with rehearsal.

  66. 5^^now8ing says:

    von Zep #7 – totally cracked me up — I remember learning *those* words to the march — har!

    Karebear — Waukesha, Wisconsin, is totally my home town! Who knew it had grown into a regular den (warren?) of iniquity!

    Katrina as Lauren Bacall — well played, indeed!

    @pyrit & skippymom — Sendak me away! You guys crack me up! (I thought the same thing pyrit did – was the kid’s name Louie?)

    Oooh – closed the cat-monkey comments?! Gotta go see what’s happened since I was thar this mornin’! (eyebrows raised)

  67. Lula Mae says:

    @Kallisto – great TBBT-ref!

  68. 5^^now8ing says:

    Kelsey – re: NoScript & polldaddy in previous comments — NoScript is a security add-on you can get for Firefox — it doesn’t allow any scripts (whatever they are – my knowledge ends here) to be sent from a web site to your computer unless you specifically allow them. (My son put said I should have it.) I couldn’t see the thumbs until I checked NoScript and saw that it was blocking something called polldaddy, which I figured must be the rating system. Once I allowed it, I could see the thumbs.

  69. @BServ – glad the move went well! Hope you are settling in nicely.

  70. Leslie (NTA) says:

    From the Almost Entirely off the Subject Dept:

    Hooray!!! BServ & co. have re-emerged or surfaced & all are safe!!
    (Monty Python: “And there was much rejoicing.” “Yay!!”)

  71. Bun is really shocked that the White Sox had a perfect game!

  72. @mary (the first) – don’t worry, i didnt rate you down! I didn’t see it as a correction – i was just SERIOUSLY confused hahaha!! I had just woke up from a nap which made it worse!

    yeah, what is up with all these rate downs!!! people are rating down the most neutral comments (i.e. 46, 14, 31, 41…)!!! Excuse my french but WTF??!?! Really??!? your going to give a thumbs down to “awww”??!?!?! what is going on???!!!?!?! (i just had 3 gin and tonics so i’m just gonna say what i really think) 🙂

  73. ha i mean “you’re” :p

  74. 5^^now8ing says:

    Speaking of the Dramatic Woodchuck, T.U.M., my daughter just showed me that the Archie McPhee catalog is now featuring a tasteful portrait of him in “oil” paint. Har!

  75. If you look up “OH NOES” in the dictionary, you will see this picture.

  76. @5^^now8ing , all the best people shop at Archie McPhee. I get all my squirrel underpants and kung fu hamsters there.

  77. 5^^now8ing says:

    Yeh, Theresa, Archie McPhee gets a good chunk of my Xmas $ every year!

  78. You people will thumb down anything, won’t you?
    Democracy is the pig’s bollocks.
    That’s right, Louie. I said “pig’s bollocks”.

  79. 5^^now8ing says:

    Patito — I hadda google “bollocks” (giggle) (blush). Yer just cruisin’ fer a thumbs-down, eh?

  80. 5^^now8ing, don’t you know you got to
    shock the bunny (hey-hey)
    shock the bunny

  81. SoCalSis says:

    Patito– total guffaw on ‘Shock the bunny’ (Hey!)– also, pigs bollocks will now be added to my already colorful vocabulary. Thanks ever so!

    and back to the thumbs, I always want to say back, “Oh Yeah? well, Rate THIS!” (accompanied of course by my own digital signals)

  82. Peter Gabriel!! Lapins sans frontières!!

  83. “…and I let the carrot flyyyyy…”

  84. kibblenibble says:

    Leetle round peenk lower leep! Qte!

  85. Juniper Jupiter says:

    No no no!!

    If it’s a bun, it DEFINITELY says



  86. cattymama says:

    Bunny lips and tongues are so thick!!

  87. Bun-neh!

  88. whistling tunes cats kissing baboons
    on the sofa

    it’s a thumbout

  89. I hold the line,
    The line of things I don’t approve of here.
    Bun Jacinto…

    (well thppp, it’s late and it hasn’t been a good day)

  90. YourMother says:

    It’s a stunned bun! 😉

  91. Karebear says:

    For those who read my earlier post about the stolen bunny from the Waukesha county fair, he’s been returned!

  92. Waukesha? Is that in Hawaii?

  93. No, you’re thinking of Kahlua.

  94. DaytimeDeb says:

    Hey, thumbs are missing! Yay!!!
    (Taking this to mean that the experiment is over…)

  95. DaytimeDeb says:

    I should clarify — I still have MY thumbs. I plan to keep them for a long time. Just wanted to beat everyone to the punch on that one.

  96. 5^^now8ing says:

    Hey, Patito! You obvy didn’t see my earlier post – Waukesha, Wisconsin, is my home town! Glad to hear they restored law & bun order.

  97. 5^^now8ing says:

    Hey, Patito! You obvy didn’t see my earlier post – Waukesha, Wisconsin, is my home town! Glad to hear they restored law & bun order.

    Theo – I was afraid you maybe hadn’t had a good day – we still loves ya, ya know!

  98. 5^^now8ing says:

    Where’d the thumbs go? (& sorry for the dupe post)

  99. Katrina says:

    Look Ma, No Thumbs! Please, do not bring them back, they detract from the bun-schway of Cute Overload. Stunned bun pun fun, hun. OK, I’m done.

    Berthaservant and Bertha, there should be plenty of boxes for Bertha! Congrats on your successful move.

  100. :O

  101. I love his little tongue!

  102. Oh my gosh…it’s…it’s just so…I can’t

    *goes into joy-coma*

  103. my vote is for either no thumbs OR only thumbs up option!

  104. Disapproving says:

    Not one of the pictures in the disapproval tag are of a bun. Not a single one. I’m sure you can imagine how I feel about this.

  105. Stunbunny says:

    “WHAAAAT!?!? They took Emo Bun off of the masthead? How dare they?”

  106. Chelsea says:

    I like how it’s almost the color of a rottie ❤ I love my bun-bun, but my parents own rottweillers, this is the perfect mix.

  107. I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find that gambling is going on in here!

    (Your carrots, sir.)

  108. Lula Mae says:

    @Disapproving, let me guess: you’re… SHOCKED!

  109. I couldn’t curl my tounge like that until I got to highschool. In middle school if you could do that everyone thought you were so cool.

  110. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @Sheepy —

    niiice “Casablanca” reference….

  111. For some reason, the Peter Gabriel references aren’t just flowing from me. I’m trying to hard. Maybe it”s just easier with MON-KEH!!! s.

  112. Lula Mae says:

    It seems you’ve got the Peter Gabriel – bunneh on your back, Theresa!

  113. Nancy (orig) says:

    Is that bun getting silicone treatments in his leeps??

  114. Karebear says:

    I think the voting system was the work of disapproving buns who take over their people’s computers while they are at work during the day

  115. 5^^now8ing says:


    But no one has said it yet on this post, and it has to be said!

    *Schock and awwww…*

    There. I’m done. Will totally shut up on this thread now. (ignores applause, goes on to next post)

  116. @ 5^^now8ing

    Don’t you mean “schock and pawww”?


  117. I had no idea bunnular muzzlepoushes had leeps.

  118. Brilers says:

    LITTLE GUY LOOKS JUST LIKE DUFF FROM ‘ACE OF CAKES’! He does that mouth open thing all the time. watch and be amazed.

  119. This immediately made me think “Oh face” from the movie Office Space. It’s perfect!