Paw Bouquets

[Martha Stewart voice] “Last month, we showed you what all June brides are carrying.”


“Now we’re back with more options. This Marmelade Paw Bouquet includes some Tailio Iglesias.”

Gretta & AZ Trip 002

“The Tuxedo Paw Bouquet looks nice in a basket, with some Paw Pads showing.”


“And for that extra zing, throw in a Toe Hawk. They also make great boutonnières.”


Fabulous, Sarah. Fierce, Julia G. Tranny Mess, Diva Kitty. Work it out, Little Miao.



  1. Beth (in NC) says:

    I would like to participate in any wedding with this options available. Thank you.

  2. pink toe beans must be grapefruit flavored.

  3. a different meg says:

    When I told my mom I wanted to carry a kitten bouquet at my wedding last October, she just smiled at me in her sweet and patient way.

  4. a different meg says:

    Oh yea, I should mention…I just carried some boring old pink roses. (same color as kitten noses!)

  5. Whoa, it would make ME a Bridezilla if I couldn’t carry some paw bouquets!!!

  6. lol i love this site because there is evidence of people who are like me that think these crazy things too 😀

    oh kitten paw pads… what i wouldn’t do for a bouquet!

  7. Leslie T. says:

    Cleverness ranks supreme. Meg, ye’re brilliante (but I suppose you’ve
    “herd” that every 5 minutes, since establishing CO.

    (walks away, shaking head in amusement & delight).

  8. Yay Little Miao … I thought I recognized that Toe Hawk!

  9. I’ll take one of each, for maximum outfit coordination.

  10. Von Zeppelin says:

    Who wants to be the lucky lady that catches one of these when the bride throws it?

    “MrrrrrowwwrrrrrROOOWWWRRRRFFFFSSTTTTTT!!!!!” (clawclawclawshredtearripbleeeeeed)

    “Congratulations, honey! You’ll be the next one married, right after the stitches come out.”

  11. The last photo is more of a “sprig” than a “bouquet,” methinks, but Meg is the expert.

  12. Yay for Little Miao and Ping Paws!

  13. tuxedo paws, always classy, ready for any formal occasion…. of, course could cause delays and undue concern over lack of “I do’s”, when the bride can’t stop nomming long enough to answer…. minor detail.

  14. Leslie T. says:

    Von Z : Did you hear me, LOL’ing???? Exxxxxxxcellllent point!!!!

    You win!!

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Boutonnières? Non.
    Cuteonnières? Mais, oui!

  16. TOEBEANS!!!!

  17. VonZeppelin, I bow to your impeccable logic and incredible clairvoyance.

    (and I love your handle. Yay zeppelins!!)

  18. Wunnerful wunnerful kitteh pawz!
    King Ping paws……zee best! 😀

  19. KingPingFan says:

    Hurray for Ping Paws!

  20. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Ah, ye olde paw bouquet – one of my fave discoveries as a new cat [co-]owner! Sweet paws!

  21. PING paw!!!!! Lurvely lurvely PING paw!!! (The others are delectable snorflable, as well. I’ll have the tuxie paws in a basket, please. and the PING paw!!!!)

  22. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Toebeans! toebeanstoebeanstoebeans. TOEBEANS.

    om nom nom.

    toebeans. 😀

  23. If I was to get married, no way would I throw such a bouquet at my wedding 😈 Kitty would be held over shoulder and carried around 🙂

  24. Little Miao! (tickle, tickle)

  25. Heart little pink fluffy paws. 😀

    But they sure hate it when i keep touching it. =X

    The cats i know gets irritated easily. Lol.

  26. Hey! My toesies!

  27. chanpon says:

    The amazing bouquets with the scent of Frito Lay.

  28. hon glad says:

    This post gives me pause for thought.

  29. Leslie T. says:

    (Note: Brace yourself ….wait for it …)

    But, was it a Paws that Refreshes?????
    (nerdy snicker )

  30. The Shazinator says:
  31. A cute overload for sure! Love those toes!

  32. Hi Sophia!

  33. Hey Sophia!! Love your tuxie toes!!!

  34. this makes me miss my cat even more

  35. Carlisa says:

    I recognize those feet from sumwherez! 🙂

  36. Divakitty toesies rock! Them other toesies are furry cute too 🙂

  37. Mike D. says:

    excellent paw-acksh

  38. Kallisto73 says:

    OMG, kitten feetz! And paw pads. Thud.

  39. Noelegy says:

    LOL chanpon…what is it with kitties and their corn-chip feets?

  40. ordinarymary says:

    Love them kitty pawfeets.