How Can I Keep From Singing?

I apologize in advance to all you well-rounded music aficionados out there for my dissonant genre-mashing; my own tastes are… eclectic.  But it’s Saturday, it’s gorgeous, and darned if I don’t feel like a little Pawl, Yawn, Jawrge and Ringtail this morning.  ♫ Here comes the sun, doodle-oo-doo… wait, no, Meg’s got a better idea:

We can work it out
We can make this whole damn thing work out
With a little nom, we can lay it down
Can’t you feel this website exploding?

[Sing in Sir Paul McCartney voice]

5-2-08 240a, originally uploaded by ron.mamie.

XTreme Cute Overload Nom Close-Up [XCONCU]:


Sender-Inner Lori W. FOUND ANOTHER ONE!



  1. omg AHN! cutebeauty

  2. Beth (in NC) says:

    Mmmmmmmm yummy ear. I guess we’re having problems in Raleigh with a huge rabid fox explosion. 😦 I love them.

  3. Von Zeppelin says:

    I love the Beatles as much as any geezer of my generation, but surely the sound track for this pic is Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady.”

    [I’m comin’-a GETcha. – Ed.]

  4. Katrina says:

    Its like Easter chocolate bunnies- the ears always get eaten first. Nom, nom,nom…

  5. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    hi guyz&galz–
    Just wanted to take the opp to appreciate even the mention of the song “How….from Singing” ……If anyone has heard either the Enya cover or the A Capella version from O Brother ….they’re BOTH items which have a starting & immediate effect on my frame of mind….Spiritual & meditative w/o being Overly Orchestral.
    I actually prefer it vastly, even over “Amazing Grace”.

    No humor punchline here. Just an Affirmation to Your mention, of my alltime favorite spiritual song .

    From the other side of the brain.

  6. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    oops — I thought I had reviewed my typing adequately. No such luck.

    “StartLing”, not “starTing”. Sorry.
    Carry on.

  7. tracylee says:

    Beth in NC I hate it about teh foxes around here (I’m in Raleigh too). It stinks cuz I want to pick them all up and snorgle their earsies (just like this one is doing!) Luuuuurrrve foxies

  8. I’ve only twice in my life caught glimpses of foxes in the wild. They’re beautiful! Sorry to hear about the rabies problem in Raleigh. 😦

  9. I am all for genre-mashing, and ear-kronsche-ing.

  10. I want to nom him, too!

    Leslie, I love Pete Seeger’s live version of “How Can I Keep from Singing?” It’s on the album “Precious Friend.” You should check it out!

  11. Nom nom nom nom nom nom *gulps* deeee-licious!

  12. furbabies says:

    Killing me softly with cutness.

  13. tracylee says:

    tee hee LisaL, made me chuckle : D

  14. apotheosis says:

    They’re cute, but…those eyes are a little intense. Tone it down a little, fox!


    Please, please, please tell me that someone in charge of scheduling around here is already covering the sea piggies story.

  15. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    @ apotheosis:

    Thx to you , from a random but possibly a representative member / Peanut Gallery, for alerting us to Cuteness.
    BTW — on a related anecdote of Cuteness — earlier this week I submitted an Intersp. Snorgling, set of Pix (Mama Tiger & 4 young pigs, who have been *decorated* to encourage Mama Tiger to see them as her offspring) to Meg & Co….thought you might like to consider, I suggested to her, the Title “Piggies”
    (see — oops, sorry — Listen to: “Piggies” White Album, The Beatles 1968) ….

    Signed, Curly & Piggish

  16. starfish says:

    Make sure you sea that link by apotheosis! Nothing boaring there! Love the little baby boarlets!

  17. Those piggies are livin’ the life.

  18. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    Also (thanx peeps fer indulging my various SideTracks)
    @ Peeps: Definitely sounds potentially inneresting; I’ve done my Geeky Librarian Innernet Thing tho’ & so far my two allegedly *”best”* Innernet /Music webpages didn’t produce said song; nor even a reference to the album. Year, please??

    Yours in Folk Music

  19. There’s a rabid fox problem here in Chapel Hill as well, too bad these beautiful animals are suffering from such a horrible disease. I do love these little darlings and they don’t seem rabid at all. Nom nom nom…. the comments about chocolate Easter bunny’s ears being eaten reminds me of this picture

  20. Mmm, Paul. Er, I mean, cute foxes. 😀

  21. MadameX says:

    OMG! Those sea piggy pictures are to die for! Must get me to the Bahamas STAT!!!

  22. MadameX says:

    And the nomming foxies are cute too!

  23. Snowpea says:

    EAR NOM!!!!

    (also, please remember it’s Caturday. I need my fix)

  24. (wonder what’s meant by “well-rounded” …exactly)

  25. Ohhhhhhhhh, the eyeliner!!!!!! Coy little foxes.

  26. Now are the FOX-ES!! Hey FOX-ES, clean up your act!!

    (Anyone else remember the Festrunk brothers?)

  27. irish wristwatch (try saying it out loud) says:

    This picture is worth
    123,425,454,657,879,890,985,876,763,655,153, 645,337,687,898,989,765,898,098,7647, 535,425,414,215,456,768,789,890,909 words.
    Plus a bag of chips.
    lurv da eyes!
    and da nomity nomn.

  28. 5^^now8ing says:

    Methinks the foxes have access to the red pandas’ Miss Clairol?

    So sad about the NC rabies infestation.

    @Theresa – yeah, “soon weel bee thee fox-es!” “We *are* two wildncrazy guys!”

  29. UPDATE… actually, it’s heavily overcast now. But the *temperature* is quite pleasant.

  30. Trabb's Boy says:

    I was just looking at this picture earlier today and thinking how cute it was. I was looking through “unusual animals” trying to find that cockroach with the awesomist comment on the Internet by “The Bug Man”. Couldn’t find it, though, and a search for “cockroach” didn’t get me there either. Sigh.

    [Um, yeah. I’m not sure where the disconnect lies, yet, but for some reason, our search function is currently full of fail. Known issue, please stand by… – Ed.]

  31. The little baby foxes-kronsching is making my day. Having said that, the picture of the chocolate bunnies made me gaffaw and the sea piggies, well I am putting my formal bid for the purchase of that island. Tooooo tooooo wonderfully, absurdly cute. Yes, they have been on CO before, I seem to recall with a piggy or two approaching a boat. I want to be under a big beach umbrella (allergic to the sun), with sand piggies all around me, me re-reading Harry Potter and CO Peeps coming around and making fun conversation WHILE a gourmet chef prepares all manner of tasty goodies (no pork) and we all lounge until the sun comes back up, just grunting and reading, and sleeping and waking back up and chatting and eating, maybe a few other wonderful fluffy friendly creatures for good, sandy company, a Golden Retriever or two, ah…………….. yup. That would be very nice. Maybe we could all get there by a cruise and, oh man, I’ve got the travel bug now!

  32. The quick brown fox noms the ear of the other fox.

  33. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    Katrina — are you TRYIN’ to continue the whole Earworm/Beatles theme, here???

    in a paragraph re. seaside & related, you STARTED a sentence, with

    “I’d like to be …” [hel-LO? “Under the sea”, anyone??? “in an Octopus’ garden….”helLO?”
    [ok, maybe it’s just me & I’ve got 1966-68 Beatles stuff on the brain today. That’s just an estimate; I haven’t checked on the release date of O’s Garden so it’s not crucial to respond w/ correct release date ]

    Give me love, give me Peace on Earth ….

  34. Crystal says:

    Rule #43 (bottom lip glistening in the light) SO obviously in effect here.

  35. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    oops. I should have said “earWORM”, not “Ear bug” ….

    Fully Credentialled in Nerddom/ Geekdom

  36. 5^^now8ing says:

    Katrina — I’m signin’ up for *that* cruise! Or maybe as co-owner of the whole dang island. (They say real estate is a good investment in this economy, no?)

    Theo — weather’s not half bad here either — only in the 80s & sunny, which is *amazingly* cool for Kansas in July. (Obligatory WofOz comment: Foxes and bunnies and pigs, oh, my!) I was actually out at midday for half an hour, waterin’ my zucchinis & tomatoes & peppers, something I usually reserve for the early am or late eveningks.

  37. “I nom because I’m happeeeee!
    I nom because I’m free!
    My teef are in his earses,
    And his earses are in my mouf!” (rhyme fail :mrgreen:)

  38. PS Pigs on the beach!!! Bliss!!

  39. Rainbow*Star says:

    These little foxes would be so cute if the top one wasn’t being a cannibul. *intentional misspelling*

  40. Von Zeppelin says:

    Rainbow*Star, is it actual cannibalism (or cannubulism) if you just TASTE a member of your own species? Just a little nip of ear?

  41. I hope everyone who went to see Sir Paul last night in NYC had a blast! Heard it was amazing (and even Billy Joel snuck in and sang a song with him!) 🙂

  42. Balthesia says:

    How many times have I told you! Do NOT chew your brother’s ear! No, he does NOT enjoy it at all. Go to your room immediately and think about what you have done. And no, you are NOT going out to the chicken coop with dad tonight…

  43. kibblenibble says:

    Theresa: I love your song, regardless of the rhyme fail!

    BTW, This is among the most beautiful Extreme Close-Ups ever! 🙂 Beautiful fur and whiskers, gorgeous eye complete with guyliner, tiny fang and shiny lower lip, boopable nosicle…..

  44. Katrina says:

    Now we have two things we can do- picnic and cruise. The cruise, which I’m hoping that Theo and Meg and NOMTOM and everyone can take, can go anywhere, but it must stop at the piggy island, and yes, I will share the ownership of the island, but only with fellow Peeps!

    The Orchestra Summer ’09 was a total success! The concert was great, the parents and young musicians are totally satisfied- Peeps-I am in need of superlatives- may I ask for your input? Thanks! We even made the front cover above the fold in our local newspaper! Please send in your favorite superlatives that I may write the copy for the newspaper’s Front Porch News section! Thank you!

  45. I remember watching a show about rabid raccoons. The dropped a bunch of marshmallows from a helicopter that were laced with rabie vaccination medicine for them to eat (and squirrels etc). I do believe this helped stop the spread. I wonder if Raleigh can do the same thing? We have foxes here in Florida…LOVE THEM!!! One of our golf courses here has tons. They will sun in the bunkers and steal your balls! They can have all of mine if they want! 🙂

    God bless the little foxes in Raleigh and may he stop the spread!!!