What Happens In Vegas…

“All right, maybe I’d had too many shooters.  And yeah, I’m sorry that I lost your money on that roulette spin.  And stealing that security cart and driving through Caesar’s Palace probably wasn’t the best idea.  And I’d be happy to discuss this later, but right now I just need you to help me get this body in the trunk!”


From sender-inner Michael D.: “This is one of my little sister’s new foster kittens.  It’s available for adoption in the Cleveland area if anyone’s interested.”



  1. Lerrinus says:

    Too cute, i iz ded! 😀

  2. Lizzums says:

    I told you kitties were deadly. I bet that hooman was killed by the Qte!

  3. Nothing can go bad when you have white little boots!

  4. What a cutie. You can lose all my money in Vegas anytime.

  5. Valerie says:

    With a face that cute has to be guilty. Hope finds a home fast! I would love it.

  6. Love the splayed little toes on his feet–he is doing all he can to brace himself. Toe-tally adorable!

  7. That kitten is cute enough to talk its way out of any crime.

    I just adopted the two kittens I fostered this summer. I’m a sucker.

  8. Mrs. McGinty says:

    I love the nonchalant way Michael D. is trying to pawn off this Obvious Juvenile Delinquent on the unsuspecting public. “Available for adoption if anyone’s interested” indeed. If anyone’s headed for a life o’ mayhem and havoc, clearly it’s Master Ginger here.

    *books ticket to Cleveland*

  9. Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.

  10. I’m interested! I live in Painesville!

  11. 260Oakely says:

    Finally caught on film: a kitten stealing someone’s sole.

  12. Katiedid says:

    “Oh noes the ligature marks are already begining to show up!!! Where are we going to find an alligator this time of year!?!?!”

  13. Dagnabbit! I was within shouting distance of Cleveland not two weeks ago! Why does this always happen to me? (checks kittyan locator) Yep. KGPS is outta order AGAIN!
    Maybe I shouldn’t be taking it to my dogs for repairs?

  14. I’m assuming the departed dropped like a rock over the sheer orangey cute.

  15. The kitteh is smaller than that foot!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  16. Noelle (the First) says:

    Oh, man, this sounds like my last vacation. 🙂

    Love little kitty. I just formaly adopted the kitty who took up refuge in my garage 4 months ago. He won me over! Took him to the vet and he’s all healthy and everything. Also found out he’s a neutered male, meaning someone dropped him off 😦 He certainly knew where to come for a good home. I’m a sucker for a furry face! 🙂

  17. As cute as that little tyke is, I’m distracted by that show apparently made out of felt. They do look perfect for kitten claws.

  18. He has a rattler tail!

  19. VALERIE says:

    He’s about to tackle the crap out of it. lol

  20. FriendOfPets says:

    Never! Ever! bring your kitteh to Vegas, people! The trouble they can get in…

  21. Note also the widely-dilated, wackadoodle eyes.

  22. “… you got to change your evil ways …baby “

  23. oh, the teeny tail and feets combo it too cute!

  24. Wait a sec…how did my comment rate two thumbs down? Seriously?

  25. Annapolitan says:

    Oh yes, this little guy is guilty! He’s guilty of stealing the hearts of everyone who has seen him. Oh, and lethal cuteness.

  26. whiskers says:

    eef ai do not posess that kitteh RITE NAO, ai wil die!!!


  27. ummm…am I just generally not liked?

  28. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Vampy: I didn’t rate your comment, but I suspect that the extra-long “SQUEE” may have disrupted the page layout on certain Web browsers. Using my mysterious editing powers, taught to me by a secret cabal of monks in their fog-shrouded temple in the Himalayas, I have corrected the issue.

    PS: OK, now I gave your comment a thumbs-up for “SQUEE” endurance!

  29. essensual says:

    LOL I laughed so much…who could say no to such a mignon-nomable face!

  30. Well, hello there essensual. Speaking of un mignon visage…

  31. Thanks NTMTOM. However, it does seem that someone seems to be using the thumbs down for every single comment here.

    Also, I may not be liked in general.

  32. SoCalSis says:

    Love the kitteh, love the foot in slipper, love the lilliputian gumption of K’s plans…. (Still) hate the ratings! Makes you have to page down and down and down to see all teh Cute, getting distracted all the while by random ratings (…’gee, that got 4 thumbs up?’ ‘why they dissin’ poor Vampy just cause s/he’s all excited??’)

    Is this executive decision a Done Deal? I ask again…. Why Dilute Teh Cute???

    *puts down protest sign, picks up kitteh for soothing snorgle*

  33. Vampy – You’re fine! 🙂
    (somebody’s being “underhanded” with the thumbs)

  34. 5^^now8ing says:

    *BEST* *CAPTION* *EVAR*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. @pyrit…..that’s what I figure, I’ve seen it happen in other places with rating systems where one or two people decide to thumbs down every comment no matter what. But when your comment is a perfectly innocent and positive adoration of a really cute little kitten and you discover you have more thumbs down than thumbs up, when others have the opposite for the same kind of comment….well……one can take it a little personally. It can make one wonder if they should just go away and everyone will be happier without them.

  36. 5^^now8ing says:

    Theresa – “wackadoodle.” Technical term, right?

    Re: Vampy – see, this is why I don’t like the rating system. It’s one thing to thumbs-down a nuffer, but someone whose squees arent’ to your liking – ??
    *I* love you, Vampy! An’ yer sqeee-in is totes fine w/me!

  37. Vampy – A very wise computer geek, who may be reading this, once told me, “It’s the internets, silly.”

  38. heh, yeah, it’s just the internets. But we’re all still humans behind the keyboard.

  39. NOT to worry Vampy who ever it is is just being a big ol Jerk

    We loves you!!!

  40. I'm not telling says:

    I confess I did some thumbs down on Vampy only because he/she complained about having a thumbs down. In other words I didn’t thumbs down the person but the complaint. Feel free to thumbs me down now if you want. This is the bad thing about the rating system, eventually it may be more about the rating than the pic or comment. Like the people whose only purponse on facebook is to get lots of “friends”. Do we want to start doing whatever we can to try to get thumbs up? Will it become about the thumbs and not the cute? Please, no. I understand the idea of thumbdowning nuffers but let’s face it, they don’t care.

  41. I don’t like the thumbs up, thumbs down bizness. Love everything else, tho.

  42. I am reminded of The Hangover, except with a somewhat smaller tiger. hehehe

  43. Coffeecup says:

    Those thumbs should be paws…paws up!

    That kitten looks like he might be getting off a catnip hangover.

  44. hat good does the thumbs down do anyway? Evidently some troll has come through and wgiven everyone a thumbs down, just for general misery spreading. Perhaps only a thumbs up (e.g. for especially witty comments) and a “report this” or something similar, for those comments truly negative or out-of bounds would be more…”cute-spirited.”

  45. I think the rate ie bogus

  46. @I’m not telling – My ‘complaint’ was more along the lines of being utterly astounded that someone would thumbs down my squeeing over a kitten. At the time, it was the only comment here that had any thumbs down and it was pretty well the same as all the others.

    In short, I was astounded at getting thumbs down for gushing like everyone else and being the only one getting said thumbs down. Kapeesh?

    [No worries, V, I know how it works. And y’all, it’s not hard for me to spot “ratings trolls” and folks who consistently & overwhelmingly get rated down, too. So it’s best to behave. – Ed.]

  47. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ NTMTOM:

    Do monks in mysterious foggy monasteries in the Himalayas USE computers;
    aka is it TRUE that they showed …..aw, never mind!!! I’m sure, that you would *NEVER* tell a fib to us naive innocent C/Overload aficianados.

    (*Winky winky*)

    From the Truth in Editorializing Dept.

  48. DewiCasgwent says:

    Leslie NTA
    Why wouldn’t himalalyian monks use computers


    Hopefully they are using Vista as that should stop them getting to 9 Billion anytime soon

  49. burvegas says:

    Why aren’t all our tourists this adorable?!

  50. Dewi — I dunno about a purely monastical OS, but there does appear to be a “Jesux” distribution of Linux. Seriously. Sorta. I mean, *I* didn’t make it up, anyway.

  51. Hmmm…..seems to be a few people who just love to hit the thumbs down no matter the comment or commentor. How on earth can ANYONE thumbs down cooing over a kitten????????

  52. Vampy, they’re thumb suckers!

  53. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Dewi …

    ….Wow, that’s pretty spiritually advanced stuff!! I’m impressed.
    Thanks for the research!!

  54. @Vampy – as others have said, you’re fine. At least by me. Definitely do not under any circumstances take it personally!

    @I’m Not Telling – Bear in mind, you don’t actually have to rate the comments. If you worry about the system being misused or ratings being misinterpreted, you can simply abstain! Based on the small number of votes for most comments, it seems that’s what the vast majority of COers (myself included) are doing.

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear – am I going to get thumbs down? The anxiety…!!

  55. kibblenibble says:

    I’d rather ignore a nuffer than rate them. As for the thumb system, I have felt a bit inhibited since it arrived. Seems like it may inadvertently become a tool that people can use to pick on others. So I’m gonna ignore the thumbs, too.

    As for bebeh kitteh, *so* Qte. *places tender kees atop kitteh head*

  56. Nancy (orig) says:

    n den we’re gonna get the sigfried n roy act back on stage – starrin’ this ginger color tiger!

  57. This little marmalade morsel made me instantly exclaim OH MY GOD. Then I read “It’s available for adoption in the Cleveland area if anyone’s interested.”
    IF anyone is interested, IF!!! How could anyone NOT be interested?!?
    *inserts morsel into mouth* mmm, butterscotch!

  58. chanpon says:

    *marvels at teeny slivers of claws digging into the slippers*

  59. janet2buns says:

    My friend’s very tiny orange foster kitteh went to The Bridge tonight. Rest in peace, little dude. *kees verrah tenderly* We love you.

  60. Subhangi says:

    Ah, looks like we’re having a “Hangover” hangover 😛

  61. what a sweet little foster kitty-aww 🙂


  62. Blondie says:

    @260Oakely: Ugh… 🙂

  63. Noelle (the First), I am so glad to hear that you were able to adopt the little kitty that was in your garage 😀 😈 I would be most happy to hunt down and beat up the person who dropped him off for you 😈

  64. Michael D, if I had the money to get to Cleveland 😀 that kitty would be MINE 😀

  65. I just got back from Vegas, how did I miss this? 🙂

  66. SharpContrast says:

    Oh. My. GOSH. That is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!

  67. Christine says:

    So cute and funny!