A new crop of kittehs

They can barely eat!

They can barely see!

Their ears are on the sides of their heads!

It’s a new crop of kittehs, and they’re coming your way (in a meandering, meowing, ‘what’s to eat?’ sort of way)


Many thanks to my little cupake Dimitri, Kendra and Ethan for these fine shots.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    What’s that mess, all over the floor? Oh…it’s [Ed.’s] brains. That explains the lack of hovertexts. 😀

  2. AWWWW 😀 What a cute litter of little sweet kittens 😀 They look about 6 days old sweet little cuties that I would love to cuddle and botte feed 😀

  3. ╔╦╗ ╔══ ╔══ ╔══ ╔═╗
    ║║║ ╠══ ╠══ ╠══ ╠═╝ * * *
    ║║║ ╚══ ╚══ ╚══ ║

  4. browngrl says:

    well that’s it then, I am officially cute overloaded
    now I must lie down and eat chocolate till I recover

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Hmmm, looks like there’ll be a few proud papas in that neighborhood… 🙄

  6. kibblenibble says:

    That was supposed to be an eye roll emoticon, oh well. Heart-melting now…cute bebehs…*sigh*

  7. Ahn… Can I nibble on an ear? Very gently?

    Hey, I have that same kitty dish placemat!

  8. Eek!! A friend of mine’s kitteh just had kittens and I might be getting one of them, a little orange bebeh that looks just like the one in that last pic! (The littler was two orange tabbies and 3 whitish greys.)

    The droopy paws factor (DPF?) in #8 is beyond ridiculous.

  9. *ahem* LITTER

  10. Oh man, these are such little sweeties!! They are just adorable.

  11. chanpon says:

    I need to make like the hand in picture 4, where it looks like it’s ready to claw the litter and take them awayyyyyy….

  12. Holy Cow!
    That is an insanely cute family, all milk-drunk and wobbly!

  13. They are just sooooo sweet! I’m a sucker for the orange ones.

  14. I love the crop when it’s so fresh. It’s especially cool to see them looking like Popeye, because they haven’t yet managed to open both eyes. When my little Felix Felicis was born on April 7, she and her sibs did the Popeye thing for a few days.

  15. Oh look new little kitten sprouts. Just wait,… before you know it they will be growing like weeds

  16. So you’re saying that kittens are a lot like zombies, then?

  17. How cruel — keeping newborn kittens in a bowling alley claw machine. (photo 213)


  18. you say all milk-drunk Jorden???? so true, so true


  19. I love them all so much. But especially the brown stripey one. Bet that’s what my Ico looked like when he was a baby.

    Welcome to the world, brand new kitties!

  20. I love how you can get such an assortment of colors in one litter of kittens.

  21. I think Monsieur Tigre is destined to be a French waiter, what with that insane little mustache an’ all…

  22. Are you sure this batch is done? They look like they need to be baked more.

  23. I’m at the kitten nursery at our local shelter two days a week and have been documenting the litters. In case you guys can’t get enough cute kittens.

  24. DaytimeDeb says:

    It’s kitten harvest time! I bet I could fit two in my mouth at the same time… mmmfffffmmm yum!

  25. Subhangi says:


    *grabby hands*

  26. Squeeeeeeeeeee
    Some of them are still in the process of opening their eyeballs! So cute! I can just hear the little meows for momma kitty from here.

  27. *splort*

    Decca – completely cute pics!! great job!!

  28. Londoner says:

    Awww….the minute noses and the teeny pink pawlets and the little round kissable heads and the sleepy eyes…. Dead. Dead deddity dead. Can only possibly be revived by special treatment that involves placing all these bebehs within snorgling reach of my helpless corpse.

  29. nancy wisser says:

    Now, children, as we grow up, we slowly move our ears to the tops of our heads!

  30. gravyboat says:

    I bet they squeak real cute too.

  31. Katrina says:

    ..oooooooo, and then what Miss Wisser? Then what? (big bebeh eyes all on you, heads bobbing (just a little)).

  32. Behbehs look sad! Come here little sweeties, I’ll cuddle you and kees you and make you smile!

    Teeny teeny ears – ubercute!!!

  33. Nice bouquet-o-kits in picture #5!

    Oh, and…

    tineetabbeetineetabbeetineetabbeetineetabbee tineetabbeetineetabbeetineetabbeetineetabbee tineetabbeetineetabbeetineetabbeetineetabbee tineetabbeetineetabbee

  34. Saffron says:

    MUST SNORGLE THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. These pictures just caused me to ovulate and it ain’t even time for that yet! CUTE!!!

  36. I’m beginning to lose conciousness due to cuteness overload.

  37. BadKitty says:

    i can plz haz leetle brown stripey one? thx.

  38. Von Zeppelin says:

    The tabby is so small the M on his forehead is lower case, font size 3.

  39. Decca,
    thank you for the link.
    those are some really cute dirty little babies (in baby voice)

  40. Leslie (not the author!!) says:

    I haven’t quite decided on a punchline yet, but it surely has to do with them appearing to be experiencing la premier hangovere (traveling forward from the Milk Drunk Theory).

  41. Valerie says:

    They are all saying mamaa. I want the tabby one.

  42. 260Oakley says:

    What’s with the thumbs in the comments? Is this the Roman Forum? Does someone get thrown to the kittens if he/she gets a thumbs down?

    [ *sudden hopeful expression* 😯 – Ed.]

  43. Love the arrangemtn in photos 2-4: kitty palindrome!

    And feefitoto: “The claw decides who stays and who goes.”

  44. Ohhhhh
    That lil brown stripy guy
    wif his little eyes that can’t really open
    Sorry, I can’t go to work. I need to stay home and stare at this all day…
    Seriously, what’s the backstory? I wanna know.

  45. The tabby paw dangling pic is too moishe… Omg… Want! Want!

  46. Oh my GAWD! I cannot get over how adorable and PRETTY that little gray stripie one is! They’re all gorgeous, but that little on just has the most gorgeous eyes! And floppy feets! This picture actually HURTS to look at!

  47. Hmmm… there’s quite a few of them… surely they wouldn’t miss one… *picks up an orange stripey and suckles on it’s head*

  48. Katrina says:

    What are these people rating the picture, the bunnies, the comments, CO in general, Hideki Matsui’s walk-off home run? This is ridiculous.

    [Individual comments. That’s why the comments all have a “Rate This” now. I’ll see if maybe we can change it to say “Rate This Comment” though, for clarity… – Ed.]

  49. @260Oakley Quick! Gimme a thumbs-down so I can get thrown to the kittins!

  50. I love the pic of all five and the order: stripey in the middle, there’s only one of you, okay you two whitey ones, on either side, now the marmies…. Gaaaa! So cute (so original, but so cute)!

  51. Lots of kitties in the world get euthanized because they can’t find homes–PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS!

    They’re not small and cute forever, you know.

  52. GingerBean says:

    That grey stripey one has a THE muzzlepowche…of DOOM!

  53. OOOH, da sweetness! Just right for a Tuesday.

  54. I agree with the other Laura–they look a little underbaked. Too embryonic to be cute at this stage–in a week or two they’ll be adorable but right now, a little creepy. OK, lemmehavit, thumbs down me if you must!

  55. StormCat says:

    I too want to be thrown down to the Kittehs, so please vote thumbs down! No no, not thumbs up!! AARRGGHHH


    Meanwhile, Decca, GREAT pics!!! Love the names you put with them and you’re great with a camera!!

  56. Oh my, they don’t look very happy to be out in the world. Cheer up, kittayns – it gets better!

  57. Mary (the first) says:

    My first thought was to dibs the stripey one but many people have beaten me to it. Therefore, I’ll have to “settle” for a matched pair of creamsicles. YUMMMMY

  58. Mousesong says:

    Oh. My heart hurts now D:

  59. OMG…. stubbular, pink-n-white, wobbly, squirmy — this is the definition of WORMY!
    My brains have exploded — SQUEEEE!!!!

  60. wirewitch says:

    Mah hed as-ploded!

    And, I don’t care what you all have already said – that brown leetle tiger is MINE, MINE!!! It was pre-ordained!!! An Angel came and told me!

    (really!) (true!) (would I lie about an Angel!!!!???)

    Now – gimmie my snorglable kittie!

  61. sunnymum says:

    Bebeh kitteh floppage has made my day. Thank you C.O.

  62. Aaaaah, look out for that claw in the 4th picture!! Run away!!

  63. BonzoGal says:

    Hahaha, um, I think the “thumb rating” system has already become a toy of the Cute Overloaders- we’re all too kind about rating people as they’d like. (See: above requests for thumbs-down ratings so commenters can be thrown to the kittns.)

    Apologies to our esteemed Editors, but methinks the ratings will be taken as srsly as my 3 kittehs take the dangly strap on a digicam srsly- “It’s a toy!” “No it’s not…”

    “IT’S A TOY!!!!!!!” (bat bat bat grab, nyam nyam nyam)

  64. octopuppy says:

    Dorable! Wow- mom must of had quit a date!

  65. 5^^now8ing says:

    Ooooh, 260Oakley — if thumbs down get us thrown to the kittens, I’m gonna start nuffing like cwazie!

    vZ – how do you manage to win every time?! m, font size 3, *indeed*!

    Kitty palindrome – I can have one, too? (Quickly decides it’s time to take new 5cats photo for avatar. OK, grey one in the middles, b&w on each side, then Siameses on the ends. OK, palindrome *kittens* may be easy — palindrome cats, not so much!)

  66. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. It’s had to take a bad photo of a cute kitten. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  67. Oh My Goodness!!!! SOOOO adorable!!!!

  68. Too precious!

  69. jackie31337 says:

    Wonderful photos, Decca. How did you find out about the kitten nursery at your local shelter? I’m sure lots of other people here would love to find one near them and volunteer.

  70. Helenearth says:

    It’s so lovely that everyone loves animals, especially cats, HOWEVER, every time someone purchases of kitten instead of adopting from an animal shelter, homeless animals lose their chance of finding a home — and will be euthanized. Please spay or neuter your pets. To put is simply… every puppy or kitten who is deliberately produced by any breeder, a shelter animal dies. How “cute” is that?

  71. Katrina says:

    Ding dong the thumbs are dead Which old thumbs-the opposable thumbs! YAY!

  72. aaaah monster claw spotted in DWT213!!