Oh, So That’s How They Did It

Dear Diary:  Have located source of the Orange Creatures.  Apparently, they arrive via a small, portable window, which the Tall Dogs carry with them and consult frequently.  An exciting find, as now it may be possible to return Orange Creatures to their own dimension.  More study required.



  1. TracyFlick says:

    I am a cat person, but I have to admit the signature head tilt that dogs do is pretty sweet.

  2. Ahhh, the Great Baroo-er!!!

  3. Bonnie Bee says:

    Also exciting to see real barooing in it’s natural element. Interesting study …

  4. chanpon says:

    Ahhh, her head baroo-ing from side to side was just adorable!!

    I also love when she walked over to her real kitty friend with a kind of “wait..what? how?” and then went back to the laptop with the confuzzled expression.

  5. Paunchie says:

    HAHAHAHA! that’s all I got to contribute.

  6. charliewabba says:

    oh, IF ONLY!!! Baroo head puppy would be mine.

  7. Behold the Great Baroo! I think you need to link this video in the Glossary, for we have just witnessed a Clinic in How to Properly Utilize a Baroo. And I just loved the reality check when he goes to “touch base” with his 3 dimensional kitty friend before going back to the screen…

  8. CoconutCheez says:

    Is there ANYTHING that can say BAROO??? more than this?! NO THERE ISN’T.

    good god, the poor confused puppeh 🙂 ❤

  9. AuntieMame says:

    LOL! More study is required indeed. Emma is studying for all she’s worth. Baroo! Her report will be available for download in three weeks.

  10. Jimbeaux says:

    Hee! Confused dog look -and- very nommable ears!

  11. “What? What? Dammit I’m head-tilting like crazy here and and it still doesn’t make sense!

  12. Von Zeppelin says:

    I looked just like that when I read “A Brief History of Time” a few years ago. Even the part when I looked at the real universe to see if it was still there, then returned in confusion to the book. I still don’t know what the hell it was about.

  13. Bashful says:

    It’s neat how she made the connection between the 2-dimensional image of the cat AND THE ACTUAL CAT (who couldn’t care less, in typical feline fashion). Considering the image has no scent, & dogs see light & color differently than us that’s pretty impressive. Emma is a smartie.

    The multiple head tilts are devastating.

  14. LOL, Von Z, I share your pain. I read it also, cover to cover, and baroo-ed frequently along the way!

  15. cubbybutt says:

    I agree, Bashful. This dog is quite smart if she’s making the connection between the computer cat and the real cat. Very young children can’t do that!

  16. Lerrinus says:

    I second Nikki’s suggestion, if it’s not already in the Glossary, it damned well should be! 😉


  18. kibblenibble says:

    Emma’s ears are the best type for the head tilt; I love watching them swing back and forth. Bashful, I was thinking about what you wrote as I watched. I’m wondering what the cognitive function of the head tilt is for the dog. Perhaps tilting the head alters visual perception, or even the angle of the brain inside the barooing head helps the dog analyze the problem it’s facing. Are there studies on this behavior? It’s so interesting.

  19. marthava says:

    omg… How barooable is that??

  20. Leslie T. says:

    1: Also a useful video explanantion of the abbreviation “WTF”–

    2: Perhaps we should send her a reference book about cats’ behavior. I’m sure that several of us librariologists have something on our shelves that she could use — & she surely seems smart enough to locate the Table/ Contents & Index & make use of it !!!!

  21. platedlizard says:

    *sniffs cat buddy, looks back at laptop* “Wait. What? How can you be HERE and THERE at the same time?!” *adorable head-tilt*

  22. Bashful, I came to the comment section to say the same thing. Emma is quite a brilliant pup to make the conenction between the real orange creature and the one on the laptop monitor! In fact, she is to canine brilliance what Maru is to feline brilliance–a remarkable example!

  23. 5^^now8ing says:

    “Tall dogs.” Hee-hee-hee.

  24. 5^^now8ing says:

    What Bashful, cubbybutt, kibblenibble, & tblue said! *Really* smart pupper!

  25. I agree Bashful – how excellent. You can almost see her little brain cogs turning… ‘But if you’re in there how can you be here too?!’

  26. Barbara says:

    Whoa. I played the video of the dog barooing and my dog barooed to it.

  27. That adorable baby has the best baroo ever

  28. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    OMG, yeah, the 2D over to the 3D cat buddy and then wtf? what…huh?

    The following is from a neurologist….maybe the head tilt is similar to us sticking out our tongues?

    The tongue has one of the largest representations both in motor cortex and
    sensory cortex of any appendage. It’s role in basic taste/odor as well as
    communication and sensation makes it a major attentional “draw” for the
    brain (try and ignore a bad taste or not play with a loose tooth with
    it). When you are carrying out a difficult task, (particularly one which
    is both motor and sensory based such as playing a musical instrument),
    sticking out your tongue while it is compressed between your lips is
    providing a static “white noise” signal across a big chunk of your brain.
    With your tongue stuck in place outside the mouth, you rapidly habituate
    to that signal and are not likely to be distracted by sensory input from
    your mouth, or tempted to do things like talk to yourself.

    Alternatively, some people when they are deep in thought, but not
    necessarily concentrating on a specific task, often leave their mouths
    open and their tongues slightly protruding, but NOT compressed. One
    potential explanation for this is that if you are not paying much
    attention to your surroundings, “tasting” the air is a very old way to
    stay attuned to what’s going on without actually paying attention. So you
    see, the same organ (tongue) can actually help maintain your attention
    internally or externally based on your behavioral manipulation of it.

  29. Kitteh Toez says:

    Heehee… I think there should be a “baroo” tag, so they’re easy to find. 😀

  30. Lovely baroo! And prosh toenails, too.

  31. Watch as he tries to baroo the computer into submission!

  32. The ears wibbling after each head tilt struck me tewtelly *ded*.

  33. Jim March says:

    Not only is the dog smart as hell for connecting the two cats, he’s also puzzled by the lack of 3D effect on the screen. The dog is trying to look behind the monitor. Amazing.

  34. I LOVE the alternating baroos. And I love how he goes to check on the cat. Awesome.

  35. Baroo overload while she connects the dots.

  36. Hmm, I noted a very high bpm (baroo per minute) during that video.

  37. Copperbat says:

    What awesome footage! ❤

    For all those anthropocentric animal behaviorists who who make "scientific" claims that dogs are incapable of identifying objects in videos, problem solving, abstract thinking; that domestic a dog's behaviors are mere survivalism – learned tricks and mimicry to charm humans into providing food/shelter – take a good look at this video.

    Granted, this beautiful creature hasn't succeeded in solving the mystery of the 2D incarnation of her friend. She doesn't quite have all the pieces, but she is absolutely working on the puzzle. You can see the wheels turning. And if all you see is a lowly animal trying to survive, procreate, or obtain food when you watch this, I'd bet money you're a PhD of Animal Behavior.

  38. Holy sha-moly! So adorable. You can see her thought bubbles!

  39. That dog could NOT BE ANY SWEETER!
    I love her!

  40. Awwww. I bet her neck is sore from all the baroo-ing. What a cute pup!

  41. I believe I’ve found the original cat video that the dog is watching! 😀

  42. googlie eyes says:

    I’m wondering if the dog is responding to the audio in the clip rather than the visual, though.

  43. That’s adorable that the dog went over to the cat there to investigate it a little bit lol.
    That barooing was insane though. Totally adorable.

  44. wondering366 says:

    How cute!

  45. Ohmigod she’s so sweet! What a smart girl!

  46. I think when Emma goes to check on the cat, she is responding to the audio of the cat’s name being spoken in the video: “Sugar!” Still, that’s very impressive since it means she can recognize the names for the cat and probably other things than her own name!

  47. berthaservant says:

    Textbook baroo. But also a very curious exercise in the ontological relationship between a thing and it’s mediated image, as understood by a canine. What would Walter Benjamin say, I wonder?

  48. @ Serena – @ Jim March – this little dog is a little Professor among dogs – she wants to know what I frequently call “The ins and outs of the Cat’s Ear”. All intelligence in any creature starts with a curiosity that is insatiable. Any Experimenting Scientist will probably tell you that curiosity is behind all Scientific Research.She is all “Hey Tiger how come you are here and there – and all different – the same but different” She will sort it all out one day

  49. that puppeh is so confuzzled! so wonderful.

  50. Priceless! She’s SO smart to connect RL kittty with that on the PC. And the Barooing! I totally LOL’ed 🙂

  51. Space Cowgirl says:

    Awww, poor goggie! So sweet!

  52. hon glad says:

    Like the dog, I want to know, how they get the little people inside the TV.

  53. I love it, she really seems to be making the connection between the cat and the screen!

  54. That dog gives great baroo.

  55. Hahaha!

    *tilt tilt tilt tilt tilt*

    *looks around*

    *tilt tilt tilt tilt tilt*

    *innocent face*

  56. earlybird1 says:

    Wow, she sure is a smart one! Love the intro paragraph, NTMTOM. LOL!

  57. temperance says:


  58. darkshines says:

    Feel free to add “submitted by Darkshines” on the bottom *roll eyes*

  59. AuntieMame says:

    It was on Cheezburger just last week, darkshines. There were probably several submitters. Or maybe Mike even found it himself.

  60. Jenn in IL says:

    I counted 20 Baroos. That’s a lot. I could probably buy something with 20 Baroos.

    Also, Miss Emma has on a Camp Bow Wow tag (I’m pretty sure)!! My dog goes to the one near us two days a week and it’s the best place!

  61. Baroo? You know it! I love the baroo head tilt, and the sweet wrinkled forehead. You can almost see the gears in her head clicking away, trying to figure this out.

  62. Odd… my dog only did that to auditory stuff. Maybe I couldn’t hear the video on the laptop.

  63. Could she be any sweeter? Baroo x 20! Prosh white toes!
    I wonder what sort of mischief such a smart girl gets into around that house — opening locked doors, locating hiding places for treats, making prank calls… heee.

  64. cats every where label this video ”His Master’s Voice”

  65. You just blew that poor dog’s mind.

  66. My cat does this when I play music on my laptop. She gets on the couch next to me and watches the vid, then starts chewing on my hands, trying to see what’s underneath the laptop. Looks behind, cat baroo’ing, more hand gnawing and pawing. Only does this with certain songs, too, not every one gets such attention. She might want to be a music critic when she grows up.

  67. BonzoGal says:

    “Wait… wut? What thuh… er… um… wait… wait… but… but there’s a… no, wait… uh… wait a minute… but… er… hang on now… that’s a… no, wait… it’s… uhhhh… ”


  68. Jasmine says:

    My dog had the same problem the first time he saw a television. He’d been an abandoned outdoor dog for a while before we took him in. First time we had dogs on TV with the barking and such you should have seen the BAROO?! Kept going and looking behind the TV.

  69. Joan carlson says:

    Emma wins, heck she defines the ‘Multiple Swivel Baroo’, and proves that she recognizes her cat pal. My cat watched a video, no, she was riveted to a video I played to her of her and her beloved deceased sweetheart playing around. I think it was like a time machine for her. It caused such a response I decided not to do that again. Cats and dogs are smarter than they get credit for…

  70. @ Joan carlson How wise of you to remember not to play that same video for your Kitty – they are more sensitive to things that happen than they ever get the credit for
    Bless her little heart – your Kitty will I pray be with you for many more years, poor baby to miss her sweetheart so sadly. You are more kind and understanding than many more people

  71. I just love it when dogs do that 🙂

  72. After my brother’s cat had kittens, we took lots of video when they were small and mewing a lot. A few months later, long after the kittens were weaned and in their new homes, we showed some of the video to a friend – and the mother cat tried very hard to get inside the speaker, where she was sure her kittens were trapped and calling for her. It nearly broke my heart. We gave her lots of love and reassurance, and never played that video again.

  73. darkshines says:

    Meh, I won’t be losing sleep.

  74. bad bad human for tricking the doggie!!!

  75. Anniebird says:

    LOL, Head tilt overdose!!!!! Laughing into hysteria…


  77. Copperbat says:

    Why is it so difficult for people to believe this dog recognizes the video of a cat? This is a sincere question. Do you think dogs have inferior eyesight to humans? What is it you believe this dog sees, if not an image of a cat? Nothing at all but random shapes and movements to go along with familiar audio?

    Here is why I ask. Our dog never paid much attention to tv. Just the occasional brief curiosity about the creatures on Animal Planet, but never intense interest. Then one day we were watching home movies, and part of the video showed him and our other two dogs romping in the backyard. It was unusual behavior for them, so we filmed it. The footage showed them chasing each other in circles, nipping at each other’s heels, leaping up, over, and off the deck repeatedly. When he noticed the footage on the tv, he immediately got very excited and watched the tv for several seconds. Then, without any prompting, he bolted for the back windows and craned his neck so he could see the exact spot in the yard where the action on the video was originally filmed. After a few moments when he saw no one there, he ran back to the tv and watched some more. His behavior was very much like the video here, you could see the wheels turning. He went back and forth between tv and back window through the whole segment.

    Sure, he probably recognized some of the audio, there’s no doubt in my mind he also recognized the exact scene in the video, as well. I guess I don’t understand what is so difficult to believe about dogs identifying video images. They don’t have dramatically different vision than we do, and I’ve observed much more impressive cognitive function than that from both dogs and cats.

  78. nessie1 says:

    I think it is pretty impressive how he associates the cat on the computer with his real cat friend. That is pretty smart for a dog.

  79. Hey, this post is on WordPress‘ “Hot VIP Posts” list right now!
    Ya hear that, Mike?? 😀

  80. The thing is, Copperbat, dogs DO have significantly worse eyesight than humans; “ogs – which are thought to see the world in a similar way to a red-green colourblind person – lack a macula, the sensitive area at the back of the human retina where light is focused” (http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2004/nov/11/thisweekssciencequestions4) and
    “The retina, which covers the back of the inside of the eyeball, contains cones and rods-two types of light-sensitive cells. Cones provide color perception and detailed sight, while rods detect motion and vision in dim light. Dogs, which have rod-dominated retinas, see better in the dark than humans do and have motion-oriented vision. However, because they have only about one-tenth the concentration of cones that humans have, dogs do not see colors
    as humans do.” (http://vetmed.illinois.edu/petcolumns/showarticle.cfm?id=116)

    Their inability to see in detail and in colour would make it highly difficult for them to recognize shapes on a 2D screen as referring to a real object. So it is much more likely they recognize audio as their hearing is much better than ours and possibly more closely linked to memory where ours is linked to visual images of past events.

  81. He looks so adorable deep in thought! Like “how did this happen? how can they be here and yet there and yet…”

  82. now show the dog this video. it’ll blow–her–frickin’–mind! :p

  83. This is redonk in its adorableness. Baroo is right up there with interspecies snorgling as the epitome of cute.

    I sometimes pull up certain videos just to incite a few minutes of baroo-ing on the part of my dog. The more aminal noise (especially baby animals) in the videos, the better. He’ll even try to dig through the computer/look under it and dig in my lap trying to find the source of the sounds.

  84. Also, re: the discussion of what exactly motivates the baroo–I’ve read that dogs cock their heads in response to strange sounds so they can listen at a better angle for their ear structure.

  85. catlover#1 says:


    poor wittle dog!!

  86. kimicheese says:

    this poor doggy…he’s like… “who put that LSD in my water?” and keeps checking on the real cat, i wanted him to push the cat with his paw, “are you really you or is THAT really you in the machine there?” “am i really me?” someone put a blanket on that doggy, and play “Dark Side of the Moon” for him til he comes down, man. someone gave him the BROWN acid…

  87. the head tilting made me crease up laughing

  88. Big deal,my dog does that like ten times a day.Especially when you say,”Let’s go out side”,real slow.

  89. aww poor pup-so confused but so cute how he kept tilting his head from side to side.

    Renate in Colorado

  90. you can actually see the dog trying to figure out the problem. CLASSIC!!!

  91. Cocakoala says:

    @Amanda, I found a website which shows an example of what it might look like to be red-green colorblind: http://www.vischeck.com/daltonize/

    So I am imagining that example might be similar to what a dog would see, though not in as much detail due to lower visual acuity and other factors. But how much detail DO they see? Enough to recognize a video of a familiar animal? Judging from this video, I think it’s possible. And damned cute!

  92. Shannon says:

    I love it cuz his forehead is actually wrinkled in concentration! LOL This made my day 🙂

  93. We have a cat who watches Animal Planet, and only Animal Planet for an hour or longer at a time.My daughter always has her go upstairs to bed with her at night. She says, “C’mon Spirit, time for bed” and she goes upstairs. One night my daughter tried that while she was watching Animal Planet and the cat turned, glared at her as if to say, “I’m busy”, turned around and kept watching until the show was over, then went upstairs. It’s really weird.

  94. bongobunny says:

    @ DEb- LOL!!!!

  95. OMG OMG OMG that dog looks just like mine except that she is brown at her paws but still that looks just like my precious Ubu!

  96. What an intelligent doggie! To actually SEE the image on the screen and make an obvious connection between that one and the one in the room is amazing! I’m impressed!

  97. that cat is allitle fat but sooo cute