Myron and Ethel Noodleman’s Vacation

“… all right, these next slides are from when we went to Pismo Beach last year, because Myron’s doctor said the sea air would be good for his bursitis.  And we got a lovely room facing the ocean, first floor so Myron wouldn’t have to walk so much…”


“… now, Pismo Beach is where they have the very famous clam digging, of course, and so Myron and I just had to try it for ourselves.  Didn’t find any clams, oh well…”


“… and then we saw–HONEY!! You promised not to put that slide in!  I swear, that man–he’s as frisky as a teenager sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with him…”


“… so anyway, we had a very lovely time, and we met this very nice lady named Angela E., who took these pictures of us, didn’t they come out nice?  And she said she would send them to a place on the Internet called… well, I forget the name; Cute Obstruction, or Cute Upchuck or something like that…”




  1. love the hover text viagra joke- lmao!

  2. brinnann says:

    😆 @ teh hovertextingks!

  3. brinnann says:

    Whyfor did teh smiley guys change? My “lol” guy useta actually LOL. Now he just looks like someone took a picture of him but caught him blinking.

  4. oooo!!! corgis are so CUTE!!! they look like they’re posing for the camera in the last photo : ) adorable…

  5. chanpon says:

    Ooh, things are getting steamy at the corgi-cabana!

    At the corgi….corgi-cabana! The hottest spot north of Havana!
    At the corgi…corgi-cabana! Music and passion were always the fashion
    at the corgi….they fell in love!

  6. Kristabelle says:

    LOVE that last photo!! Wuv, twu wuv!

  7. That looks so much more fun than my office right now.

  8. And the warmest of greetings to you both, from all of us here at Cute Offload! 😛

  9. Kim Evans says:

    Oy, my grandparents were South Floridians (not snowbirds) and I can just hear them having this conversation, God rest their souls. LOLOLOL 🙂

  10. Katrina says:

    Ahhhhhhhh, I am completed……………..I’m pretty sure that Corgis are reincarnated people in fur suits. Abbey sends her best to her co-Corgyn!

  11. LOL awesome pics and the most hilarious storytelling ever! I actually imagined Janice from Friends saying it and that made the fun exponential!

  12. Subhangi says:

    ROFL!!! Too cute!

  13. Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat! And we didn’t make a wrong turn at Albequerque!

  14. marsheeeee says:

    That is so awesomely cute!!!! I can hear them both. Good job, NTMTOM!

  15. AAAHHH! These pictures are so adorable! All that cuddling makes me want to squee X3

  16. Beautiful!

  17. That last one especially — retiree affection perfection. Those faces!

  18. zeldapie says:

    Oh gawd!!! Memories of sitting through endless slides of my Great Uncle Fred and Great Aunt Beulah’s world travels (I kid you not). SNOOOOOOOOOZE!

    (Such anerable Corgis. They look so happy!)

  19. Omg, they look so much like a couple! ^^ They are enormously cute! ^_^

  20. I just read that with Estelle Harris’s voice in my head. SOOO funny!

    BTW, I just lurv teh two little Eins. X3;;;

  21. Oh god, I can’t handle this post…it’s TOO TOO MOISCHE.

    props to NTMTOM for channeling my best friend’s mother…I had a Jewish Bronx accent all in my head for this piece. Not sure why…

  22. So Albuquerque is spelled with THREE “u’s.” WHO KNEW???

    [U! – Ed.]

  23. Such happy dawrgs!

  24. Heather says:

    Sweet dogs who obviously get along well and cute to boot!

  25. Copperbat says:

    What beautiful dogs!

  26. The hover texts on these pics are awesome!

    adorable corgs

  27. hon glad says:

    Another exclusive from Cute Off Cut.

  28. Please, make an actual photo book of this. The last photo is too precious; they KNOW they’re taking the epitome of the gracefully-aged-couple-on-the-beach photo.

  29. metsakins says:

    @DKN – I did too! (but being I’m Jewish and from the Bronx, I know why).

    such happy pups!

  30. I adore the pickie of them digging da hole.

  31. I totally had the Jewish – Bronx accent in my head too! The whole post is better that way.

  32. Elisha B. says:

    AHHHH, to be at the beach AND in love. Could life get any better? Cute dogs, they seem so happy:)

  33. Jimbeaux says:

    Yay corgis! I’m with Gryt- I love the digging picture. I can almost hear them saying, “Hm, what’s down here?”
    I would definately go down to florida to visit these guys!

  34. 5^^now8ing says:

    Love corgis! Love the narrative! Love hovertext! Love NOMTOM! Love commenter-peeps! Loooove CO! Y’all are the best! (Don’t you think the whole country – and English speakers everywhere – should adopt the use of “y’all”?)

  35. NTMTOM, you have done outdid yourself. Take a well-deserved bow…

  36. divinebluesky says:

    That really was fabulous – the pups, the pics, and the prose!

  37. NEWS FLASH: Nanna and Poppy can come from other places besides the Bronx, too, y’know. Like Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan (not Staten Island :mrgreen:)

  38. PS I must say, I liked the old :mrgreen: better. It struck me as just a tad cheesier. :mrgreen: Which is what you want in a :mrgreen: .

  39. Shannon says:

    Myron’s expression in the last one is priceless!

  40. Oh, can you please rename this blog “Cute Upchuck”? kthxbai : )

    [I was thinking maybe “Spew Overload”… – Ed.]

  41. @ Metsakins – LOL. That makes sense!! 🙂

  42. Lillith says:

    Personally I had the Lawn Guyland Jewish Accent in my head but Estelle Getty works too! I LOLed.

    The anerable pics, the captions and the hovertext make this destined to be a CO classic methinks.

  43. brinnann says:

    DKN, had you actually been in town last winter when I came to visit, you’d have already known that. 😛

  44. Interblogging! lol

  45. Bouviegal says:

    I totally had George Costanza’s parents in my head when reading this–Frank and Estelle! Is it time for Festivus??

  46. GingerBean says:

    And they call it corgi loooove…

  47. Tasha Tudor would approve. They are practically clasping paws in the last one.

  48. Corgis!! I love them and their cute little stumpy legs!

  49. Slayed by the corgi-tude. That’s it, I’m utterly done for. This is the cutest pair of Corgi-files I’ve ever seen. Tasha Tudor, watch your ‘tocks! There’s a new sheriff in town.

  50. that last pic is such a postcard!

  51. Whats to say I love it.. all of it and Metsakins and DKN I heard it all in a Jewish Mamma voice too… IT made it just too funny!

    PS hover Texts rock.

  52. Ha!! NOMTOM, you’re the best. Period.

  53. shannomo says:

    I had a “Fargo” accent in my head while reading this, don’t you know?

  54. As long as it’s not “Pants Overload.” Ha-HA! :mrgreen:

    [Make that “Underpants Overload” and we’ve got a deal. 😆 – Ed.]

  55. The digging picture was the best. Ah, those pesky hermit crabs.

  56. Mary (the first) says:

    Love this.. I totally had the George Costanza’s folks voice in my head too. Every time I see an anerable doglet like that I think, “ok, when I can get a dog, that’s the kind I want,” then I see some other anerable doglet(s) and then I can’t decide again! I want them all !!
    (And yes, to whoever said we need to all adopt “y’all”, I have and I am not in the South. Jsut be sure to spell it correctly, please, for maximum effect.)

  57. @ Brinnann – you are totally right – you got me there 😉

  58. berthaservant says:

    Hmmm….the Jews usually flock to Morro Bay or Cambria/San Simeon, or farther south to Santa Barbara, Pismo is usually for the surfers and the dune-buggiers. I’m glad Myron and Ethel found respite, they must have been their off-season.

    Thank you Cute On The Load for yet another wonderful story.

    It’s like buttah.

  59. Rachael says:

    I need to vacation with the Noodlemans next summer. Myron and Ethel totally own me.

  60. Kallisto says:

    Nomtom, that was Ace. Right up there with the flappdoodle office-stuff. Well done!

  61. This was ACES, Other Mike. You’re a great writer. I’m with shannomo, I totally heard the woman from Fargo.

    Here’s to more Corgis on C.O.!

  62. DaytimeDeb says:

    Pismo Beach is usually c-o-l-d, but these lovelies took their thick fur coats with them, so they were OK!

    Corgiliscious, baby.

  63. GingerBean says:

    @berthaservant: Cute On The Load! LMAO!!

  64. If we got a few pictures like this:

    It would be Cute Ploverload. :mrgreen:

  65. Awwwww, how adorable! They know what they’re doing- only corgis could pose for a shot like that. Someone get Myron and the little woman a cocktail and some Advil x3

  66. charliewabba says:

    I was kinda hearing Skokie.
    But whaddayuh gunna do?
    I just love this Cute Overcoat thing.

  67. that last pictures. it’s incredible!

  68. kibblenibble says:

    Can I snorgle with the Noodlemans? 🙂

  69. I’m just speechless with joy and laughter. What a wonderful post, and you commenters are killing me today.

    By the way, I try NOT to say “y’all” unless I’m teaching Latin, when it’s necessary to differentiate between 2nd person singular and plural. But you may have swayed me. And I never forget the apostrophe.

  70. charliewabba says:

    debg – that should have been
    “y’all may have swayed me.”

  71. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    (just a leedle bit o’ proofreadin’, heeyuh — meant ONLY to your benefit…;) )

    @Shannomo ….diduncha meen tuh say, “doan-chaknow”?


  72. @B-serv– “like buttah” – LMAO!! I got all verklempt. Cute Overboard tewtelly rocks.

  73. Marjorie says:

    CORGYN! Those 2 are adorable and they totally posed for that last pic. Corgis are such hams!

  74. AuntieMame says:

    debg, there’s always “you” and “youse guys”.

  75. Katrina says:

    AuntieMame- I agree with you, and I find it exceedingly preferential to y’all.
    “I don’t know how youse done it, but I know youse done it”, for instance.

  76. AuntieMame, Katrina, et al…don’t forget the East Kentucky “you-in-ses!” I was having dinner with some new friends from Pennsylvania years ago and commented on that Kentucky usage. The Penn person said, “But what do you-ins SAY?” Open mouth, extract foot. Love Boot Overcoat, though…

  77. tracylee says:

    they kilt me… kilt me ded. sigh…. adorrrrrabuls!

  78. tracylee says:

    by-the-by, “y’all” is far superior to all plural attention-getting phrases 😀

    says the girl from the South

  79. Corgis! CORGIS! OMGCORGIS! Best. Dogs. Ever.

    *gathers both fluffy Corgyn up in her arms and snorgles fur until passed out from cute overdose*

  80. skippymom says:

    In Roy Blount Jr.’s book Alphabet Juice (which I highly recommend) he explains the difference between “y’all” and “all y’all”. But I don’t remember what it was.

  81. So cute that they’re in love on the beach under an umbrella

  82. 5^^now8ing says:

    Well, at any rate, we definitely need an official plural “you” word in English. All the other cool languages have one!

  83. Natalie says:

    Love and be love! Let it be like this two beautiful lovers on the beach!

  84. Bekthefox says:

    One of those dogs is a cartoon.

    [Funny you should mention that; I actually know a guy who has a very sweet corgi named Ein. I’m guessing this is where the name comes from. – Ed.]

  85. Corgis are so far one of the 2 dog breeds i really adore! They are just so cute everyone would like to own one. 😀

    Sadly they do shed quite a lot and needs bigger space and more exercise.

  86. Red Rider says:

    Cute corgis and picture sequence!

    We ❤ Pismo but never took our Corgi or our Schips there. I see what we missed.

  87. Bekthefox: Yay Cowboy Bebop! :D!

    Also, OMG the cute. I love those corgis. Especially that last picture where they really do look like a lovely old couple on the beach. So sweet!

  88. punkinberry says:

    This slide show was the best! Thanks, NTMTOM!

  89. pita1019 says:

    Corgis are sooo cute! Aren’t they?

  90. Hey, Skippymom! The diff between “y’all” and “all y’all” is the first one can be addressed to one person, but the second must always be plural, per the “all” at the beginning. Glad to be of assistance. Been a Southerner all my born days!

  91. OMG!!! They are soooooo cute!!!!! My corgi loves to dig also! She truly makes me laugh so hard some times when I see her digging. My other dog will get her started and then she will just sit back and watch. I think my other dog gets a kick out of watching the corgi dig also!!! BOL!!!!

  92. SFFCorgi says:

    What great pictures! The writing really makes this post special.

    Pembrokes are almost as cute as Cardigans this way [runs from the Pemmie people]

    Bit of trivia, though – the Welsh plural is ‘corgwn’, because ‘ci’ = ‘dog’ and ‘cwn’ = ‘dogs’ and then a funny grammar thing happens to the ‘c’….


  93. cafegrrl says:

    So cute!!

  94. Tracy Dingmann says:

    I’ve been a CO fan for years, but this is the funniest little package I have EVER seen here!

  95. Katrina says:

    i lol-ed when i saw the third pic. its too funny with the caption and the ‘–HONEY!! You promised not to put that slide in!’ part is too funny and will b stuck in my head 4 weeks lol.

  96. Cordelia says:

    Adorable poochies and brilliant narration! You’ve outdone yourself – it’s right up there with klamath Falls!

  97. aww so sweet and they look so relaxed-very cute 🙂


  98. Dubble buddies are teh best….
    <img src="😉

  99. eek! here’s the pic for reals…

  100. 5^^now8ing says:

    @Baileysgrandmom – thanks for the “y’all”/”all y’all” clarification. Just shows how careful we “non-native” speakers of a language have to be. LOL!
    @SFFCorgi – Thanks also for the Welsh grammar lesson — as you can prolly tell, I’m a big “word nerd.”
    Don’t all y’all think that’s something many of us CO fans have in common? (Love of language(s)?) And why we love the great captions here? As well as the haikus and wordplay of the commenter-peeps?

  101. Katrina says:

    Cute Undertow.

  102. Rainbow*Star says:

    It’s pronounced interBLAG, people! Not interBLOG!

  103. says:

    We have a Corgi of our own and swore we’d never get another. Not because we don’t like the one we have (we adore her) but just because we thought she might not like company. Seeing these pictures changes everything…

  104. perfect pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. aww puppy love beach a romantic sunset for two pupps that fell in love

  106. INSERT MAJOR DOG BIAS HERE. Corgis are pretty high up on the list, no lies. <3!~

    [Pretty low down on the floor, tho. Hehe. 😉 – Ed.]