“Cute Coma” induced by ALL PAWS FLAILING!

Check out this mini bun, he’s all:

“It’s coitoins for me!—Ehn Ehn Ehn” (All Paws flailing)


Sender-Inner Katie L. met these little bun buns on July 4th during a visit to St. Louis. She claims this bun induced a ‘cute coma’. It happens, Katie. It happens to the best of us (looking at Katie while holding doctorly clipboard).


  1. rosamundi says:

    “Stop it, that tickles!”

  2. Its paws indicates that it’s awake, but its eyes – there are eyes there, are there not? – would say otherwise. Or, maybe it’s just blissfully happy.

  3. TheGreatKatzini says:

    I discovered a miniature axis of snorgling! *buries nosetip*

  4. Jezebel says:

    I shall nom him–flailing pawses and all.

  5. Very babyish. It could be a RoC if it doesn’t overlap too much with “claws closing on nothing.”

  6. hon glad says:

    A Cotton ball Cotton tail.

  7. Look over there! It’s a moose!!

  8. **Sprock swipes bunny, stuffs in shirt and skulks away**

  9. I believe that, indeed, “All Paws flailing” should be a rule of cuteness. But I agree with Deckard Canine, the “flailing” rule should respect the “closing” rule.

  10. chanpon says:

    Funny, this almost left me on my back with arms and legs flailing from cuteness overloading too.

  11. That’s what happens when you put buns on their back. They pass out and become a big sack of fur. It’s kinda fun, and makes it suuuuper easy to wash ‘em when they’re dirty.

    @TheGreatKatzini – Just watch out for those nails!

  12. [convulsing]

  13. OMG i am in cute trauma ICU.

  14. @Estlin – Assuming that this little bun-dle has reached the age where baby bunneh eyes are open. He looks big enough to be seeing the world, but who can tell?

  15. YES, “All paws flailing” should be an RoC. Like this, for example, and like baby kitayns on their backs, waving their paws wildly (thud!)

  16. It’s the stubby, fat-rolled legs that are killing me. Flail away bunny!

  17. Lula Mae says:

    Shhhhh – bunbun ees sleeeeping…

  18. Anybody ever seen a real actual catfight? “All paws flailing” is NOT automatically cute. Nuh-uh.

    Upside-down handful of baby bunny with flailing paws, now, that’s something else again.

  19. cobratoes says:

    omg! no words…..too cute.

  20. ysubassoon says:

    @dani: The ICU is the intensive cute unit, right? I’m there, too.

  21. Leslie (not the author!!) says:

    FWIW, it seems to me, it’s the “Eyes Squinshed (?) Shut” factor …..

  22. charliewabba says:

    Is “All paws flailing” an exponential expression of “Paws UP” or an inversion of “claws closing on nothing” which can also be expressed exponentially?
    Or could it be expressed by a Venn diagram where “Paws Up” intersects with “Claws closing on nothing”?

  23. charliewabba says:

    I mean “that can also be expressed”

  24. It looks like a furry little peanut.

  25. “MWAHAHAHAHA!” That is what the baby bun army sounds like as they laugh maniacally, astounded at how readily we humans are felled by mere cuteness. They’re like, “Man, we knows we is cute, but geez….”

    They are planning to take over our homes, farms, children, and cars; planning a bunny perfect world of peaceful vegetarians.

  26. skippymom says:

    Is there a Rule about “my head is very nearly as large as my body”?

    Hey everybody, some good news: I’ve found a foster home for Chloe the Plague Kitty for the next three months, until she gets re-tested for leukemia. By then, says the doctor, if she is going to eliminate the virus from her system, she will have done so. In the meantime, a very nice lady who has no other cats is going to take her in, so she won’t have to spend three months cooped up in her tiny room in my house. If she tests negative at the end of the waiting period, she will come home to live with my boys, or if the other lady has fallen in love with her and wants to keep her, she has dibs. I thought that was only fair. I am handing her over this Sunday (sniff). I so hope that this works out well one way or another, and thank you guys for your support.

  27. Natalie says:

    Wait, I live in St Louis and I have never seen such a bun. I demand to know where mine is. *runs to check*
    And skippymom, that is awesome news. So glad for you. I hope it works out… however you want it to.

  28. lawyergirl77 says:

    *head explodes from teh cute*

  29. I *have* to stick my face in its fluffy tummeh. It is necessary.

  30. OH….MY….GOD!! The fluffy fur, the tiny little closed eyes, the itty bitty paws. Things this cute end wars.

    I like how his little front paws are sticking up like “Pweese don’t hurt me!”

  31. ChloesMom says:

    *insert shnoz in belleh*

  32. I vote “yes” on the new rule.

  33. If I had that bebeh in my hands, I’d give that bebeh the snorgling of its lifetime. Let me just look at that floofy belly agai…*explodes*

  34. Andi from NC says:

    What a cute bun – in a perfect world he would smell like a sugar cookie!!!

  35. Katrina says:

    mphmmpphhhmmmph-(lifts head and breathes) nice tummy, huh? Now as for the flailing- I vote that flailing is a rule if I can actually see the flailing, I have only your word that flailing is indeed happening. Now, back to snorgling mmpphhpppmmmmhh, mmmmmmmmm…..

  36. He’s got jazz hands AND jazz feet!

  37. Gah! Those toes!

  38. bun bun bun bun bunny bunny bunny bunny bun bun bun bun… This is how stoopid I get around cooote wittle bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bunnies.

  39. What to nom – feets? teeny ears? beepable nose? soft little belleh?

    Hmm, I guess I’ll have to try them all – in my mouf, little bunny!!

  40. Velvet sleeping bun
    cutest flailing paws I’ve seen
    scuse me while I boom

  41. 5^^now8ing says:

    I’m with Katrina – I wants to see the flailing in action! But, man, he’s kee-yute!

  42. O. M. G. Too much cute… too much–

    *faints dead away*

  43. What? No “OMG NEVER TOUCH A BUNNEH!” ’nuffs?

    We’ve made progress, peeps.

    The cute overwhelmed us.

  44. LunaChickFringe says:

    Yep, classic bunny trance. I am killt by the widdle ear- lettes.

  45. Lerrinus says:

    OMG my whole family just squee’d ourselves lookin’ at this pic!


  47. Not a sugar cookie, Andi – doesn’t he look just like a toasted marshmallow?? And I’m sure he’s gooey and sweet on the inside… mmm… must be lunchtime.

  48. “It’s coitoins for me!—Ehn Ehn Ehn” (All Paws flailing)”

    Cutest caption EVER!!

  49. Its so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Oh my gosh … I mean … it’s just … too much … *bellynom*

  51. edmundh says:

    I just melted into a puddle by looking at the bunneh…

    And it looks like bunneh wants to play pattycake in his sleep!

  52. So teeny and adorable! Want!

  53. Andi from NC says:

    Jools – you are so right – I’m with you on the marshmellow thing – perfect cloud of squishy delight with a slightly golden outer coating – perfect!!!

  54. Katrina says:

    Its the Stay Puft toasted marshmallow bunny!

  55. wuyizidi says:

    Don’t know how I formed this mental association, maybe it’s the word ‘coma’, but this baby bun totally reminds me of the creature in Aeon Flux that produces pallets that erase human memories.


  56. skippymom says:

    He does look very much like a delicately toasted marshmallow. I always preferred mine thoroughly burned, though. Kind of meerkat in the fireplace style.

  57. So Skippymom, you prefer Krispy Kritters?

  58. Just toooooooooooo cute!!
    Must have one now!!!

  59. I just love baby bunnies. I saw a wild baby bunny so tiny first thought it was a mouse. I wanted so bad to pick him up, but I now know it’s a bad thing to do.

  60. Katrina says:

    Skippymom and Theresa – “The one and only cereal that comes in the shape of animals!” stampede comes across the screen……..

  61. It’s stuff like this that got me through being dumped by my husband at 8 months preggo. I swear, and it may seem silly to some, but my daily dose of “cute overload” seriously was theraputic. Animals are amazing. Even PICTURES of animals are amazing. I have a cute overload-inducing HUMAN baby now, but I still come back here every single day.
    Don’t know why I felt the need to share all that today, but it’s probably got something to do with the fact that this is the cutest bunny picture I’ve ever seen. Now I have to go get windex and wipe the kissy marks off of my computer screen. Good day all.

  62. krumpleton smith says:

    hahaha..aghhhhh. I saw this this morning and was paralized for a couple minutes… i think I’ve seen it another 6 times since… pointing in silence whenever a co-worker is nearby… eeeeeeeeeeee

  63. Paunchie says:


  64. Marianne says:

    GAH! OMG! ZOMG! *dead*

    (Oh GREAT just GREAT. Here I was getting all ready for bed when *this* strikes me like a ton of nommable bricks. Now I’m dead instead. For at least a few hours. Until the cute-dead wears off. *pouts at C.O* )
    Cutest ever

  65. I just want to snuggle it up to my cheek. How cute!

  66. Katrina says:

    Kelsey-stick with us, kiddoe, we ‘do’ parenting advice, too! I’m so glad we can help. So, while you an official “mom”, you are also an official Peep! K.

  67. That photo is lethal–be careful where you point it!

  68. Well, if you have to become comatose, this bun is the best and cutest way to do it!

  69. fish eye no miko says:

    This picture makes me smile every time I look at it. Babeh buns are cute as is; the image or one squirming around with its little legs flailing…. awwwwwwwwwwwww… [splodes]

  70. such a cute leetle babeh! >_<

  71. Kelsy, may your ex will be run over by a herd of angry emu.

  72. aaaaaaaaaahh the feeties, the feeties THE FEETIES!

  73. @Katrina!! Krispy Kritters — Now with Orange Moose!

  74. I can’t stop staring at the cute bunny >.<

  75. Aww, thanks Katrina and Kar! This site is the best, and so are the people on it!
    Emu is a much cuter option than the thing I had running him over in my mind. :o)

  76. cassandra says:

    I are ded. imagine how warm and soft it’s little belly is! it’s wittle pawscles are precious. I totally want to snorgle it. it probably smells like fur.

  77. TracyFlick says:

    i agree with cassandra, ded. i think pictures like this could save the world. put them up in war zones and no one would be able to shoot at each other everyone would be a zombie like i am right now.

  78. Aw, look at the short little legs!

  79. Houdi'sMom says:

    I would make up a song for him like I have for my cat. Lullaby-like. I think I will call it “The Happy Bunny Song”. Sigh. I love this bunny. Kelsey, best wishes to you.

  80. janet2buns says:

    Ded. There’s nothing else to say than I’m just ded from the cute..

  81. Squeeee! Paws flailing should def be a rule of cuteness!!!

  82. ToCute! says:

    AHHHHHHHHHH! i cant get over how cute that is!

  83. OMG cutest baby bunny I’ve ever seen

  84. kibblenibble says:

    Kelsey: Nobody in *this* joint will think you’re silly! :-)

    […simply because we know. Personal experience, you understand. ;) – Ed.]

  85. Subhangi says:



  86. Lula Mae says:

    Oh sweet little bunny from Tennessee
    just how I would love to snorgle thee
    It’s better then telly
    to tickle your belly
    till your paws are flailing with glee

  87. bookmonstercats says:

    Skippymom, all fingers and toesies crossed for the plague kitteh. God bless you all.

  88. zippie8604 says:

    That should be a rule of cuteness: If you can fit in the palm of a person’s hand, its cute. I love the tiny baby bunny!

  89. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant

  90. Carlisa says:

    @skippymom…..That’s wonderful! Best of luck to Chloe!

    Baby bun couldn’t take it’s own cuteness!

  91. Many snorgle spots…each pad, the “usual” neck/shoulder area, the tummy, the nose…’dorable!

    Yes, paws flailing should be a Cute Rule, as this bun illustrates. My dog paw-flails wildly at will as she does “the Worm” dance on the couch or bed after eating. Sure, she’s just combing her gremlin topknot and cleaning her wildly furred and soiled Einstein-hair-terrier-type moustache on my stuff, but it’s still CUTE!

  92. Lula Mae says:

    Saint Louis? I thought it said Memphis… D’oh!

  93. Lerrinus says:

    Still enjoyed your limerick, Lula Mae! :-)

  94. i want to nom his lil pawses off and then use his tummy as a wash cloth for my face–after a sufficient time of axis snorgling, of course….and kissin’ that cute lil frickin NOSE

  95. Katrina says:

    Kelsey – So, what is your (our) bebeleh, a buck or a doe? Now, personally I think a bunch of Cassowaries would be suitable to the task.

    Yay Skippymom!

    Theresa-‘the best moose they could produce’-see, Kelsey, this is what we’re going on about- you are ‘home’.

    5^^now8ing-does your name a deep meaning or do you just like how it looks?

    Lula Mae- Niiiiiiiiiice.

  96. there once was a bun from St. Louis
    whose new rule of cuteness just slew us
    four jazz paws in the air
    so damn cute, didn’t care
    that one day very soon he’d outgrew us

    Yes, the tense is wrong in the last line, but come on, he’s just a baby.

  97. That commercial is AWESOME!

    The sweetest moose we could produce!
    Absomoosely sugarlicious!

  98. Melissa says:

    aaawwwww… num num num….. i want to cuddle with you… num num

  99. Lula Mae says:

    Thanks, Katrina ;-)
    Now, dees bunneeh does desewve a geogwafficawwy cowwect ode:

    There once was a wee little bun from Missouri
    found guilty of cute in the first by the jury
    He wiggled his paws
    forgotten were laws
    thanks to his feet which were furry

  100. Katrina says:

    T.U.M….and another generation learns about the wonderful 1960’s cartoon mornings when it was worth it to watch……..

  101. 5^^now8ing says:

    *Yeah* this site is therapeutic! D’oh! ;-)

    Thanks for the cereal trip down memory lanes, Theresa!

    And for the limericks, Lula Mae & Lu! (are you two related?)

    @ Katrina – my name is what my daughter posted on the front door when she had a party some years ago — “Five cats, no waiting.” We were down to 4 cats for a while when we lost our beloved Aslan (who totally fit his regal name), but are back up to five again since Princess Arjumand appeared in our garage the day after election day. Daughter is threatening to move to NYC with two of the kitties, tho….
    (Don’t know if that qualifies as a “deep” meaning, tho.) ;-)

  102. 5^^now8ing, nope! Not related. Except in the sisterhood of CuteOverload!

  103. eeek! too much proshness!

  104. I squeed in the middle of my group of friends, and they all gave me the weirdest looks. Did I mention I’m in my 20s?
    But his ittle bittle paws are just reaching up as if to say, “I need hugs! And cuddles! Lavish me with the attention I deserve!!!”
    Oh if I didn’t live in an apartment I would have a mini bunbun to nom on….

  105. DELISHUS MORSELS must nom

  106. *gasps* So floofy!!! So snorgleable! And I must neeble on the paws! MUST!

  107. sum tex chik says:


    Failed. This lil fluffy butt bunbun bebeh kilt me! I are toast.

    That’s it! Moving to St. Louisville for the taking of squeezable, kissable golden wabbit bebehs!

  108. Elisha B. says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my………wants to cuddle the baby bun!!!!

    @ Berthaservant – no nuffers here, this is “house bunny”, no baby field bunny :)
    @ Skippymom – thumbs up for good news.
    @ Andi from NC – hey from Winston-Salem and how about vanilla ice cream with carmel topping for this little guy (maybe a Krispy Kreme sundae)?

    As to the flailing limbs, I don’t think he/she is flailing, just sort of in that state of “bunny shock” stiff legged, not like puppy “floppy legs” when they are asleep or they are getting a belly rub.

    Thanks for the warm fuzzes this afternoon:)

  109. Anon... says:


  110. Yes, all paws flailing is def. cute. I call it “four off the floor”, and it also applies to leaping!

  111. @Lula Mae #87 is sooo perfect for this little honey bun! I love it!

  112. Betcha it has that soft bunneh smell. You wanna snorgle. Go on. We won’t look. Just a leetle snort.

  113. Claudia C. says:

    OK!! FINALLY!! I have finally found the center of the Cute Universe! It is right between the front paws of dis bun. Under the chin, deep in the fur. I am going in folks, don’t try to stop me.
    Oh, it’s sooooo perfect. This pic has a strange 3D effect. I almost feel that the hand is reaching out to put that sweet baby bun in my hand.

    I also love reading the comments. Keep it up, Team Cute!

  114. jubileeblot says:

    The new Axis of Snorgle is the teeny puddin’ belly. Chubby leggies are extra yummy, and I’ll bet he smells like caramel. Squinched eyes and buttery softness all over, sigh! Love the limericks! CO ALWAYS helps me get through the day! I hope a herd of pregnant Rhinos stampede over that yucky guy who left his wife 8mo.s preggers. We all feel for you!

  115. danielie says:

    “I give in, I’m afraid of the tickling,” says baby bunny. :) What a sweetheart~ there should totally be more bunnies on CO.

  116. charliewabba says:

    Elisha B – you’re from Winston-Salem too?

  117. da bunny is so cute :)

  118. Cute widdle paws! Looks so fluffy and soft. Baby bunnies are cute. :D

  119. Elisha B. says:

    @charliewabba – yes, the “wonderful” city of W/S! Go Deacs!!!!!!

    Love this site, a co-worker and I discovered it several years ago while flipping through an educational periodical. I have become addicted to it, and I hope that I don’t get into trouble one day at work. It makes me feel happy for a least a few short moments a day and helps with my stress levels too :)

    Good to meet ya! Love this pic, want the bun!!

  120. Found this ten minutes ago. Just woke up from the cute-induced catatonia. Boyfriend was kind enough to wipe up the drool that puddled.

    Adora-bubble! *whimper*

  121. Bunnnie looks cold. Must warm it…..

    [Swipes bunn and stuffs down shirt]

    What bunnie???? It’s a growth, I tell ya!

  122. hello my name is vanessa i’m brazil!
    i love this photo is very cute!!
    bye bye!!

  123. oh my gosh its cute and adorable and so small ahhhh.so cute

  124. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    I vote for the caption suggested above: “Jazz Hands”. Love. Peace.
    Fuzziness Out. (& I still say that the Eyes Wide Shut Aspect adds that certain “je ne sais quoi” — although I DO know what it is….)

  125. Awww! I wuv wittle wabbits! LOL! Too cute!

  126. OMMGG!! its teh cute little snubby ears and nose that get mee. Just imagining the little bunny nose-wobble, makes me just wanna *sppllooorrggg*

    *cleans up remains of exploded brains and leaves quietly.*
    *returns to nom bunneh*



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