Dear Diary:  The hardest part of life among humans is their habit of inventing new words.  Just when I learn to respond to “play” and “dinner,” they become “fetch” and “num-nums.”

Just this morning, in fact, as I awaited the customary call of “walkies,” I was briefly puzzled to hear them call it “skydiving” instead.  Ah well, a rose by any other name, right?  More later.


We would love to know what’s really happening in this pic, Nicole B.



  1. temperance says:

    oh, my! don’t do eet! nooooeeesss……..

  2. Heather in Oregon says:

    Oh my thats too cute! Poor little guy, I must nom his ears! They look so soft and nommable!!!

  3. essensual says:

    R U serious??? I’m sure puppy will add this “skydivey” to the no-no list of “bath” and “vet”

  4. kibblenibble says:

    He’s wearing doggles! With a paw-print logo! Sweet little pooch. Want.

  5. NOMTOM (yes, I’m misspelling intentionally, like calling Theo Teho)–you rock my world. Love the post.

  6. “I want to fly like a beagle … “

  7. OMG! Skydiving??! Say it isn’t so!

  8. “The World War I Flying Ace must bring the Red Baron down! Go Sopwith Camel, go! I’ll get you Red Baron! This time you are mine!”

  9. NutellaonToast says:

    They’re wearing skydiving rigs. He’s going skydiving.

    I’ve seen a dog do it before. He liked it.

  10. This is a seriously disgusting act.. to make a dog go skydiving. Extremely selfish. This, honestly, isn’t cute at all.

    [Right, honestly, I can think of nothing worse ever. Except possibly internet trolls. Though that might be due to overexposure. Possibly. – Ed.]

  11. This doggie is seriously cute. Looks like one I had growing up. She had goggles too (we got them off a doll) and she wore them on halloween when she went trick or treating with us.

    And Vanessa, chill. Just because they are posing for a picture doesn’t mean the dog is going sky diving with them. Maybe the dog is or maybe it isn’t. Either way, we don’t know for sure. A person could break a leg jumping to conclusions.

  12. NutellaonToast says:

    Vanessa: Cause we all know how dogs hate vehicles and wind.

  13. Ffleur – that’s why we pack reserve chutes! 😉

  14. NutellaonToast says:

    Ffleur: They have a harness for the dog. They have goggles for the dog. They are taking the dog skydiving.

  15. Actually this rig is very common for motorcyclists who want to take their dog along with them. I’ve also seen a dog ride in a side car.

    Doggles are merely for protecting the eyes from bugs, and the harness is more for the size of the dog, not its activity.

    Awesomely cute photo. I should post some of the dogs at my dog park and daycare.

  16. Cute little puppy goggles!

  17. la la la la la la la!!!! I can’t hear the nuff- oh wait.. will have to cover eyes or look the other way for this one- I can’t read what you’re saying!!!!!!

  18. Heather C says:

    He doesn’t need a plane! He just needs to flap those ears and he’ll take off all on his ownee-o.

  19. I completely agree with Vanessa. This is horrible! Anyone who takes their pet skydiving (or on a motorcycle, Tara) should be charged with animal cruelty. The animal can’t say if it’s freaked out or not. I can’t believe the dangerous situations people put their pets in and people think it’s funny or cute. Makes me sick.

  20. Woods Walker says:

    What is the sense of jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft that is going to land any how. Theo- reserve parachutes fail on occasion.-Woods Walker

  21. kit kat says:

    Vanessa & Shelley:

    I asked a dog behaviourist about the possible crulty of odd canine activities once as I take my JRT in a bike basket and climbing: he said that the little guy wouldn’t cooperate if he hated it; in fact he seems to love both. My other dog doesn’t like it so I don’t take her. Perhaps this little guy loves sky-diving! Most dog owners are attuned to their dogs likes and dislikes: please give them the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

  22. snorglepup says:

    I did it once. I did not like!
    Lots of people love it. Dog is quite safe with his human.
    Enjoy life, peeps…

  23. Noelegy says:

    I don’t know what’s going on in this picture, but I do know that those pawprint goggles are about the cutest thing I’ve seen this morning…

  24. Kathleen in Canada says:

    pyrit 07.19.09 at 8:40 pm

    “I want to fly like a beagle … “

    ROFL… I nearly redecorated my laptop with a spray of hot chocolate.

  25. Carlisa says:


  26. My first thought when I saw this pic was: “Wow! A black fennec fox!”…. It still looks like a fennec to me even after I realized it was a dog….

  27. Leslie (NTA) says:


    “You are the champion”….Captions R U !!!!

    (I can’t use “C’s R Us”, but that’s the Klever Wirding that I’m going for)
    (with a submissive bow in the direction of the COverload editors)

  28. Carlisa says:

    Yeah, thank PY….that tune has been in my head all morning! 😀

  29. Saffron says:

    Doggie is ADORABLE!
    Although if I tried that with my cats…well, here is the math worked out for you.
    Putting goggles on cat + later during the night = mighty claws remove all my arteries

    I have seen doggies on motorcycles and it is very cute. Most are responsible owners and have their dogs safely harnessed in. I used to watch a neighbor on his riding mower with his Pom on his lap. The cutest EVER!

  30. Oooh, are those Doggles I see there? I wrote an article about those a few years ago, when they were first starting up. Glad to see they were a success and are still around! 🙂

  31. Carlisa – Then that is one lucky tune. I imagine being stuck in your head is a pretty fun place to be!

    Leslie (NTA) – How about, C’s R’s Pal US ?

  32. “The animal can’t say if it’s freaked out or not.” — riiiiiight.
    Nobody who’s ever worked with animals, or has ever had a pet, is buyin’ that.

  33. I’m a dog trainer. I’ve never met a dog who couldn’t tell me, through eyes, noise and body language, that the were freaked out.

    What about people who stick their dogs in the back of their truck, only to have the dog jump out, skin off all it’s paw pads? Honestly, a dog on a harness, to your body, is safer.

  34. Tigress says:

    I’m going to suggest making it mandatory that every nuffer has to watch an episode of Dog Whisperer before they are allowed to comment in this blog. I think it would save us all a lot of time.

    That said, this pic is sooo cute. I would never sky-dive for a million dollars, but my husband used to be an army paratrooper.

  35. Hey CO Gods,

    Do you know if they got any MID-FALL pictures of this lil guy? I bet those earses create quite a bit o’ drag!

  36. Oooh Tara! I hadn’t thought about dogs in backs of trucks in awhile! Timely reminder!
    (used to work at vet’s, knows what can happen, not good, not good! shivers.)

  37. brinnann says:

    😆 @ “fairy dust and happy thoughts”!

    [Hehe. That was my contribution. 😉 – Ed.]

  38. Carlisa says:

    @pyrit…….C’s R’s Pal US ? Hahaha! Very clever!
    I think my head would ‘splode with you in there! (although you’ll always occupy a space in my ♥)
    t/j….still waiting to hear on that car loan!

  39. Carlisa says:

    still giggling….you need to put a tm on that one!

  40. Funny how most animal lovers will freak out at a pic like this, yet they let their dogs roam free within a moving vehicle WITHOUT a seatbelt and harness and/or travel crate.

    I have a Chihuahua and as much as I’d love to have him in my lap while driving, he rides in a travel crate that’s seatbelted into the back seat where the airbags can’t kill him and he’s not a projectile in the case of a sudden stop.

    C’mon people! Car accidents are a helluva lot more frequent than skydiving accidents*. I want to see y’all just as outraged at a pic of a dog with it’s head out a car window. Or, worse, riding in the bed of a pickup truck!

    *Yes, I realize the accidents are not the material point here — freaking out a cute little dog is. I happen to agree with you. Skydiving with a dog against its will is unacceptable but we don’t know FOR SURE that’s what’s happening here.

  41. Hmmm maybe the puppy is hang glidding… Parasailing … Water skiing…. Mountainn Climbing… Repelling. … Spelunking

    There are lots of things the Doggie with doggles could be doing. Come to think of it the dog obviously has a better life than me. Dog gone it! 😉

  42. Q: If Geronimo jumped out of an airplane, would he yell, “MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”?

  43. Snicker Theresa … Of course he would LOL

  44. 5^^now8ing says:

    pyrit – “fly like a beagle” (earwig) — LOL!

    (couldn’t see any comments after that ’cause doing the visual equivalent of fingers in ears going “la-la-la-la” to avoid nuffing) (That’s a total lie — once I start reading comments I *can’t* stop, tho I try to skim rapidly over all nuffs)

  45. Kristabelle says:

    EarWORM, earWORM!!! Earwigs are those disgusting pinchers bugs that get in damp bathingsuits!!!! (Why an earWORM is more palatable, I’ll never know…)

  46. Carlisa says:

    That dog should be reported to the Human Society for pulling that dude out of the airplane!!!

  47. @Kristabelle, have you ever tasted one? :mrgreen:

  48. 5^^now8ing says:

    Don’t know if it’s allowed to post a video comment, so please, dear Ed., to delete if necessary.

    Watch skier coming down center of frame & look closely at his chest at the end. (Sorry – if I knew how to edit a video, I’d take out my sister’s uncertain utterances at the end)
    Note to nuffers: this dog (Spike) *loooooves* this man. There’s no way he’s not enjoying this.

  49. 5^^now8ing says:

    earWORM! earWORM! earWORM! (they say if you repeat something three times you learn it) (hiding face in embarassment)

  50. Kristabelle says:

    @Theresa – BLECH!

    @5^^ – don’t be embarrassed! Neither sounds very GOOD!

    Speaking of earworms, yesterday the hubster and I had an hour long drive and listened to the Elvis station on XM. It was awesome. If anyone remembers the Travis Tritt song, T-R-O-U-B-L-E (it was a big line dancing club song in the late 90s), well, we were astonished to hear ELVIS sing it. And I do mean astonished. Unfortunately, I could NOT get the song out of my head and sang it ALL.NIGHT.LONG in my sleep. That was one massive earworm.

  51. No, really, animals aren’t people. You can’t claim to be able to communicate to them what is happening. They are strapped in, it’s not as though they’re willingly consenting to this and you can’t justify the action by saying “well, they seemed to enjoy it” based on an arbitrary set of criteria (since most pleasure behaviors are also sympathetic responses, e.g. purring). Sorry that it’s not “cool” to point out the grim circumstances behind your chemical high but this is neither cute nor even questionably appropriate.

  52. 5^^now8ing says:

    Have you ever tried to *keep* a dog from putting his nose outside the car window?! Good luck with that! So, you can recognize cringing in fear, yelping in pain, trembling from anxiety, but *lack* of those can’t be recognized as *lack* of fear -???

    (Dang! my nuffing fingers must’ve slipped) (la-la-la-la…)

  53. Paunchie says:

    Cute dog but I don’t agree with this.

  54. Looks at kitty on bed snuggled up purring at me with a kitty smile on her face..

    NO Lilac you can not snuggle you might be afraid and just becasue you are purring and smiling you might really be afraid.

    Damn My fingers slipped too
    Stuffs fingers in ears LALALALALALALALA

  55. @5^^now8ing , no, no, if you say “EARWORM!” three times, a giant Worm appears, attaches itself to your ear, and sings “Superfreak” incessantly.

  56. AuntieMame says:

    A dog can’t tell you that it’s freaked out???????

    What…did you chop off all four legs and paralyze its larynx????

    That’s the only way I can think of to make sure the dog can’t communicate.

  57. Kiragirl says:


  58. Kristabelle says:

    (or if you prefer: Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse!) :mrgreen:

  59. God I love CO … Beatlegeuse Beatlegeuse Beatlegeuse HEhehehehe

  60. I’m more worried about these so called wigWAMS that nest in your wet bathing suit!
    We called those something diff in the 70’s!

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    Maybe the doglet is a star in a new James Bond-like movie, he’s going to skydive behind enemy lines, be let loose to run to the farmhouse with sympathizers, give them the secret formula ..etc. That’s what I think.

  62. brinnann says:

    5^^now8, is that your white kitteh in the other videos? OMG SQUEE! Devon Rex, right? Wif curleh hahr?

  63. brinnann says:

    😆 @ Annie & Lilac!

  64. Baby you can be a star. comon baby light my Fire.

    New earworm

    and yes Double 07 doggie is on the case.

  65. HAI Brinnn Waves and blows Kisses.
    5now8 I will have to look at the videos later when I get home.

  66. Dont think it is real the clothing they are wearing is not wind clothing they normally wear. Maybe a lower jump? Dog doesnt look scared. Ready to gooooo.

  67. Maybe at the training area.

  68. Hes the mascot

  69. You nuffers are insane! I hope you don’t own a dog if you are that clueless you can’t tell if it’s upset or not. Anyone with half a brain can tell if a dog wants to do something or does not.
    There’s a guy here locally that paraglides with his dog. The dog LOVES it! He never intended on taking the dog up with him, but after several visits his dog was chasing him as he was getting ready to take off and acted like it wanted to come with him. So he eventually tried it and like I said the dog loves it. They are a regular sight at the glider ports and somewhat famous here.

  70. Andi from NC says:

    It’s not like he’s having to jump by himself – his daddy has him all harnessed in. Face, if you go to the trouble to buy doggles and special harness, then you love your pooch. I wonder if they filmed it? How great would it be to see those little ears just a flappin’ and hear a hearty Barroooo!

  71. “…somebunny say ma’ name?”

  72. 5^^now8ing says:

    Kventures – that’s my brother’s Cornish Rex (& my other brother’s son playing guitar with him), who is the most interesting cat I’ve ever known (and I’ve known and loved a lot of cats)! She steals the dishcloth off the counter and drags it around the room, hides my brother’s keys, and eats anything that’s left out. Anyone know if that’s typical of the breed? We watched her for a week — it’s like having a toddler come visit. We had to shut the other kitties and dog out of our bedroom at night so she’d feel secure, and she is such a ferocious schmeichler she drove hubby to sleep on the couch.

    (waits to see if *any*one in the whole wide Intarwebs uses the word schmeichel)

  73. Beaglegeuse, Beaglegeuse, Beaglegeuse! I can’t believe nobody else said that…

    Love this dog. Love it’s owners.. and yes.. dog’s will most certainly tell you if they want to do something or not. Ever say ‘let’s go bye bye’? or.. simply ‘car’? My dog went nuts when anybody said ‘car’.. got to so we started spelling it.. He learned to spell, I swear. We’d spell it and he’d go nuts.

  74. Why I put a ‘ in dogs, I’ll never know.

  75. 5^^now8ing says:

    I know! They’re mountain climbing! (gives nuffers collective heart attack)
    007-pup would totally rappell down that face!

  76. Von Zeppelin says:

    5^^now8ing–Schmeichler? This cat sounds like a regular goniff to me.

  77. sunnymum says:

    Thank you NOMTOM, that text made me laugh so hard I was in tears! Ah, that felt good to laugh that hard.

    What an adorable dog! He looks kind of like a fox. Cute doggles too. I won’t comment on the whole commentrovery subjects.

  78. 5^^now8ing says:

    OK, vZ, totally hadda google goniff. I *do* suppose schmeicheln sounds like Yiddish. In my family, its only meaning is what cats do when they rub up against your legs, and comes from my German-speaking grandparents. Y’know, one of those words you think everyone knows — until you speak it in public in high school, and your friends look at you funny. Like “bubbler” only that was in college that they looked at me funny — everyone else in high school said “bubbler” for drinking fountain, too. As a German major™, I eventually learned that schmeicheln means “to flatter” which when you think about it kinda makes sense for what cats do. I’ve just always wondered if anyone else the teh world uses it for cats.

  79. Stephanie C. says:

    Dogs wear their emotional states on their sleeves. Or they would, if they had sleeves. Dogs wear their emotional states on their hypothetical sleeves. And dogs do not lie. If they are not enjoying something or do not want to do something, they will clearly let you know as much. And, while it is true that people cannot fully communicate what is happening to animal, an animal can, however, pick up on a person’s energies (e.g. fear, excitement, anxiousness, happiness, anger, etc.) and have some idea whether or not things are going to be okay in the end.

    Now, would I ever take one of my dogs skydiving? No, but that’s mostly because they all weigh about seventy pounds each and that’s a little heavy to strap to my front and then jump out of a plane (not to mention, I very much like staying in the plane, not free-falling out of it). But, hey, if I had a small dog and liked doing that sort of thing, if the dog seemed up for it and I could do it safely, why not? All of it depends, really, on the temperament of the dog and the relationship it has with it’s person, which is something that is impossible to judge based on a single photo on the Internet. Who knows, skydiving could have been the dog’s idea and it forced it’s person into it.

    Either way, it’s not nice to be so nasty. Just because the Internet allows some degree of anonymity is no reason to be a troll. Bad troll, bad. No cute for you.

  80. Von Zeppelin says:

    You were a German major? Zu befehl, Major! (clicks heels, salutes smartly)

    The Yiddish sense of “schmeicheln,” as I understand it, is much like the Hochdeutsch: flatter, butter up, etc. This has always seemed more characteristic of dog behavior to me than cats. You’re right about that rubbing up against the leg thing that cats do–definitely schmeicheling. A cat will still give you that “Yes? Did you want something?” look most of the time. Dogs, on the other hand, are 24/7 schmeichelers.

  81. 5^^now8ing says:

    Ja, vZ, das war aber vor viele, viele Jahre — 1485, wie ich vorher gesagt habe. 😉 (Hubby, tho, likes to pass himself off as “Major Perleberg” on his WWII gaming sites.)

  82. DogEared says:

    if i had a cute little doggie like that, i would so buy him/her GOGGLES with PAW PRINTS and not even go skydiving cause they are SO . DANG. CUTE.

    i love this site.

  83. Apathygrrl says:

    I just gotta know what kind of goggie that is! I wants one.

  84. I can picture a horrible scene of kitty buzzsaws attacking you, Saffron 😦 Which would be my fate if I tried that on our cats 😦

  85. @Pyrit, rock on! That was hilarious.
    @ Kittyadventures, I think he is going basejumping from the roof of a Very Tall Doghouse.
    @Kristabelle, where do you go swimming that you get earwigs in your bathing suit?! Eeew!
    This puppy is C.U.T.E., no matter WHAT he is about to do!

  86. Friends’ dog is an Australian Shepherd…
    they can’t say walk or park even in unrelated conversation, they can’t even SPELL these words without there being a result in Canine Joy and Exultation…
    They can’t even say “perambulate” or “urban greenspace” either.

    Rocket can BOTH understand, and make himself understood.


  87. Looks like a long hair chihuahua or a papillion. Either of this breed is endowed with long hair on their ears, and an expressive face.

    I’m going to hazard a guess to the former, since most (not all) papillions are marked with circles around their eyes, including their ears (as seen here*guBaVqxFQRh9rLgkQL9FxVyv9NMT5UEcZP7orFeTww3whUwxOP0f0LdLrt8gNmSQHdI/papillon.jpg)

    Chihuahua’s can be any markings, full or spotted.

  88. Kristabelle @ 47 said, “EarWORM, earWORM!!! Earwigs are those disgusting pinchers bugs that get in damp bathingsuits!!!! (Why an earWORM is more palatable, I’ll never know…)”

    I’m hurt, I tells you. Just hurt. I’ve always been invited into those bathing suits.

  89. Kristabelle says:


  90. Miguelsmom says:

    Judging from the rigs the guys are wearing and the photo, looks like a ride up to altitude to me. The dog looks ready to get his knees in the breeze and this happens a lot more often than you would ever think. The DZ owner would not allow it if the skydivers weren’t competent to pull this off and the dog does have a say in it.

  91. Bearfoot says:

    No Vinessa, a thouroughly disgusting act comitted to a dog would be something along the lines of beating him, making him fight to the death, ignoring him and not feeding or beating him.

    As to skydiving pups, I’ve seen a biplane act where a pup bailed out on his own.

    I imagine it is the ultimate verison of stickign your head out the window and letting the wind hit your face.

  92. He is the cutest dog. Looks ready for adventure.

  93. I absolutely love this site and I don’t mean to be a troll (if finding this not cute is trolling, I don’t have much experience responding to threads, sorry), but I have to agree with people who say this does not look like a lot of fun for a dog or cat.

    I couldn’t believe it at first, but after searching I’ve found a number of films showing people skydiving with their dog or cat (world record of 73 times (?!)).

    Maybe they do like it (who knows?) but I can’t imagine it being a fun ride for them. I know skydiving and it’s kind of rough.. If this were a baby I imagine people would react concerned as well, so why would a pet be any different?

    Love the picture btw, the dog does look adorable ❤

  94. Don’t flatter yourself 🙂

    “[Right, honestly, I can think of nothing worse ever. Except possibly internet trolls. Though that might be due to overexposure. Possibly. – Ed.]”

    [“Don’t flatter yourself”? How does that even make sense in this context? And anyway, why on earth would I need to? – Ed.]

  95. I feel like it’s your job as a pet owner, to let them live great lives, WHILE protecting them from harm as much as you can….well, within reason. Kind of like a kid, ya know? Would anyone want to strap their kid to their chests and take it skydiving? Sounds horribly scary! Why put them in that dangerous situation? Landings could go wrong and they could end up with broken bones or worse! I just feel really protective of animals, so this goes against my personal feelings of how humans should treat their animals. A life, any life, would be a terrible thing to waste!

  96. I remember seeing goggles like these on an older dog whose eyes had become very sensitive to light. This poochie doesn’t look very old, but maybe his peepers need the shade?