The Cutest Nightmare You’ll Ever Have

Hewwo.  We’re cweepy cwawwy cattewpewwers…


… and we’re watching you…


… and we’ll turn your hair white with fright.  BOO!!


From top: Cute Tiger Moth Caterpillar by Vanessa Pike-Russell,
What the….? by OntCopper,
Check out the eyes! by Mean and Pinchy



  1. This. is. adorable.

  2. Monsters, Inc. reference FTW!

  3. Katrina says:

    Love ’em, love to say eet! Caterpillars!

  4. LOLOL The orange one… TOoo cute and yep you know I am gonna say it

    The orange ones are poison!

  5. Lerrinus says:

    In that order!

  6. Stephiedactyl says:

    I have a friend with the most intense phobia of caterpillars…he nearly wrecked his car upon discovering a hitchhiker on his leg. But I think these cute little guys might just turn him around!

  7. 5^^now8ing says:

    Def cute, for caterpillars. Admiring from a distance. Can’t… actually… bring… self… to touch… But def cute.

  8. 🙂 Fuzzy!

  9. Blondie says:

    Gah! BUGS!!!

    Ok, they’d be silly cute if they weren’t BUGS!!!

  10. chanpon says:

    Gah!!! *runs around the room screaming* One thing I have an extreme phobia of are bugs, and particularly wormy things (I’ll take your rats, snakes, snails and lizards over this stuff any day — unless you’re a lady bug, because then you’d be ok and kind of cute), but I have to admit that these aren’t as gross looking as they can be. I suppose this a very mild way of saying they’re inching towards cuteness? Not that I would ever want one within a foot of me, mind you.

  11. Von Zeppelin says:

    That purple guy looks like a very small relative of Barney the Annoyingly Cheerful Dinosaur.

  12. Walking E says:

    Great hovertext on the white one

  13. Camille says:

    @Von Zeppelin – I was thinking the same thing.

  14. OK, that’s two “Nightmares” posts now, and so far the internets not a splode… [knocking waferboard]

  15. No Wolly Bears? 😦

  16. Raidell says:

    I normally hate all bugs (even the fuzzy ones – heck, especially the fuzzy ones!) but these aren’t too bad. I just need to focus on the crazy hair and not the slimy legs and faces. ^_^

    Oh, and like Boaks said, Monsers Inc. reverence FTW!!

  17. Gotta love the Monsters Inc. ref, as others have said. I find these little guys irresistible. And is it wrong that I want to make yarn from their fuzz?

  18. tommygirl says:

    that white one looks like it has 4 tiny eyeballs

  19. kibblenibble says:

    Orange ‘pillar is smilingk at you!!! 🙂

  20. I just had goosebumps from head to toe. Despite of the good intention, i’m still extremely phobic of bugs and crawlers in general. *shiver* 😦

  21. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    I think that white one is the Artist Formerly Known As Emo ‘Pillar.

  22. I wuvs dem! I kisses!

  23. the bug man says:

    Hurrah for cute bugs!

    (btw, the spots on that purple guy aren’t really eyes. They’re eyespots intended to make the soft lovable ‘pillar look Big And Scary. I’ll admit that the effect is really to cutefy rather than induce fear.)

  24. GAH! BUGS! Not cool, CO. NOT COOL.

    (Just kidding. I know many people think bugs can be cute, but I have declared a private war on the entire phylum Arthropoda. Even ladybugs.)

  25. Cuterpillars! Fuzzy, smiling cuterpillars.

  26. Noelegy says:

    I think that “FTW” must mean, in this context, “For The Win.” [Yeps! – Ed.]

    However, I can’t seem to separate it from its earlier meaning, something that ended in, “…the world.” [Feed? 😉 – Ed.]

    I’m fairly sure that’s not what’s intended here.

    Fuzzybugs! Squeeeeee!

  27. And then Steve said
    “Qte is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.”

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    When Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic caterpillar.

  29. 260Oakley says:

    Ah Von Zep, you’re the cream in my Kafka!

  30. That top one is no caterpillar. It’s a bookworm.

  31. Kathleen in Canada says:

    I went onto Google Image with my son to show him a photo of Phyllis Diller and to see what Rip Taylor looked like and, oh my goodness, that white caterpillar really is their love child! Her hair… his face… actually it takes anthropomorphism to a bizarre new level LOL.

    And I love the little Mona Lisa smile the orange caterpillar has.

  32. MoonCatty says:

    These fabulously exotic creatures are obviously aliens from another world!

    They look friendly though! 🙂

  33. “and I don’t want to see any paperwork!”

  34. Samantha says:

    Awwww or Ahhhhh!?
    Both, maybe.

  35. I think awwww! Buggies are cute. I have never been afraid of bugs…I have been grossed out by greasy cockroaches, but not driven squealing out of the room. I think people place the stigma of bugs=pestilence and/or filthy conditions. And there’s just some spooky horror, that tiny bees can (en masse) kill a human, or one brown recluse bite could rot your arm off. But then again, I’m kind of creepy so I can dig it.

  36. fish eye no miko says:

    the bug man said: “(btw, the spots on that purple guy aren’t really eyes. They’re eyespots intended to make the soft lovable ‘pillar look Big And Scary.)”

    Also, predators will see the “eyes” and attack its “head”, which is actually probably on its butt.

  37. Aaaargh! I have a head-ferk. They are fluffy, but creepy… cannot process….

  38. hon glad says:

    To a bird they’re a three course gourmet meal.

  39. doomchild says:

    Oooh, the orange one is so prosh and shiny.. and the second fellow looks so out of it 😀 Kawaii ^^

  40. Leslie (not the author!!) says:


  41. darkshines says:

    The “watching you” one makes for a hell of a scroll down! I saw an awsome caterpiller yesterday, he was orange and black stripes!

  42. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    I can appreciate the cute fuzz, but I’d run 40 miles in the opposite direction to avoid the critters UNDER the fuzz!

  43. Felicityanne says:

    The orange one looks like a little smiley porcupine…

  44. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    See, whatcha got here is a top-of-the-line 124-horsepower Caterpillar backhoe with a 17-foot dig depth. Her load-sensing hydraulics’ll save ya energy on smaller jobs an’ lighter loads. Her 4.4-liter diesel engine meets EPA efficiency requirements and her automatic transmission’s real smooth.

    Plus her spiky little hair feeler-thingies make her able to do Tina Turner impressions real good. Ayuh — she’s a beaut.

  45. Yeah, I have nightmares about hairy carrots, purple peckers and Phyllis Diller, all the time! How’d ya know?

  46. Any bug being that ornate is probably quite poisonous.

    Still cute but in a “gah! they have poison. Stay away!” Cute.

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    Mike, I love you for posting something besides cute kittehs and puppehs which, make no mistake, I love to see but it’s fun to have something different once in awhile! Although I must question your hovertext re: Phyllis and Rip’s love child because if Rip Taylor is who I think he is, I don’t think he would be making love to Phyllis (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you know what I mean, and I think you do ). Anyway they are all adorabuhls!!

  48. Just the thought of Rip Taylor is poisonous to me. Cringe! Cringe. Cringe. ACK! Running from the room screaming!

  49. Failboat9000 says:

    I love that last lil d00d. He’s got the whole Doc Brown Back To The Future hair poof thing goin’ on.
    (Or… um…. inches, in this lil guy’s case…)
    ≥(o_o)≤) ) ) )≤

  50. brinnann says:

    😆 Failboat9000, I ♥ your little cattewpewwer signature!

  51. Noelegy says:

    Um, yes. Feed the world. That’s what I was thinking of! 😉

    [Let them know it’s Christmas time! ♪ – Ed.]

  52. stevie ray says:

    ugggh! bugs are disgusting! Bugs are never cute!

  53. Bug are wrong… mmmm K?

  54. Do not want… =[

  55. I have a friend with the most intense phobia of caterpillars…he nearly wrecked his car upon discovering a hitchhiker on his leg. But I think these cute little guys might just turn him around!

    “I have the same phobia” trust me – these don’t turn me around. Still getting the heebie-jeebies just from the sight of them.

  56. Noelegy says:

    That last photo…man, eyes don’t get much beadier than that.

  57. To those with bug phobia, just imagine these as the giant sandworms in “Dune.”

    heh heh heh

  58. mollie millions says:

    “Come inside and meet the missus!”

  59. hadrosaur says:


  60. mollie millions nice reference from labyrinth lol
    great now im thinking of how freaky david bowie was in that movie..even freakier than these caterpillers but at least they r not singing those songs *shudders*
    no offence to david bowie fans

  61. hjf in okc says:

    a) I think the orange one was in “Labyrinth” saying “‘ello!’

    2) purple one says “Baroo…?”

  62. Creepy… really creepy ;s
    my pulse fasten alot.. ;p (spelling?)