THIS JUST IN: Pug pushes pug babies in a stroller

Pug “Jenny” pushes her parasoled babies around Portland, OR.

From Amy S. (AKA “Shugs”), via DListed



  1. Laieanna says:

    This was so charming with the music added I nearly cried.

  2. sunnymum says:

    What a prosh Pug! She’ll work off that post pregnancy weight in no time – lol!

  3. earlybird1 says:

    I love how the parasol does absolutely nothing for shade. Super cute!

  4. emudoug says:

    Who’s a cute doggie, then? YOU’RE a cute doggie! Yes you are! Yes you aarrrree!

  5. Hmm, what does “REDONKULOUS” mean? … We have it!!!

  6. somebody please explain to me why I spent 2 1/2 minutes of my life laughing out loud watching this deliciousness of a pug with a stroller?


    my favorite part is when they make a pit stop at the ice cream cart!

  7. l love people jogging just passe by like nothing is happening.

    Sure, a pug pushing pug babies in pink stroller and umbrella is just another everyday thing in Portland, right? 😉

  8. 260Oakely says:

    Pugnacious D

  9. …oh my god.

    Oh my god.

    Oh- *SPLORT*

  10. The cuteness has truly killed me.

  11. skippymom says:

    Oh my dog. Theresa, you beat me to it, but I was going to say this absolutely and finally puts the Donk in Redonkulous. Whatever that means.
    So, are those actual live pug puppies, or stuffed toys?

  12. Shouldn’t that be “Pug pushing parasoled puppies in Portland park, prettily pattering paws?” Now somebody take it to a whole ‘notha level–you c’n do eet!

  13. Tigress says:

    Am I the only one who finds this slightly disturbing??

    Also, those aren’t pug babies, those are pug stuffies.

  14. Let’s give Jenny back her dignity.

  15. Anonymous Coward says:

    OK, I’m curious, what was that piece playing: title, band?

    CO might cause another CD purchase — think of it as a novel way to new music discovery. With cute pictures as a bonus.

    Now, back to taking my basement apart. Sometimes, I do believe that the ’70s were the decade taste forgot, especially in suburbia…


  16. MamaLlama says:

    Could anyone tell me what the music is on this video? I love the peacefulness of it!

  17. Totally redonk.

  18. The redonkulousness actually crashed my Firefox o.O

  19. Lula Mae says:

    omg…what did she do at 1:45? Get a Hot Dog?

  20. skippymom says:

    If I ever let my Eddy (aka Poofter Kitty) watch this video, he would forthwith insist that I get him a pink stroller with parasol and a couple of little stuffed kittens. He would then don his pink tutu and his tiara and some high-heeled mules with the big feathery floof on the front, and promenade around the neighborhood with his “babies”. Pathetically, he would not get that the bystanders were laughing at him, rather than admiring him.

  21. What a sweet little day Jenny had.
    Lula Mae: She gets ice cream at 1:45… 😛

  22. Christabel says:

    I love the little delicate feet.

  23. According to the YouTube description, the song is “Child’s Garden” by Dax Johnson.

  24. She’s a lovely girl, and this is a great tribute to Portland and its beauty. I might add, however, that had she actually gone to all those places on foot, pushing a pram, that poor dog would have had to walk 35 miles.
    Thanks for the show!

  25. skippymom says:

    Pug walks 35 miles pushing stroller! Call Guinness!

  26. Bluemenro says:

    I love her dainty little prance! It’s all too cute for words!

  27. Marilyn says:

    Does Jenny need a boyfriend? My Quincy is definitely her type!

  28. Oh, Portland! Your pedestrian-friendly environment is enjoyed even by pug families.

  29. Oh, for the love of tippy toe ‘tocks!!!!

  30. That tail!! I hate to watch her go, but I love to watch her walk away.

  31. Ridiculously adorable! I love the lil curly tail!

  32. blubberbutt says:

    Honestly, I wonder whether or not this should be under “cute or sad”… somebody please get that little puggers pregnant!

  33. This may actually be the sweetest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love how her little front legs keep moving like she’s trying to walk on all fours. This made a really hard couple of weeks suddenly so much better.

  34. shannomo says:

    I’ll think Miss Jenny has tired feets! My Miss Daisy Pug would never do this, but she does watch cartoons!

  35. I love how the keyboard in the music replicates the rhythm of her dainty little stepping paws… la, la,la,la, la, la, la…

  36. That is just hilarious! I like the way most people just walked by like this was common place.

  37. Estelle says:

    aaww ^_^ cutee.
    There was a video just like this a day or two ago on the LOLDogs website too, but I think it was a different doggie.
    cutie cutie.

  38. Da feet! So cute!

  39. Only in Portland. I’ve lived here for 20 years, this is why the rest of the world will not take us seriously. There’s a bumper sticker that says “Keep Portland Weird”, I don’t think they have anything to worry about.

  40. chanpon says:

    Meh. Now if she were then to conduct an actual transaction with that lady at the food truck, THEN I’d be impressed. (I keed, I keed, folks..)

  41. Awww, she thinks she’s people.

  42. I’m drained. Just had a good cry over this one.

  43. katiegill80 says:

    Jenny the pug hangs out in all the same places I do! WHY haven’t I met her yet??

  44. Oh, fer cryin out loud!

  45. I find it really weird. Kind of like Frida Kahlo.

  46. “Whatever Happened to Baby Jenny”? Now we know.

  47. KentuckyKitty says:

    GOD I love Dlisted. Even more so now!!

  48. platedlizard says:

    @ coel, a pug pushing a stroller containing a pair of toy pugs is completely normal for Portland, trust me. One of the many reasons why I love my city.

    A few years ago people kept reporting seeing a guy on a motorcycle carrying a sheathed katana (Japanese sword). He wasn’t doing anything scary or threatening beyond carrying the sword but I guess some people were bothered by it. The mayor’s response? “The samurai is welcome in our city.”

    That’s the kind of place Portland is.

    Also, people tie to the old metal rings that are set in some of the sidewalks. Those rings were placed there a long time ago to tie real horses up.

    [Nicely done with the embedded HTML, there, but don’t forget to close your tags! – Ed.]

  49. I freaked out when I saw this. I interrupted the baseball game my parents were watching to show them this and then I sobbed a bit. It’s so sweet, did I just get a cavity!? : )

  50. Mikeyfur says:

    This is one of the best videos ever to appear on CO. Thank you, thank you! I, too,was just fighting back tears over the sheer sweetness of Jenny.

  51. Noelegy says:

    *sigh* This lifelong Texan wants to move to Portland. Not just because, apparently, pugs pushing prams can be seen there, but because it’s just so goshdarn PRETTY and GREEN there.

  52. That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  53. Oh my gosh…I just about cried, too. It was so sweet! And the music…a real tearjerker!

  54. aw am i the only one who thinks a funny song would be better?!?

    after much though (2 minutes) i decided on the rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…rawhide! song 🙂

  55. Jessica says:

    @ DJ

    Enough said. haha

  56. The Portland waterfront is one of the most beautiful water fronts I have ever seen. I live near Hillsboro, Oregon and lived in this beautiful 20% forest 80% desert state for over 30 years! Very cute video. I am not sure – but did you get any shots up there at Pittock Mansion? I love that place at night – I once set up a telescope up there and viewed in it for hours!

  57. This freaks me out.

  58. OH MY GOD! love it!!!

  59. Oh great. Another reason to eat my heart out over not living in Portland any more.

  60. Jasmine says:

    For the curious…

    The music is Child’s Garden by Dax Johnson from the album Levity.

  61. claudia says:

    that pug made me feel like a bad momma for not taking my kids out so far this summer…. what can I say? A week outta school and all we wanna do is veg….

  62. gravyboat says:

    hee hee, look at that little butt trundling down the sidewalk!

  63. Poohbear says:

    The music + the Qte + all you Portland dwellers’ tributes to a beautiful city = a good cry! But thanks to Skippymom at 26 for a big LOL to start my day.

  64. Angela Langdon says:

    Most adorable thing I have ever seen – no kidding – I just wanted to pick that sweet little dog up and give her a hug and a kiss. The innocence of it made me want to cry.

  65. hon glad says:

    Jenny has a Geisha like gait, the paper parasol adds to the Japanese look.

  66. I should love to live in Portland I feel I might be just weird enough – I should love to interview Jenny – I speak Canine – but would have to Moderate because I have a German Shepherd accent.
    I speak Catt too – and I am fluent in Feline – I rescued a Kitty from a pursuing Dog, and could not stop laughing, I was asked for the reason and replied “Kitty’s shocking Language – I vow she just squealed “**** off Butt Sniffer” at that Puppy, this truly astonished me because the little Fur-Bundle looked so innocent.
    Does it cost a great deal to live in Portland

  67. Vanessa says:

    Looks tiring. Her hind legs must be so sore at the end of the day.

  68. DaytimeDeb says:

    And in the evening, Jenny left the pups with a babysitter so that she could go out and get a foot massage and pedicure.

  69. I must have missed something here as this is not cute for me. I forced myself to watch to the end incase something else happened, but it didnt. This is just a setup by a human person at the comic expense of an obedient little woofer.

  70. Lil, dogs love having a job. Most types of animals have to be coerced into learning tricks, but dogs love everything about the experience. I’m sure Jenny is a happier and healthier dog than one who is just left home without as much stimulation.

  71. @ Errata Well Said – I have kept dogs all my Life – I am with you in saying they love to be given things to do, Most any animal will be trained but with kindness – hugs, petting, rewards, treats, I am a “Lifetime Experienced” Animal Trainer. They ultimately want your approval and love, and they perform if kept under ideal conditions and will be devoted.
    No nonsense – Cats, Dogs, Birds Horses, Lion Cub, an Elephant, Men – I never have a moments trouble, but I am kind – always – no shackles no whips.

  72. Words fail to describe how cute that is. Maybe a high pitched squeal will do it.


  73. that’s pretty cute. the music almost kills it though — am I supposed to think that a cute trick is actually a deeply meaningful display? come on!!

  74. I was in Portland just a few weeks ago and loved this video and the music. Sadly, the musican who wrote a “Child’s Garden” Dax Johnson died at the age of 30 two years ago.

  75. I was in Portland recently and loved the video and music. Sadly, Dax Johnson who wrote the music a “Child’s Garden” used in the video died at age 30 two years ago.

  76. after a horrible set of weeks this gave the cry i needed. thanks for putting it up- makes me want to move. 🙂 very nice.

  77. @ Jenna – there are some of us who weep at things we see as lovely – I find the warmth and glorious colours of a Sunset make me cry, as for what caused your sorrow over some weeks (?) – I wish you well to be free of what caused you such distress and would say the old adage – This Too Will Pass – sometimes just a tew tears helps the healing process – I have found that most true of all

  78. Emcat said. “I love how her little front legs keep moving like she’s trying to walk on all fours.”

    —-Actually, I think they kept moving because she was trying to get them down from where they were stuck on the stroller, but was unable to.

    The fact that the vid was chopped into short segments consoles me, though, because that means that she was probably only stuck on the stroller for short periods at a time, so she probably didn’t mind and didn’t get too tired from it, though she might have gotten a bit annoyed soemtimes.

  79. ok. the music makes the vid.

    good choice.

  80. Jeez oh man. Well, if the music doesn’t do it for you in this episode, you can check out the other two times Jenny is featured on Youtube pushing a stroller. How many times are they going to post this video I wonder?

  81. I loved both the video and the music. So cute, the little puggley 🙂 The music reminded me of George Winston. I might have to go out and buy that CD.

  82. Joaquin Mendonca says:

    I hate seeing dogs anthropomorphized

  83. I just loved this video! So sweet and I just kept wanting to see more. Loved her little body behind that pink stroller. Jenny, you are the best pug mom around 🙂
    Pug Hugs to Al!

  84. juniperjune says:

    this is the second greatest video of all time, trailing slightly behind puppoose.

  85. Oh my. That is too precious…

  86. Elsajeni says:

    Oh my goodness. Does Jenny live in Portland, or is she just visiting? This is important, because I’m moving there in a few months.

  87. Robin of Portland says:

    Her Dawgs must be Killing her that little mama walked alllover town!

  88. This just made my day. I could watch it over and over and over again.

  89. tblue, I don’t think she was “stuck” on the stroller. In one of the shots you can briefly see her approaching the stroller, “standing” up and putting her paws on it. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting you and you just think she’s unable to get her paws back down after she jumps up, but I certainly don’t think she’s been tied to the stroller in any way. She just looks like a very well-trained dog.

  90. watch out for bikes jenny!!!

  91. That’s impressive! I have always loved pugs and thought that they were cute, but after seeing this… this pug is SuperDog! I am glad I came across this video! 🙂


  92. aww-so sweet-I love it 🙂


  93. Phyllis says:

    OMG, adorable!!!! Genius touch with that parasol! Great music! Lof eeeet!!!!!

  94. Michelle says:

    I loved it. Absolutely precious. So hilarious, with the music and the oblivious passersby

  95. omg! how cute is that?

  96. Peekyweeky says:

    That was so cute! Mostly when they were in the sprinkler and at the ice cream stand.

  97. Barbara says:

    I knew when I read the comments I’d learn that I wasn’t the only person who cried watching this! What a crappy few weeks this has been for me too! Months! And then to watch a sweet little pug pushing a stroller w/a parasol on it, set to that music. I think if I’d seen it in person I would have just sobbed.

  98. bongobunny says:

    OMG. I am officially deceased from teh cute.

  99. So very, very wrong. I am NOT ok with this.

  100. So very, very wrong. I am NOT ok with this.

  101. Paunchie says:

    Come again, Asia?

  102. Paunchie — let me translate, if I may: “IT’S A DOG, GODDAMMIT, WHY THE HELL ISN’T MY LIFE THIS NICE!??”

    Just sayin’. 😉

  103. (…and to be fair, I understand the sentiment)

  104. Paunchie says:

    Portland does indeed look nice, fo sho.

  105. OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!?!? IT IS SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! did the person in front of her have sumthing that she wanted and she was standing up and pushed the stroller as she went…..oh great i just ruined it 4 myself lol

  106. Barbara says:

    Asia, the owner says in a comment on youtube that the pug only does this for 3-10 seconds at a time. The video is the wonder of editing. She’s learning agility and can also skateboard. What a tragedy! *sarcasm*

  107. are the babies real?!

  108. so cute me and and my cousin almost cried i’m pugged out

  109. to cute almost cried

  110. this video is sooooooooooo cute i just wanted to say its adorible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p 🙂

  111. I love how the music goes with her dainty little peg legs!!! what a perfect marriage of video and song. I keep watching this over and over cause it makes me so happy!