Friday Haiku: Man’s BFF

Still summer morning / Friends reflect beneath blue sky / Your haiku: Epic


Simply beautiful, Matthew R.  Click for full image



  1. MadameX says:

    Bespectacled geek
    Beautiful golden maned girl…
    True love forever

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooo *dies of cyoot*

  3. Summer at the lake
    Got my canine best friend here
    Who could ask for more?

  4. Blue sky, blue water
    Golden friend quietly hugged
    Perfection is mine

  5. Snuggling retriever
    Meaning of serenity
    Under perfect sky

  6. Still summer water.
    Calm ’til dog’s best friend ponders
    ripples . . . Where’s the cat?

  7. Kristabelle says:

    The look in her eyes
    proves there is no greater love
    than that from a dog.

  8. Tranquil blue lagoon
    Serene under the blue sky
    Until the dog farts

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Guy is thinking “Awww”
    Golden dog is wondering
    “Is it dinner time?”

  10. Pussytoes says:

    Whisper sweet nothings
    I’ll be your friend for life man
    Do I smell hot dogs?

  11. They meet, and both think:
    “You look nothing like your pic.”
    “Curse you,!”

    [ *SNORT* – Ed.]

  12. my best friend and i
    gazing upon the water
    on the perfect day

    and where are they? that looks sooooo relaxing

    [Unrelated… what the hayle is the story about your avatar pic? – Ed.]

  13. Guy cuddling with dog?
    No, guy restraining moocher.
    Dude, that’s my pizza!

  14. [Unrelated… what the hayle is the story about your avatar pic? – Ed.]

    i dunno, i can’t see any avatars at work! dear lord, what is it?!

  15. I’m in dog heaven
    even though there are no squirrels.
    Human, sun, wuv, peace.

  16. Ed. – I think it’s one of those teeth whitener ads… hee.

  17. I lurv my goggie
    He lurvs me back no question
    that is all I need

  18. @Resse, it appears to be a very angry Shaq after drinking a gallon of grape Kool-Aid.

  19. Stunbunny says:

    When you release me
    I will swim far from the shore
    And bark like a fool

  20. 5^^now8ing says:

    Oh! Wish I weren’t so haiku-impaired! Lawf the picture!

  21. yay! changed it for something much cuter

  22. 5^^now8ing says:

    lame-o attempt:

    I shall try thees now:
    BFF, Serenity
    What more could you want?

  23. Resse — here it is
    As far as a description
    Theresa nailed it

  24. Awww, something abut this photo just makes me want to burst in to tears. It’s so unbelievably sweet and peaceful and just beautiful.

  25. BeckyMonster says:

    You and me buddy
    Silent, patient, profound love
    Let’s sit here all day

  26. Resse — here it is
    I freely confess I was
    Just a bit startled
    still using haiku,
    you have mastered the art form
    that was so awesome

    [Ahhhh, you got it before I changed it! 😆 – Ed.]

  27. Man and Man’s Best Friend
    Snorgeling at the day’s end
    Love’s definition.

  28. He whispered to me:
    “Someday, this will all be yours.”
    Little does he know!

    [Nice! *non-ironic clapping* – Ed.]

  29. Water! Temptation!
    I’ll drag human in and then
    give him a shower

  30. ma cherie amour
    i so lof your long, blonde hair
    shame about your legs..

  31. Crushed seashell gravel
    Under a bench by the sea
    My dog and I sit.

  32. Katrina says:

    Two friends in the Summer sun

  33. You, provider of food
    Are good at scratching ears
    Let’s sit quietly

    My dog used to have a ‘move’. If is was sitting on the bed, she would hop up and sit next to me. Then she’d lean on me. Then she’d push me over, so we were both lying down. She just wanted a cuddle. Bless. Still miss her, but she had a jolly good treat-filled life, and many, many walks in the park.

  34. I look for my god,
    Not for a church or temple,
    On a bench with you.

  35. Jimbeaux says:

    I know it’s not a haiku, but…
    I’m going to pet-sit for some friends for a week and a half starting tonight. The last time I pet-sat for them, one of their animals got sick enough that it had to be put down (no fault of my own; kitty was 20 years old). I’ve been very nervous about doing it again, but this picture just made me feel like everything’s gonna be okay. I’ll make sure to sit on the couch with the dogs tonight and let them know how much I love ’em.

  36. “Arf arf arf arf arf,”
    *gentle nudge with cold black nose*
    “I love you too, dog.”

  37. Private detective
    takes badly framed photograph.
    Man in divorce court.

  38. A Reservoir Dog
    And Quentin Tarantino
    Just warming the bench

  39. Aww, where did Shaq go? I miss him!

    [He misses you too
    [But seasons march ever on
    [I got a screenshot – Ed.]

  40. Golden Retriever is
    a little piece of sunshine
    with a fluffy tail.

  41. They say that love is
    How couples sit side by side
    When there’s lots of room

    But in this photo
    They are keeping their eyes peeled
    For Loch Ness monsters

  42. don’t worry my friend
    didn’t know you fear water
    when I threw the stick

  43. I know he wishes
    he had a tail like mine: ha!
    I love him a lot.

  44. Katiedid says:

    I wuv you human
    Looking at the clear blue lake
    The best day ever

  45. Katiedid says:

    By the way, my peeps
    Where was this picture taken?
    I want to go there!

  46. Mauderules says:

    Can’t see from the back:
    Cat curled between dog and man.
    Hand and paw pat her.

    BFF 3-way:
    Snorgling at its very best
    Heaven smiling down.

  47. Pat Trenner says:

    “You think I’m
    all snorgly, serene;
    squirrel comes by.”

  48. where are they? i want to go… now…

  49. There are no vacuums
    in Heaven, all is serene.
    This shows what I mean.

  50. lean on me my friend
    even when you drool on me
    i am always here

  51. Carl Fredricksen says:

    Master, I loooove you
    With all my doggie heart… SQUIRREL!
    Uh, now where was I?

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    Man and gorgeous dog
    Lazing on warm bench. Deep sighs.
    “Now what shall we do?”

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    (the worst thing about haiku is that the minute i hit enter I almost always think of a better line!) Pretend my haiku starts with line; Cute man, gorgeous dog.

  54. This is definitely going to be how I grow old.

    No wife to sit with
    A fantastic pup instead
    Life’s better this way

  55. I have no haiku in me today but this picture makes me extremely happy. I can’t wait to get home and throw my arms around my own two little niblets! 🙂

  56. Andi from NC says:

    My forever friend
    Peacefully we sit
    No better time can there be

  57. adorable dog,
    and our legendary view,
    my beautiful day.

  58. DaytimeDeb says:

    Friends say you’re a dog
    But I know better than them
    You’re my best friend too

  59. DaytimeDeb says:

    Dog’s reply:

    Yes I am your friend
    I will love you forever
    Please give me a treat

  60. cool, dry summer day
    man and best friend take it in
    i love you darling

    remind me again,
    why would man need marry?
    oh yea i forgot

    your goldenous hair
    those eyes, your kisses so sweet
    but that breath -gag me!

    baths, shots, license fees
    you’re worth it my gold beauty!
    not high maintenance.

    your loyalty high
    your demeanor calm, and you,
    so faithful to me

    why get going now?
    we’ve no appointments today
    enjoy the clean air!

  61. Paunchie says:

    Wow gillian, that covers their whole day, I guess!

    Who needs a girl when
    I’ve got my doggeh pal, BUT
    Girls smell more sweetly

  62. Dogs give the greatest love on the planet, what a perfect picture.

  63. Aw! Very sweet! 🙂

  64. This photo rebukes
    The boneheads who use the phrase
    “Just an animal.”

  65. It even had a seasonal reference! REAL HAIKU FTW.

  66. A man with a dog?
    I won’t complain, just pass me
    a cold pasickie.

  67. I said I loved you.
    They said you were just a dog.
    But what’s wrong with that?

  68. We can feel the love
    Of you being together
    Friends need nothing else.

  69. Rapwnzel says:

    calm before the storm
    when I ruin a moment
    by throwing ball in

  70. Dang it… 😳

    Earlier there were a couple of versions of an haiku here posted by “Daniel”, which included a correction. I was trying to be a conscientious Editor and make the correction, while eliminating the duplicate comment, but in the process, I accidentally deleted BOTH comments. GAHH.

    @Daniel — my bad, sorry; could you repost the “sign” version? I promise it’ll stay. 😦

  71. octopuppy says:

    Master, look yonder
    ripples on blue water caused
    by big CATfish farts

  72. Mary (the first) says:

    Work tensions relieved
    By frequent view of man, dog,
    water, sky, sun, .. sigh.

  73. normally i can’t do haiku but it came to me today!

    A man and his dog
    Sitting on a lakeside bench
    The best day ever!

  74. [snicker] “catfish farts” [snort]

  75. Nancy (orig) says:

    I can now see me
    and my german summer boy
    smooching on da bench

  76. Basking in the sun
    by a lake, with my doggie
    how great can this be…….

  77. wow i really like these haikus

    ok here’s mine:

    i’ve been up since three
    can’t rhyme for the life of me
    so cat speaks for me…

    i think it meshes perfectly. do you remember? when we met? that’s the day, i knew you were my pet… seriously turn on the song and pull up the pic!

  78. 5^^now8ing says:

    Kat — you are such a sweetie-pie!

  79. Branwyn says:

    The old pond is still
    Until a dog jumps in
    Splashing of water
    I could chase a duck
    or dig a hole in the sand
    Instead I stay with you

  80. Branwyn says:

    Apologies–too late in the day to count.

    The old pond is still
    Until a dog hurdles in
    Splashing of water
    I could chase a duck
    or dig a hole in the sand
    Yet I stay with you

  81. Haikus are so lame
    They are bad and getting worse
    From repetition

  82. Golden labrador
    With his best friend, by the lake
    Under a blue sky

  83. My last one was cr**, wasn’t it??!!!!!!!!

    [No, though you might have some trouble with the folks who insist that haikus include some sort of seasonal reference. I’m not one of those folks. However, if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you’d choose a more reader-friendly & pronounceable screen name… – Ed.]

  84. love this man and dog
    when will cute overload launch
    dating service, please?

    (yeah, my haikus are the worst. but still: how ABOUT that cuteoverload dating service?)

  85. @K —

    We joke about dates
    But really, we’re not equipped
    Happiness right now!

  86. Subhangi says:

    Warm canine breath
    Sunshine trapped in silken fur
    Unmitigated bliss.

  87. Inspired by Lydia’s post, and beautiful memories

    Lydia – three-five
    What a lovely sentiment
    ‘minds me of my Ben

    Noble and loyal
    so he sat with me – until
    Fate took Ben away

    Ben gentle and good
    always there and taking care
    Love and miss him much

    Man and dog by lake
    Love each other while you can
    Like the dearest friends

  88. Heather says:

    Nobody’s looking we think
    Wet sloppy kisses
    Unbridled joy

  89. Heather says:

    Lunch on a bench
    Potato chips missing

  90. Carlisa says:

    …and they called it puppy looooove…
    I hope he doesn’t leeck inside her earz…

  91. This is one of the Perfect moments in life…
    I hope my dog gets it when I say “Je t’aime” to her…

    Matthew R.: first, thanks for sharing this great moment with all of us. Second, I hope you wouldn’t mind me to make myself an avatar with this lovely pic to represent a part of me, on the net. ^^ (I’ll credit you of course)

  92. Blood pressure descends
    as mood elevates
    Photo therapy is working

  93. @ ellen – yess!!! yes!!!!!!! (as i sit here with my coffee getting my morning dose of photo therapy)

  94. your sloppy kisses
    remind me of my puppy
    who looks down on me

    sitting on a bench
    my furry friend next to me
    serve me while I sit

  95. A.M. Buddy says:

    WHIRL of emotion
    Life is a just a little cake
    You are the frosting.

  96. A golden beauty
    with a nerd like that?please gag me!
    we’re in the world.

  97. Haiku reminder
    Five-seven-five count or fail
    This is how it works