Blockbuster Bunday Bonanza

‘Scuse me while I lay this five-part scrolldown on y’all, lapine style.  Can’t go wrong with the classics!

“C” is for Cookie
…and It’s good enough for “Desdemona”, a bunny and cookie thief. Photo by Kem Sypher, winner of the 2004 Oregon Humane Society’s photo contest. Submitted by Bens, who wishes us all a Merry Pigmas.


Genius photographer Tanja Askani captured this teeny bunny tongue for us all to enjoy! Way to go, Tanja.

For maximum enjoyment, click on the photo for a larger one!

I shall KEES you.
Yes, I weel.
And you shall LIKE EET.

You heard me, Kuki.

Quick! Let’s scurry!
OK, first of all, this is one awesome photograph, Emily M. It’s really beautiful—kinda along the lines of Died and Gone to Heaven. Can’t you imagine that you’re in this field, and this teeeeny bunny comes up to you, and she’s all; “Come with me! I’ll show you the secret bunny burrow—we’ll be safe there! But we must hurry!”


A Virtual Sea of BUNNEHS
Swim!!! SWIM, PEOPLE!!!!

Redonkulous sea of bunnage brot to you by Joice over at Flickr. YES, WITH PERMISHE.



  1. So young, so disapproving. Damn this rap music.

  2. Funny, I’m not hearing it…

  3. The second bun is playing a practical joke on us!

    » *bzzzzzzt* «

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    BUNNEHS! Yay, this is awesome!

  5. Bunnies always follow dee rules but Rules are rules: if it is left in the openn, it’s MINE. Get that throu you witlle brain!

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    Picture number 2: “Hey, Mr. McGregor!! Pppphhhpppbbbbtttt!!!”

  7. You know, Von Z, I like that better than my own hover…

  8. Watership Down is my favorite book ever!

  9. aww, nice nostalgia for the oldah bunneh pics. the first 2 were always my fav bunneh pics.
    whew, i think that was a successful bunday. *collapses from bunnies*

  10. Woo-hoo, this train goes all the way to KenneBUNkport!

  11. Why, a veritable burrow of cutesnorgleahness! And Watership Down is awesome!

  12. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theo, it is yours. (Bows graciously, doffs tricorn hat).

  13. OHOHOH! I know the first bunneh. 😀

    I’m from Oregon and entered that contest with my kitteh, Bluto!

    He didn’t win though. 😦

  14. kibblenibble says:

    First picture makes me crave sweets. *grabs bun and tray of cookies, scurries off*

  15. cobratoes says:

    Yaaaay! Bunday!

  16. sexymeow says:

    I love bunnies, one of my favorite animals!

  17. Woooooo! *falls in*

  18. Hurrah for Bunday, the best day of the week!

  19. More Bundays like this! YESSSSSSS

  20. Yay! I sometimes think that Sunday Bunday is better than Caturday.

  21. shampoo says:

    awww! love the bunnies. sooo cute. 🙂

  22. Lindsay says:

    Yay for bunnies! We can never have enough bunnies!

  23. Blondie says:

    Hey, You know what? A round cookie with one bite out of it looks like a “C”. A round donut with one bite out of it also looks like a “C” but it is not as good as a cookie. Oh, and the moon sometimes looks like a “C” but you can’t eat that
    “C” is for cookie that’s good enough for me, Oh! cookie, cookie, cookie starts with “C”!

    [Yep, somebody else who’s my age… 😉 – Ed.]

  24. That last one, the bunneh near the center…I need to kiss him. Right on the soft spot between his little furry ears. Mmmmm.

  25. Bunanza?

    I love the look on first buns face – she’s all “why yes, this is a cookie, is there some problem with that?” But all the pictures are scrumptious, a smorgasbord of delectable noses and earses.

    (By the way, didn’t ICHC run second bun picture with a caption similar to Von Zep’s hovertext?)

  26. Here’s the link. I like Von Zeppelin’s version better:

    [Yeah, and I also notice how the ICHC banner covers Tanya’s copyright. 😛 – Ed.]

  27. Ah, a bunnilicious bunday. Which reminds me…it’s time for my Sunday Cinnamon.

  28. I <3<3<3 Bunday!

  29. Birdcage says:

    Thank you, CO. I was blue and the one with the cookie …. well, that was a cute one, weren’t it?

  30. OMG! The 2nd image! It’s so adorable! Tougue! Tougues are cute on animals! =D

  31. OMG!! Cute!! I love this website, it really brings a smile to your face on an otherwise horrid start of the working week day!

  32. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Funny, but I had a somewhat *different* picture in my mind, of The Cookie Monster???
    Maybe he’s had some plastic surgery??

  33. Back again – guess I’m a glutton for bunishment!

  34. YAY BUNDAY!!!!! This weekend, in busy downtown Toronto, I saw a man pushing a baby carriage stroller with a bunny in it. On a leash. Wearing a camo t-shirt that matched his dad’s pants. There were so many layers to what was happening there, I didn’t know what to with myself. The bunny was adorable and looked very self-assured and not petrified as i might have expected. So it was a bunny-filled weekend, thanks CO!

  35. Michael Claymore says:

    Aww, they’re gorgeous. I find it troubling, however, that the first one is stealing food, the second one is being rude and in the third pic they are making out! What happened to Norman Rockwell’s America?

    [Eaten by “Family Guy” years ago. Oh well. – Ed.]

  36. Desdemona????

    The look on her face just killed me…r they serious????!!!!!!

  37. danielie says:

    BUNNIES, yes! My day is officially made. 😀

    I love ALL of these pictures. ❤ The first bunny is about to make a run for it, the second one's tongue is too tiny and cute to be real, the two bunnies in the third picture are sharing a private moment (hee hee), the fourth bunny is totally a spirit guide and for the last one… I wouldn't mind being out in a sea of bunnies.

    Bunday is win.

  38. Michael Claymore says:

    I think by the time Peter Griffin got to it, most of that particular dough-nut had already been devoured by Homer Simpson!

    [I did think about citing the Simpsons, but they’re not as nasty about it. – Ed.]

  39. I hope for Desdemona’s sake there are no Othellos in her hutch!

  40. Grannie says:

    Hmm, I do not dream of going into a claustrophobic bunny burrow. I dream of hearing “You’ve won LOTTO! Do you want that 12 million as a lump sum or an annuity?” And Cookie Man, cookies are NOT better than doughnuts. But the fact that you think so leaves more doughnuts for me….

  41. Come with me,
    My hon,
    To the sea,
    The Sea of Buns.
    I’m gonna tell you
    Oh, how much
    I love buns.

    Do you remember,
    Don’t forget –
    I want a bunny
    For my pet.
    I’m gonna tell you
    Oh, how much
    I love buns.

  42. Awww, the bunny with the cookie is one of my favorites. She’s all, “This is just gonna be our little secret, right?”

    And T.U.M.: Love the song. “Sea of Love” is one of my favorite movies, I’ve watched it a gazillion times, and I love the Tom Waits’ version of the song that plays over the credits at the end.

  43. 1st photo – – C is for “CAUGHT”!

  44. T.U.M. — I can hear the sweeping violins now. Ahhhh.
    And love the bunny tongue: “Phbbbt!!”

  45. Baby bunbun tongue photo is one of my favs. Loves it!

  46. Katrina says:

    B is for bunny, dat good enough for me. I sing the “C song” to Killer when she gets a cookie-yes, of course she recognizes it now. I always remember Candice Bergen singing it on the Sesame Street, what a great rendition of a great ‘tune’.

    Thanks for all the bun-buns, CO! Perfect cap to a perfect day!

  47. Kristabelle says:

    C is for Cookie! Cookie, cookie, cookie, just for ME!!!!!!! Sesame Street wins EVERYTHING. 🙂

    Love that first photo.

  48. Omg, this is so cute! They remind me of the teeny tiny bunneh I saw on my sidewalk yesterday. My dog was going nuts, so I looked out to see what the heck was going on. Mind you, she was barking at the rabbit as if there were a burglar there. I looked and saw this teeny bunny and laughed because my big dog was making such a fuss, while I just wanted to snuggle the bunneh! lol.

  49. AWWWW BUNNNIEZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Silly me not going to CO Sunday afternoon.

  50. 5^^now8ing says:

    Yes. *Do* love von Z’s hover! (Missed original, tho)

    Ta first pic is one of the first I saved for my (now overflowing) CO screensaver slideshow.

    Nismo – doncha mean your Sunday Cinna*bun*? (tiddy-boom!)

    Quick! Let’s scurry! makes me think of the animals in The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe – calling you to an important meeting. There was a skwerl on a treetrunk a while back who called me to such a meeting, and he’s now my wallpaper, & I named him “Narnia.”

  51. OMG Bunnies!!!!

    I never wanted a rabbit, never thought about having one, knew nothing about them – but I still have the bunny I found in front of my building. He looks almost like the bun in the first pic — minus cookie, dark ears usually up. With eyeliner! And I have seen his widdle tounge, seen him yawn & strech, given & received bunny kisses (I think), AND he & the cat are becoming friends! The other day the kitty was chewing on a piece of cardboard, and Bun Bun (tempoary name) went right next to kitty and started chewing cardboad too!! If only the camera wasn’t broken……..

    For me, every day is Bunday!!

  52. p.s. so far, my bunny is NOT very disapproving. Perhaps the stereotype is wrong?

  53. Rooanne – I’m so glad you kept him and that he and your kitteh are getting along. Bless your heart!
    At this point, he’s probably still grateful you saved him – maybe the disapproval will come later, once he’s taking you for granted…

  54. GingerBean says:

    The scurrying bunneh is one of the first pics I saw on Cuteoverload…one that got me hooked. HOOKED I TELL YOU!
    I lurve Watership Down.

  55. I LOVE the bunny stealing a cookie. I had many, many bunnies growing up but I don’t remember any cookie-stealing (though some wanted to play with our cats who ignored them)! Bunnies!!! 🙂

  56. janet2buns says:

    @Nu: That was probably Army Guy. He’s well known in the Toronto area online bunny community. He was at Rabbit Rescue’s Bunfest 2008, and I believe he’s coming to Bunfest 2009. Yay Army Guy!!!!

  57. OMG there’s a Bunfest??!!! I’m so there! Thanks for the heads-up

  58. janet2buns says:

    There is seriously a Bunfest…..Bunfest 2009, everything bunny will be there!! For more information please visit:

  59. Lula Mae says:

    Thank you for all dee bunneehs…
    We need more bunneehs!
    An ocean of bunneehs – pleeez!

  60. Caitlin says:

    Holy crap, I forgot that there’s like nothing in the world more adorable than baby bunnehs. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

    And to think, they’ll probably all grow up to be Disapproving Rabbits…oh well, we can enjoy the cuteness now.


    Cookie stealing bun is probaby one of the best pic I have ever seen. I die and come back to life a the same time when I look at him!!!

  62. That’s the same face I make when I take a cookie, too! Well, I wish I were as cute as the bunny.

  63. temperance says:

    is one of the rules of cuteness ‘if an animal steals food, it’s cute’ (or something like that)? if not, i would like to petition for it’s official acceptance.

  64. Don’t sell yourself short, Sheepy, don’t sell yourself short…..

  65. Casper aka Army Guy says:

    Army guy has a name ya know, it’s Casper. Although most people are more interested in the name of my bunny, which is Sunki-Tiponi. He’s been on Daily Bunny and Disapproving Rabbits. Sunki is also on Bunspace, along with the rest of my family of buns.
    And yes, I will be there at Bunfest 2009, see you there Janet2buns.

  66. so gorgeous