The Oook of Love Is In Your Eyes

‘Allo, bah-bee… Do not be afraid, mah darleeng. Zis love, she ees beeger zan zee both of us… First, you must cleek zee button to begeen zee make-out muzeek, an’ zen we commence wees zee making of zee out, non?


  1. That kitten has some patience, that’s for sure.
    Just not too keen on a family owning a monkey though.

  2. Jenn in IL says:

    My cat would have scratched that monkey’s face off…man, that’s a patient kitteh.

    And I felt slightly uncomfortable watching this…like a weird sort of voyeur. Their love should be private! 🙂

  3. brinnann says:

    “I will lof heem, an squeeze heem, an Fronsche kees heem, an call heem George.”

  4. katiedid says:

    O.o Poor kitty lol.. he’s all like “Of course you wanna start this crap right as the seat gets warm.. well your not getting my spot!”

  5. MadameX says:

    o o

    Will you guys get a room? This is a FAMILY website!!! Think of the children!!!

    PS That takes interspecies snorgling to a whole ‘nother level…

  6. chanpon says:

    So the “ooooooh, a kitty!! ::grabby huggy huggy::” response is genetically inherited from our primate relatives? That’s exactly how my baby cousins and my niece reacts to the cats in our houses.

  7. Eee. At first, this looked less like making out, and more like sexual assault. But about half-way through it, I realized this cat is getting into it! First, she’s giving kissies when they go face to face. Then, when monkey sits back to catch his breath, cat has a chance to get away, but she pulls him in for more! Maybe she just likes it rough…

    Maybe it’s just me, but what’s wrong with these people having a monkey for a pet?

  8. “commence wees zee making of zee out” is a phrase that is going to be embedded in my brain forever.

    NTMTOM, you DO have a way with words.

  9. Yikes! Do monkeys even behave that way with other monkeys? I feel a bit dubious about this, but I did enjoy the little scratch break monkeh took towards the end.

  10. Blech. Why all these stupid monkeys all of a sudden? Primates are disgusting. Do not want. -_-

  11. katiedid says:

    Kar- I donno if the rating system really does work though… there are always 2 or 3 people that just go down the list giving everyone thumbs down no matter what they say so I guess its accurate to a + or – 3…. Thumbs up for everyone! *throws confetti*

  12. hmmmm. I think there might be something wrong with the little monkey (capuchin, I think). I found the kids talking in the end incredibly creepy too. Did the one kid really ask the monkey, “Do you want to make babies with the kitty”?

  13. I’m a worry wart so I kept thinking the monkey was going to choke the kitty some day when no one is looking. Just as you shouldn’t let a small child hold a kitten because they can choke it without knowing about it.

  14. That was quite possibly the creepiest thing I’ve seen all day.

  15. why do these people have a monkey??

  16. CatViccer says:

    If you won’t kees me back, I’ll just give you an ear nom! nom nom nom

  17. Katie Kat says:

    Ummmmm, yeah CREEPY and really, why didn’t anyone step in to rescue the kitty? I know he didn’t run away, but that monkey was like choking him! AAAAAAAnd, also not a fan of a monkey as a pet. 😦

  18. mcbadkitty says:

    Fascinating and gross and adorable all at the same time! That monkey is dead set on doing zee making out with that poor kit-cat. And kitty likey. The world is a strange and complex place…….thank goodness we have the internets to experience it in all it’s glory.

  19. I had a boyfriend exactly like that monkey – they must be related !

  20. Michelle says:


  21. pariah, you do realize we’re primates, don’t you?

  22. Why is this monkey in this house? I hope that they haven’t adopted this monkey as a pet, because he should be in the wild where he belongs and with other monkeys.

  23. Kristabelle says:

    Major Ew! *salutes*

  24. Hmm… I too was wondering why they have a monkey in the house. It *COULD* be a rehab/ or a rescue from another bad monkey-owner… I have NO idea. But the monkey was biting the poor kitty at first, was it not? I couldn’t watch the whole thing because my work internet is horrid, and I am impatient, but it looked like he was about ready to choke the cat to death or pull its poor head off!

    Did everything turn out ok for the cat? I’m not TOO worried: C.O. wouldn’t put anything on here that showed active animal cruelty… riiiiiight? 😉

  25. temperance says:

    although i love kitties, and i love monkeys, this made me very uncomfortable. i can’t quite put my finger on it exactly… just felt weird.

  26. katinka says:

    yuh, this is not cute. there seemed to be more of a sexual nature to what was going on than just innocent snuggling. makes me sad for the kitty…shame on those kids in the vid, i would have taken the kitty away from the monkey.

    doesn’t really seem like an appropriate video for cute overload.

  27. Transpogue says:

    I’m reminded of Mr. Peepers from SNL…

    And that monkey was a bit…um…excited…when he took a break to scratch.

    Wow….good morning, I guess. 😉

  28. “Who would want to ‘r’ her?”

  29. Uh… this is a domination tactic used by primates. Monkey is asserting his role as a dominant family member. Not cute. Could escalate into violence if monkey ever feels threatened by the cat. Four opposable thumbs down, Cute Overload. Gross.

  30. CaptainHaddock says:

    Would you let a little kid do this to your cat? Nyerh? Then don’t let your monkey, fools!

  31. Christy says:

    Yea… not sure how cute this is. The monkey was biting the cat. I’m going to go to the Maru website for some gaurenteed cute.

  32. snorgalpus says:

    kiss kiss mmmmmmmmm

  33. Nancy (orig) says:

    Get a room!!!

  34. Grabby hands!

    And I love the moment at 0:58 where the monkey fishes some fluff out of its mouth.

  35. 5^^now8ing says:

    I’m thinkin’ this is another test of the ratings system? Y’know, see how it works with something controversial like bathing cats, then see how it works for something controversial in a different way?

    Also, I think it looks like it’s in a public space, not a home — institutional-type chair, tile floor, backpack — like, I don’t know, a bus station. Maybe a vet’s office. I think the monkey & cat just met — maybe a vet’s office cat that’s real laid-back & used to different animals?

    It does seem kinda wrong, tho — but still, somehow, cute.

  36. 5^^now8ing says:

    Does anybody else have this? — ever since the thumbs appeared, when I comment, my screen does a strange jumping up-and-down thing before the comment finally appears. (I’m running Vista, using Firefox, and have NoScript allowing polldaddy.) Just wondering if it’s me or the thumbs.

  37. Looks like the monkey is trying to cover the kitty’s nose & mouth! I’d be wary of leaving them alone together.

  38. This made me feel so dirty and skeaved out I had to go look at a ton of baby otter pics to feel better. Like turning on the VCR at somebody else’s house and getting an accidental glimpse of their home-pr0n. Mmmm…fluffy otters…

  39. Christy, Yes!! I need some Maru after that nonsense. Ahhh, sweet Maru.

    Anyone else totally disturbed by the creepy conversation from the kids? I think it may haunt me…

  40. Kinda cute, kinda creepy, definitely weird. Can we have a gee-ross! tag please?

    Oh, and a giant heap of raspberry pudding for everyone who has decided, after watching a 1 minute video, that they know all about these animals’ life circumstances and that it behooves them to tell us all how horrified they are. With extra raspberries.

  41. Von Zeppelin says:

    5^^now8ing, I have the same effect (on Windows XP and Firefox). It does induce a kind of seasickness. I’ve only noticed it since the advent of the thumbs.

    As to the cat and monkey, I prefer a calmer interspecies relationship, like Soryia the orang and Roscoe the dog.

  42. Blondie says:

    Wow Kitty has a lot of patience! My kitties would have beat up the little monkey. I would have put a stop to this – it really wigged me out… Outside of that – Kitty cute, Monkey cute, but behavior not so much…

  43. 5^^now8ing,

    My computer has an aneurism every time a comment page loads. It easily takes a good 20 seconds for it to recover from seizing. It’s like it’s fighting with itself about where it wants the screen to start. Then again, I’ve said it before… my computer hates me and anything cute. It is the anti-good.
    I’m running XP, using Internet Explorer and I have no idea whatevertheheck NoScript and polldaddy are…

  44. It appears to me that the monkey is trying to nurse as well as hold on to the cat as they do in the wild with their Mother. The monkey is too young to be away from it’s Mother and if it is an orphan then it would be best served in a wild animal rehab center. This might be cute to some now but that monkey will grow up and be dangerous. Very patient kitty not what I expect on Cute Overload.

  45. This poor kitten is going to need therapy! Family should really monitor what little monkey watches on TV. Heehee

  46. I agree the kitty does not seem that happy about it. The monkey thing is weird (who owns a monkey?).

  47. It could be a service monkey. Or perhaps a zoo monkey that needs extra care. And so what if it is a pet? He seems happy enough. Why do people always assume the worst case senario? Lighten up people. Jeez.

  48. “No” means “no,” monkey!

  49. dude, if the kitty was not digging it she would have been out of there – you people obvs. don’t have cats! Displeasure is something cats are professionals at expressing. That was hilarious. It think it’s only those few genes that separate us from primates that keeps me from doing exactly that to my cats ear.. I understand the urge to nom the cute!!

  50. woo, that music is tripping me out. It sounds like Procol Harum… in French. O_o

  51. kittygirl says:

    Why is this funny? It’s creepy. And the fact that the humans allowed it to continue and laughed at it is disgusting.

  52. I think it’s sweet! Maybe the bebeh monkeh feels safe when snuggling up with the kitteh. They both look happy together, so what’s the problem? Open up your minds, guys. Interspecies snorgling is a beautiful thing and it ain’t goin’ away! 🙂

  53. I don’t really get a sexual vibe from this. It’s important to remember that while as emotions we view “kissing” like that as romantic, it really doesn’t translate well to most animals. I’ve also seen lots of monkeys exert dominance and it doesn’t look anything like that (unless it’s a specific dominance trait of capuchin monkeys). I think they are just playing.

    With that being said I agree you should never keep a monkey as a pet. It could be a service animal or a zoo foster animal which is fine. But they are wild animals and even ignoring the questionable welfare of the monkey they can be quite dangerous especially to children (or possibly other pets as well). Capuchins are the “tamest” of the monkeys but there are still a lot of incidents of people getting badly bitten by them