Crystal Clear Cute

In this charming animated short for Swarovski Crystal, a classy clique of crystalline cats shows off its multifaceted personalities. Despite the cute kittens, the delightful animation, and the jazzy musical score, we might almost have overlooked this gem, but for its distinguished taste in cat names…

house of cats theo



  1. Reminds me of “Gay Puree” if anyone remembers that animated film.

  2. varekai97X says:

    How fitting that Theo is the rambunctious troublemaker, while all the others are dignified and sweet. (Of course Theo was my favorite!)

  3. *gasp* That was so friggin’ adorable!

  4. Kallisto says:

    Teho was also my favourite. And the way he played with that mouse… seeing as Teho is quite a dyi person, that’s just fitting. Turning the key to make it run and stuff.
    But, of course, he should have been a marmie.

    Ahm, what’s with the thumbs?

  5. 😦 By why they gotsta be ‘spensive?

  6. DaytimeDeb says:

    Now THAT is an Austrian import that I can love! (Sorry, I live in California…not too fond of the Austrian we are dealing with right now.)

  7. Dat was pwetty. I liked Ines.
    Theo! How will you ever clear you name?!

    There’s also a chocolate bar called Theo.

  8. omg SOO CUTE and if Teho was a cat he would definaltely act like Theo.


  9. So Teho now has a crystal cat, chocolate bar and energy drink with the same nome.. Some how that seems so fitting!

  10. BenPanced says:

    Brilliant animation!

  11. Kristabelle says:

    That was very cute! I don’t think I’m allergic to THAT kind of kitty!!! :mrgreen:

  12. StormCat says:

    Here’s a piece of irony for you… Just watched the ever-so-cute video, and was perusing through the Kitteh figurines when one of my volunteer friends calls… I tell her what I’m looking at, and that I’ll send her the link… She says ” Oh yea, I just got back from China and bought Mom this little black kitty with it’s tail up in the air…” I asked her if it had white eyes, she says yes and that it’s name was Theo!!! LOL She does alot of work in China and apparently they’ve had these little cuties for a while!!

  13. Well I for one think that Theo the Crystal Cat being a smoky mysterious yet mischievous grey is purrrfectly appropriate.
    Think about it, ::poof:: T(Ed). appears batting playfully at our comments, & pouncing on teh nuffs. Leaping nimbly from thread to thread, leaving little hints of his presence, (kitteh hair anyone?) and always bringing a smile to our faces.

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    This was lovely .. reminded me of “I am Siamese if you please” kittehs. For a moment I thought I had a namesake too, but only if I move to French. If I were as good at French as Meg, I might consider it but alas, mon Fronsche, she is, how you zay, not so good. (See what I mean.) Signed, Mary not Marie, alas. Alors. etc. Sacre bleu! That’s all I know.

  15. skippymom says:

    OK, now, I am, as they say in these parts, “wicked” confused. I gave up on trying to watch this video because my Internet is so slow today. I’ll just trust you all that it’s cute.
    But anyway, I’ve been too busy the last two days to come here, and now I check in and see all these thumbs. Going to try to figure out what’s going on, but for some reason it’s all making my head spin. HALP!!!

  16. How adorable! I totally want a Theo figurine. Why can’t all commercials be so full of teh cute?

  17. @pyrit, I liked Ines too! I loved how she pauses to admire her reflection as she’s chasing after the pearls. She’s all, “My my, I’m looking particularly lovely today!!”
    Too cute all around!

  18. wannadance says:

    totally delightful…great advert. and we get beer ads or tampon ads. blech…

    [Usually not in the same time slot, though 😉 — Mike]

  19. 5^^now8ing says:

    Very cute & kinda retro.

  20. Metz – Aye, chasing pearls. And they were kiiinda black …-ish.

  21. pyrit, but of course. Well mebbe she’d be able to use them to lure the Cap’n outta hidin’.

  22. NOMTOM, someone gave your smiley a black eye!!!

  23. Metz – Cap’n’s hidin’? We’ll ‘ave to *string* ‘im up.
    Hmmm, what could we use?

  24. skippymom says:

    So, I’ve rated my own comment both ways and the rating switches rather that accumulating. So I take it each of us gets only one vote per comment. I guess the only uses I can see for this is thumb-up when someone makes a brilliant or particularly funny comment that deserves special recognition, or, obviously, thumb-down for nuffs. I can’t really see rating every comment everyone makes. Am I getting this?

  25. (pulls pearls off string & holds up string-after carefully pocketing pearls) How about this?

  26. skippymom, I think that’s the general idea they’re going for. although if you look over on the new batch of kittens post the peeps are positing that maybe tis like ancient Rome, only if you get thumbed down you get thrown to the Kittens. Which for the life of me can’t see why that’d be a bad thing. 😎

  27. Metz – Ye wench ye, puttin’ the pearls in yer pocket!
    You Pearl Jammer.

  28. BWHAHHAHHAHA!!! *pauses & reads pyrit’s comment again* BWHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA! (GASP!)
    (falls over laughing & pearls scatter everywhere)

  29. Awww Theo reminds me of my Henry. All gray and full of wonder(fulness).

  30. That’s what ye git fer bein’ a pearl harborer.

  31. pyrit iffen yu don’t stop these lil’ pearls of wisdom I’mma gonna bust a gastropod!

  32. “bust a gastropod” SNEORK!!! LOL!

    Heyyyyyyyyy, dems not pearls at all! They’re just a bunch o’ those li’l cocktail onions!!!
    OK! Let’s got to the Oyster Bar.

  33. Okey dokey, just make mine oyster free. 🙂

  34. You can give yours to the Rockefellers. They love ’em. Apparently?

    (omg, Metz, was that fun.)

  35. I know I’m still giggling. If someone came by my desk right now they’d see me grinning like an idot. 😀 SO much fun! 😀

  36. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Lemme guess…Diane and Ines are….SIAMESE TWINS!!! 😀

    Yeah, I know…boo..hiss..scratch..fft fft…

    And why does THEO get a kitty and not JUNIPER? 😛 No fair!!

    (although I saw no Meg, NTMTOM, or even a Berthaservant)

  37. skippymom says:

    Thanks, Metz. But yeah, wouldn’t I write the nuffiest comment I could come up with, in the hopes of being thrown to the kittens?

  38. Ooh you’re at work. Better clam up. ;-p

  39. Juniper Jupiter – Best cat I ever knew was named Juniper. Honest.

  40. 5^^now8ing says:

    Metz & Pyrit – as entertaining to read as it was for you to write! Thx! Love ya guys! 😉

  41. Skip.. I thought of “Gay Purree” as well!
    That was a charming video and I want all of those kitties!

  42. I love that Theo is the jazzy, sprightly, playful kitty!

  43. OMG!! Gay Puree was a fave when I was little & when my daughter was small I made her watch it, too!

  44. [just now getting back from sorting crap around the garage]

    …wait, what?? 😯

  45. Oops! Gay Puree must be a happy blender. 8 ^ ) Of course, it is “Purree”.

  46. …OK, so “Theo” is a chasey kitten who has the power to gleefully disregard the laws of physics. Sounds about right. Crystal clear.

  47. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Theo, ARE you “energetic & shiny”??

    From the Truth in Advertising Department
    (for comprehension, please read the intro paragraphs on the Crystalline Cats page in the link. Thank you).

  48. Nicely animated, though I’ve always found the Swarkovski stuff kitschy, and not a kind of kitschy that appeals to me.

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    Did someone say “cocktail” ??

  50. Video cute. Figurines… not as nice as I expected. They don’t have the same charm as the animated one. I do like the cow called “Flower Mo”, though.

  51. I collect Swarovski’s other animals – not such a big fan of the lovlots tho.

    If they were as adorable as the animation – well maybe. I loved the fat marmi in the vid.

  52. fairydogmother says:

    I loved Camille. I’m a sucker for a chubby kitty tush and she reminded me of my cat, Big Rhonda.

  53. AWW 🙂 I would LOVE to have kitties like them 🙂

  54. AuntieMame says:

    I’m kinda partial to the little pink butterfly chaser. She has a great name. 🙂

  55. Subhangi says:

    OMG the crystal kitty Theo is totally based off our Theo!

    [Still waiting for my royalty checks, tho… 😛 – Ed.]

  56. Do we agree that we ALL want little Theo? 😀

    But they´re all lovely – they of course look cuter in the video than the real figurines.

  57. marthava says:

    “Theo, in facetted Jet Crystal, comes as a limited edition for 2009. Energetic and shiny – he is lively and playful. With his alert Chalk White Crystal eyes…” I knew Theo was unique, but Chalk White Crystal eyes…? Whoa. And I think they got the “limited edition” wrong.

  58. Noelegy says:

    Mary (the first), years ago when I was in the Brownies, we did a skit to the Siamese Cat song. We made masks out of paper plates, with cat faces drawn on them, and did a cheesy stereotypical bowing dance sort of thing. I remember being all SQUEEE! because we were doing a skit about cats.

    And this animation was very cute, very playful chic. I want all of those little crystal cats now…

  59. Noelegy says:

    Marthava, I’m guessing “chalk crystal” is just a name for opaque white crystal. I get the Fire Mountain Gems catalog in the mail, and the Austrian crystals typically have strange names for their colors. For example, “padparascha” is a really pretty reddish-orange. Da huh?

  60. Shannon says:

    As a black cat collector, Theo is to die for. And the video was just delightful!

  61. Oh this is doing no END of good for my ego. 😆

  62. Yep, yep, that’s our Theo…

  63. I used to work for swarovski about ten years ago (still have a buttload of fancy crystal and jewelry courtesy of my awesome employee discount) and they took themselves Way Too Seriously back then. Nice to see they’ve lightened up with some fun new things and also punched up the color a bit…. nice kitties, too!

  64. @ Noelegy: padparadscha sapphires are pink-orange IRL, i think that’s where they got the color name from. The swarovski crystal version almost like a soft coral color. My other fav is indicolite, a color similar to teal tourmaline of the same name : )

  65. Yep, that’s about how I would imagine Theo as a cat!

  66. Well… I see myself as more, y’know, stripey. 😉

  67. miltoncat says:

    I wanna live in this video.

  68. Natalie says:

    i watched the vid. IT WUZ SO CUTE!
    😀 i give this an A+
    im cat person now
    i liked emily the best
    she was soooooo cute with the butterfly!!!!!

  69. I must be losing it…must possess…small dark cat figurine…goes well with Brother Theodore poster…signed by artist this month only…limited edition…Cannot own real cat….good investment/resell potential…rational mind is being drowned out by vision of nicer life to come, intense drive to possess video as well…hated figurines as a child….No….must possess cat…..

  70. Adorable! Reminds me of the Looney Tunes episodes which took place in France, it’s a similar artwork design.