Happy Birfday, Tai Shan!

Happy Birfday to You
You’re now two-plus-two
You’re such a cute panda,
Here’s an ice cake for you!


And maaaa-neeeee mooooreeee … pictures at The Huffington Post.



  1. gravyboat says:

    I demand three pandas for me.

  2. yes he is very cute but that picture is from his 3rd birthday party. This year he got a 3-tiered pink cake (pink from beet juice) with a bamboo 4 on the top.

  3. Aww. Everyone loves Tai Shan here. Hell, he’s on our metro cards. He’s so cute!

  4. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ffleur: Thanks for the tip; I didn’t realize it was from last year. If you follow the link under the picture to the Huffington Post, you’ll see a slideshow with the pics you described, plus the one above. Yeah, the three-tiered “cake” was great, but I picked this shot because it was cuter.

  5. AWWWWW!!! so cute! Happy Birthday u big loveable fuzz-ball panda u!

  6. Aww, Happy Burpday, Tai-shan!

  7. We LOVE Tai Shan here! And forget the Obamas, Tai Shan’s parents, forget the Obamas, Mei Xang and Tien Tien are really the First Couple of DC!

  8. Mike you are as cute (word-wise since I’ve never seen you) as Tai Shan so you are totally forgiven for using an old picture.

  9. How does a panda know what persimmons is?

  10. squweeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tai Shan is the cutest panda in the whole world!

    Really cute birthday pictures (check out the beet juice stains all over his face!):


  11. best panda birfday cake evaaaah!!!! >_<

  12. Will you share that cake with me, Tai San?

  13. Lula Mae says:

    Mana mana – pandaa-pidippy
    Mana mana – pandee-pidoo
    Mana mana – pandaa-pidippy
    pidippy pidippy
    happy birfday from me, too!

  14. Oh no! i forgotted all about Tai’s birthday! I’ve been watching him since just before his first birthday. *sniff* Such a big boy now…

  15. Happy birthday, furry dude, and go easy on the fermented bamboo juice!

    You know, when i wrote the bit of goofiness below a couple of months ago, i had no idea my befuddled subject was so famous!


  16. Jimbeaux says:

    Oooh! Panda birfday! Yay!
    *puts on party hat*

  17. My favorite bear in the whole world!

  18. Katrina says:

    Lula Mae, dear, am you a pro-fessional writeer/poem perpetrator? I so enjoy your writings. I’m going to try to memorize your Happy Birthday ditty. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

  19. Why was I not invited to the birthday party? *sulks* OK, fine, I’ll just enjoy the pictures!

  20. He’s the cutest panda baby EVAR!

  21. Happy Birthday to you~
    You live in a zoo~
    You look like a pandaaaaa aaaaannnnnd…~
    You’re cute like one too!

  22. 5^^now8ing says:

    NOMTOM: You *are*, after all, one of the experts on cute!

    Pandas are great!

  23. Happy birthday, Butterstick! They grow up so fast, don’t they?

  24. They put a flat panel TV in our breakroom at work, and said that it was only going to be put on CNN, but for some reason got switched to FOX News, where it’s been for the last week or so. Anyhoo, they did a thing on FOX about Tai Shan and the beet-cake.

  25. @julie–That’s right, Butterstick is and shall always be his name. So sayeth all of DC upon his birth!

  26. 5^^now8ing says:

    Please to ‘splain “Butterstick” for this flyover state person….

  27. Von Zeppelin says:

    @5^^now8ing–When this little guy was born at the National Zoo in Washington, the original press release stated that he was the size of a stick of butter. The intertoobz immediately knew him as “Butterstick.” He got his official name of Tai Shan (“Peaceful Mountain”) at the age of 100 days, according to some obscure Chinese (or possibly panda) tradition, based on a poll conducted by the zoo. Unfortunately, Butterstick was not included as an option in the poll.

  28. @5^^now8ing — Here is the etymology of the “Butterstick” nickname for our cute little boy. When Tai Shan was born, he was pale, had no fur and was tiny, about the size of a stick of butter. That was repeated all over the news for weeks. The National Zoo had a contest to name the panda, and the number one name that was submitted for him (by a huge majority) was Butterstick. The Zoo, however, chose a more dignified name, which reflected the cultural traditions of China, and chose Tai Shan (the second most popular name), which means “Peaceful Mountain in Chinese. Traditionally, Pandas are given names that have some sort of meaning in Chinese, so Butterstick would not do. However, those of us who remember him when he was carried around in little tupperware containers to his exams, will always think of him as Butterstick.

  29. 5^^now8ing says:

    Von Z. & Nikki — thx — all makes sense now — what a neat history!

  30. 🙂

  31. Oh yeah, well I triple-dog dare ya!

    My brother got his tongue stuck to a street sign a couple of decades before “A Christmas Story” so that part cracks me up every time.

  32. Juniper Jupiter says:

    That is one BIG panda popsicle! 😀

    No…I wasn’t gonna say the other word!

  33. Lula Mae says:

    @Katrina *blushes* rhyming stuff is just something I do to annoy family and entertain friends with… or vice versa…

    @Nikki and Von Zeppelin thanks for that panpan’s bio!

  34. *blinks* That’s Butterstick? Good gravy. I remember watching him breath for what seemed like hours.

    What a handsome boy.

  35. Katrina says:

    Well, you’re cute when you blush, Lula Mae, please keep annoying people especially us! Your friend and fellow Peep, K.

  36. Agent 99 says:

    Lookin’ spiffy on your B-Day! Hope you enjoyed your tasty delight!

  37. Nice icing on that carrot cake.
    Happy Birthday Tai Shan!
    (Wont say “Taiwan on”, ’cause yer just a young’n.)

  38. chanpon says:

    @Soraiya – persimmons are cultivated in China (and have been for centuries) so a panda very likely would know what a persimmon is.

    Giggles every time I see the name Taishan, because it also happens to be the Chinese romanization of Tarzan. Yep…

  39. Kristen says:

    Giant pandas are sooooo overrated, it’s all about the sloth bears!

  40. Ice cake!

  41. How do you create an ice cake as such, with the floating yams in a row on the side like that, are they added after? Is it frozen layer by layer? Even so, how to they keep the slices upright? These are thoughts I have.

  42. Katrina says:

    Tiiiiiiiiny bolts, Greg.

  43. He wants more frosting!

  44. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how cute!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!