I Can Never Find Anything In This Place!

Oh man, (rummage, rummage) I am in such trouble!  My big presentation (shuffle, shuffle) is due in ten minutes (rustle, rustle), and I can’t find my kitten! (panic, panic)  I could swear I put it (slam, slam, slam, slam) in one of these (slam) drawers, but…


Psssst — I’m right over here, genius.  You know, where you filed me?


Uh, right.  I knew that.


In today’s post, the role of “frantic bunny” was played by Jessica H., and the role of “sarcastic kitten” was played by Matt and Brandi.



  1. manekineko says:

    Ohhh. When you said you like to put bunnies and kittens in your “drawers”, *I* thought….

    …never mind.

  2. I dunno, NTMTOM, that bunny doesn’t look frantic to me, he looks sweepies.

  3. chanpon says:

    Oooh, I so need a kitty drawer with cubby holes for filing widdle kittens. Hmm, is that the emo bunny from a few posts ago?

  4. That office bunneh has the most beautiful fur! Mistah frantic bunneh I’ll come to your meeting, with or without kittnz. Ok ok, yes it *is* better with kittnz but still…

  5. earlybird1 says:

    Hmmmm… that last kitteh looks suspiciously like Emo Bun… (narrows eyes, chews on pen)

  6. earlybird1 says:

    Oops, sorry chanpon – you saw it first! I must still be waking up. (reaches for more coffee)

  7. That is the greatest looking dust bunny ever – if I quit sweeping around here, can I have one?

  8. Annapolitan says:

    Isn’t that the same kitten that was in the wineglass? That kitten gets around!

    Cute photo, Matt! (Foto…Mat? Get it?)

  9. chanpon says:

    By the way, is that an eye peaking out of the hair on the bunbun in the 2nd pic?? Kind of creepy – like the evil spirit in Ring (classic Japanese movie version of course). *flashes of Ring with evil bunny crawling out of the well or a TV come to mind*

  10. Just one drawer of kittens takes the entire file cabinet from DULL to WIN. Must implement at my office!

  11. Does the IKEA filing drawer unit come with kitten (and label?). Nice. 🙂

  12. manekineco! L.O.L.! Git yer parwses offa mah drawers…
    All yaz r funneh!

    NOMTOM – love how the stress level builds! “(slam, slam, slam)” Snerk! So true.

    New FY10 file drawers are due soon at my office and I am going to make a kitten label! Ha!

  13. annapolitan,
    that is the wineglass kitten!

  14. Annapolitan says:

    Do I know my calicos, or do I know my calicos?

    Very, very cute. Hope there are more. I can’t get enough of this behbeh girl.

  15. Katiedid says:

    I soooo need a kitten draw at work.. for when the day is just too long… like a secret stash lol

  16. Kristabelle says:

    Is that a large bunny or a small drawer???

    I am bummed that there are never any kitties OR bunnies in my file cabinets. Just bills, bills, bills…

  17. alwayscataddict says:

    I’m just imagining the ****FLOOF**** that happens when you open the Emo bunny drawer!

  18. Looking for the “Kneesocks With Eyes” drawer… not finding it…

  19. skippymom says:

    Oh…the grey one is a bunny. Huh. I glanced at these pictures, totally thinking it was a cat, then backtracked to look at the other posts since I left yesterday, then came back to this one and read the comments. What’s all this about a bunny, I thought. Closer look: oh, yeah, it’s a bunny after all. Maybe my coffee wasn’t strong enough this morning.
    Hehe, so yesterday was my first day back after a week’s vacation, and I arrived to find that members of the staff had performed their traditional total reorganization of the circulation desk in the department head’s absence. I would have been a whole lot less miffed if a Kittens drawer had been included.

  20. Yeah, it’s even a Thlayli rabbit. 😀

  21. That baleful eye in the last pic is too much!

    Personally, I’d like to see what the swedes come up with in terms of feline design. A more ergonomic form? One that fits into more small spaces or funnier named boxes? Maybe better instructions. Although considering the last ones I got from IKEA, maybe not.

    At least they can have a superhelpful reference and help desk or even their install service?

  22. Noelle (the First) says:

    Darn, I want bunnies and kittehs at work. I would actually enjoy coming into the office 🙂 Although we used to have a bunny in the parking lot, but he has now left for greener pastures ( especially since they cut the grass and got rid of all his feeding ground). Bummer!

    If I label a drawer for kitties, will they come?

  23. Starlinguk says:

    The swedes?

    Oh, the Swedes!

  24. hon glad says:

    My “filing” system at home just consists of a pile thats been growing for twenty years.
    Can I find anything? eventually, eventually.

  25. Although theres some cute bunnies outside my lab (engineering lab) and some duckies hanging out, I would totally love to have a kittens drawer!!!

  26. Well as far as I’m concerned every office Needs a kitten draw, a bunny drawer, a puppy drawer, and of course a kneesock with eyes drawer!

  27. skippymom says:

    Filing system at home: six large cardboard cartons labelled “Misc. Papers” that have moved with me from home to home oh, seven times or so–including out of one house and then back into the same house fifteen years later. More recent stuff–the last five years–is in various canvas bags stuffed into closet corners. Sure, I can find anything I need, given enough time. Right, Hon Glad?

  28. Noelle (the First) says:

    @ Hon Glad & skippymom,

    My filing system is a combination of the two, although I’ve lived in the same house for 30 years. Last 5 years of stuff in ever-growing pile and about 15 years before that in boxes and canvas bags. No kitties though, thank goodness. I need at least a month notice to find anything.

  29. Pat Trenner says:

    Theo — maybe even Hyzenthlay? “Fur shining like dew.” I would have named my current rabbit Hyzenthlay if I could have pronounced it. Instead, she’s Willow, like yours.

    [Heh. Our Willow is male, though, and he’s been enjoying the summer backyard time immensely. He’s practically *buff* these days… – Ed.]

  30. Katrina says:

    Emo bun, all growed up? What a fantastic color!

  31. hon glad says:

    Noelle (the first) & Skippymom, I guess we’ve come out the filing cabinet.

  32. Wow, I let the papers pile up for 6 months and have to post a “quiet-danger of avalanche” sign. My mind is boggled by years’ worth…
    and the emo bun is adorably frantic. Or sleepies. Whatevs.

  33. skippymom says:

    Natalie, don’t you realize that some day you may *need* that rough draft you kept of that letter you wrote to your best friend when you were 17?

  34. belphebe says:

    There is no “kneesocks with eyes” drawer because the “kneesocks with eyes” are usually on top of the shelving units! Okay, sometimes they are in the drawers or under the bed, but about half the time I find them sleeping on stuff on the shelving unit instead.

    Besides, we can’t read the label on the drawer above “kittens”. Maybe it says “kneesocks with eyes”, in really, really tiny print, only I think they misspelled it as “tape”. 🙂

    As for the paper clutter, yeah, I have that too. I paid a fortune to move boxes and boxes of paper across the country, and now I have to go through it all and get rid of most of it. It is mostly old bills and notes from university classes; stuff I really don’t need to hang onto anymore.

  35. danielie says:

    Lol the bunny’s eye in the last picture is actually my favourite part. It’s like he’s saying “Oops, sorries. I’ll look in the little cabinet where the meows come from next time.”

  36. Could someone please convince my roommate that the gray one is a RABBIT? He keeps insisting it’s a cat. That’s a calico kitten in the middle photo and a gray bunny in the top and bottom photos, right? Anyone know the breed of the rabbit? Roommate insists those are short, triangular cat ears and it’s not a rabbit, especially in the top photo. 😛

  37. I will point those like me (and obviously Hon Glad, skippymom, and Noelle) to the book “A Fine Mess,” which discusses how “organization”-minded people are actually not as efficient because they spend too much time putting things in the right place instead of actually using things and doing things. The “pile” method is actually an organizing principle (of sorts) in eastern hemisphere companies, the idea being that whatever is on “top” of the pile is most relevant and therefore most instantly accessible.

    I am (almost) a Ph.D., and have extensive experience as an administrator, office assistant, have helped to design and build databases, and always scored perfect on the “analytical” section of the GRE’s; my idea of kicks in junior high was to volunteer in the library during lunch so I could properly re-shelve books. I am capable of being as anal and organized as almost anyone. And yet, my own office, desk, living area, is basically a series of piles. I have never lost an important document or even had to look for something for more than a few minutes, even though the piles aren’t labeled, the papers not organized, etc. I simply remember to keep things in a place I know I will find them, and it works fine.

    And I have never, ever lost a kitteh or a bunneh.

  38. Leslie T. says:

    Theo: My friend has an elegant storage system for one particular sock (altho’ I must admit this is only tangentially related) …it’s slung elegantly across the smoke detection unit up near the ceiling in his apt. When I quietly point it out to him, about once every 3 months (yes, we’re close enough friends for this invasion of his existence to be survivable…)he generally has a clever one-liner available. Even when he prepared the apt for govt agency to inspect, the sock remained there dangling as a unique decoration.

    Berthaservant: Now, in addition to being impressed with your Kitty Maintenance activities….I find that you too, are a historic library lurker (my Lib Sci degree was from FSU/ 1980s & I also volunteered in the school libraries in h.s. — incl when our high school was burned down at Winter Break, fire located in school admin offices, next to lib; which ended up ruining the majority of the books ….all before computers ruled our lives or our learning)…..AND you did a perfect score on GRE?? THAT explains a lot about yer brilliance. I did okay on some standardized tests (98th percentile on some grammar/reading/vocab etc sections) but OMG I thought that the other sections of the GRE were pretty much hell on earth …so I bow again in your general direction (M. Python reference, slightly adjusted) …. Peace & WOW

  39. Oh skippymom, I’m not saying I don’t still HAVE all that stuff (*ahem* shoeboxes full of creatively folded notes from jr high & high school *cough*), I just have most of it filed in bulging, but labeled, file folders. My dear husband brought me a tall 4-drawer filing cabinet from his office for just such needs. However, we don’t have a key for the lock so I was too paranoid to put anything in it!!
    and Berthaservant, congrats on the almost-PhD and all the other good news I didn’t get to on previous posts!

  40. The rabbit is in fact a rabbit– his name is Bombur and he is a blue lionhead.
    If you’re still a skeptic, you can go to my flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jhahnlen/) and check out his full body shot.


  41. skippymom says:

    Berthaservant, I can very much appreciate your last comment. As a librarian (by genetics, natural inclination and professional degree) my work requires fine-tuned, ingrained organizational skills and the ability to hunt down whatever bit of information is needed. And then personally, thrown into the mix, is the instinct for saving every scrap of paper just in case, and, at home, “filing” it all with only the barest suggestion of organization, most of it never to be required or retrieved.
    I will admit (with relief) that since the Internet showed up on the scene, I no longer compulsively clip every bit of potential usefulness or interest that I see in the newpaper. Often, though, by the time I am at my computer in the morning, I am lucky if I can remember any of the several things I read about the previous evening and was eager to further investigate. Hmmm.

  42. (Hand up) ‘Nother librarian here, too. Spesh Collex.

  43. Leslie T. says:

    Two more things … (sorry about that!!)
    Oh, you mean Berthaservant & Skippymom are two DIFFERENT brilliant people? Is THAT why they use two different names??? Gee, I never got THAT before (blushes). Maybe that’s connected to my finding the non-grammer sections of the GRE difficult !! Ya think????

    2) Meg et all ed’s: Perhaps we could have an Animal Library or Animal Organization
    Cuteness tag? I remember one of my VERY favorite posts of yours of all time, were black & white cats in baskets on shelves …..for us Librariologists????? pleeeeeez?
    (sorry about the whining sound).
    If not, I’ll (whimper) handle my sadness & survive okay .
    Peace & appreciation to all editors & all Cuteoverloaders…….

  44. Oh boy! I’m excited to go to work tomorrow!! I never noticed the office filing cabinet has a kitteh drawer!!!

    All offices have one, right? Right..?

  45. skippymom says:

    Oh, Leslie, I–oh, my, oh dear. Oh. Please, dear friend, let me assure you that I do not BEGIN to APPROACH the brilliance level of our esteemed Berthaservant. In fact, I am profoundly flattered but also deeply embarrassed that anyone would suggest such a thing.
    Thank you, but..I feel I have somehow tricked you.

  46. wuyizidi says:

    berthaservant: I lived in NYC, where space is such a premium that most furniture stores don’t even display desks more than 22 inches deep. In a small apartment (650 sq ft is considered spacious), if you don’t make a constant effort to keep things clean and organized, things can get out of control very quickly. For a lot of people, if their surroundings are cluttered, their minds feel cluttered. Add on top of that we all have bars on the outside of the windows to prevent break-in… you can imagine how even a small clutter (by Arizona standard) in a space like that can become major source of stress.

  47. I wanna work THERE!! 😀 Last place I worked at, NO pets were allowed. They were leery of lawsuits from potentially allergic people. 😦

  48. I’d love to print/frame the kitten photo. Oh sender-inner, do you have a higher res version, that one could perhaps purchase a copy of for a personal print?

  49. jen, what is your email address? i’ll send you a high res enough jpeg for say a 5×7 on the house

  50. Patricia says:

    That is one big bunny… I am assuming it’s a bunny.

  51. Smart person I am, asking for photos without providing contact info!

    meowmow at yahoo dot com

    And thanks a million! 🙂

  52. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Librarians in the house! Word up! [walks the length of dugout, giving individually styled high-fives to teammates]

    Are you all Virgos like me, too?

  53. I was thinking that “kitty” had one helluva fluffy tail. Lol!

  54. w00t for Virgos, librarians or no! Keeping the world organized for millennia.

  55. (Woody Allen voice)
    Who keeps their ink with the staples?

  56. Leslie T. says:

    ok– I’ll bite, on the whole astrology combined w/ Librariologists concept …but ..
    nope: I for one, am Gemini not Virgo ….enny others interested in joining this particular seminar ?

    (And — I’m very much into the non-pedophile aspect of Woody Allen, but I’m not clever enough to get the staples w/ ink question? Is it just a simple nerd joke? or are there other permutations or wrinkles to the punchline (sorry if I sound like the clueless little 7 year old kid who overhears & doesn’t get the sexual innuendozzzzz??)
    (gee- I’m feeling pretty much like a walking fox paw/ aka “faux pas” !!!!!

  57. wow… that is one huge bunny… i want it!! ~_~

  58. I just I really want to know you know, what kind of a person would look at a staple and say “let’s keep it with the ink!”
    I-I’ve been writing a song about it, Leslie. Is it okay if I call you Leslie? Maybe you could call me Leslie. Of course then we would both be Leslie, I mean, I don’t want to confuse anybody but, you know, I wrote this song about it–
    [picks up his clarinet]

  59. Less Les is more, PG.

  60. Theadosia says:

    Yeah, another Virgo. Not a librarian, but I have edited technical documents, currently make my living developing and implementing processes to organise other people, get asked to peer-review procurement plans because I *will* find every single grammar and formatting error……and my home filing consists of a small landslide of paper in the vicinity of a smart, but almost empty, filing cabinet.
    Oh, and the staples should go with the stapler, the ink with the pens, and I’ve got an empty, enclosed corner right behind my desk where the bunny would fit nicely.

  61. Leslie T. says:

    ….umm, PG; ….er….I admit to being befuddled however there is no illwill from this neighborhood.

    Theadosia: wow — my specialty is or has been vocabulary (did a French degree & also took minors in Ger & Russian) but — wow: “developing & implementing processes to…”
    I’m suitably impressed !!

  62. Thanks, Jessica H. – roommate is now convinced. 🙂

  63. Once again I tell you, Matt 😈 That you are lucky I was not there when that cute little calico kitten popped her head out of that drawer 😈 I would ask “What is over in that corner?” 😈 and kitty would of been stuffed inside my shirt 😈

  64. Matt’s friend’s calico kitten is AWESOME and I hope he will become a Cute Overload regular. Maybe it could be a sub-rule. ‘If you are Matt’s friend’s kitten and you are inside something, it’s cute.’ I’d love a higher quality JPEG too – could that be arranged?
    pretty please?

  65. Emo bunny is back and looking so keeut! Kitten looks saucy in drawer!

  66. @Jessica H. *BOMBUR*!!! Tolkien reference NOT from LOTR but the Hobbit! Did/do you have Bifur and Bofur too? What fabulous names for bunnies! And for LARGE bunnies, not dwarves! 😎

  67. snorgalpus says:

    i need a filing cabnet like that!

  68. Katrina says:

    Help me Bethaservant, you are my only hope-
    Do YOU remember a W.C.Fields movie in which he plays Ambrose T. Woolfinger? Perhaps the middle initial was “P”. The character had a huge, wonderful, roll-top desk absolutely crammed with office papers, and, when ‘the boss’ asked Ambrose for a document, he as able to find it (immediately) within the strata and would replace it in the stratum from which it came. Too wonderful! I saw it when just a girl and it changed my life! I can’t imagine anyone but you having crossed the movie’s path. Anyway, should you find it, could you please tell me the name of the movie? Thanks, your friend who knew you before you became a Ph.D-fud,. My best to Bertha and Bertha’s new female companion animal, K.

  69. Yay! Susan, you got it! Unfortunately, we haven’t accumulated any more pets since we got Bombur, so the theme hasn’t continued…yet.

  70. Is that a REAL animal? How unreal! Love the kittens storage though 🙂

  71. Are Neurotic Bun and Emo Bun cousins?. Or maybe they just share the same therapist/hair stylist?

  72. Was anybody else reminded of the scene in “Milo in Otis” when Milo’s being chased by the bear, and Milo keeps appearing at different spots in the chest of drawers?

    Hah! Found it (<3 youtube)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8S5rfLjbMs That specific scene starts from 8:40.

  73. sarah,
    what’s your email address? i’ll send you a jpeg

  74. mbowmanyc says:

    That’s sooooo cute!!!!

  75. Katrina says:

    pyrit-label it and they will come!

  76. …I just realized I misspelled “Milo and Otis” to “Milo in Otis.” Horrid…

  77. belphebe says:

    regarding “who keeps ink with staples?” I do. It makes sense, particularly if the “ink” is ink cartridges for a fountain pen. You could just label the drawer “refills”: refills for pens and refills for staplers. What’s so strange about that?

    sadly, there are still no kittehs in my [desk] drawers. I suppose it’s for the best, since some of my colleagues are allergic, but still…. would be nice.

  78. Leslie T. says:

    @ belphebe — (wow what a name…is that a combo of some type?)
    ** possibly you might consider placing a stuffed animal cat into the filing system; don’t they use faux fur fer those?? admittedly you would still need to ‘splain yerself to the coworkers, but we all know that there are a a few folks here (Skippymom, Bservant, etc) who could certainly help you to develop a plausible & intelligent reason why the kitty needs to be filed there? Would that help?

    — signed,
    Helpful (or not) Hannah

  79. You are talking about a drawer here. I keep losing my things in my car. Actually my car (Mahindra Renault Logan) is so big that things keep getting lost in it and I have to rummage through it. http://www.mahindrarenault.com

  80. belphebe says:

    @ Leslie T – good suggestions, but I probably won’t be putting it into practice. I already have several stuffed critters on my desk at work, so don’t really need another one. But I like the idea!

    As for my name, it came from a novel, but I’m not sure where the author got it from. I’m thinking it might have come from Beowulf (spelt as Belphoebe).

    A quick google search shows that it is a very popular name now, and there is even a font using that name.

  81. belphebe says:

    He didn’t get the name [belphebe] from Beowulf, but The Faerie Queen! I had forgotten that. Probably because I have never read either story.

    In any case, I’ve used it for quite some time. Even named one of my ferrets Belphebe, but I always called her Bel, so even though she is gone, I don’t associate the name with her.

    Back on topic: I could have a whole [stuffed] menagerie in those file drawers! puppy dog, lobster, squid, penguins, even a stuffed cauliflower! I have a lot of toys on my desk…

    But I’d still want a real kitteh to play with! (or ferret for that matter)

  82. Leslie T. says:

    Belphebe — thanx fer thu’ ansers!!! (misspelling just out of orneriness) That answers why the name wasn’t something I knew (even tho’ did lots of literature type stuff in school. The closest college coursework I took never dug too far into the English/ medieval stuff; altho in my French major classes, we studied things like the medieval French dialect in Tristan & Isolde; that’s about the closest in timeframe, to the material you describe.

    It sounds as though you won’t need animal therapy appts anytime real soon; you have already got adequate coping supplies onhand, I believe.

  83. What kind of sick people put kittens in filing cabinets….o wait.Nevermind

  84. Lula Mae says:

    “He does all my sound effects”? Makes me laugh every time I read it…

  85. same here!

  86. Jacklinne says:

    Are those your Kittens?
    They are soo cute even if they arnt your kitens.

  87. PeekABoo says:

    Katrina- W.C. Fields played Ambrose Woolfinger in Man on the Flying Trapeze (1935). Great Movie!

  88. Leslie (NOT the author!) says:

    @ Peekaboo & @ Katrina —

    Color me, impressed !!! I’ve got 2 volumes, 3 inches thick with movie plots & cast lists & these books were stumped by your WC Fields question (I tried, sometime last week; since I was unsuccessful, I didn’t bother writing a response then) but
    Jiminy Cricket !!

  89. aaawww cute kitty! i wanna pick her up and give her A BIG HUG!!!! (if i can find her!) “mumbles while going through my files”

  90. Valerie says:

    He fell asleep working overtime! Shops closed.

  91. I need to get a filing system like that. I wonder if they sell something like that at Pier One. This type of organization would work great for my kitties. I would never lose them again!

  92. aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kitty section!!lol