1. betsyh11 says:

    This is my favorite! *Entirely* in the tissue box! Way to go, Arch!

  2. *tsk tsk* We must stop exploiting this kitteh and get him into boxhab IMMEDIATELY. Gotta get to them while they’re still young!!!

  3. Zoink! Love it!

  4. Oh, what a sweetie! I’m in love.

  5. temperance says:

    aacchhooo! i need a marmie tissue, stat!

  6. I’ll take two of those, please. Kthnx.

  7. Paunchie says:

    Archie7 is inside the kleenex box?? ❤

  8. ingemary says:

    My favorite , XXXL Cute !

  9. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! How sweet! Arch, you are adorable!!!!!! ENTIRERY IN THE BOX!!!!!

  10. That is a whole new catagory of boxhab!!! Get him now while there is a chance

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