1. squeeeeeeeee! eeep eeep eeeeeep!!! it’s so tiny and small and fuzzy! eeeep!

  2. Little boy, you must be snorgled! There is no other option!:)

  3. omg he looks like my pet’s childhood oohh hahahhaha!!!! xxx

  4. DaytimeDeb says:

    Funny, I usually reach for the tissues ’cause I am allergic to the kitties. Would be very surprised to see one pop out of the kleenex box! Mind you, I have five cats… so many kleenex boxes around the house. 🙂

  5. LSUcajun says:

    I’ve seen pop-up tissues before but pop-up kittehs; this is redunkulous!!!

  6. Poose's Mom says:

    I need one of these dispensers at work. That way I could sneak-a-snorgle during meetings!

  7. Paunchie says:

    I wonder if I could fit heems whole haid in me mouf?? *glompf*

  8. EXTREEMEELLYYYYY cute ;] sometimes, my cat sits in a shoe box with her eyes closed and her fur is poking out of the edges … which is very cute :]

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