THIS JUST IN: Maru wearing a crab shell hat

DSC_1015As you know, Maru likes to nose his way into any box he can find.

That is until now [DUN DUN!!]

Maru has taken his boxhab to unbelievable crabhab levels now. Check out all the pics over on Maru’s web site (yes he has a website and why haven’t you checked it out yet OMG.)



  1. zeldapie says:

    Very stylish!

  2. zeldapie says:

    Okay, I *heart* Maru. Just saw his web site, and I’m going to faint from the cuteness.

  3. CO or SOMC…. either way really cute!

    [Heh, some crossover is inevitable. The StuffOnMyCat desk calendar is the other one I have, by the way. 😉 – Ed.]

  4. Why have I never noticed the little spot on his nose? Or is it a (shifty eyes) kitty booger?

  5. What the HELL is up with all these insanely cute posts IN A ROW!?!
    Maru…he handled the move very well, and his hat couldn’t be finer.

  6. Jezebel says:

    It really brings out the color of his eyes!

  7. @Theresa, probably because his head is usually in a box or bag and we’re only often seeing his hindside. :-p

  8. oh Maru how I love you XD

  9. Why yes, I crew on the Flying Dutchman, but my duties are mostly scurrying.

  10. i didn’t think maru could be so shellfish.

  11. OMG…just checked out the website, Maru is so so adorable!! Love!

  12. irish wristwatch (try saying it out loud) says:

    u look mavelous daling!!!

  13. irish wristwatch (try saying it out loud) says:

    @jen, hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!
    that is qte!

  14. IT could be all the latest rage… Maru fashion

    Soon there will be jewelry purses and belts

  15. Maru!

  16. Only Maru can style a crabhat and look absolutely fah-bu-lous!

  17. Hmm… I wonder if Maru plays Half-Life?
    [nerdish musings]

  18. Katiedid says:

    King of the crabs or King Crab??? 😀
    PS… I was gone for a few days and all heck has broken loose.. we get to rate postings now?!?!?! oh noes….

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’m impressed with the quiet dignity with which he wears his crustacean headgear. “What? I’m wearing crabshell. If you think it’s unusual, that’s YOUR problem.”

    By the way–what’s the idea with the ratings? Are not all commenters equal before the bar of cuteness?

  20. Somebody shoulda taken care of his eye-booger before snapping this picture. Still utterly anerable, though.

  21. Cecille says:

    i don’t know about cute, but this definitely made me laugh 😀

    not such a fan of the ratings system though.

  22. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Von Zeppelin: Give the ratings system a little time, and it’ll prove its worth. It will give the C.O. community a handier way to express their approval or disapproval of the “nuff” comments that we sometimes see.

  23. Word.

  24. This pic was on icanhascheezeburger with the caption: CRABBY, are you feeling it?

    That has been my wall paper at work for several months now.

  25. WHO DARES rate me down??? (Goes in corner and cries)

  26. Oh now you’re just setting yourself up, Theresa. Get back over here and eat your pudding. 😛

  27. BenPanced says:

    “I am very stylish and comfortabulz in my crab hat. You can only wish you were like me.”

  28. Wait! This explains everything!!! He must be part Hermit Crab! Hence his obsession with Boxes. He’s just trying to find the perfect fit!

  29. CRAB pudding? 😀


  31. zeldapie says:

    There, there, Theresa.
    *pats head
    I shall rate you VERY HIGH INDEED.

    Metz, pretty soon we won’t be able to see Maru at all. Just a teeny nose sticking out of his shell.

  32. I think Theresa is trying to get herself thrown to the kittens. Crab pudding? 😛
    But you just know that someone, somewhere has probably said at one point or another, “You know what sounds good? Crab Pudding.” (ICK!) 😆

    [I bet tequila was involved. Beforehand. – Ed.]

  33. Jen – “shellfish” oh COME ON!! *groan* 🙂

    Cats in hats of any sort always look great, even when they’re angry about it. This is a most unusual and appetite-provoking hat.

  34. Kristabelle says:

    OK, I’m a dog person and I *LOVE* Maru and his website! The translated captions/dialog are the best! And Maru is a very cute and expressive cat!!!

  35. Maru needs to be cloned…….RIGHT NOW!

  36. Jezebel says:

    Is there a prize for the most thumbs up? There should be. Just saying.

  37. SixFootJen says:

    Awwwwwwwww, HEAD PERFORMANCE!

    Makes me think of (and miss) Oolong The Rabbit.

  38. @Jezebel –
    Well a few folks have been saying the most thumbs down gets you thrown to the kittens, but I’m beginning to suspect they were being less then entirely truthful. 😦

  39. Am I the only person who expects neat hovertexts on other people’s websites now?

    I have been SO disappointed when they don’t appear (having been spoiled by CO).

    [There’s always XKCD and Dr. McNinja! – Ed.]

  40. I love the Look on Maru’s face… of course you want a hat like mine.. Who wouldn’t.

  41. @Metz, and of course, you serve it in a crab shell. Look, I’ve got a coupon from Red Lobster!!

    PS Anyone else have a strange visual when they hear about “lump crab”?

  42. LOL I look for hover text on other websites too and get disappointed

    I Love XKCD… almost as much as CO

  43. @Theresa and Mets >>Pudding on the Half Shell???? LOL XD

  44. Ew. Well. I like my wallpaper. These thumbs stink. >:<

  45. Only Maru could wear that ridiculous piece of shellfish and still look dignified.

  46. zeldapie says:

    All this talk of crabs and shellfish is making me feel kinda blerfy.


  47. The thumbs. They boggle me eyes. I tend to flash around and I have to study the thumbs to figure out the “score”. May I suggest a space between? (or you could ditch them altogether ;-p aren’t I helpful?)

    I thought the nuff sitch here had been improving over the years. Used to be worse.

    No thumbs for me, thanks. But I did wonder if a peep could rate themselves, so I hovered over a thumb under my own comment and LOL! Peeps, I think you can rate yerself! Don’t tell the nuffs.

  48. wuyizidi says:

    The position of the thumbs is kind of distracting. Maybe it could be to the side, on the same line as the name?

    I think rating would be really good for certain threads, like Friday Haiku. Not sure how it adds to the experience for regular threads.

    Also not sure about the usefulness of thumbs down rating. If we cannot get rid of the thumbs down part, maybe we can all agree to use it only on the ’nuffers?

  49. BB/VA, I sometimes have posts on a website called LolTheist* (as MyBabiesHaveTails), and I was so excited when I learned how to add hovertexts to my posts!

    *Warning: Controversial material ahead. Please fasten your safety belts and don your nuff-protection/prevention helmets before entering. The site is linked in my name.

  50. Fashionably chic…..matching handbag would complete the look

  51. Eh, has Maru been hitting all those boxes of beverages recently, and maybe got into some of the… *hic*…alcoholic ones? Both Maru and I can enter into crabhab together (mmmm……crab)

    Rather than thumbs, I wish we could get the crazy happy pom head and maybe a disapproving rabbit head as the pictures for the voting.

  52. BeckyMonster says:

    I seriously need to get the Japanese translation for OMG! tattooed on my person somewhere…..

  53. Thumbs up to chanpon’s idea!!!

  54. BeckyMonster says:

    And by the way, WTF are we voting on with the thumbs? The stoats just called me, and they are confused!

  55. Maru is the coolest cat ever. I love the video where he puts his head in a plastic bubble-wrap bag and just wanders around with it on. I wonder if he has a voice? You never hear him mew.

  56. Nan, I found one of his videos where he DOES mew! BRB!

  57. Okay I am seconding?? Thirding(//Pyrit??) Chanpons suggestion..


  58. Got it! He’s got such a wee mew for such a big kitteh!

  59. Carp! I was trying to imbed and pasted the wrong thing.

  60. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    What we’re not seeing, people, is a poor little crab waking up on the bottom of the ocean and wondering what in the world he’s going to do with his new tailio.

  61. “But, in fact, this is usable as a hat.” – Maru

    Doesn’t that just say it all? Maru is unflappable. Or at least his hidden ears are. Or something. I’ll stop typing now.

  62. DaytimeDeb says:

    NOW I understand what the thumbs down is for.. thank you poster #55!!

  63. C’mon guys, stop pickin’ on Chas! The first line of his comment was actually pretty good! He’d prob’ly be getting thumbs up if he’d left out the link.

  64. I didn’t know the Emperor Maru-kado of Japan attended the coronation, as well.

  65. You know, peeps, it is an original look. Maybe it will catch on.

  66. I’d love to come back as Maru in my next life but I know I’m not nearly cool enough. 😦

  67. Very bold look going on there Maru!

  68. OLÁ !

    MIAU ! (meow!)
    We love Cute Overload too!!!

  69. darkshines says:

    Part of the ship, part of the crew, part of the ship, part of the crew…..

  70. Maru: People are soooo annoying!

  71. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    It’s a Klingon Kitty!

  72. Dragonflye says:

    Maru could certainly give Winston a run for his money… adorable kitteh….

  73. I heart Maru.

    I vote a resounding ‘ugh!’ on the thumbs.

  74. @Dragonflye If Maru, Winston, and Charlene Butterbean ever decide to team up, humanity’s subjugation is inevitable.

  75. 5^^now8ing says:

    Couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about ratings — ? Til I let NoScripts allow it. Now, the pressure is *on!* Can I be funny/profound/succinct/witty/cute enough to rate?! Plus, it’s one more thing I feel compelled to do here — I mean, how can I fail to rate up may fave comments/commenters? So I gotta say, I love you guys, but I’m not a fan of teh thumbs.

    NOMTOM – Klingon kitty — yay!

    And why is it I *always* forget to check the hovertext until someone comments on it?

  76. 5^^8, I useta forget the hovertext, too. But it got to where it was such a big part of the comments’ discussions that it became habit to read the hovertext before I started on the comments.

  77. Oh my god!! The translated “dialog” on Maru’s site KILLS me!!

    This one, for example:

    bahahahaha! xD

  78. darkshines – “So, he wasn’t always so, tentacally?”

  79. “Does this crabhat make me look fat?” 🙂

    (I faithfully visit Maru’s blog every day (after I visit CO, of course) and I am ALWAYS always so amused not only by Maru and his antics, but also by the sweet translations into English. Not to mention how much his Mom adores this kitty. She is so clearly devoted to this cool cat. So you go ahead, Maru, and you wear that “fresh lid” with pride! We’ll be here cheering you on!)

  80. skippymom says:

    The crab crown makes him look very regal, and he is well aware of this. I wonder whether it’s smelly, though? Of course to him this would be beautiful perfume, right?

  81. Maru has a classic elegance reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.

  82. Leslie (NTA) says:

    . 1)….Here @ Cuteoverload, the Commenters even get a vote, on whether we should be voting!!!!
    2)…I wish that participation in our Presidential Elections were so simple! No “hanging CHAD’s, here !!!

  83. Kodalai says:

    Maru’s website really ought to be linked under “More! More! More!” in the sidebar. She updates frequently, the pictures are always cute, and the website is otherwise hard to find (at least unless you know how to enter Japanese characters into google search…)

  84. And now, CO will paws, for a brief crustation break …

  85. This pic gave me the urge to take a trip down memory lane and revisit Maru’s past antics. A classic:

  86. Can we have a Maru tag?

  87. Tres chic, Maru, mon cherie! (And that is about as much French as I know!)

  88. Patito Gigante says:

    Crab Pudding.

    [Hmm… don’t really know what to think about that recipe. Might have to try it, some brave evening… – Ed.]

  89. Love Maru. Only those with a true sense of style can carry off a crustacean chapeau with such panache!
    The rest of us can only watch and wish.

  90. The English translations are almost as cute as Maru. What a beautiful animal he is!

  91. 5^^now8ing says:

    OK, I *clearly* need to get out and see more Maru! The bag on the head is *the* most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen! He can *clearly* get the bag off, but instead chooses to walk around in it! And the two paws curled up before he jumps? I totally lost it – have *never* seen a cat do that before! (Second call for Maru tag.)

  92. 5^^now8ing says:

    Er…that s/be “seconds” call for Maru tag.

  93. Hahahaha. I love this 🙂

  94. JinxtheCat says:

    Maru is the coolest dude in the world! Although it’s kind of a tie with Winston. Winston is a cool dude too. But Maru just makes me laugh out loud, what a silly silly baby he is. Winston (as fits his name) is a bit more prissy. \
    Gotta love them both.

  95. Noelegy says:

    “Maru is ennui in the toilet.”

    Oh, Maru, I know just how you feel.

  96. JinxtheCat says:

    Watching the paper bag one again made me howl with laughter. Maru’s such a ham.

  97. Maru looks like he is pondering what to do with the crab hat 😀

  98. I love that there is a Japanese equivalent of OMG.

  99. DaytimeDeb says:

    @Katey – I know, I love the paws up before jumping. I was going to say something about that earlier but I got distracted. I’m taking lessons from my cats, apparently.

  100. “When I heard he had crabs, I wasn’t expecting such an extreme case.”

  101. MadameX says:

    I third a Maru tag!!!

    The world needs more Maru. And more Winston.

  102. hahaha wow that is great. the look on his face – he’s all, “yeah i got a crab shell on my head – what of it?” makes me like maru much more…but not as much as i love winston!!!

  103. texasgirrrl says:

    Adorable! He looks like he is going to a party with funky hats!

  104. Not only is the hat a great style, but a great color too, brings out the pink of Maru’s nose. So dignified, so dignified!

    I love Maru, love the post, but count me as another who doesn’t love the thumbs. Maybe we can all save our votes for posts that are truly awesomely great or truly awesomely heinous. That way maybe no one will worry about getting the dreaded thumbs down…?

    And by the way I also vote for Chanpon’s suggestion!

  105. claudia says:

    I love how he’s all “I meant to do that” at the camera, lol. Maru: thumbs WAY UP!

  106. aww so cute 🙂


  107. I LOVE Maru , and I LOVE his parents who picture him so well and without any fussy music . Many thumbs up for them (although I detest the ratings) .

  108. Kiragirl says:

    yes, Maru and his website are just adorable. I love the translations, too.

  109. Today on the Maru channel, Maru plays in a trash can and sleeps under a box.
    hilarity ensues.
    I think Maru’s mom should set up a Maru-cam. I would actually pay for access to the All Maru channel.

  110. brinnann says:

    😆 Rafi, that new video is HILARIOUS! Peeps, you MUST see it!

    1:45 – Ehn! Ehn! HALP!

    2:35 – Where are the ruby slippers?!

  111. brinnann says:

    Here’s the video:

  112. brinnann says:

    Oh yay! I’m glad to see the regular ” 😆 ” guy is back.

  113. jackie31337 says:

    Jorden What the HELL is up with all these insanely cute posts IN A ROW!?!

    Look up there in the navigation bar at the top of your web browser… see this site’s name in the address? cuteoverload! That’s why! 😉


  114. kittypants says:

    I just want to put those paws in my mouf!

  115. Maru is the cutest cat alive!!!!!!!!

  116. Katrina says:

    Ascot opening day already? Maru is ready!

    No thumbs, no thumbs, no thumbs- oh, sing a song of no thumbs! YAY!!


  118. tierramor says:

    I also love the translated conversations and dialogue from Maru, i.e., “Marue is ennui in the toilet.”

  119. ellabella says:

    the site is amazing- great photography and quaint English!

  120. Ella — we like to call it “Snorglish”. 😉

  121. Charlie says:

    lol headcrab, wheres gordon when you need him hmm

    I love the way his expression is like’ why yes this is my hat, is stylish no?’

  122. Hopefully the crab doesn’t want it’s shell back!

  123. darkshines says:

    Yeay! Pyrit got my PotC reference!

  124. apotheosis says:


  125. docpepper says:

    Go Maru!