Maru v. Mouse

We need to get Maru and Winston together for a movie… In the meantime, here is Maru, chasing a mouse:

Alertly spotted by Jorden C. 🙂



  1. I love how he goes back to the same spot – it’s like he knows the mouse only comes when he’s there! And I love that little “Mine!” walk right at the end.

  2. Christabel says:

    Oh Maru looks like a shorter, fluffy version of my late Muffin. So cute!

  3. He’s got his huntin’ spot, that’s for sure.
    He is unbelievably cute!

  4. earlybird1 says:

    Maru has THE most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a kitteh!

  5. Real cats play with real mice. Exhibit A. Though I am still a big Maru fan. (The original Maru and the box videos are still among my favorite cat videos.)

  6. I checked the length of the video first and thought ‘Who’s going to watch Maru and a fake mouse for over 2 minutes????’…um…me 😛
    I too love how he returns to his cage after each attack and his absolute certainty that he is done playing…right…now!

  7. I adore Maru!

  8. My favorite cat in the world 😀

  9. Wombat Girl says:

    who do I contact about cloning Maru?

    [Well, if you speak Japanese, you might start by asking Maru himself. – Ed.]

  10. Katiedid says:

    hahah my cat sasha rubs on dead fake mice too!
    “you are dead and now you will smell like me so other cats know you are mine!”

  11. tristabelle says:

    oh, Maru!

  12. “Chasing”?

  13. Maru looks like a chubby version of my dear Gateau!
    this video was an awesome way to brake the working boredom

  14. misscrisp says:

    My deep love for Maru makes me ponder the oddness of our Web-world…isn’t it funny to have your heart tugged so hard by a kitty so very far away that you only know as a collection of pixels and bits? And a topical non sequitur: today comes the moment that can be called 12:34:56 7/8/9

  15. westward ho says:

    that is one puffeh kitteh.

  16. Resized it, hovered, and tagged, oh my!

  17. Mrs. Capers says:

    Maru has cleavage!

  18. marsheeeee says:

    Maru chasing a mouse? I think Maru has the right idea. Don’t waste your energy chasing the mouse. Just wait until the mouse comes to you.

    Works for me.

  19. wuyizidi says:

    Are they using some kind of new underwater camera, because Maru looks, ahem, wider than the last time we seen him.

  20. kibblenibble says:

    Maru has such a soft, sweet, round face. Intelligent eyes, too. Big, soft, white pawses. I love heem.

  21. kibblenibble says:

    PS whassup with that cowbox on the left, anyway?

    [Where do you suppose cows come from, exactly? – Ed.]

  22. *reminds self that this is the same cat that walks around with a paper bag on it’s head….*

  23. berthaservant says:

    Both the words “chasing” and “mouse” are used generously here. I have to say this isn’t that impressive — more “Meh-ru” than Maru. I’ve come to expect massive haunch splayage or something unique/endemic to Maru. I’ve seen a lot of cats play this game, and it’s cute, but hardly remarkable.

    Sort of a Maru palate-cleanser, a Maru sorbet, of sorts, I suppose. Mild and pleasant but not terribly memorable.

  24. Lets just say Maru has the Kitty Baroo down pat.

  25. I’m glad someone asked about the cow box. We almost needed a replacement cow and it just figures they’d be available in japan. Luckily, we found ours .

  26. Love love love: 1. how Maru keeps returning to his hidey-spot 2. the cow box in the corner 3. his/her owner has the CLEANEST FLOOR IN THE WORLD, esp. for a cat owner! 4. Maru is the perfect name for that adorable face (Maru = ball, or round)

  27. Christy says:

    I love this big chunky cat!

  28. Katrina says:

    That is one beefy cat. Speaking of beef, I wonder if Maru has been in the cowbox yet. Theo- ooh-oooh (raises hand and wiggles it), I know where cows come from, and obviously this is the smaller model, just right for the typical Japanese home. Did I say “tip”? oh, sorry. Anyway, I suspect that Winston and Maru would stare at each other in disbelief. Maybe a hiss from Winston then a diffident walk-off by Maru. “Feh” says Mau.

  29. An alternative to box-hab? Keep the kitteh distracted so it doesn’t notice the big box right next to it? (or the cowbox…)

  30. Is Maru a British shorthair? I freaking want one.. whatever it is.

  31. Hey! At 1:15 he’s SNORGLING the mouse!

  32. AWWW!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  33. DaytimeDeb says:

    “Chasing” is more like “watching,” as in, Maru spent most of his time watching his caretaker play with the mouse. Every now and then Maru tried to make it stop by putting his paw out, and he finally took the annoying toy away from the caregiver so that the CG could focus his energies on more important issues such as filling the cat food bowl.

    I say this because I live this life as well. My cats have spent many hours watching me play with a mouse on a string….I wonder if I am as cute to them as they are to me when they deign to play?

  34. That home seems to always have cardboard boxes in it.

  35. Baykon Cheezburger says:

    My home always has cardboard boxes, too. I have a kitty who ought to go to boxhab but hasn’t responded well to the interventions….

    I suppose I might be an enabler, though.

  36. Paunchie says:

    Maru is lively and spirited, compared to Winston!

    I love his big white mitten pawsies!

  37. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Maru: Master of the Luurkenschproing.

  38. kibblenibble says:

    Thanks, Theo! *hurries off to order Japanese cow-in-a-box*

  39. homer mariner says:

    This is an excellent video of a cat exercising its owner. My cats like to exercise me and make sure I’m in top shape. Nobody wants a flabby owner. Maru-chan wa kawaii desu ne! I love the bottle brush tail..

  40. Michelle says:

    I’m Maru’s biggest fan. Always entertaining and adorable.

  41. Ooooh, I just wants to sink my hands into Maru!

  42. LOL! Maru is more about hindingks than mouses. The very neat and tidy and super-secret way he scrunched into the back corner is just too much!

  43. Paunchie says:

    LOL@ “Luurkenschproing”!

  44. kind of lame for maru… bring on another box

  45. I like how the cow on the one side of the box seems to be watching that round of mound cat, Maru. Adorable!

  46. Enjoyable, but not Maru’s best work. Boxes are his true medium.

  47. Patricia says:

    Reminds me of my moderately fluffy (pudgy) girl cat who you have to take the playing to. She will bat the mouse if it is right there, but no chasing or anything you have to flop it right in front of her.

  48. Mekster says:

    MARU is quite the corner-guarding snookums!! S/he is adorable!! And *very* active compared to our Sara, who deigns to even look at the mousys…

  49. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    Berthaservant & Rome have made the best summary statements, imho….although I’ll put in my 2 cents:
    “Yeah, but Maru still is darn sweet “(or is that more properly, pronounced “schweet” these days???)….
    Once Spencer Tracy referred to there being “meat” on K. Hepburn’s bones: & concluded with the statement that “what there is, sure is ‘cherce’ [aka “choice”].

    Perhaps that description, applies to Maru’s avoirdupois????

    Meg: when you first began C/overload, did you ever wonder whether it might, “some day”, reach a level of Pop Kultcha significance, that the comments would become a forum for “expert reviews” of “today’s programming”????

    Peace & purrs to all —

  50. gravyboat says:

    Not his best, but any video with Maru is top notch to me! I wish we had some Maru-as-a-kitten footage.

  51. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!lol

  52. Astonished says:

    Have the Japanese outdone us yet again? This kitty is so cute, he almost looks like a cartoon! There’s something in the water over there, I tell ya!

  53. Oh man, gravyboat!
    I hadn’t even thought about KITTEN Maru!

  54. claudia says:

    I do believe this cat has played this game before LOL! and is it just me, or has his paws and chin doubled in size?? Makes me wanna pick him up and squish him, how can his owner stand it? I’d never get anything done :I

  55. If you really want to get a kitteh wound up, you need to Think Like A Mouse. Real mice don’t repeatedly jump in front of a kitteh yelling “BRING IT FUZZBUTT!” They sneak. Sneakily. The run down along the edges of cabinets and dash from cover to cover. A Kitteh, clever fuzzy murderer that he is, is not fooled by this for one instant and will have no trouble finding your fake mouse, but the extra verisimilitude will add drama and excitement (and if you do it enough, get that kitteh figure back in bikini shape).

  56. I love the way his eyes are like O.O

  57. He’s so big and squishy! >^.^<

    I'd LOVE to see what he does after being given a pile of fresh catnip!

  58. love maru. Love Maru. though the story about cowy was cute too.

  59. 5^^now8ing says:

    Don’t y’all think the cow box must be a kitty-cat playhouse? Notice the holes and the flip-out cow head. (See how I worked in my new favorite word, “y’all”?) (No, I’m not from the south either, I just love “y’all for its usefulness and charm.)

  60. This is one beautiful cat! Does anyone know the breed?

  61. Copperbat says:

    I could watch Maru all day long. This video reminded me of fly fishing.

  62. Scoobie says:

    Actually I am surprised you posted this and not the “Maru and the hole” three part
    series which takes boxhab to another level.

  63. omg the face at 2:14 little mew mew the hut

  64. Beefy cat indeed. I love beefy cats.

  65. まるちゃんはかわいいですね!

  66. chanpon says:

    Slide, Maru, sliiiiideee!!

  67. something something… kirei no mizu…
    the box says… something about pretty/clean water?
    Too much… sake… can’t reach… ehn!… kanji dictionary…
    [falls asleep on library floor, dreams of Tegan’s air hostess uniform]

  68. sorry… kirei na mizu…

  69. hehe Maru is back from boxhab and already “chasing the ‘mouse'”… ehem.

    gotta kick the dealer outta the house Maru!!!

  70. Oh my, how I luuuurve Maru!! His sparkling white pawses, his chunky squooshiness, his quirky feline sense of humor…this is the second greatest cat in the world, second only to my wonderful Westley.

  71. Patito is typing… while passed out? Was that a CUI? :/

  72. Noelegy says:

    How much do I love his pristine white paws, his dapper stripes, and his cobby little face? Sooooooooooo much!

  73. We need a Maru cat-egory now.

  74. Maru needs a REAL mouse to play with, then he could have noms when done.

  75. Anonymous Coward says:

    you have to love the way Maru simply walks away (calmly) with his trophy at the end… 🙂


    p.s.: you know you have to redo all the electricals in your basement when you plug in a reciprocating saw and when you press on the, huh, “trigger” (sorry), the saw does not power on… but a lamp turns on instead. THAT definitively qualified as a “WTF?”.

  76. I love Maru………………..but WINSTON is still #1 and always will be !

  77. Lalaith says:

    Maru looks like a beefy version of my kitty!!! Especially the fluffy white pawses and huge golden eyses!!!!

  78. Anyone spot the little tail wiggly at 1:37? 🙂 Also, love the cow box or whatever it is off to the left!

  79. AWW 🙂 What a sweet kitty, Maru, is playing with his owner 🙂

  80. Chinchillazilla says:

    My boy Leo does that bit at the end, too. “Game over, now I am taking my toy and leaving.”

  81. I freakin love that cat!!! So cute and fluffy and squishy and just damn adorable!

  82. chanpon says:

    @Jeep – methinks Maru is not for lacking of any noms, real or fake. (>.<)

    @ Patito – the 4th character is a bit fuzzy for me to make out which kanji it is (it looks like 3 possible choices to me) but the first 3 read Fujisan, so I suspect it's possibly a brand of bottled water (likely, clean water from near Mt. Fuji or something like that)

  83. Love Maru. Don’t get the fascination with Winston AT all, but LOVE Maru!!!!

  84. That’s not chasing a mouse, that’s sitting back and waiting for the pizza to be delivered!

    […over and over and over – Ed.]

  85. Tracy from Oz says:

    Is it me or do Japanese cats look different to Western cats?

  86. Subhangi says:

    Awwww, he has a lot of chub going on! *snorgle*

  87. hon glad says:

    Maru still needs boxhab, he returns to the boxes comforting presence each time.

  88. I think it’s terrible how Maru’s owner is obviously enabling his extreme box addiction, TWO boxes in camera range? *goes to watch again, awwww*

  89. Kelsois says:

    hehe, I love that Maru is left-pawed, ^.^

  90. Nobirira says:

    “Maru” means round in Japanese – rather apt, I’d say! Oh, and the cow box is just a file holder for papers (A4 size paper) with a cow design on the ends and sides. Can be found in places like Loft… (Hubby has one.) Could be quite squishy for Maru, but who knows!

  91. Maru is a straight-eared Scottish Fold.

  92. mxlplyx says:

    lurve me some Maru!!! To quote Oliver: “Mo’, Please?”

  93. Does Maru translate into, I’m the cutest mouse chaser in the world? I LOVE the little face!!! Beautiful kitty.

  94. Carlisa says:

    Awww! Give him credit. He caught it w/o setting a mouse trap.

  95. ernestina says:

    That is one cute cat…and one clean floor!

  96. :::wishes her floors were that clean right now:::

  97. lol ernestina, you were thinking like ME!

  98. Maru is cool

  99. Sigh. That was like an afternoon cup of tea. Not exhilirating, like Maru and a box, but pleasing nonetheless. I’m pondering the concept for a Maru-Winston flick, it seems that Maru could leap into a very large box, while Winston looks on disapprovingly, then they could snack on bananas and then Maru can carry on with his odd little endearing habits while Winston goes back to disapproving. Do a double feature, and follow that with 75 minutes of the Whack-A-Kitty gang, and you’ve got a blockbuster!

  100. Maru:”This…is…my…CORNER!”

  101. I agree she’s so pretty and those eyes! Wow. It is a girl, right?

    Anyway my feeling after about a minute is the owner seems to enjoy this more than Maru. Lol! I think Maru indulges this human play time until she’s done and decides to grab it and walk away. I mean escape.

  102. Katrina says:

    OMG SO CUTE! Maru reminds me of my uncles cat Silvia only by looks cuz the only thing that she will play with is the light from a laser pointer. But watching Maru with that toy mouse is SO much cuter than Silvia and a laser pointer.

  103. Marianne says:

    Oh dear gosh how I just love that cat! Completely agree with poster a little way up that wondered about how come you can get so completely in love with a little kitteh in Japan! He’s just the cutest in every way!
    *plants big kiss on top of Maru’s floofy head*

  104. Kodalai says:

    Marie: Maru is a he, his owner (sorry, his ‘room mate’) confirmed it.
    You can see more of Maru at his blog.

    Oh man, whoever earlier said they were Maru’s biggest fan can’t be. I am Maru’s biggest fan! I honestly think that he’s the best cat in the world, he’s so cute and creative and playful. I am going to be getting a kitty of my own soon and I cannot wait, but secretly in my heart I wish my cat could be Maru.

  105. W1N Maru!!!!

    I swear he has fluffy marshmallows for front paws.

  106. I want to have a cat as cute as Maru so much! I just wanna grab him and cuddle with him! *looks into space and imagines having Maru as a pet* SSSSSOOOOO CUUUUUTTTTTTTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  107. i just adore this chubster !!! and yes I see some Maru cleavage XD

  108. hjf in okc says:

    Maru is chubbeh, as a kitteh should be!

  109. Maru is incredible… But today it makes me sad like everything with cats, cause one of my cat ran away yesterday…

    Have u seen the video with Maru and the boxes? ^^

  110. Carlisa says:

    Milly, I’m sure your kitty will come back. Cats don’t go far from home as a rule. One of my cats who had never been outside before, jumped out of my apartment window. 2 weeks later I found him “hanging out” under the apartment building with a bunch of other cats. I would suggest leaving food and water (his/her own bowls pref) where it can be found. I hope your kitty was neutered or spayed or you might end up with more than you expected!

  111. Sadee Lady says:

    Aww what a cute chubby kitteh. Maru reminds me of my late cat Porky. He was a big tom cat same look. Same polar bear paws.

  112. Milly-I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. One thing that can really work is to get up VERY early and call & call your cat when it is very still & quiet out.
    Let us know when your beloved friend comes back.

  113. Katrina says:

    I don’t have an uncle nor does he have a cat Silvia. I’m going to cry……….

  114. Maru is the cutest thing ever. I would have to keep him cuddled up to me! adorable!

  115. That person controlling the mouse does *not* know how to properly tease a cat. They don’t like violent toss-yanks like that. They prefer a slow tease. That’s why Maru wasn’t that interested. On the few occasions where the person pulled more slowly, he was far more interested.

  116. I like how he goes back to hide behind the box each time. Sweetie. But if that had been my tortie queen, that mouse would have been in pieces about 20 seconds in.

  117. Sweeda88 says:

    I love that cat! OMG, so cute and chubby!