“Pet Owner Not Bothering To Neuter Loser Cat”

The Onion is reportin’ that a Coral Springs area man has decided against neutering his 5-month old cat Mowgli because Mowgli has ZERO CHANCE with the ladies. Read on.


Non-loser kitteh “Watson” sent in by Erin N. [head tilt] Onion article suggested by Sparky and Kitchyaya13.



  1. not a loser not a loser not a loser

  2. LOL. Gotta love the onion.

  3. I like how they slipped in that all cats should be neutered whether they’re going to reproduce or not. It’s like they preempted the nuffing for us.

  4. so color-coordinated! 😀

  5. If you want to have the cat indoors, you need to neuter. Unless you like the odor left by a spraying male all over your furniture. If you let him outside, which is not a good idea if you want him to live more than four or five years, you won’t have to listen to his lovesongs and the sounds of him fighting with other cats. Then coming in bleeding all over that sprayed-on furniture. Neutering can be done for less than a C-note, and makes the quality of life much better for cat and cat owner. The vet bills for abscesses and other injuries quickly mount up to and exceed neutering costs.

  6. Anner…and yet…. LOL!!

  7. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    Wow — the fashion potential here: Stripes AND Neutrals — TOGETHER!!!

    Sign me up — I’m not even engaged to anyone & I’ll register anyhow !!!!
    Heck! If I can get an adorable stripey orange kitten just for registering, I can FIND
    someone to be engaged to….anyone need a green card????

  8. Not spaying/neutering a pet for any reason is wrong.

    Also, posting unrelated comments on a blog for the purpose of advertising is called “spamming” and is also wrong.
    [No worries, I’m on it. – Ed.]

    Finally, the kitten in this photo is absolutely adorable, and matches the rug perfectly. Since avoiding shed cat hair is impossible, color-coordination is an essential part of feline interior decorating.

  9. lal la lal la lal al la ll al la la la l all al lal al says:

    soo sorry 4 ketteh do, he’s all over da news known as loosr. 😦 hopefully he gets chance with ladeez somdays.

  10. I love the Onion. Seriously. Stuff like watching the “Ninja Parade” just kills me.

    BTW, I had a cat who would “spray” my cabinets all the time. The weird thing was that they were post-operative and they were a FEMALE.

    And yes, that little one is toteely matchink.

  11. skippymom says:

    I would guess that pretty much everybody who visits this site understands the importance of spaying/neutering. I would guess that most of us also understand that the Onion article is a JOKE.

  12. His poor cat should be taken away and given to a responsible pet owner who will properly care for him. People like this loser are the reason that millions of homeless pets are sentenced to death each year, I don’t think this is cute or funny….I think it’s pathetic.

  13. The guy is an idiot. As soon as that cat is mature enough, and gets a sniff of a female cat in heat, you better believe he is going to try his best to get out of that house.

  14. AH, a Killer – colored puddy-tat. Yes, everything revolves around my dog, why do you ask?

    Marmie Alert. Berthaservant, who hasn’t answered any of my question thus far, do they have Marmies in the biiiiiiig litter pan you now live in?

  15. The cutest lil orange puff-ball in the world! 🙂 But if this baby is going to stay indoors it’s gonna need to be fixed or else the spraying will commence. Yikes!

  16. Lerrinus says:

    Hey, where’s the matchingks tag!? If it weren’t for the eyes, you’d lose the little munchkin in that room! 😉

    [Hmm… OK – Ed.]

  17. GingerBean says:

    That’s not a kitten. It’s a floating kitten head with a paw.
    I want that rug! Theriouthly, I am looking for an area rug to replace my butt ugly spill-catcher and am noticing these things.
    I often wonder what kittehs would think if they knew how much of their human’s time is spent obsessing over them on the internet. I have oodles of pictures of my cats online. Would my kittehs care if they knew how much web-based attention they get? :-p

  18. BabyOpossum says:

    OMG the rug has eyes…and they’re looking RIGHT AT ME!!

  19. Aww! Did Waffles, Jr. grab a bee?

  20. temperance says:

    man. i guess humor is in the eye of the beholder. i love the onion. but i guess it’s not for those who have a problem with sarcasm. ah, well…..

  21. OMG I can taste the marmalade!


  22. Well, you can reasonably assume that a cat-owner did not write nor consult on writing on THAT piece! I had a male cat who sprayed- we had to throw out the furniture, we just couldn’t get out the sa-mell, this was pre-Febreeze, does that stuff work on puddy-tat stink?

  23. GingerBean says:

    KAT and LisaL, the Onion is satire. It’s a joke. Check out the rest of the “stories”.

  24. Ummm…yeah, folks? The Onion is a HUMOUR site (and former magazine/newspaper). It’s all MADE UP FUNNY SARCASTIC HUMOUR.

    Not Real.

    So therefore there is no ‘lame-o’ cat who isn’t going to be neutered.

    (only saying this because it’s clear from a few comments that there are still people out there who have never, ever, encountered The Onion in any form before this particular posting, and therefore took a JOKE PIECE seriously. And you know who you are. And that makes the kitten in the picture sad.)

  25. skippymom says:

    Okay, I’m going to assume that all the people who are complaining about this are actually being reverse-sarcastic on a level that I’m not picking up.
    @anner, good point, but I guess the nuffing preemption didn’t work so well, huh?

  26. That kitty got no game? Looks like he got plenty of game to me. 🙂

  27. skippymom says:

    GingerBean and Vampy, your comments slipped in while I was writing my last one. Thanks for explaining, and I hope people who didn’t get it will read yours and figure it out.

    [There’s actually another sneaky little giant hint up there, too – Ed.]

  28. Loser cat only needs to not be camouflaged by matching rug. Problem-solved & lady cats are gonna’ come calling when they actually see him….

    @vampy – are you suggesting that this story is just a joke piece?!? no way!

  29. revolution724 says:

    I had to go and look at all of Watson’s pictures. What a cutie pie.

  30. Classic case of projection. We all know who the real loser in that household is.

  31. Lestatcat says:

    Uhhhhhh….I hope people here know The Onion is a joke? With satirical articles, hello?

  32. wuyizidi says:

    …even ugly lame-o’s who probably couldn’t score in a roomful of calicos in heat

    I lol’ed.

  33. Josh N. says:

    Related: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/30395

    Cat Fancy Magazine Blasts Area Kitten
    “Mr. Paws is far from purr-fect,” says article in October issue

  34. Katiedid says:

    WOW the amount of people that DON’T get the joke is just…wow.. lol
    It’s ok loser kitty you can hang out with my loser kitties too… it will be like that island in the Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer movie.. something like the island of misfits…. anyways… I’m sure they would get along great! 😀

  35. Okay so the roll over has me in stitches LOLOLOL

  36. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  37. SIgh….. I’ve never been to the Onion so no, I didn’t know it was a joke website. Excuse me for not knowing every damn website on the net. Sheesh.
    But yeah, woops, my bad.

  38. I think there are a few people posting here who don’t realize that The Onion is purely satirical. Lol. Relax. CuteOverload wouldn’t post something like this if it were true.

    🙂 I love that kitten’s ear fluff.

  39. LisaL — in fact the Onion has been around over a decade and was first known in it’s dead-tree form and available in most towns (particularly college towns) and they also have published numerous best-selling books.

    [SHHHHHH! That’s a secret! Apparently! – Ed.]

    Katrina – sorry I haven’t answered yet, I’m still in the throes of moving (making the big move w/ Bertha on Sunday). I’m hoping to find a marmie just like this little fella before too long!

    (And the kitty in the original Onion article is also pretty cute!)

  40. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    @Raymi :

    All better, now??

  41. Mowgli’s gonna get some, I just know it.

    (And I would TOTALLY love that rug even without the kitty.)

  42. 5^^now8ing says:

    Yeah, mu daughter read me that yesterday. I predict they’ll get lots of criticism from the humor-impaired corps.

  43. 5^^now8ing says:

    OK, it didn’t occur to me that anybody online hadn’t heard of The Onion. So if you hadn’t yer excused from the “humor-impared” label. (But git yerselves out there and read it!)

  44. Pogonip says:

    Yes The Onion is a great satirical site, but not everyone who reads CO knows that or understands about the importance of neutering/spaying. I used to know a guy who refused to neuter his male cats. He had the vet do vasectomies on them!!! Then the poor cats lived out their short lives driven by hormones to reproduce, without any offspring. Weird guy. A psychologist, actually.

  45. skippymom says:

    Brian, that’s a great article, thanks for linking it. Boswell and Johnson, snicker.

  46. oh no! not true! look how charming he is!

    Kitten Olympics
  47. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, this was confusing at first because that beautiful kitteh will certainly have no problem getting the ladies when he’s a bit older. Then I read the Onion article and saw it referred to a different kitteh .. more confusion since I’ve never heard of the Onion so wondered why would someone be interviewing people about their neutering habits? Now,I am fully informed (or at least more informed) thanks to Brian’s tip and a new fan of the Onion as well as this post.

    (translation: SQUEEEEEE)

  48. Orangies ftw!
    It fills my quota of “ooh, that’s sorta what Kestine must have looked like as a tiny kitten.” 😀 😀 😀

    Kestine was already neutered when I got him from the shelter, and Daisy got spayed at 5 months… of course, Daisy is also very small for being an adult and my mother insists early neutering stunted her growth, so she’s applying that logic to her bulldogs by waiting until they’re 18 months before spaying/neutering them (a male/female pair). Something about waiting that long kinda bothers me… not that there’s much risk with bulldogs since their anatomies are so messed up from human tweaking and thus they really can’t breed naturally, but…

    (and what’s wrong with Daisy’s early spaying stunting her growth? I think she’s much cuter being smaller than the average adult. Makes her look more kitten-like and it doesn’t appear to have any negative impact on her. :P)

  49. Kodalai says:

    Ahhhh… not only neuter/spaying nuffing, but outdoor/indoor cat nuffing as well! Truly this post has it all.

  50. @Brian, you’re an angel. I hadn’t seen that story last February and I’ve hurt myself from laughing.

  51. 5^^now8ing says:

    Plus a heaping teaspoon of *onion*! Ha!

  52. Thank you all for the kind comments about Watson! He is such a fabulous cat and I love every moment that I get to spend with him. Also, just in case anyone is confused by The Onion article I can at least assure you that Watson has an appointment to be neutered next month 😉

  53. The Onion, brings tears to me eyes…
    (covers Mowgli’s ears) You handsome thing you.

  54. kittykye says:

    ROFLMAO!! Oh, Onion, you truly make my day. Hi-freakin-larious!

  55. DaytimeDeb says:

    Hey, I know of many dull, paunchy guys who have gotten laid. And I’m not just talkin’ Steve Jobs here (who I don’t think is dull, btw). Some of these guys aren’t even wealthy! Some ladies (and men) like a little paunch.

  56. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh, and if Mowgli (or any fixed animal) is not going to reproduce, then he shouldn’t be allowed to marry. I’m just sayin…

  57. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh dear, I meant Steve Wozniak, not Steve Jobs. I’m sure Jobs isn’t dull, either… but paunchy he is not!

    [Well, at least you didn’t say Steve Ballmer. Who, by the bye, is quite paunchy. – Ed.]

  58. Wow, I can’t believe there are still people who don’t know what the Onion is!

  59. And unless it has stopped very recently, the Onion is still available in print in New York – great subway reading!! I’m a big fan of their “American voices” column, with the same photos over and over, just different names and absurd occupations.

    I’ll take either Watson or Mowgli – both totally cute and fluffy little guys!

  60. Rivahcat says:

    Please please PLEASE neuter this lil guy!!! We don’t need unwanted kittehs. Yes he’s adorable as is… but Nature will take its course. You won’t hurt anything.

  61. “So-Called Obese Pets Held To Unrealistic Body Standards”

  62. on the outside he says hes a loser but in the inside he knows differently

  63. How do they ever find him on that rug? And btw, “loser” cat got me right away. Maybe not such a loser!

  64. An oldie but a goodie –
    We’re Sick And Tired Of Raising Your Young
    warning cursing

  65. Adorable kitteh C:
    does anyone know how people get their avatars by their comments?

    [Get a WordPress account, which is free, then customize your profile there. One of the options you have is to upload a photo or use a Gravatar. – Ed.]

  66. AWW 🙂 What a cute little marmalade kitty 🙂 If you were at my place kitty, you would get FIXED as soon as I took you to our VET 🙂

  67. Joan carlson says:

    Dang! that is one cutie pie marmalade boy-boy. And he matches the carpet so stylishly… looks like a fluffy bubble in a swirly, orangy-vanilla-y bowl of melted 50-50 bars. Watson! You’re CUTE!

  68. My all-time favorite Onion Headline (as a baseball fan, natch): F@#$ing Yankees, Reports Nation”
    I also love “Family-Style Restaurant Offers Accusations, Belittlement With Entree Selections,” and most headlines about girlfriends, moms, nine-year-olds, and of course, Area Man.

  69. PS Here’s a story from a few years ago, about someone who took an “Onion” “editorial” seriously. I would love to know this guy’s reaction to “Smoove B” :mrgreen:

  70. I read the comments for the sole purpose of seeing how many people would believe the obviously fake story was real. You don’t need to have heard about The Onion (which has been on the net for over a decade and in print even longer) to understand that this is a joke; it’s obvious from the tone. Do you seriously think some random guy’s decision not to neuter his cat would make it to the papers, and do you seriously believe that a spokesperson from the Florida Humane Society would publically refer to any pets as “ugly lame-o’s”?

    Not only that, but several people didn’t get that loser kitteh Mowgli and non-loser kitteh Watson were different kittehs.

  71. jackie31337 says:

    Toni I read the comments for the sole purpose of seeing how many people would believe the obviously fake story was real.

    Same here. Critical thinking, people!

  72. LOL! This reminds me of another cat-related gem from the Onion from several years back, “Kitten Thinks of Nothing Murder All Day”, accompanied by a picture of a particularly sweet and innocent looking little kitten. I don’t know the exact link, but Google “kitten thinks of nothing but murder’ and you’ll find it!

    [Wait wait, THAT article was REAL. – Ed.]

    [I mean really real. Seriously. It’s chilling. – Ed.]

  73. Katrina says:

    Berthaservant- no rush in answering. Best wishes on the move. Just open Bertha’s box first, ok?! Your friend and fellow Peep-K.

  74. Heh. Do people even read before they post a comment?

    Oh, the Onion. Here’s my all-time favorite article, not pet-related at all (although thanks for posting that kitchen floor conflict one, Brian- I’d forgotten about that one. Oh, and the horoscopes are great too):

    Fritolaysia Cuts Off Chiplomatic Relations With Snakistan

  75. P.s. Watson is the cutest li’l thing ever!

  76. Von Zeppelin says:

    Area Cat Matches Area Rug.

  77. @Von Zep: Bwahahaha, snerk! Well done 😀

    I love marmies and tabbies. What a pair of cuties loser lame-os. Clearly no one but me could ever love these adorable homely things. I think they should be surrendered to me for emergency snorgling, stat!

  78. I just love how people just salivate at the chance to shoot people down & try to make them feel stupid for not knowing what something is. I’m glad that you all made yourselves feel more superior. Right on.

    [Pardon me while I point and snicker callously… *SNORK* – Ed.]

  79. Yes, because it’s better to allow people to believe that a humour piece is truth rather than point out the long running publication/website behind it and it’s well known MO.

    Seriously. Quit pouting. You’re making the loser kitteh even sadder.

  80. Leslie (not the author!!) says:

    @ Von Z

    U R Klev-Air !!!!! 😉

  81. temperance says:

    do we need to call keyboard cat over here?

    (oh, great–now i’m gonna have that tune in my head all damn day….)

  82. Leslie (not the author!!) says:

    D’uh —who’s Steve Ballmer ??
    (runs & hides in the corner, in case this question shows her to be PHENOMENALLY geeky instead of just sorta geeky)

    [Actually, if you don’t know who Steve Ballmer is, count yourself blessed. Let’s just say he ain’t no Bill Gates. – Ed.]

  83. I also really enjoyed “Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line of Healthy Snacks”
    “Weren’t Sun Chips healthy enough for you, you goddamn hippie b@#$@#?”

  84. Mrs. McGinty says:

    KAT, dear, come on, admit it, you posted this – 07.15.09 at 12:25 pm – before you had your first cup o’ coffee. And before you even checked out the article and realized that nothing so redonkulous could be anything but a joke.

    Hmmmm. I could swear that Loser Cat is exactly the same one The Onion interviewed previously for their in-depth photo essay Cat Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/51603.

  85. Dang it, now I’m hungry.

  86. Anne Packrat says:

    Didn’t some fundie zealot group use an Onion article as proof that Harry Potter makes kids practice black magic awhile back?

    And I don’t envy Watson. Apparently his owners are clever decorators and that’s going to make his job to fur up every surface in the house difficult.

  87. This just made my day! Feel sorry for Mowgli tho.

  88. apotheosis says:

    I think Onion’s cribbing their game from FUP.

    (warning, language.)

    [Nahhhh… FU Penguin is only like a year old; The Onion’s twenty-plus – Ed.]

  89. 5^^now8ing says:

    The Onion was “there” first, apoth — been around for many years.

    More importantly — kitty is cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!! And story is fuuuuuuunnnnnnyyy!!!!!!


  90. wuyizidi says:

    @Ed – from what I hear working for Bill Gates was even more stressful. He’s one of those incredibly sharp people who, even if he knew nothing of the subject, as soon as you start tell him about it, he can zero in immediately on the key questions, questions that somehow never occurred to you. His underlings prepare for his meetings by running ‘Bill-simulator” in their heads or with other people ahead of time. One highly successful corporate attorney reveals her secret “when I go into these meetings I pretend I’m dead already”. I hear working for Steve is very similar, right Meg?

    [I’d still much prefer Bill Gates as a dinner guest than Steve Ballmer. Not EVEN a difficult choice. Although I’d probably prefer to have Paul Allen over, or Steve Wozniak, than Ballmer, Gates OR Jobs. I’ll even take it one step further: If somebody added Meg & Sparky to this ever-growing shortlist of dinner guests, they’d win out every time, until/unless the Obamas were on it too. 🙂 – Ed.]

  91. Little kitty is cute will probably be a ladies man.

  92. Paunchie says:

    How can anybody call a cute little kitty a loser! That’s why it’s funny!

    Kitteh, you can have plenty of snorgs from the human ladeeezz

  93. wuyizidi says:

    @Ed – as incredibly successful a business person Bill is, technology-wise people won’t be talking about him 100 years from now. Steve: Apple I, II, Macintosh, Pixar, iTune, iPod, iPhone … When you work for Steve you know you’re making something beautiful and important, with Bill and Steve it’s all about world domination.

  94. W — technology isn’t everything, and I say this as a pro geek.

    I have nothing against Steve Jobs & Apple; I kinda grew up in that camp, to some degree. But Bill Gates isn’t strictly about Microsoft, you know. Especially these days. Take the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for starters. That’s no two-bit side project; it’s making real positive changes. I like the vaccination aspects in particular.

    This has gotten pretty far off on a tangent, though…

  95. Snowpea says:

    That kitty really pulls the room together.

  96. Paunchie says:

    Did you know Steve Wozniak was dating Kathy Griffin for a while before he married somebody? It was on her D list show. He seems like a character.

    If you had the Obamas for dinner do you suppose they’d bring Bo?

  97. Bo Knows Wine Pairings?

  98. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    Thanks, Theo . Does this mean he kinda falls into the Classified Category of “Need to Know” basis???
    Blissfully only moderately Computer-Literate

  99. Paunchie says:

    Bo sez: I recommend a robust chianti for the steak au poivre…..

    glomp glomp glomp! ( cos I don’t think dogs go nom nom nom)

  100. How about neutering the owner? Sounds like his gonads depend on Mowgli having his. We had a client doing this with his dog, then the dog started marking the house, now the guy wants to euthanize the dog. They always lose out when our egos win. This guy’s ego is the problem. There are low-cost spay/neuter places – try the local Humane Society.

  101. gatita bonita says:

    “Play-em off, Keyboard Cat!

  102. cath 🙂 can I help you with the emergency snorgling of the kitties once you get them 🙂 just let me know and I will SNORGLE SNORGLE SNORGLE those kitties as much as required 🙂

  103. Okay, I admit it. When I first read it, I was angry at the owner for being so stupid, and totally in love with the so called “loser” kitty. It wasn’t until I started reading the comments that I realized the “story” was from The Onion. I fell for it. They got me. =)

    P.S. I’ve got 3 female kitties who would just love to cuddle with little Mowgli!

  104. Lol, pointing out it’s a humor piece is one thing. But comments like “How can people not know about The Onion/ that this is a joke, it’s been around for blahblahblahblah” isn’t being very friendly. It’s pretty much what Ed did, pointing and snickering 😛 lol

    [For the record, even that was satire. And this is still funny. You gotta understand, on the internets, funny = status. It works in real life too, but it’s all the truer here. The more folks you can make laugh, and the harder & longer they laugh, the hotter you are. (double-entendre acknowledged but not primarily intended) – Ed.]

    Anywho… whatever.. it got me, I said oops.. time to move it along. I’ve spent too much time commenting about this anyway 😀

  105. Betsie….read other comments. Onion. Humour. Not Real. Fake. Joke Article.

    LisaL….because The Onion HAS been around so long, it’s like someone not knowing a spoof commercial on SNL is, well, a spoof.

  106. OK, now that everyone knows about The Onion, maybe they could also handle knowing that when you see something signed “Ed.” it does not mean it’s from someone named ‘Ed,’ for Pete’s sake!

    (I await reponses addressed to ‘Pete.’)

    [So do I, daily, but do they visit? Do they write? Do they so much as call? Oy… – P.]

  107. Paunchie says:

    Teho changed his name to Pete?

  108. 5^^now8ing says:

    Yes, I know Teho’s name isn’t Ed, but sometimes people like to refer to him as Ed., affectionately. <— note period (I also know his name isn't Teho.) (But Pete? Yeah, it could be Pete.)

    (thanks for your long-suffering sense of humor, Theo)

  109. googlie eyes says:

    Hee hee, this is really gonna rile ’em up. So now we’ve got loser kitties, Steves Jobs, Ballmer, and Wozniak, SNL, FU Penguin and Ed.=Pete=Theo in this thread. Should we henceforth refer to all the editors as Pete, or just Theo? Maybe Meg and NTMTOM could be Cripes and Pity?

    [Bacontini? – S. Hawking]

  110. googlie eyes says:

    I should have had a semi-colon in there somewhere.

  111. I am so appauled by this man. This cat is beautiful,and for that matter every cat, and he clearly knows nothing of the shelter crisis. the only true loser in this case is the owner.

  112. Ok, ok. I am one who had never heard of the Onion. Yeah, I must live in a cave. Anyway, when I looked at that article about the “loser” kitty, all I thought was “stupid owner”… because, well, some people are that stupid. And yes, there are some periodicals/magazines/websites that will have a stupid article about a stupid pet owner, because they too are… stupid. Plus they value the shock/lame-ness to get people’s interest. Anyway, apparently, the whole thing was a joke which is just fine with me. (Stupid petowner!)

  113. Um, autumn… it was a joke.

  114. Nice parody of a real problem… except that it’s so true to life (I’ve MET people who thought like that) that I had to read the other comments to realize it WAS a parody. (I’ve never heard of the “Onion” until just now!)

    [Well, then! “Welcome to the party, pal!” 😀 – J. McClane]

    I mean- I had one neighbor actually say something similar -almost identical- to that about his dog!

    (I might add that in this area- if you talk about spaying/neutering pets, people (men, mainly) react as if you were talking about fixing THEM!)

  115. Oh.. and Watson and the kitten pictured on the “Onion” are real WINNERS in my book!

  116. googlie eyes says:


  117. The meatini story made me sick, for Ed’s sake!

    [I think that was the inevitable result of a cosmic confluence of being both English and Joel Veitch. – Ed.]

  118. chloebean says:

    Completely OT: I love the Onion, and I am glad more people have been introduced ot it through this post. As a young cancer survivor, I particularly enjoy this article: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/41449. I could read it every day and it would still make me laugh.

  119. 5^^now8ing says:

    @Bob — which area, exactly, are you in? (preparing to add it to list of places to be careful of)

    I’m *so* glad peeps have been exposed to the delights of The Onion via this post. Let’s don’t [sic] be mean to each other just ’cause we had or hadn’t been aware of a web site. (Heaven knows I’d be on the short end of *that* one!)

  120. this pic is like so cute but who ever took this pic is great but the kitten is sooooooooooooo cute and its kinda like my dog lilo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  121. Mousewife says:

    @Anne Packrat

    It made my brain hurt.

  122. he’s so tiny i want him sooooooooooooooo tiny and cute i was wondering if u would like to be my email,buddy if anyone wants to my email is hayley gbriel@gamil.com