Puppy Dog Eyes Volume 2: This Time It’s War

We seem to be getting tons of “Oh YEAH!?” emails lately, of folks claiming their cat has a cuter tiara or their dogs eyes are puppy-doggier.

Says Sender-Inner Heather, “this is in response to the Spaniel puppy eyes you posted today…” OH YOU WANNA FIGHT, HEATHER!?


Heather goes on to say: “OH you’ve met your MATCH Cocker Spaniel we posted yesterday!!!”


All photos of Harpo the pup taken by Heather, attentive dog Mom and lover not fighter.



  1. chanpon says:

    He looks ready for a fight!

  2. Mud Bug says:

    You lookin’ at ME ???

  3. Personally, I think these are winners in a subclass of puppydog eyes: puppydog bedroom eyes. Look – they just beckon you closer….


  4. skippymom says:

    We have a “competishe” tag now? What with that, “violence”, and “blorp”, this place is getting wacky.

  5. Camille says:

    @skippymom, yeah, because it was NEVER wacky before! 😉

  6. Those eyes are stolen goods. Somewhere, there is a snail, slidin’ around, with eye-less stalks, …

  7. This Boston Terrier’s eyes sure are cute, but I think the Cocker Spaniel wins. Sorry, Heather! Of course, I think both of my doggies’ “puppy eyes” would win overall 🙂

  8. Jiggles says:

    Beagletonia evokes the classified “nuclear countenance” option …

    War over.

  9. Buggy Boston eyes!!

  10. skippymom says:

    Camille, yeah, well, I sorta did expect someone to make that point. Snerk.

  11. hon glad says:

    May they gaze ever more into mine
    Crazily gaze ever more into mine

  12. zeldapie says:

    Wall-eyes are ALWAYS cute.

    But I MUST say, if you want THE BEST puppy eyes, look into those of a BASSET HOUND PUP!

  13. @Jiggles: I’ve never seen a pair of beagle eyes I could resist.

  14. No, for me, buggy eyes beat all.

  15. I’m with Irm…the cocker spaniel pup wins…lashes down!!! This one is a cutie too…but the eyes just don’t have the expression as the other pup! However, kisses to both of them!

  16. Countess says:

    GAME ON!!

  17. kibblenibble says:

    I wanna kees the white stripe on his haid.

  18. Marty's Mom says:

    You lookin’ at me punk!?

    Boston’s Rule!!!

  19. Behind that stare, I know that BT is planning a devastating lick attack. No face will be spared!

  20. StormCat says:

    I wuvs Bostons!!! This one’s all like “You WILL Luv meeee!!!” And you just KNOW that as soon as the camera went away, he did that smile that Boston’s do so well as if to say “Throw stick now?”

    But that Beagle’s eyes are serious Princess Di’s eyes, right? Wow… Tough choice!!!

  21. Baykon Cheezburger says:

    Both cute, but for me, the spaniel wins. The spaniel appears younger, so my heart is played upon by its increased vulnerability.

  22. run4fun33 says:

    spaniel wins…totally

  23. Boston for the win!!!

  24. That right thar is what we call “stink-eye”. Bosties are well known for this look.

  25. Kristabelle says:

    Spaniel wins for the GREEN eyes and lashes. The Boston sure is a cutie pie though. That Beagle is a heart stealer if ever there were one.

  26. Oh, I’m down for a puppy dog eyes fight…

    Link to my puppy’s puppy dog eyes

  27. @Kelli, “stink-eye” because it’s stinkin’ cute, right?

  28. Lerrinus says:

    1) The nose-chub is Kyooot!
    2) Jiggles-pup keels moi!
    3) Nick, your pup has beautiful eye colour!

  29. I am enjoying the raised eyebrow… is it inviting? is it threatening? we will never know.

  30. The truth is, you’re the weak, and I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd.

  31. Heather says:

    I am the mother of the above evil-doer Boston pup (Harpo) and now that I think about it, he does look MAD AS HELL. But, I sent in another picture of him when he was in his youth, playing the grass and he is not mad, just eyes popping out of his wittle head.
    Of course, I am prejudiced…He is my newest baby boy.
    And if you think he looks mad…I am also mudder to his half sister who is 4 yers old. When she’s mad she won’t even look at you! And if I can get a picture, yep I will be sending it in! Der are no mixed messages in her mad face!

  32. I’m sorry, but the spaniel puppy from yesterday wins hands down. This puppy is cute but he looks kinda mad!

  33. brinnann says:

    OMG Nick that is some potent puppeh proshness! Jeez, man, put a warning label on those pics – they’re deadly!!!

  34. What a cutie pie! But I gotta agree with zeldapie: bassett hounds, or dachshunds even have some seriously deadly puppy eyes. They can stop anyone at least twenty feet by sheer force of sad/pathetic/ohmygodnooneeverfeedsme eyes.

  35. Heather says:

    OK, for you Boston addicts…here’s the one that got rejected from CO’s post list. He’s not mad here:

    and here:

  36. I have to agree with Jiggles – a beagle puppy will always win. But then I might be just a bit partial to them. Of the two posted though, the cocker spaniel wins.

  37. Heather says:

    He ain’t grumpy, he’s your brother. 😉

  38. As you may recall (or not) I now have no heart because the puppy eyes from yesterday melted the darn thing. But today…schlurrrp…that is the sound of my soul being sucked out my body by today’s puppy eyes. I am now heartless and souless. Thanks a lot, you evil puppies.

  39. Sorry, the Cocker Spaniel wins, paws down.

    This pup is doing more of a “Jedi mind trick” eye. These are not the droids you seek…

  40. kibblenibble says:

    Can I vote for ALL the puppies? I lurve them all…

  41. Cutieee! But nothing beats four sets of lab/mutt puppy eyes on you all at once.
    We are overrun with snuppies [snuffly puppies] at my house- four 9-week-old litter mates, two boys and two girls. They sleep in a pile wherever they please, whenever they drink water they manage to drip and drool everywhere, and I haven’t really had sleep all this week because they constantly need noms and outside.

    It’s… magical!

  42. Hooray for behbeh Bostons! I think the Cocker wins for traditional cute appeal, but this little guy totally has the “I’m better than you” vibe down pat. I lub him!

  43. @Hon Glad, thanks for the Guys and Dolls reference–I’ve been humming that song all day…but as earworms go, it’s a good one to have…

  44. The first one was better 🙂

  45. MoonCatty says:

    Has anyone else noticed that this sweet puppeh’s big shiny eyes are SO reflective that you can see dual images of his mom Heather bending down to capture his photo?

    Wild! She’s all bendy like two spoons… but there are no spoons…

  46. hon glad says:

    Nikki- I wondered if anyone would “get”it 🙂

  47. I have to agree with Jiggles – a beagle puppy will always win. But then I might be PowerBall just a bit partial to them. Of the two posted though, the cocker spaniel wins.

  48. Leslie (not the author!!) says:

    1: I enjoyed my LOL’s from Heather & MudBug.
    2: I vote for this guy bein’ cute but yesterday canine quadruped wins my vote and — due to Susan L.’s sideways reference, I once again submit my earworm for the song “These Eyes” / Guess Who ………..

    Peace & puppies to all

  49. Saffron says:


  50. I love me some Bostons. They just look so . . . smoochable.

  51. Bostons are the cutest! I didn’t think that much of them until I fostered one, and they are hilarious. Total lovers, can’t resist giving you a million kisses.

  52. Oh, it is ON!

  53. Beanqueen says:

    Just because this dog has beadier eyes doesn’t mean it should be going up agianst the spaniel. Boston terriers have eyes like rats, hampsters & bunnies -> beady & rodent like. There is no way they should be entering a Pupy-lishious eye contest.

  54. Dallascrazy84 says:

    I am the mother of Kobe, the Boston Terrier and I’m sorry to say, but mine is cuter and does cuter puppy-dog eyes, too. I challenge you and your pup to a Cuteness Face-off!!!

    [Speaking strictly for myself, I’d prefer that all faces stay on… – Ed.]

  55. Ed -Hahahahahhaha!

  56. My 3 Bostons’eyes would melt you into a puddle! My Maggie has bright BLUE eyes!

  57. ashagato says:

    i never thought much of Bostons until i got married and became mom to one four months ago. and now i get it! Sadie is definitely not traditionally “puppy-dog” cute, but she is the sweetest, funniest dog ever. she charms everyone she meets.

  58. Does someone want a treat?????????????

  59. redonkulously cute but cocker still wins. how many pups do you know with wispy wittle lashes?

  60. katamari says:

    sorry, but cocker spaniel ftw!

  61. Adorable!