Friday Night Happy Hour

sardiniCome on in, it’s two-for-one ’til closing time!  We’re mixing up a few CO classics, nice and casual.  Really.  Cheers!

6 parts gin
2 parts vodka
1 part Lillet blanc
Lemon twist Kitty head

Combine liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with cracked ice and shake well. Strain into a chillin’ martini glass and garnish with lemon twist kitty head.


We maded you a martini, Sandy B., but we drinked it.
(Recipe based on the classic James Bond martini. More recipes here.)

Sender-inner Jessica L. writes: “Okay, here’s a strange one for you. But every time I look at these pictures I think how cute it is, so I thought I’d send it on in. It is a turkey made out of a pine cone who has clearly befriended a sprouted onion. Seriously, check it out. Or maybe I’m just strange.”

[shifty eyes] Thanks… [looks over shoulder]

Oh hey, I found the onions.

Yeah, it’s strange. But in a good butter duck or tree sweater way.

Behold a gaggle of color-coded Peeps riding multi-colored horses.

Even stranger is the text accompanying the submission: “These little guys deserve fun too.”

Um. OK. [shifty eyes in disbelief]


Katy M., unique. Very unique.



  1. AWW 🙂 Poor kitty 🙂 Finally asleep 🙂

  2. MoonCatty says:

    “Waiter! My Kittitini needs one of those colorful paper parasol thingies… chop chop!”

  3. wannadance says:

    i vant to eeeeet the peeeeeps. i loof the peeeeeps….gimme them…..

  4. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    Oh, it’s the Four Horsemen of the Apeepcalypse….

  5. bluemenro says:


  6. Em (The Original) says:

    aww poor kitteh cant leek him self.

    on a personal note, has anyone had a kitteh get a blood clot in their leg? 😦 I need some advice/input

  7. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh, holy crap, Dutchess!! Too funneh!!! 😀

    I was gonna say My Little Peepy…but that doesn’t sound quite right when you SAY it! 😛

  8. Deirdre says:

    Wow…I’m seeing a lot of peeps lately. I went to the official peeps website and now I keep going there. I can’t wait until easter to get more peeps!

  9. anonymous coward says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no… (really, counted them)

    you mean a “laymon twayst”… That’s how it’s pronounced in Beverly Hills…


    p.s.: yes, I know, obscure reference joke… or not.

  10. janet2buns says:

    Excellent, Dutchess! The end is certainly nigh when Peeps come riding…..

  11. Tigress says:

    The pics are redonk, in all the right ways, but the links to Butter Duck and Tree Sweater won’t work. Wahhhh!

    [Wups!! 😳 OK, fixed now – Ed.]

  12. OMG! this is so amazing! I always wanted to be a unicorn when I grow up!

  13. kibblenibble says:

    I remember the kittitini! Poor baby. He probaby prefer the funny donut e-collar the little terrier had on a while ago. Those martini-glass shaped ones just seem so claustrophobic to a poor kitteh who doesn’t understand why he has to wear it. 😦
    BTW, Dutchess of Cupcake: Bwahaha! 🙂

  14. berthaservant says:

    Very nice, Theo. I think you should post more, btw. 🙂

  15. I’ve been handling the reruns. 😉 (and some stuff to do with the calendar)

    Belated cheers & congrats & kudos, btw. 😀

  16. So what happened to the green and blue ones? They have bites taken out of their sides!

  17. I’ve never seen butter duck before, Theo – I’ll be sending you my drycleaning bill (lets see them try to get the pee out of my clothes!!!)

  18. the bug man says:

    @pounce: those are scars from the heroic surgery required to separate those Peeps from their siblings. Sadly, those Peeps were born as conjoined quintuplets. It took some real medical daring to separate them.

  19. the bug man says:

    Oog agh, I did that wrong. That should read “heroic surgery”.

    [I fixed it. You gotta think of embedded HTML links as 1. opening tag with href (URL), 2. link label, 3. closing tag – Ed.]

  20. the bug man says:

    Testing testing.

  21. Right!

  22. the bug man says:

    Thanks Teho. I apologize for clogging the thread with comments showcasing my learning process. However, of course, I’m engaging in even more thread-clogging by apologizing. So next I’ll have to comment again to apologize for my apologizing, and after that I’ll have to comment again to apologize for that, and eventually this recursive obsessive behavior will crash the Internets.

    (tackles self and wrestles self to ground)

  23. There’s also this really awesome website called which has the first 11 chapters of the Lord of the Rings book acted out by Peeps Marshmallows. It’s also full of lmae yet adorable puns 🙂

  24. @The Dutchess of Cupcake beat me to it. ‘zactly what I thought when I espied the peeps astride.

  25. NAME THE MOVIE (no googling!):

    Tom: I’ll have a decaf coffee.
    Trudi: I’ll have a decaf espresso.
    Morris Frost: I’ll have a double decaf cappuccino.
    Ted: Give me decaffeinated coffee ice cream.
    Harris: I’ll have a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon.
    Trudi: I’ll have a twist of lemon.
    Tom: I’ll have a twist of lemon.
    Morris Frost: I’ll have a twist of lemon.
    Cynthia: I’ll have a twist of lemon.

  26. thedistractor says:

    As a newly joined law student, thank you for these pics. Makes me feel like I’m not the only one drowning my sorrows in gin and vodka. My kitteh Harper doesn’t like my disappearing throughout the day to study, and I don’t like it either, but such is the way of life.

    I apologize for any confusion in this message. I just came back from enjoying a night out before having to study the entire history of the discovery process. What have I done to myself?

  27. I thought you’d be interested in this one

  28. Geaux Ghoti says:

    Thank you for the stroll down memory lane… I made one of those pine cone turkeys in first grade… That was a while ago!

  29. @Winston: Thanks for the link. What a heartwarming story! I’m a firm believer in the power of pets for emotional healing, and it’s so great to hear that Army vets are receiving the care they need. Whatever your stance in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, those men and women who have suffered physical and emotional wounds need support when they come home.

  30. Gin? Vodka? Lillet Blanc? Methinks that’s a Vesper. Isn’t the classic James Bond martini vodka, straight up, dry?

  31. Haha. Looks like one of the peeps is on the getaway from a little nibble!

  32. @Lizzy
    It was a Steve Martin movie… Either LA Story or Bowfinger. I cannot for the life of me remember which one. But I remember those names!

  33. Walkinge says:

    What up, my peeps?!? nyuk nyuk nyuk (OK, somebody had to say it)

    RE: Movie quotes. LA Story, of course. Sing Doo Wah Diddy.

  34. Oh, someone already thought of the four Peeps of the Apocalypse. But I’m the one who realize that those four are: Sugar, Chewy, Unnatural Colors, and Childish Squabbling.

  35. Em, I think you need to follow your vet’s advice. If you’re not sure, you should get a second opinion with another vet.

  36. Teho, I imagine that just about now your editrix, Schmoop, is spanking you (and not in the good way) for typing “very unique.” You know perfectly well that a thing is either unique or not– there are no degrees of “uniqueness.”

    Where are the copy-otters, anyway? Are they on permanent coffee-and-halibut break? I mean, really

  37. goodhoppe says:

    Anonymous Coward –

    Serge would appreciate you getting the pronunciation correct. 🙂

  38. J. Bo — everything after the colorful text & sardini ‘chop is either Mike’s work or Meg’s. (Click the photos to go to the original posts.) This is an Encore Presentayshe™.

    …well, OK, I edited a couple of the hovertexts too, and re-optimized the photos & tags for WordPress, but really that’s all.

  39. It’s clearly the Four HorsePeeps of the Apocalypse.

  40. So, Teho, no spanking (not even the good kind) for you, then?

    (And I have revised my theory; I now believe the copy-otters have gotten into the gin and herring pudding.)

  41. OMB PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

  42. Peeps of the end of the world — awesome.

    Swank martini link doesn’t work. 😦
    [What? Sure it does. It’s a huge list, too. – Ed.]

  43. anonymous coward says:


    i see you noticed what it was purrtayning to… 😛


  44. 5^^now8ing says:

    Cupcake Duchess, et al.: perfect! (Notice I didn’t say *very* perfect, copy otters.)

    Copy otters – hee!

    Bug Man — the peep surgery link is high-larious!

    Personally, I only like the yellow peeps — the other ones, I swear, taste funny.

  45. 5^^now8ing says:

    Ooops – copy-otters. It *is* better with the hyphen.

  46. trumanrabbit says:

    Oh sure. Those are the Four Peeps of the Apocalypse. No probs. I didn’t imagine they’d be so rainbowy and bright, but as it happens doom and gloom can have a bit of sunshine in it. That’s just nice.

  47. Paunchie says:

    I really don’t get the pine cone one! I wasn’t sure at all what I was looking at at first.

    But I knew I’d seen that drunken martini kitty before! Aww.

  48. I just knew this was a Teho entry – must be the hovertext – now I know I have spent too much time on here – nah – there is no such thing as too much time on CO!!!

    [Well, I suppose I did do most of the hovers… – Ed.]

  49. Katrina says:

    Winston-thank you for the link to the story, I wish them both the best of everything, and thank them all for their service. The guys from the prison learn so much from the dogs, it is just joyous to watch. I think it was on Animal Planet, or some other learning network, what a great idea. Finding one’s humanity through caninity. Works for me!

  50. 5^^now8ing says:

    *I* think the pine cone one is very sweet and kinda sad. Impossible love….

  51. Em (The Original) says:

    thanks Gin. 🙂
    I did get a 2nd opinion and cant afford the cost of their suggested “maybe” treatments. so I am going to keep an eye on her and while shes still not in pain/suffering, let her live out her days. I’ve had her for 16+ years so Im rather attached. I havent yet met anyone who’s been in the same boat to hear how they managed it but im sure we will figure it out 🙂

  52. Heres a good joke:
    Me:”Waiter there is a cat in my martini!”
    Waiter: “Shush! Not so loud! If somebody hears you they will want 1 too!”
    i know that was corny but i just couldnt resist 🙂

  53. OMG, it’s the Four Peeps of the Acutepalypse!

    Reaching? Maybe.

  54. Hehehe… I like that the sprouted onion is a marmy 🙂

  55. Noelle (the First) says:

    This post made me totally laugh out loud!!!! Thanks so much, I needed that!

  56. BeckyMonster says:

    All I can think about when I see this picture is that They Might Be Giants song…


  57. the four horses of the apocalypse!

  58. On the tangential topic of tree sweaters, y’all have doubtless see this one:

  59. sweet… fancy… MOSES. 😯

    Jacque, be honest, doesn’t that just stir some deep-down primal horror within you? Like everything which ought to subconsciously elicit feelings of comfort and cookies and Sunday evening at Grandma’s house has gone utterly unspeakably wrong, and nothing will ever be safe again anywhere? Just a little?

  60. Hotdog Neck says:

    That pine cone pic needs to be deleted off the server. makes me want to go jump off a bridge.

    and by jump off a bridge i mean take food from a homeless person. and by take food from a homeless person i mean take food from a homeless person.