Thank You for Flying Air Indignity…

… in the event of a water landing, your e-collar may be used as a flotation device.


Does the “e” stand for “embarassing,” Ginger K.?



  1. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    looks like goggie is in deep meditation.

  2. Lula Mae says:

    What is this???

  3. What kind of dog is this? It looks exactly like my Daisy and we only know that her mom was a chihuahua. We can’t figure out what her dad is.

  4. OK, I don’t understand the purpose of the flotation device, but I love dogs with eye patches!

  5. My first thought was “Whoa, what’s up with the poor little guy? That’s an unusual Elizabethan collar.”

  6. Jimbeaux says:

    Awww, poor guy looks like he needs a serious hug!


  7. Amy- it looks like a toy fox terrier. I have a TFT/Chihuahua mix that looks like this.
    But i have to say I’ve never seen an e-collar like that.

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    This dog is doing his famous impersonation of John the Baptist.

  9. Backstory please!! At least he is sitting in a field of clover. Most likely wishing that his luck will change…

  10. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I saw a Rutger Hauer movie like this. Not quite as qte!

  11. kibblenibble says:

    I love his asymmetrical floppy triangle earses. Each one unique, but equally nommable. *nomnomnom*

  12. Margaret says:

    Rachel – One of my favorite movies! Rutger Hauer is just differently cute.

  13. Cute pup!!
    It is indeed an Elizabethan collar so he either (a) won’t lick/bite his body or (b) won’t scratch his face. I tried to find a comfier one like this when my poor pup had eye surgery and wore one of those horrible plastic cones for 2 1/2 weeks!

  14. Puppies with one black eye patch are stinkin’ cute. They pass down the street to choruses of “squees.”

  15. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Trust me. This is SO MUCH KINDER than the old conehead e-collar. Puppy is actually closing eyes in delicious enjoyment–plus the sun is right in his/her eyes.

  16. “If I close my eyes, maybe it will go away…”

  17. Looks like he could have some rat terrier or Parson Russell, Amy. Cute!

  18. chanpon says:

    “This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening~~~!”

  19. He’s workin’ it.

  20. pup sez: aren’t fanny packs supposed to go near the fanny?…..

  21. Kristabelle says:

    Awww, looks like a poor ole Jack Russel to me! Hope whatever you’re not supposed to scratch gets better soon, doggie!!

  22. On 21 Jump Street— was it Johnny Depp or Peter DeLuise who got shot in the bum and had to sit on a hemorroid cushion? And why, after 20 years, does that cushion float from my unconscious mind?

  23. Aw, what a cute doggy! I love his eyepatch!

  24. “He wears the Cone of Shame”(tm) [See: “Up”. No, really. SEE THAT MOVIE! 😉 ]

  25. 260Oakley says:

    Poor pup is obviously having a ruff day.

  26. lsuhillary says:

    AWW! This type of e-collar saved my dog’s hiney and my sanity when she had to keep stitches in for two weeks. I recommend highly ! She got used to it in about three minutes.

  27. berthaservant says:

    Yeah, it actually looks a lot more comfy than the usual lampshade.

  28. hon glad says:

    Don’t tell him it’s a haemorrhoid cushion, he thinks he looks real cool.

  29. “Dog strangled by large blue donut!” ?

  30. Andi from NC says:

    Hover text should read – “This is only a dream…when I open my eyes this thing will be off of me…”

  31. My poor Bernese Mountain Dog had knee surgery last week, and he’s been wearing a giant size “idiot collar”. He looks so embarrassed, but it’s far less terrifying than a lampshade.

  32. That is easily the most hilarious e-collar I have ever seen! Love the look on the pup’s face… Poor little dude.

  33. Good heavens. I can’t believe that someone half-remembered a plotline from “21 Jumpstreet,” and someone else clarified it.

    And yes, the “Cone of Shame.” I love how that movie didn’t anthropomorphize the dogs, they kept them basically doggi – SQUIRREL!

  34. DaytimeDeb says:

    The new e-collar can double as a water-safety device — all parties on the boat must wear a life jacket. I said ALL parties, even the ones who can dog-paddle.

    P.S. to Kar’s comment: I can’t believe anyone can even remember 21 Jumpstreet, let alone a plotline! Wasn’t it one of the first tv shows not on a major network? I think it was on what became the CW or a local Fox channel…but my poor old brain can’t remember, and really doesn’t care much, anyway!

  35. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ 260 Oakley & Von Zeppelin – LOLs!

    Very cute doggie!

    Will def. seek out one of these next time one of the beasties needs a no-chew collar. More comfy *and* better looking!

  36. Kittyadventures, you are a peach!

  37. Silly puppy. A bit too eager to catch the frisbee? Or did you swallow a huge toilet tablet?

  38. My Westie had one of these inflatable e-collars after foot surgery, and liked it a lot better than the cone kind (she kept walking into things in the cone, and couldn’t tell where sound was coming from when she wore it). Plus, she liked to use it as a pillow! She’d get sad and cry when we took it off her. So funny!

  39. We have one of those for our dog! Granted they’re still quite humiliating I’d pick the doughnut over cone. Not only it is more comfy for the doggies (like a pillow) but it don’t hurt so much when the thing bangs into legs.