Drama in the tub







“My Paws are SLIIIIDINGKS!!! Ehn!”


“Why did you do this? Why?” [Head tilt]


“The middle-of-the-night-clawing you are foreseeing WILL COME TRUE”


“Not this same tile background AGAIN!!!”


“I give up.”


Uncle Wire is to thank, once again.



  1. Teester says:


    (lolol poor kitties <3)

  2. OMG… the one that’s clinging to the faucet… O.O Poor, poor kitty. These remind me of the hamster-in-a-wok video, though I’m sure in real life they’re much more frantic and splashy.

  3. Whoa! Talk about Wilford Brimley!

  4. This is one of THE BEST additions to the CO catalogue in quite awhile. I LOVE seeing how wretched cats look when all dignity is stripped away. Har! You just want to crack up and cry at the same time. Poor babies. Wish they could better appreciate the trouble we go through to keep them spiffy. Oh the scratches I have.

  5. dolphingirl says:

    Is it wrong to love the way their eyes get all huge when they are oh so upset and offended? I have to bathe me kitty regularly due to a skin condition, and she is so used to it, she’s fairly good about it…but I still get the eyes! lol

  6. Kirsten D. says:

    *places army hat on head to avoid the nuffers*

    Poor little kitties! The indignities you must suffer to become pretty and fluffy and clean again. But hey, when it’s gotta happen, it’s gotta happen. No wonder cats are always portrayed as the nasty pieces of work in comics and the like. Gotta love ’em. ❤

  7. goggiemom says:

    Don’t get them wet, and never feed them after midnight…..

  8. AuntieMame says:

    And parents of human children have to go through this every day. 😀

  9. Poor little meows! Oh the indigniteh! Oh the humaniteh! (Catmaniteh?)

  10. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Poor things look like a buncha wet GREMLINS! 😛

  11. Absolutely hysterical! Love the one grabbing the faucet. And the face of the first cat is priceless.

  12. These pictures just reminded me to the reason why I never give my kitties a bath. I had to wear a long sleeve shirt and oven mitts so I wouldn’t lose a finger. These kitties getting a bath look so sad, but so cute!

  13. the scottish fold’s eyes pretty much say it all. they say ‘why have you betrayed me??! i thought you loved me!’
    this post totally made my day ~_~

  14. Is it just me, or do all these kitties look like Gremlins?

  15. I don’t know what’s cute about scared animals. They don’t need those “baths”. They can perfectly take care about hygiene themselfs.

  16. Nooooooooooooooooo
    Poor kitties. :<

  17. NOO 😦
    Poor kittiecats. I feel so sorry for them.

  18. OMG, “Why did you do this? Why?” cat is cracking me up.

    Poor kitties. I feel so bad for them.


  19. Holy crabopolis, TOO funny!!! The 3rd photo just kills me! I can just here the meow equivalent of Noooooooooooooo coming from the poor kitteh! lol

  20. poor little things. thats not fair.

  21. I remember the first time we gave Daisy a bath. She’s small enough where it’s easy to keep her restrained for the duration, but, well…

    I know it’s mean but there was something cute about her annoyed meow during the rinse. It was literally the cat version of >_< .

  22. Ahah, these are hilarious! I grew up with a cat, Allis, who had to be held down by at least two people to be bathed, and even then, caused some serious damage. My boy Azrael is very unbothered by baths and will sit still and calm when I wash him. In fact, he often sleeps in the tub and won’t get out of it until I’m already filling it with water and maybe not just his tail but his hind legs are under the surface… then he sits next to the bath and bats at the bubbles while I read a book. Not all kittys are bothered by water 😀

    Oh, and cutely enough (and annoyingly enough), he also drinks water from the tap. By sitting under it and letting it pretty much wash over him.

    He looks annoyed there because I’m bothering him, not that he’s wet.

  23. Cats do not need washing, dont get the people who try to wash their cats. A cat is a self cleaning animal! Poor kitties!

  24. jackie31337 says:

    AuntieMame And parents of human children have to go through this every day.

    Unless you’ve got one of the ones that won’t come out of the tub even though the water long ago went cold and they’re as wrinkly as a giant prune.

  25. Afraid I’m on the side of the nuffers today. Sorry to be a pill, but I just have to put this out there in case there are folks who don’t know:

    Cats can’t swim as easily as dogs can, and so they have a primal fear of immersion. It’s not just that they’re indignant or annoyed by getting wet–they’re actually terrified that they’re going to drown. They don’t know that they won’t. They don’t understand that their humans aren’t trying to kill them. You’re not just hurting their pride. You’re traumatizing them.

    A very rare few cats–those who spend a lot of time outdoors in rainy climates–can handle some water, and even appreciate a little of it. But almost none will enjoy actually being soaked under a faucet or in a sink or tub.

    Since this is such a traumatic experience for cats, it’s really important to limit bathing only to times when it’s absolutely necessary (like they’re caked in mud or are unable to clean themselves), and to do spot cleaning with a washcloth instead of immersion when possible.

    (Of course, responsible cat owners keep their kitties inside where they’re less likely to get dirty in the first place… 😉 )

  26. I do not agree that “responsible cat owners keep their kitties inside”
    It’s primal instinct to be scared of water, also primal instinct to be outside, where they can. responsibility is caring for a cat in all ways possible, not trying to keep it away from everything.

    My big boy used to put his head down muddy rabbit holes, and though he needed a bath, it’s too risky, being such a violent chap if angered! a washcloth and a wipe down is good enough for most muckies!
    Though I will agree, sometimes when a cat REALLY needs it, a bath is a last option, such as medical reasons or being really dirty!

  27. cat doesnt need a bath, please stop doing it to them, it would just scare them. they have thier own way to clean themsleves please. serious.

  28. Cats don’t generally require bathing, but sometimes they do–like if they get something on their fur that would be unsafe to lick off. Given what a hassle it is to bathe a cat, I don’t begrudge the owners taking a quick picture or two to memorialize the occasion.

    I’m loving the huge eyes on the marmie in photo one. Photo two looks like a spider! I bet his/her humans thought at times that kitty had at least 8 legs, too.

  29. Yikes. Calm down a few degrees. I sincerely doubt any of these cat owners are doing this for the heck of it. There are times when it’s better to wash your cat than to leave it to wash yourself. Letting your kitten get used to water early on is a good way to avoid having them panic at the sight of water as they grow up (as I did with mine) and make it less of a horrid situation when it does happen. It might be a little insensitive to whip out your camera when your cat is scared, but let’s face it, on the scale of ‘bad pet owners’, the people who wash a filthy cat don’t rank very high.

    Put it into perspective.

  30. My caption on #6: “Foolish human!”

  31. “Of course, responsible cat owners keep their kitties inside”

    And keep them locked in the house? That’s not nice :/

  32. bookworm says:

    I had to give my cat a bath once. We came home from a weekend away (had someone coming in to feed him, don’t worry) and found that he’d gotten his collar — the supposed “break-away safety collar” — lodged in his mouth. Rocky was fine, but sweet Jesus on a pogo stick did he STINK. Sure he didn’t appreciate it, and took a chunk out of my husband’s hand, but whatever. He survived. And smelled better.

    I’m sure people aren’t doing the feline dunktank just for S&Gs, so please, nuffers, calm the heck down, will ya?!

  33. Patricia says:

    I washed both my cats when after they manage do escape into the garage when my sister was over and both came in with a bad smelling oily substance on their fur. I was afraid if they licked it off it would kill them, so I gave them a bath.

    I’m sure you are all right though I should have let them lick it off and get sick or die instead of bathe them.

  34. Well I hope these owners had a really good reason for bathing their cats because in almost all circumstances it is not necessary.

    Also, responsible cat owners do not make their cats live indoors, responsible cat owners let their cats in and out and accept that like children, keeping a cat indoors where it is “safe” is not the best way to care for your cat as what is the point in having your cat live for 20 years if they are bored and unfullfilled throughout those 20 years. Incidentally, my oldest puss Hawkins was quite the prowler in and out as he pleased, he died after a long healthy life at the age of 21 (human years)

  35. responsible cat owners make choices for the cats based on their lives and not comments from the interwebs

  36. I think this is mean to bath cats

  37. The owners didn’t read the manual (http://andreas.com/catman.html). The CAT units are self-cleaning and require little maintenance. User attempts to clean CAT units normally produce loud noises and sometimes, the twin D-shaped five-pin spike connectors cause injuries to the user. CAT units sometimes will not emit the soothing hum after cleaning. 🙂 🙂

  38. HA! last night when i first saw the rating system i thought this would be great for commentroversy – and here we have one of the classic commentroversy topics! I bet CO was holding on this post until the rating system got set up!!

    as for my cat bath views (shifty-eyes), i shall keep them to myself (along with my touching a wild baby ani-pal views) cause i don’t want anyone to hate me!!

  39. I’m crying right now. They don’t deserve it.
    Poor little guys. It’s just so wrong. Poor little baby, he’s desperate.

  40. There are plenty of instances in which bathing a cat is necessary. My 17 year old cat can’t reach her backside very well anymore, so I have to help with that. I also had to give her an oatmeal bath over the winter because her skin became dry and irritable. It wasn’t pleasant for anyone involved, but it needed to be done. People need to chill out.

  41. stacyhorn says:

    It’s a good thing that this came up I think. As a few people have already said, there are times when bathing is necessary, for medical reasons, they got into something, and so on.

    I’m sure the people who routinely bath their cats without any of these reasons mean well and just aren’t aware that it isn’t necessary. I mean, keeping them clean would seem like basic, loving care. So I just think it’s good that this came up.

  42. Hi, guys! I’m on the “bathe cat when absolutely necessary” side. It’s kind of the “bring your cat to the vet regularly” mentality. You do it because you love them.

    Anyhow, just wanted to point out that in the “Why did you do this? Why?” pic, the water is visibly dirty. I suspect kitty had rolled around in the garden or a mud puddle.

    Anyhow, the handsome kitty probably got towel dried and then completely babied for the rest of the day (if the owner is anything like me!).

  43. Leslie (NTA) says:

    ….Cute or Sad ? tag???

  44. freetomato says:

    The first kitty totally has Puss-in-Boots-from-Shrek pathetically cute big eyes that make you go “aawwwww!” before he scratches your face off.

  45. temperance says:

    ‘why did you do this?’ kitty looks strangely human to me, whereas scottish fold kitty looks totally unreal, like a toy. (those eyes!)

  46. This is a test! This is only a test! Of the anti-nuffing rating system!

    Obviously, they had to do SOMETHING extreme to show the nuffers that their comments are not welcome here!

  47. Katrina says:

    Hey, rate this……………why I oughta………….

  48. Faucet Tabby’s parents have the tub a bit too full. I don’t blame her for clinging!

    I have to occasionally give my Nellie a “people bath” because she has a bad back and can’t turn around properly to clean it, and it can get some serious buildup. She gets super-freaked out, so what I have to do is sit in the empty tub with her on my shoulder and wash her with the shower hose on the lowest setting.

  49. YES : W H Y ???

    Cats don’t have to be washed !!!

    It seems YOU like to see them AFRAID and WORRY.

    YOU are stupid.

  50. Definitely deserves a “cute or sad” tag! On the other had, the one or two times I’ve had to wash my cats, they usually forgave me by the next day… or week… They’re indoor cats and don’t get dirty; they keep themselves just as clean as if I gave them regular baths, so I just avoid the whole traumatic experience (for me and for them!)..

    And, I agree, the faucet one was a pretty great pic!

  51. Starlinguk says:

    “And parents of human children have to go through this every day.”

    Do they? Mine doesn’t. He washes every day and has a bath once a week (unless he’s filthy, of course). Until they reach their teens and their hair gets greasy and their armpits smelly, I don’t see a reason to shower/bath kids every day. I feel especially sorry for babies. Small babies don’t really get dirty, and a lot of them HATE baths!

    The cat never has a bath, except when he gets caught in the rain (which makes him reeeeeeally soft).

  52. If you put a towel at the bottom of the tub it gives kitty something to dig his/her claws into and feel safe, instead of the slipping and the sliding.

  53. Starlinguk says:

    “Also, responsible cat owners do not make their cats live indoors”

    I just had an argument about that! Apparently in the US it’s very, very common to keep your cat indoors, and they think it’s cruel to let it out! I can kinda see their point, since there are more wild animals out there, more cars, and fewer – if any – speed bumps and pavements. I find it odd that certain people see it as a “good animal for small flats” though. If I did that to my cat, he’d shred the place. Cats need space.

  54. doxnsox says:

    Seriously, wet cats are pure evil. Whereas dry cats are just mostly evil.

  55. I’ve never met anyone who washes their cat! It seems to be mostly confined to Americans. Ridiculous. My cat spends hours every day cleaning herself and she is never dirty or smelly.

  56. Oh, this is so SAD! We have an elderly gentleman cat who needs to be bathed about three times a year due to old age- related skin issues. He is much more stoic than these young whipper snappers! They could take a lesson! 😉

  57. Valerie says:

    Poor things. I tried this once with my kitty and I almost lost my arm. Didnt look at me for a week. That was just pushing him alittle in the sink. The first one is so sad, second 2 are “stretch arm strong”. The one tilting and say why just needs a warm towel and a hug.

  58. allison says:

    Wet, mad kittehs never get old!

  59. I do NOT want to see pictures of cats being bathed. It is not cute or funny.

  60. Trabb's Boy says:

    When we first got our cats they were filthy, flea-infested, covered-with-I-don’t-know-what kittens. When we got them home, one squoze herself behind the filing cabinet where she essentially remained for the next three weeks (earning herself the name “The Other Kitty). Kitty, we put in the sink and washed off. He was trembling even after the towel-drying, so I lay down on my back and put the darling little mite under my shirt to warm up. Where he promptly shat aaaaaaaaaalllll over me.

    This was the very last cat bath in our household. Somehow or another The Other Kitty got herself clean, and we used flea powder to get rid of the fleas, and as far as I know, water has never touched any part of those cats except their tongues in the sixteen years since. I still reflexively scrub my stomach sometimes though.

  61. Awwww. My Lily-girl needs occasional help in keeping herself properly baff-ed, and she can be downright vicious. We do the best we can to limit her stress and still have her fluffy and clean… and she takes it out of our hides. Lily Baths are a twelve step two hour process. We consider it a martial art.

  62. Tai- PULEEEZE, Unless you have a PHD or are an animal behaviorist, let’s not talk about animal instincts and primal fears. I have a cat who literally jumps in the shower with me and plays in the sink as soon as I turn on the running water, and has even jumped in a full tub. Meanwhile, my dog loves to swim, but looks exactly like these little gremlins whenever she is bathed. “MOM, the HORROR!” Your kitty may have primal needs to be let outside and my doggie was not borned to walk on a leash, but we give them all the cuddling and loving and treats they can handle to make up for it, don’t we?

  63. Guys, guys, PUHLEASE. I think any animal requires at least 1 bath per month. They might not need it because they can take care of themselves pretty well, but I believe only in their natural habitat. We live in the city with plenty of wierd sh–t going around that might be dangerous to let our feline sweeties lick it off and ingest it.

    I give my cat a good cleaning one a month and there are no signs of complete spazzing trauma. In fact, I think she loves me more and more (she jumps on my bed when I come back from work to nap with me, she now DEMANDS cuddlies and burries herself in my hair at 6am in the morning, she’s always hanging around me and my sweetlums when we’re together, she keeps me company when I play video games, she sleeps on my tablet when I work…). Sure she hates it when I soak her and she knows when I’m about to wash her, but I think in the end she appreciates the fur washing when it’s all sticky with stuff she doesn’t want to lick off. Cats are finicky and sometimes won’t even clean a certain dirty spot if they can’t stand the smell and/or taste.

  64. The pic of the kitty holding on to the faucet is priceless… Omg.

  65. January says:

    My cat Marilyn (rest in peace) was white and liked to hang out under cars and in wheel wells. She could not clean the black stripe of oily fun that began to show on her spine. I gave Marilyn one (and only one) bath in her life. The neighbors probably thought there was cat murder going on. The sounds were terriable. Try a dry shampoo peeps. It’s all so serious today.

  66. It’s funny to me how a cluster of funny/cute/and cutely sad photos gets turned into a moral debate.
    Are we all that verbally stifled that we need to get into arguments about our opinions on CAT BATHING? 😀

    Now if it were acid, or the kitties’ faces were being shoved under water, I could see the issue….

  67. Yes, indeed, cats need the occasional bath outside of their tongues. My older cat has a skin condition that requires occassional bathing with a special shampoo, recommended by the vet.

    So are some of you suggesting that my vet is off his rocker and I should leave my baby girl to itch and scratch until she bleeds because, oh, she can just wash herself with her tongue?

    Sorry, but I’ll go with my vet and my own instincts as a good pet owner.

    (as for the indoor/outdoor debate, my two are indoor only and happy about it. They do have a deck they can go out and sun themselves under my or my hubby’s supervision, but only my girl does it, the boy is a big ol furry chicken. I live in the downtown area of a major city. And I have seen one to many cats at the bad end of outdoors. But at the same time, some of my neighbours have very well cared for indoor/outdoor kittehs whom I am good friends with…but I still worry about Tabbyman, The Moo, Storm, and Marmalade – my names for them.)

  68. I have to agree that the third pic is just over the top too much! He’s so desparate to get away!

  69. Dolphingirl –
    AGREE! I also get a guilty pleasure in seeking the despairing large eyes on unhappy cats. Not that I would intentionally make the cat unhappy just to see the eyes, but it is cute, let’s face it. It makes me want to comfort them even more.
    The “spider” cat has all toes splayed – hilarious!
    But I must admit that these comments made me think twice about bathing cats. I have to bathe my cat because of asthma issues in our house, but if that weren’t the case, would I just let the cat get that increasingly greasy, dusty, icky quality?
    Just because an animal exists in a certain state in the wild does not make it ideal. There are lots of horrors and discomforts endured by wild animals which compassion would demand ameliorated once we are the guardian of that animal. Anyways, this post is certainly thought provoking.

  70. why do people bath cats?????????????? They are cleaner than us hoomans…..


  71. Heheheheeee XD

  72. Shannon says:

    I had an itty bitty little kitten (4 weeks) named Shadow – and she loved to jump in the tub with me. After she was finished swimming around, she would climb up onto my shoulder – ouch! – and hang out in the tub.

  73. My kitty actually outsmarted me on the baf issue. She figured out that if she peed (or worse, number two’ed) in the water, I’d immediately spazz out and yank her out of the water – and be too grossed out to continue or try again. Dang catz.

  74. So so pathetically and sadly hilarious!! I’m bookmarking this post for whenever I need a pick-me-up.

    We don’t give kitty baths here but every once in a while it’s necessary, like *ahem* if a certain ungraceful someone falls in the toilet or something. Not that that has ever happened here !! *shifty eyes* and if it did I would never tell!!

  75. Noelegy says:

    Every single time, this discussion comes up…Look, I have a longhaired cat who sometimes fails to groom himself properly. He gets mats and “dreadlocks” along his back and haunches. Also poop balls stick to his fluffy britches. So not only is it necessary to bathe him sometimes, I also occasionally trim his fur very close with clippers. He looks pathetic for a month or so, but overall has got to be much happier without the fecal klingons. The whole point is that bathing a cat is NOT something that cat owners would ever do for amusement or spite. It’s not easy. It’s not fun. But sometimes the cats look really funny, and someone gets out the camera.

  76. 1. @#!!
    2. @#!!
    3. @#!!
    4. “Touchdooooooooown!”
    5. @#!!
    6. @#!!
    7. @#!!
    8. @#!!

  77. 5^^now8ing says:

    Ohhh – SO Cute AND Sad! ‘Specially the one hanging onto the faucet!

    Trabb – great story! 😉

    Here’s mine: I was at my first boyfriend’s house, where there was a new litter of kittens, about 5 weeks old. This being a semi-rural area, they were outdoor kitties. One of the exploring kittens fell into a tub of used motor oil in the garage. I truly think the little bit would’ve died if we hadn’t bathed it — waaaay too tiny to ingest all that foul stuff. But boy, oh, boy, even a tiny kitten can inflict a lot of damage on two grown hoomins! After, it was all shivery (even tho it was summer), and I dried it and dried it and cuddled it til it was warm again. Never have had to bathe a cat since, thank goodness.

  78. 5^^now8ing says:

    Noelegy – fecal klingons – har!

  79. charliewabba says:

    We have to rate comments now? And worry about what kind of ratings our own comments get? Things are getting very complicated here.
    1. Read title and pre-picture description
    2. Look at picture
    3. Check hovertext
    4. read caption under picture
    5. re-read hovertext cause sometimes it even funnier on the second reading
    6. go to comments page to read comments
    7. check comments page url to see if it’s also funny
    8. Repeat steps 1 through 5, and 7 to absorb the total CO package
    9. Read comments.
    10. Rate comments.
    11. Think about appropriate and clever comments and/or responses to make to earlier comments.
    12. Wonder if it’s to late after 80-some comments to respond to something someone said in comment 13
    13. Post comment
    14. Check back periodically to see if anyone has rated and/or commented on your comment
    15. Move on to next post and repeat
    16. Check refrigerator for pudding.

    “Oh, da pwesshuh!”

  80. Sometimes you just have to wash ’em. I used to have a very busy boy who got into a lot of stuff – one of his favorite activities was rolling in his sisters’ fresh poo – so, yes, he required baths after his little adventures. It took three humans to do it, but better than spreading whatever he’d rolled in all over the house or letting him lick it all off himself. Far less healthy than bathing him.

    Now I’ve got a very busy girl who likes hanging out in the bathtub, full or empty, most of the time. She sat in the (full) tub with me on Monday evening for quite awhile as I soaked and read my book.

  81. Katrina says:

    Yea, Pyrit- I said that in another thread “rate this”! Or, “rate dis, ya mook”.

  82. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh my gosh, I would have been happy just seeing the first pick. Then I saw there were more – it was like icing on the cake!

    I don’t give my cats baths regularly, but some of my older guys did need them from time to time. They needed help reaching places they couldn’t reach any more.

    Once, back in the day when I used to let them out, one guy came home stinking to high heaven. Turns out the neighbor had just prepared his garden for vegetables, and had put down a bunch of manure. Buster came running up to me as if to say, “Mommy, I stink, and I taste bad! Help!!!” Before I risk him jumping on my bed, I had to put him in the tub. I never did get a pic of that one — I was too busy gagging — but the look on his face was grateful, not terror!

  83. Had to wash the back half of a longhaired kitten once because I came in to cat-sit and he’d had explosive diarrhea. Was I supposed to leave him to lick all that off himself, and smear it all over the clients’ house in the meantime? I tried wiping, and it wasn’t nearly enough. Poor kid didn’t enjoy it, and neither did I, but he was towelled dry and extensively cuddled afterwards.
    On the other hand, I’ve seen cats do what I call “digging for fish” in their water bowls. One would stand there, both longhaired front legs in the water, and look around the room, and then walk away without even shaking the water off… while I got out the mop….
    Our cat Morgan would sit out in the rain until it dripped off his whiskers, but that was because this was his planet and he was gonna sit on it, and if water fell from the sky, that was the water’s problem. There’s a picture of him in the dictionary next to the word “stubborn”. Go look.

  84. 5^^now8ing says:

    charliewabba: exactly!

    Rhea – I totes went to the glossary to look! (LOL-ing at self – yes, my picture *is* next to “gullible” in the dictionary, or so my family always says!) Morgan sounds like a great cat!

  85. Mousesong says:

    Lesley: you are amazing.

    Katey: I KNOW RIGHT lol I was thinking the same thing.

    Sometimes the cat’s got ta have th’ bath. It’s sad but true. I just washed both my kitties recently and I will be the first to admit that although I was crooning apologies the whole time I definitely took (hilarious) pictures afterwards. It was Dolores’s first bath and she was glaring at me fit to kill.

    My elderly cat doesn’t even mind. She just flops down in the warm water, once you get her into the tub, and purrs because you’re in some way touching her, while constantly headbutting your hand and making it hard to keep the shampoo off her face. It doesn’t take much to make her happy.

  86. =( poor kitties… I feel sorry for them. Cat’s aren’t supposed to be bathed.. they supposed to be cuddled ^_^

  87. Paunchie says:

    HAHAHAA! Pic no. 5! “Why you do thees”? He certainly seems calm about it though!

    Poor kitteh no. 1 though! Those big eyes!

  88. Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that Meg posted this one to test out the new comment-rating system? >.>

  89. These are FTW (for the win)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have bathed my cat before because she had fleas. There was special CAT SHAMPOO that I bought. I have bathed cats before and it was really fun despite the meows and the claws on my arm. After the bath, you get to towel dry your cat and feel it clinging to you as you dry it. My first cat, I used a blow dryer after I gave it a bath. 🙂

    When it’s absolutely needed for the cat you have to bathe it.

    Picture number 3 wins. 😀

  90. Paunchie says:

    PS no. 6 is TOTALLY gremlin!! eeek!

    And to Starlinguk – Peeps in the US like to keep their kittehs inside to protect them from fleas and ticks, from getting in fights with other cats and animules- and any wounds and infections they might receive, and from running off or getting hit by a car. But lots of people have indoor – outdoor kittehs too, especially in the country. Oh yeah, and there’s the chance they might roll in something really stinky too.

    I used to have a kitteh that would drive me inSANE with his YOWLING to be let out. And then back in. Out, in, out, in, all the ding dong day. Dang cat. And then one time after being outside at night, he comes in and jumps on me in bed and gave me a tick! Which then burrowed into my BELLY BUTTON!! AIYEEEE!

  91. OOH! OOH! Lookie what I found!!!!



  92. Winston has had a bath encounter!!


  93. Elisha B. says:

    Oh nooooo……this is just like totally wrong 😉
    Too funny with those poor little faces!. Love the one holding on to the faucet!
    Reminds me of my own childhood baths – trying to scramble away from soap and water.

  94. I think I’ve sent the link to this post to everyone I know. I have not laughed so hard in so long. Thank goodness for CO!

  95. I agree that sometimes it is necessary to bathe a cat.

    My older cat Heidi is overweight (and yes, I have tried putting her on a diet… she has always been large). Sometimes she doesn’t clean certain areas very well, and begins to smell. When I can smell my cat, she is obviously not keeping herself as clean as she should, so I give her a bath. Mind, this only happens once every few months. We also turn up the heat or turn off the AC depending on the season, so that she doesn’t catch a chill as we dry her. She is not a fan of the bath, but she always acts like she feels better afterwards.

    Our other cat, Strife, however… he does not get baths. We tried once when he had fleas… it did not turn out well for my husbands arms and hands.

    It is actually really funny, that Strife is so scared of the bath that when I am in the tub, if the door is cracked, he’ll push it open and stick his head in… then he slowly makes his way into the room. If he hears a splash he will jump back suddenly, but then he will continue cautiously forward. He’ll sit beside the tub and stare at me, like he is concerned for my well-being. Last time I had a bath he even stood up on his hind legs with his front paws on the edge of the tub, and stared down into the water. He had this “I don’t understand!” look on his face. He is priceless. 🙂

  96. we bathe our cat (irresponsible).

    but the cat has skin issues! (not at fault)

    because she’s so morbidly obese (irresponsible).

    even though she shares a small bowl of food a day with her much thinner, self-cleaning sister (not at fault)

    bathing an obese cat is pretty hilarious though (worse than hitler)

  97. MamaLana says:

    This is not funny! This is awful! Can’t people see that kitties are NOT supposed to be bathed except under dire emergencies, like poop or skunk or something. Poor babies!

  98. Too cute! Love the first one the best! 🙂

  99. Von Zeppelin says:

    Kiri–Strife! What a TERRIFIC cat name. Now if only you had three more cats named Conquest, Famine and Death (the Four Cats of the Apocalypse). Just try bathing ANY of them.

  100. I hope I never need to wash my current cat, because she’s bitey even when she’s happy. But yes, sometimes it IS necessary to wash a cat, especially if it’s got something toxic/disgusting on its fur or it’s got a skin complaint, and yes, they DO look hilariously weird when they’re wet.

  101. I agree with the “cute or sad” tag, and the poor, poor kitty clinging to the faucet for dear life is the best pic. I have never, ever bathed any of our cats; I never fell they needed it, but I would if a skunk or something got to them. What’s REALLY said is bathing my guinea pigs– they are not self-cleaners, and talk about the drowned rat (rodent) look; they look so pathetic (I only do it very minimally, once or twice a year)!

  102. wannadance says:

    here is a link outlining two methods for bathing cats. i never tried the first, the one that is signed ‘the dog
    but have had lots of experience with the second. it seems valid.


  103. Stellasmom says:

    “her skin became dry and irritable.”
    I hate it when my skin gets irritable. There’s no living with it! Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch, all the time!

  104. Ok, sorry, but the real way to bathe a cat (if you even have to) is in the kitchen sink, and only with the sprayer, not immersing the cat. Helps to have a rubber sink guard so the cat feels it can have balance and purchase in the process, instead of slip-sliding around. Few cats like being bathed but there are ways to reduce the stress and drama. These pictures are examples of mostly what NOT to do.

  105. All I keep thinking is: What next, are they going to feed them after midnight?

  106. wannadance says:

    @ stellasmom

    LOLOLOLOL, that is so funny…thanks…

    my own jasmine would severely damage me in my weakened state. she is way stronger and more easily panicked…i would have to get her stoned on nip. once i gave her a hefty hit for a short trip in her carrier. once there, door was opened and she didn’t move, just lay there, all happy..so that might work, esp. if you cook it with a a huge kitty treat resembling a brownie.

    ot, i know…

  107. I don’t let my kitty outside because he’s convinced that the outside world is BAD. He’s a lover and apparently has been beaten up in his previous life (FIV+ and missing 1 eye). So if the front door is open, he sits inside and meows at you, “COME IN AND PET ME”.

    That said, he likes my shower, he gets in and then gets all, “Hey, I’m getting wet!” then jumps out again. Every day. Morning and night.

  108. Tigress says:


    And exactly how do you know that these photos AREN’T the result of “dire emergencies”?

  109. Jiffknee says:

    I sense deliberate commentroversy baiting . . .
    quick, pass the Bactine.

  110. Jenny Lee says:

    Unfortunately, everytime I read the comments section to CO I’m dismayed by the number of uninformed and outright nasty comments. It’s sad really because the site is great. Anyway, I don’t find stressed out animals cute and all these cats are highly stressed so I vote not cute or funny on this one, better luck next time.

  111. Mary (the first) says:

    I have never tried a complete bath on a kitteh but did have to dunk a kitteh butt into the warm basin when he had .. er .. “pooped his pants” in fear of some other cat or something (he was not a brave cat) and I could NOT consider making him clean himself. But only his rear end went in. That was enough. We had the “OH NOES” big eye look from him but I do think he was grateful. And of course, an occasionaly warm wet cloth applied for “spot cleaning” is needed too. So far, that’s been it for me. Luckily.

  112. Lalaith says:

    Wow, I’m glad I don’t have to bathe my kitties. I commend the cat owners who have to bathe their kitties and live to tell the tale.

    And to the nuffers: Sometimes, yes, a cat requires bathing. And I’d rather choose my cat to be uncomfortable for a few minutes in a bath then be always uncomfortable because of a skin condition, or get hurt by licking something dangerous off of their fur. There’s a lot of dogs out there that don’t like getting baths either, but anyone who didn’t bathe their dog would be responsible of neglect. It’s for the animal’s own good.

  113. AuntieMame says:

    It’s not the nuffing so much as the fact that the nuffers’ concerns are addressed and answered REPEATEDLY in the thread, but they can’t be bothered to read the thread first before posting their own tired criticisms.

  114. 5^^now8ing says:

    von Zeppelin – I thought one of ’em was “Pestilence.”

    (horsemen, not kittehs) 😉

  115. bats :[ says:

    How about NOT getting their heads wet when a bath is necessary? That gives them the sense of drowning and will panick them; a lot of otherwise crazed cats will endure a bath if their heads remain dry (you can always work on the head/face another time). A cat that needs to be bathed (pooped pants) or attended to (draining an abcess) is very likely to cooperate if the environment is quiet and calm (and yes, don’t have some jerkwad dashing around with a camera, either).

    Go to the zoo on a hot day and look at the tigers swimming. Yes, they like water and will swim, but they tend to ease butt-first into the pool to keep their heads as dry as possible.

  116. Von Zeppelin says:

    5^^now8ing, the Four Horsemen of Revelation 6:1-8 are described with riders possessing a variety of objects (i.e. the white horse’s rider had a bow and a crown, and “came out conquering and to conquer”). They are given authority “to kill with sword, famine, and pestilence, and by the wild animals of the earth.” The horsemen are sometimes described as Conquest, War, Famine and Death, sometimes as Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. They have also sometimes been identified with different nations of history, ancient or modern. There are many interpretations, of course, of the Book of Revelation. I personally believe that it is deliberately cryptic, and was meant to be understood by Christian communities in the late First Century AD who understood the complex references, which would not be intelligible to outsiders.

    And I still think Strife is great name for a cat.

  117. Trouble ‘n Strife is also Cockney slang for wife… hee.

  118. 5^^now8ing says:

    Von Zepp – I bow to your superior knowledge of the four horsemen! (and from what I *do* know, I agree with the cryptic/complex interpretation.)
    But more importantly, Strife is, indeed, a great name for a cat! 😉

  119. DaytimeDeb says:

    Ah, thank you CO for bringing to our attention the seriousness of water-boarding our feline captives at Kit-mo. I know the argument is that we have to do it to get the cats to tell us the secrets of the Tail-i-ban and Al ‘Catta. But I’ve never heard one of them spill the beans, have you? I mean, they are after all cats, and they have perfected the art of torture over centuries of domestication.

  120. Nancy (orig) says:

    oh meg, tis too sad for wordz!! the helplessness of the soaked kittez.

    O kittiez let’s go down,
    Let’s go down, come on down,
    O kittiez let’s go down,
    Down in the river to pray.

  121. WendyPinNJ says:



  122. 5^^now8ing says:

    DaytimeDeb FTW!

  123. TweetyKit says:

    aww.. poor kitties. at least they’re not fighting 😛

  124. Laura S. says:

    Jeez, people. NEVER bathe a cat? On a tip home from college, my poor Dewey once got carsick and threw up all over him self and his carrier. This profuse vomiting scared him so badly that he also pooped simultaneously…and none too firmly, I might add. When I got home, he went into the sink with the sprayer and some Johnson’s baby shampoo. Did he like it? Hellz no! Did I take a picture? Of course! It was a very necessary procedure (he has not needed a bath since, and this was 7 years ago) that if not done would have found him still covered in sick days later. Lighten up!

  125. Von Zeppelin–thanks! Strife is the perfect name for him–fits his personality… at least when he is being hyper and not lovey.

    To go along with Strife, my husband wants to get a beagle (preferably from a rescue) and name it Discord. 🙂

  126. WOW . Such a nice drama

  127. Forrester McLeod says:

    That’s exactly how I felt swimming through the world today! 🙂

  128. Mooniefluff says:

    Why do people give cats baths? they don’t need them and it makes them miserable.

  129. love the photos they look cute!! I personally would not give them a bath they can lick themselfs clean!! 🙂

  130. Please no name calling here!

    Mmm, I have found this to be a very sensitive comment thread. Especially with the voting and all (a very good time to start it!!).
    I noticed that only the bathcritiquers are getting loads of down-rates. Why? Why do you need to read the whole thread to find these pics sad rather than cute? I’m beginning to find to democracy a bit of a mean (onesided) thing.

    I’ve read the whole thread and like to defend all the don’t-bathers. I hope I will never have to wash my kittycats. Only if they really, really need to. And that is what the other don’t-bathers (I think) are saying as well. Off course if you’re kitty can’t reach certain places, he rather be clean than not be touched by a wet cloth. And if you’re kitty has a skin-ailment it is very good to help him. And yes if s/he made a very big mess of him/herself, especially something with something that is not good to lick up, you can wash the pussycat. And so are a few other arguments, why a cat needs to get wet. I think nobody is arguing that!!!!
    There are off course cats that love the water, well yippieyayeah, great for them and you. But most of the ‘Felis catus’ sort are not that keen at all.

    But bathing just for bathing, I find very cruel. Most certainly in deep water! Please, if you can, use a washcloth or a spray. Here in Holland bathing only happen when it is really, really, really necessary.

    Well I’m gonna leave it like this and now I’m going to look at some great cuteoverload pics again, please do to. Because it is all a bit to serious (my fault as well)……………..

  131. Starlinguk says:

    I see from my “my kid doesn’t have a bath every day” post that the germaphobics are out in full force 😛

    Seriously, peeps, your kid won’t die if he/she doesn’t have a bath every day. It’s good for their immune system. Just make sure they wash their hands after they’d been to the bathroom, and before they have something to eat!

  132. Valerie says:

    Think its the pet owners choice to do it with care when really needed. And if you dont want to dont. Control fleas etc. Some of the pictures are sooooo cute though. Have to look at the….Why did you do this? Why?” [Head tilt] I know he can speak. Reminds me of an older cat I had once that was so loveable.

  133. cute kitties says:

    #6 looks like the next round will be his.

  134. Mousesong says:

    Can I also stop in and add, to the “don’t immerse” comments: what if you’re dipping?

    First pic looks like a dip to me. Looks like it cos they have the tub in the background, yet the cat is in the bucket. Pretty classic dip scenario.

    Dunno about the other full tub pics though.

  135. I remember the first guy – the orange Scottish Fold? I think his name is Milk, right? And he was featured on CO before? I can’t find the post now, but I think it was because he had a skin condition that necessitated the washing.

    Nuffers: I think most reasonable pet owners don’t just bathe cats for fun. Sure, in the wild, most felines do just fine with their own tongues and saliva, but our domestic cats live in our world, which involves all kinds of nasty things that can get into kitty fur. I give cat-washers the benefit of the doubt. They’re trying to control a smallish, wily, sleek, and very pointy animal who VERY MUCH does not want to get wet. It’s not just something you do because you’re bored.

  136. Did you ever smell the wild cats…eww.

  137. omg! the first pic is hilarious! that cat’s face just spells S-C-A-R-E-D!

  138. geez… wild cat’s don’t smell because they dirty… 9_9
    did you ever smell birds?
    maybe your parrot too NEED bath at least once a month (as someone suggested here) … hahaha

  139. Maybe the kitty would rather you bath a bird. I know housecats dont smell. I meant wild big cats…:P

    [Housecats usually don’t smell. Most of the time. – Ed.]

  140. I know what you meant. It’s my english which is far from perfect, sorry. I mean: Wild cats do smell but not because they’re dirty.

  141. I had to help my friend bathe her very fluffy kitty when she had bad mites and matted fur. (The vet recommended the bath with a special shampoo to kill the mites since they were injuring her skin.) Her poor baby was not a happy camper, but a week later she was so much healthier! I don’t think anyone in their right mind bathes cats unnecessarily, but there are times when kitties do need baths.

  142. Mary Jane says:

    I had to give my kitty frequent baths to get rid of ringworm when she was a kitten. I’m a little sensitive to the idea of maintenance bathing of cats b/c I know a person who subscribes to the regular bathing whether the cat needs it not school of thought and got shampoo in the cat’s eye and made it blind. Outdoor kittties get pretty dirty, but they can be cleaned with a wet sponge or washcloth with much less misery for the kitty and much less damage for the human.

  143. valerie says:

    Its ok, just remember my last trip to the zoo. Tigers are beautiful but wouldnt wanna live w one. Without nose plugs. 🙂

  144. Mary Jane says:

    Oh, and PS, I find most of these pictures hysterical. I found my poor kitty to just be pathetic when she was all wet, but it’s harder to find it funny when you are the cause of their misery (well, you plus a fungal infection). The way I know my kitty truly loves me is that as soon as I toweled her off and she finished licking herself dry, she would come over and forgive me with a snuggle.

  145. Cat look so funny when they are wet. Their eyes just look so big! This has happen to me so many times.

  146. What about the swimming cats…..


    Just sayin……

  147. Would like to see your scared faces when someone does something to you that you dread and you’d like to escape but they hold you firmly and laugh about your misery. Can I take a picture of your friggin’ scared face then please? Cause it is sooooo funny.

    Man, stupidity is more spread than I thought.

    [Obviously. – Ed.]

  148. Kitty #6 looks like an owl.

    I think people are drawing too many conclusions from the pics. How do we know that the kitties don’t need baths? They could very well have been covered in harmful chemicals or pests. We don’t know the stories behind the pictures, and I think it’s silly for us to judge based on so little information.

  149. AWW 😦 Those poor kitties look scared 😦 😈 No doubt planning a LONG kitty buzzsaw revenge on the humans who bathed them 😈

  150. The cat on fifth pic is thinking “I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next”

  151. Miss Temple says:

    Poor kitties. Don’t bath them!! >_<

  152. Miss Temple says:

    @Anna: Same thing with those hamster joggingballs. But it oooh so cute when they run for their lifes to escape….

  153. I would towel dry them all off and comb their hair. My kitty loves getting his hair comb. I dont bathe him unless he sticks his nose into something that he cant get off.

  154. I have never bathed my cats but sometimes I can imagine that it may be necessary. I don’t think that these cats were being abused and the expressions on theiir faces were probably more panicked than what was actually happening to them. Also a wet cat always looks rather silly AND I am very sensative to all animals and have complained in the past about what I have thought were inappropriate picutres on this site. But, these pictures and the expressions are very cute.
    My cats are indoor cats – not so much because they will get dirty, but because of the dangers outside. I live in the desert and I understand that they would love the outdoors, but the desert environment is dangerous. Coyotes come into the neighborhoods and take small pets. Cars speed and unfortunately there are mean people.
    So all 6 of the cats who are with me have their world in my house.

  155. SharpContrast says:

    LOVE the captions! ☺

  156. Make sure you use glooves, because they can really scar you up.

  157. TracyFlick says:

    ah they’ll be fine

  158. Tigers back into water butt first?

    Not according to these pictures

    [Well, I imagine it depends on the tiger. By the way, most of those photos are of one white tiger, Odin, who’s specifically famous for diving after chunks of meat in San Francisco. Or near there, anyway. – Ed.]

  159. Way too funny!!! LMAO

  160. In regard to all the people who claim you never need to bathe a cat: yes, certainly, cats are excellent at maintaining their own hygiene. However, they do get into messes (ever have a kitten jump into an open toilet as the male in the house is doing his business?), litter dust (even if, or especially if, you are using a plant-based litter made from wheat, corn or tea leaves, anything that degrades) settles in their coats, and periodically they start to stink.

    There are ways, of course, to make the ordeal easier on both you and your cat. I recommend filling up one or more plastic bottles of water (I usually just paw through my recycling until I find something) before you start the bath. Put the cat in the tub and gently pour the water over her to wet the fur. Cats don’t like being immersed, or slogging through water, and they are also often terrified of the roar of the tap. Pouring from pre-filled bottles takes care of these issues. After shampoo, either use your other bottles, or refill the original one (works best if you have a partner with you so you can keep the cat in the tub) to rinse.
    I also recommend not using too much soap…they probably won’t like the smell, it takes a lot of time to rinse, and honestly the serious tongue-bath they give themselves afterward to dry off will do about a third of the washing for you, anyway!

    And for all the indoor-cat proponents, not to be a grouch, but I’d like to point out that this kind of thing happens in apartments and houses just as much as it happens to cats that are able to play outside. In fact, I never had to bathe the indoor-outdoor kitties I raised in the country, whereas my current city babies need periodic washings. I think it has a lot to do with air pollution, and lack of clean green to roll around in!

  161. BGCMEOWRRRR says:

    The first kitteh is part of a series I found 3 years ago, can’t recall where. I made them into a collage/w captions titled “ScottieFold Bathie Time” where the victim was cryin “OH, FOR THE LOVE OF BAST!!!” I finally tracked them down on “Widelec” a Polish photoblog.

    That entire series is unforgettable in catbath photolore. This collection is XLNT!

  162. You are not suppose to put a cat’s face under water! No wonder they are all scared to death.

  163. These are not happy Cats! Me-Claw!

  164. Oh I LOVE bath time! Ha ha! Especially the fluffy ones, they look so big when they’re dry but then wet…. well they get so small! Ha! They know they need it, but they HATE it!

  165. Valerie says:

    If you put the cats head under water that just mean!

  166. The only time I’ve ever bathed my cat was when she was very tiny and had been found outside. She was filthy and had fleas. She was at that stage where she couldn’t clean herself very well yet, was stepping in her own poops, etc…. Glad she outgrew that! There’s nothing worse than a kitten with poopy feet waking you up in the middle of the night.

  167. hay ya all chill thay didnt hurt the poor kitties just made them mad and smell better there is always a reason for a human to put them selfs in danger of 20 sharp claws …

  168. OMG people!!! learn to read!! Nobody said anything about putting a cat’s head underwater!! Kelsey’s message was, “if it were acid, or putting the cat’s head under water, I could see the issue”
    Just relax, peeps. We all love our fur kids, and take care of them too.

  169. Bathing cats is always awful… my baby makes such sad noises when I bathe him that I can’t bear to continue!

  170. omg the poor babys i feel so bad its the same with my kitty when he takes baths lmao

  171. Valerie says:

    petmum: Sprry next time I will read slower 🙂

  172. Neon Artemis says:

    I understand sometimes this may need to be done, but I think what is disturbing to me the most is the people who think seeing animals being traumatized is cute.

  173. Sorry dudes, but when my long haired cat gets massive dingleberry issues, or gets into the trash and gets jam in his fur, no about of butt-licking is going to get that fur clean. He must be bathed for his own sake and the sake of everyone he lives with.

    Luckily for me, he really doesn’t mind baths. I think he likes the attention.

  174. My cat LOVES my hedgehog and cuddles with it. OUCH!! but still it was pretty cute and i got some good pics!.

  175. BGCMEOWRRRR says:

    From what I’ve learned, our small domestics evolved out of a breeding stock in the
    Eurasian desert in the last 5000 yrs. Being of desert stock ,they had to find ways to keep clean without running water. They evolved to wanting dust baths like chinchillas. (my Frodo must have his!) I have had cats that have never needed baths, & I can kiss them and smell pure cleanliness! Many longhairs, however, do need special grooming and bathing. It’s complex. Some of you need even more scrupulous cleanliness than I require. Each to their own. Yrz, BGC

  176. is the 1,a munchkin cat

  177. BGCMEOWRRRR says:

    Aubrey: The #1 is the Scottish Fold.

    BTW earlier posters, there is one breed of domestic cat that has evolved to hunt via swimming–the Turkish Van. And among the nondomestics, you’ll find the “Fishing Cat”.

    BGC, a Cute Ol Fan since March 2006

  178. What a good laugh! I really needed that! Thanx!