Carbo load

Lucy has a VERY particular palette. She is also a premiere HamsterTracker athlete. Let’s check in on the latest dishes Chef Mathijs has prepared.

Today’s menu is Pasta Primavera. Sketti al dente, bell pepper, parsley…


…and Parmesan.


If Lucy disapproves, she will most definitely flip her table over IN DISGUST


A cautious, tentative taste shows proves to be…




Sender-Inner Mathijs claims “It took Lucy less than three minutes to pouch it!” I shall use ‘pouch’ as a verb from now on too. More cooking adventures with Lucy and her athletic prowress over at



  1. Lula Mae says:

    Lady and the tramp action minus the tramp? A bit sad…

  2. I love the last pic especially!

  3. Now that is one big stinkin’ grin.

  4. Lula Mae says:

    Yep, she looks happier than ol’ Ninja hamster. Maybe ‘cos the pasta is COOKED!

  5. earlybird1 says:

    Still, Ninja Hamster cracked me up!

  6. Darn Darn Cute!

  7. Oh, she is LOVING her sketti!
    (Even if you can kinda sorta tell that the last two pictures are out of chronological order.)
    I wish my cat looked that happy eating her biscuits.

  8. Omg guys…the last picture…eet is too mush. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. Eating sketti appeals to her palate. Lucy would use her palette when she is painting her next masterpiece. Just sayin’.

  10. Oh my LORD so funny & dear!

  11. balamuthia says:

    @Lula Mae- Thank you!!

    Cute hammie eating dinner! 🙂

  12. Leslie T. says:

    bu’ bu’ bu…. hah’ cum no wun has noted the “hamster elegantly manipulating ‘sketti’ with opposable thumbs” aspect????????

    signed, a Feline Fan

  13. That is one ludicrously happy hamster!

  14. tracylee says:

    oh, that DOES look deelicious, little hammie!

  15. chanpon says:

    This looks better than my dinner tonight. *slurp*

  16. “Flip her table over”?? Of course not. She’s not Duran Duran.

  17. How cute! I wonder if the pepper was hot to her or if she just snarfed it up..

  18. kibblenibble says:

    Please notice in pic #4 how Lucy delicately extends her pinkie as she nibbles her pasketti! Lucy is an adorable hamster name!! And I never saw a hammie smile before, but in pic #5, she is SO smiling!! So dang Qte. Wow.

  19. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Aww… now that’s one happy hamster!

  20. High class hamster!

    My hamsters never get to eat food this way! lol.

    I’d love to do it some time. but i think i have way too many hamsters. @.@

  21. Lucy says Ommm Nommm Nomm

  22. Shannon says:

    A hammie smile! Who knew?

  23. Man, now I want to pouch some spaghetti, IFyouknowwhatImean, andIthinkyoudo.

  24. tristbelle says:


  25. Sarah… I want to think that’s some kind of innuendo, I really do. But try as I might, I can’t make it work. 😦

  26. Look at that smiling face in the last shot! What a lucky little ham!

  27. Cynthia says:

    So, how come the hamster’s dinner looks better than what I had tonight? No wonder the little hamster looks so happy?

  28. Mud Bug says:

    @ Sara:
    Yea girl I smell what your cookin’ !

  29. the bliss of the chef: people bleening with food hanging out their mouths

  30. Subhangi says:

    Last pic: HappiHam™

  31. hon glad says:

    What dedication from Mathijs, arranging such delicate meals, I’m sure Lucy would be just as happy with the contents slopped any old how.

  32. the bug man says:

    Innuendo MadLibs:

    “Man, now I want to (any verb) some (any noun), IFyouknowwhatImean, andIthinkyoudo.”

    There’s almost nothing in those blanks that won’t sound skeevy.

  33. Flip the table? Somebody’s been watching too much Bravo.

    I love Mathijs’s recipes. That Lucy’s certainly pampered.

  34. De-LEEEEEEE-shous!

  35. Samantha says:

    Eeee! I actually squealed when I saw that last picture, so kyoot

  36. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh my gosh when I die I think I want to come back as one of Mathijs hammies. Of course I hope it is a long time from now, so I guess I would be Lucy v28.0 or something like that.

  37. Starlinguk says:

    It’s Gouda, not parmesan.

    I’m such a pedant.

  38. darkshines says:

    Aw, she looks like Remi from Ratatouille in the last pic 🙂

  39. sexiibradley09 says:

    That hamster does look very happy!

  40. haha she threw away the parsley too!

  41. On the second last pic she’s holding the spaghetti with her little finger in the air! She’s one refined hamstie.

  42. O! It’s amazing! She so happy 🙂

  43. WendyPinNJ says:

    O.K. that is very cute but, WOW, some people really have too much time on their hands! And I mean that in the nicest possible way!

  44. hehey,

    nice photo’s from holland. i use the same cheese on my pizza 😀

  45. Starlinguk says:

    Does it really say gemalen kaas? I thought it was geraspte kaas.

  46. Kristabelle says:

    Happy Hammie has a BEEEG smile! What a lucky Lucy!

  47. Pussytoes says:

    “Flip her table over?” This is not Real Hamsters of New Jersey.

  48. I just love the Tentative Sniff in the 3rd pic. And LOL at Sarah and the bug man!

  49. Yay for all peeps who know what “kaas” is. 😀

    me: Dutch girl in US, used to work at Dutch cheese shop in Netherlands for 6 years..

    All those customers buying tons of cheese? for their hammies. Our rat ladies (rip) also loved Gouda. and our cats (rip) too. and my American guy, too 🙂 it may just be the most delicious cheese out there…. try eet!

  50. Valerie says:

    Now thats italiana! So cute I’d cook for him too.

  51. maralisil says:

    Is it really ok to give a hammie cheese? Other than that, it looks healthy and yummy!

  52. Shannon says:

    The Hammy is sooooooooo Happy

  53. Is she from Hamsterdam, by chance?

  54. Now that’s a first rate hammie hotel RIGHT there! Loves the happy face in the last pickie.

  55. @BugMan, also anything you put in front of ” . . . Ladies . . .” :mrgreen:

  56. Katrina says:

    What a wonderful smile that hammie has! Ah, bliss……

  57. That’s one happy hammie from Holland. 🙂 Oh, and just to nitpick, it’s “palate”, not “palette”. Sorry 🙂

  58. January says:

    I just love that someone thought to give Lucy a party meal. What thoughtfulness!

  59. Starlinguk: What did the Pink Panther say when he kept getting corrected on annoying trivial matters by his traveling companion?

    Pe-dant, pe-dant, pe-dant pe-dant pe-dant…..

    Also, peeps, I call your attention to what appears to be the delighted twiddling of the fingers, palms together, in an action I call the “Montgomery,” to be accompanied by a slyly spoken and sibiliant “Exxxcccellent!”

  60. Andi from NC says:

    People – you must check out the “Cooking 4 Lucy” section of – there’s a whole menu out there for her – it rocks!

  61. India09 says:

    Just adorable!

  62. how come lucy never gets chub-bee with all that wonderful cooking she gets? My vet told me my guinea pigs were fat – well, actually he used the professional term of “overweight.” I was like, how can you tell a guinea pig is fat??? they’re just little blobs! and I only feed them fresh veggies (in addition to their guinea pig pellets and timothy hay)…

  63. Colleen says:

    That’s like triple lutz cuteness.

  64. Is it okay for hammies to eat teh cheese? does it not give them a bad tummy 😮 it does look very nice tho, Im sure her owner knows what he is doing 😀

    And lol Ceejoe fat guinea peegs :3

  65. sunnymum says:

    Awww, Mathijs is such a good hammy dad! Nice to see he’s still cooking up great treats for his babies. 🙂

  66. i learned everything i know about making minature hamster food from Mathijs 🙂

  67. Rooanne says:

    oh. my. goodness.

  68. She looks like she’s smiling in that last pic.

  69. N. Fritz says:

    Does the last picture remind anyone of “Max” by Giovanetti? Anyone…? Anyone…?

  70. Aww.. now I feel like having a hamster as a pet.. so cute.. I bet the hamster is enjoying the meal very much..

  71. Nitroray says:

    Really Adorable,

    Greetings from The Netherlands to The Netherlands.

  72. Rapwnzel says:

    I hope it doesn’t give him the runs!

  73. AJM1125 says:

    It’s fine to give your hamster cheese, just in small amounts. Mathijs is an excellent hamster dad. Probably the best out there.

  74. Hamsmom says:

    To the best of my knowledge – parsley is poisonous and should never be given to an animal – its even poisonous to humans but rarely gets eaten in a quantity high enough to cause problems.

  75. Katrina says:

    Oh, no, this isn’t the pint where somebody comments “Nobody eats parsley” it it?

  76. Makes me feel very very stingy when giving my hamster a carrot. O.o I shall never live this down! LOL!!

  77. Luxurious!

    Lucy sure is lucky to have you as an owner.

    I saw the site. You even have multiple webcams just on Lucy!

    She’s a lucky girl. 🙂

  78. love it, needed a laugh today and you have made that happen, thanks

  79. This is adorable and creative, but I’m concerned about when cuteness becomes valued more than pet health. We need to consult our veterinarians and feed only what’s best for the pet (not everything they’d look cute eating is good for them, and some foods can be harmful or deadly), and give approved treats only in tiny amounts.

  80. AJM1125 says:

    Mathijs is a very good hamster dad. He is very aware of what is safe his for his little girl. Sadly, Lucy 3.0 passed away overnight. She had a cyst in her belly. 😦